Kidnappers Release Lagos Councilman

Kehinde Bamigbetan
By SaharaReporters, New York

Kidnappers of Kehinde Bamigbetan, the Ejigbo local government chairman released him over night after collecting over N20 million in ransom. Mr. Bamigbetan was kidnapped a few meters from his home in Ejigbo on Monday night.

Family members said Mr. Bamigbetan in good health.

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You are very unintelligent, what an analysis...who allowed you here.

Gov Fashola to The Rescue

Let's see how Fashola is going to handle this. he should spare no effort in unraveling this ugly development in the South-West. he should swallow his pride and invite OPC Gani Adams Faction to rout the kidnappers out of south west of Nigeria. We dont need this for our development

Nigeria is on one is

Nigeria is on one is safe..nigeria needs a genuine saviour dat wil save us from corruption.corruption have eaten up the jobs unemployed nigerians are supposed to have...its terrible.

See what what we have inherited from Niger-Delta militants.

See what what we have inherited from Niger-Delta militants. Tell me what are the differences between the Niger-Delta militants 'struggle' and those of the BH?
Well here are some indisputable similarities.
1. Both groups took up arms against the state. This makes them criminals.
2. They both killed innocent people through senseless bombings carried out indiscriminately.
3. They both kidnapped.
4. They both threatened the federal republic of Nigeria.

He must have vomited some of

He must have vomited some of the money he stole.


It should be made a capital offence to be engaged in kidnapping. Secondly, it should be made a crime of imprisonment to pay any ransom demanded by such kidnappers.

God help us

Now that kidnapping is a lucrative business, who is safe? Unto the Lord we commit our lives

These kidnappers are dam

These kidnappers are dam useless! Why not tinubu or obasanjo?

Honorable Kidnappers -Ibadan & Lagos axis!

It is not the council man who should be kidnapped. While continent Nigeria citizens thank you very much for releasing him in good health, we advise you to go for the 'bigger' thieves - e.g. Dimeji Bank-Ole, Jimoh Ibrahim, Babalakin, Adenuga, Otedola etc

When you succeed, the continent will confer you with the GCCN (Grand Commander of Continent Nigeria)award.

May God bless the works of your hands as you heed my advise & popular opinion. May God bless you & protect you & your families. May those who kidnap the resources of the SS&SE peoples in any capacity be haunted by their evil & may Honourable Kidnappers find them. Amen.

I support Death Penalty for Kidnappers

The problem of Kidnapping is as serious as Boko Haram. Its time to have convicted kindnappers publicly executed. It does not matter whether death penalty is obsolete.

Edit your news...........

Sahara, stop rushing news out. Maybe you need an editor.
This "Family members said Mr. Bamigbetan in good health" should be "Family members said Mr. Bamigbetan (is) in good health".

Thank You.

Now waiting for Mr Fasun

Now waiting for Mr Fasun rheoric that he is a Yoruba man.what can he do now after paying 20 million to the kidnappers for his release.......what a sheme to the Yoruba race.


Thank Goodness...

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