Kidnappers Seize Son Of Court Of Appeal Judge, Iheme-Nwosu

Justice Chioma Iheme-Nwosu
By SaharaReporters, New York

Kidnappers in Owerri, Imo state on Saturday abducted the first son of a super rich judge of the Court of Appeal, Justice Chioma Iheme-Nwosu.

The kidnapping took place at famous Item 7 Restaurant in Owerri.
 The victim was waylaid by kidnappers as he drove into the restaurant in a Bentley car reportedly owned by the judge.

The car was abandoned while the kidnappers drove away with him to an unknown destination. Family sources said the kidnappers later contacted the family demanding N100 million ransom.

Justice Iheme-Nwosu owns a palatial home in Owerri, the house is described as one of the biggest in the Imo state capital.

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Glorifying evil

Kidnapping is a crime,period.It should be treated as such.It cannot be justified by any allusions to somebody's alleged misbehaviour.It is criminal rather than  political.Let us remember how the "militancy" in the Niger Delta started.

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The son of the Judge

i believe the poor boy should not be made to pay for whatever is believed to be the sins of the mother. The kidnappers should release him forthwith.

Do Not Condone Crimes against Criminals

Kidnapping is despicable. The act itself is a crime. That the good judge is allegedly corrupt is a different issue. Petitioning the Judicial council of Nigeria, the Civil Service Commission or the EFCC with bona-fide allegations of corruption should spark off an investigation into the judges alleged corruption. In the same vein, the criminals who kidnapped her son should be tracked down to ensure the boy's rescue and eventual prosecution of the kidnappers.

Many Nigerians are too hasty to condone crimes perpetrated against perceived criminals, leading to the downward spiral into lawlessness and intractable perdition Nigeria seems to be inevitably headed.

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God soda u for saying

God soda u for saying this.ure are a disgrace.

Keep ur mouth shut and stop

Keep ur mouth shut and stop displaying ur self here.

You must be stark raving mad,

You must be stark raving mad, try n get ur facts straight before writting rubbish, what is bad about her having money, the issue here is the kidnapping which is wrong for a nation like Nigeria and is on the increase,
whether or not she is corrupt has nothing to do with kidnapping her son, she is a mother like ever other and deserves symparhy

Whose fault is it that poor

Whose fault is it that poor people r poor?some r poor by choice, we r all products of our society so listing names of who is next is stupidy n u should be hannged for that

How do you know

why do people like you relish in others sorrow. What facts and basis do you have to prove that the woman is corrupt, i bet not on the dailies, do not sit at home and say what you dont know. If you are sure of what you are saying then step out and tell the world.


This Kidnappers don't know job. I have heared of this corrupt woman judge. The woman supposed to cough out around 1 BILLION NAIRA to get back his son. Unless her wickedness and love for her ill gotten wealth will not allow her to pay. She really has more than 100 MILLION. This Kidnappers should always visit her untill all the ill gotten wealth disappear.

ibos expressing frustration Not justifying kidnapping

Its indicative of how poor our education is that some here are attacking ibos as praising kidnapping when if you read with education, a good education you would simply see frustration at corrupt governance and not justification of kidnapping.

Dan Kobo I think you are the one who is beholding praise and perhaps dont have sufficient education to understand the frustration being expressed.

Sure you may quarrel with the fact that the right thing would have been to condenm the criminal act fisrt. But for you to go all out to castigate the ibos shows the blindness that dominant in Nigeria .....and because of the population of nigeria that think so badly the way you is huge......there is really no progress fro Nigeria

@Dan Kobo ....write intelligently

Is it lack of education or sheer hatred that some of you can think and therefore write intelligently.

An opinion by some amonsgt which are some ibos has become ibos. Is it bad education that you cant write inteligently ..if you feel its ibos why cant you use the word some?..Maybe being a black mind you dont understand such. You are so filled with hate that you make it all ibos

Anyway I do know that any intelligent other tribe would not write the way you have chosen to express yourself

One good Turn Deserve another

There is no need to pity Judge Iheme, she and her likes created the evil munsters call kidnappers by their greed. I hope this singular incident teaches them lesson. When you flaunt your ill gotten wealth in the mist of abject poverty you will get what you wish for.

I can but remember my personal experience while in UK I met this group of Nigerian student that have stayed in UK for 10yrs without doing any form of work! Intersetingly this are children of civil servants. There is a popular saying among them it goes " civil service get level" all but non leaved in their parent houses. Often they come home and their parent will have big society wedding for them!

But what goes around comes around because most atimes they end up as junkies and drop outs. Some will kill their parents as we have seen in Anambra not long ago.


If the kidnappers have been

If the kidnappers have been targeting these crooks in public offices that have robbed this counbry dry, most Nigerians would have no issues with kidnapping. These public officials have no feelings for the suffering poor in this country. This woman is notorious for frivolous judgements. People can sermonize how hardworking the husband is, but the fact remains that such judgements come with a lot of material benefits to the judge. All of them that found themselves in positions of authority and never used it to better the society should be ready to face this kind of backlash. Now is morning, as we say in this clime! It is going to be worse soon. Flaunting of wealth in a society living in abject poverty is obscene and would soon be a thing of the past. You do it, you pay for it.

Justice Iheme & bad judgement

I am of the view that the corrupt judge should reap what she has sowed that making the son who is innocent to bear her cross.

Background check on Justice Nwosu

Please read about this Judge before you comment."Justice" Iheme-Nwosu-A Judicial Soldier of Fortune" . The system is failing, Justice Nwosu is known to be a very corrupt judge , pls check her judgements. But nobody has a right to kidnap anyone. the truth is that the system has failed.

Sahara reporters are jobless

This is a useless report in the sense that, if you want to report about the kidnapping please do that as its a serious issue and if you report about Bentley it's a different issue. I suspect you might be conniving with some of these kidnappers by suggesting to them that the kid comes from a very rich home so should be held until a certain amount is raised. Your leadership is being investigated by our own Journalist and will soon publish a detailed report on your activities. Taut!


Oh my God! See what abject poverty has reduced people to. What is the issue here? Are we talking about the spate of insecurity and waste of lives and property in our dear Country Nigeria or being envious of the rich??????

Who says you can't be reach someday and when that happens, would you rather have people castigate you and wish you ill?? Even to the extend of wishing your child dead??

For God's sake, we are talking about ones child here!
I'm a mother and i know what the pains of motherhood is. Please all you idle people should
think of useful things to put your time and energy to and keep praying to God that favor becomes your portion in no distant time.

Why do we grorify evil. Why

Why do we grorify evil. Why not place yourself in the young man's shoes or in the parents' shoes. Being kidnapped is one thing a sane man cannnot even wish his enemy. It is evil. It is wicked. It is dehumanizing. It is his turn today, it might be your turn or that of your loved one tomorrow. Honestly denounce it no matter who is involved.

justice iheme nwosu has the

justice iheme nwosu has the most expensive
house along concorde hotel road in owerri
it's only in nigeria can a sitting judge
built such a house. she can easily pay
the 100 million

Shame on those supporting the kidnappers

I cannot believe some of the comments here. Whether or not this judge stole money, when have we gotten to a point where we celebrate the actions of violent criminals? I hope none of you people praising the criminals becomes a victim of kidnapping. Believe me, it is no laughing matter, and not what you would (or should) wish on your worst enemy.


Okwuchuhwu, your comment is highly appalling and very unintelligent. how can you glorify one bad thing with another. What has been your contribution as an Igbo son to stop these maladies than hiding behind your computer shunning out rubbish. Let us all rise up and say NO to all vices especially kidnnaping and robbery.

Useless hopes people. U all

Useless hopes people. U all are enemies of wealth. Just bcos u all don't have that opportunity, u would do more than that.

For your information, THE BOY IS OUT.


Bad Belly people.

Where were ur fathers n mother when they were making their own people.

Hopeless poor people

i think i understand the

i think i understand the confusion.a chrysler 300 really does look like a bently at fist instance.i think its a deliberate pass any case the engineer who built my house in owerri was one of those who built this white mega edifice just a few blocks away from concorde hotel. i remember taking a few trips to this house in 2008 and a lot of the construction designs in my house were influenced by it especially the spirally aesthetic balcony and victorian styled windows. she owns the house.she financed it according to the engineer.A bigger monumental edifice a few yards away is owned by maurice iwu.just the pillars in that house alone would set u back almost 80 million naira.throw in the roof and u are at 120 mmillion naira already.i know because i own a took me 3 yrs of my sweating and regular trips to nigeria.and to see a judge and electoral umpire display such morbid opulence gave me any case theyve got good see those homes in the US here u'd have to go to potomac,MD or malibu,CA.

sharrap there idiot. the

sharrap there idiot. the matter goes beyond the boy. the matter is about the mother proper and all the fake judgements she has handed down. fool!

my friend sharrap there. its

my friend sharrap there. its because of morons like you that this country has desended into the gutter. a country where no questions are asked about peoples sudden wealth. how much does a judge of the appeal court earn? how much did the husband possible a stooge in government earn monthly as a commissioner? the average price of a bently would set you back about $120,000 USD and thats about roughly 13million naira. now swear that this woman made that money as a judge on her salary and we are not talking about the million dollar home. or show me the industry that the husband runs to be able to afford that car or the palatial residence? when you get the information for us, we will help plead with the kidnappers to release the boy. I am sure this bitch of a woman has denied justice to a lot that didnt have money to buy her justice. so, kama is at play here, she would sure have money to buy her son back, but I would predict that she wont.

The judge should be stone to

The judge should be stone to death


How did the so rich judge acquire all this.? If that amount is nothing to her being a judge, well the state need to question the sources of her wealth. If the money is legally acquired the kidnappers have no blame on them. Again, the state or Federal government should confiscate all she has. Ooh boy, Nigeria is a messed up society. It is time for the people to start attacking this government/political holders big time.

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