Kofi Annan, Former UN Sec. General, Cautioned Jonathan Against Arresting Protest Leaders

Kofi Annan
By SaharaReporters, New York

Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan helped prevail on President Goodluck Jonathan to jettison plans to have the State Security Services (SSS) arrest four leaders of the OccupyNigeria movement.

Saharareporters had revealed the president’s plot which was leaked to us by SSS operatives in Abuja. The SSS was to arrest civil rights attorney, Femi Falana, Fiery Lagos pastor, Tunde Bakare, ex-member of house of representatives, Dino Melaye and and Kaduna based activist, Shehu Sani.

Shortly after our report, Mr. Annan reportedly made a call to President Jonathan expressing grave concern about the planned crackdown on leaders of the mass protest that have swelled in Lagos, Abuja, Minna, Kano, Kaduna and other cities in recent weeks.

A source disclosed that Mr. Jonathan called off the arrest of the activists shortly after speaking with Mr. Annan. However, he insisted that labor leaders call off all street demonstrations.
It was unclear whether the decision not to arrest the protest leaders was partly responsible for Mr. Jonathan's cancellation of a presidential speech that was originally scheduled for 9:00 p.m. Nigerian time on Sunday.

Nigerian Labor Congress president Abdulwaheed Omar told the Associated Press that the NLC had canceled street rallies due to "security concerns" expressed by President Jonathan. Saharareporters learnt that the so-called security concerns had to do with the government’s original plan to target a few prominent activists for arrest.
Mr. Annan call to Jonathan is seen as a major sign that the international community might despatch him to intervene in Nigeria the same way he was called upon to mediate in Kenya's 2008 post-election violence.

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Thank you mr koffi

Your Excellency,

May the will of God be done on you as you have averted the seeming calamity that might befall the most populous black nation in Africa.

Even though my president has been mislead for number of occasions for lack of enough knowledge on how economy works, he should always consult other technocrats outside his government and not necessarily those around him. This is because his advisers might be so selfish in giving out what they may not be comfortable with.

My president you can still do more to shame d devil by returning to #65, to stop this unwholesome loses on our economy so that negotiation will continue and find the way forward from this hulabalu that has be defiled our country.

Mr president you are now an elder statesman you will loose nothing if you revert back to 65 but again that will add you as a man of the people who can always be leastening to the plight of the masses.


are people like u still in

are people like u still in existence? you sound like a racist and i thot they extinguished u guys with the kkk's of this world.men face the problem at hand and stop being tribalistic. a*** hole!!!



Objection My Lord!

The list is incomplete. GEJ must also arrest;
Ganiyat Fawehinmi
Seun Kuti
Balarabe Musa
Wole Soyinka
etc. He must also not forget to apprehend;
Muyideen Mustapha Opobiyi Gani Fawehinmi
Beko Ransom-Kuti
Kudirat Abiola
MKO Abiola
Alfred Rewane
Kenuli Saro-Wiwa
etc, etc.

Mr. anonymous. Do you think

Mr. anonymous. Do you think the Igbos are not tired of the yorubas and Hausas. In fact we detest you and have always seen you as enemies. I wish you luck in your cessation and alliance. I just pity the hausas if your wish ever comes true because you will betray them as you are known to do.

if nigeria is divided can you

if nigeria is divided can you stand. When did they yorubas and hausa mixed. Am not a naija deltan but i think your assertion of the situation of totally out of it.

Objection My Lord!

The list is incomplete. GEJ must also;
Arrest Ganiyat Fawehinmi
Arrest Seun Kuti
Arrest Balarabe Musa
Arrest Wole Soyinka
Arrest Okei-Odumakin
Arrest Odumakin
He must also not forget to arrest;
Muyideen Mustapha
Gani Fawehinmi
Beko Ransom-Kuti
MKO Abiola
Kudirat Abiola
Alfred Rewane
Kenuli Saro Wiwa
etc, etc.

Sahara Reporter's report is

Sahara Reporter's report is subjective in nature. They to worst already bad situation.

You fool!!!

You fool!!! Bring in tribalism to this issue shows how stupid you are. Do you think you are the only one affected by this problem on ground? The Igbo has been killed for no reasons recently and you expect them to be happy with this same Nigeria. For your information Niger Delta are not Igbo and Jonathan is an Ijaw man so stop bring this Igbo's into this issue.


OPC Tokantokan. who are you working for?, definitely not the Yoruba, ti a ba ri awon ti o hu wa omugo, a fi ti omoje ati laakaye. Yr conclusion is utterly FOOLISH. THE YORUBA POSITION IS LET US HAVE A NATIONAL DIALOGUE TO DECIDE HOW WE WOULD TO BE GOVERNED, THE SYSTEM AND STRUCTURE OF POWER RELATIONSHIP

fuel strike

GET ,i pity you,
. just go and do thanksgiving for accepting the advice of kofi annan not to arrest the leaders of ,the SNG. Your doomsday has just been delayed but it will surely come , and if you are lucky you wll find yourself in otuoke.


I'm one million percent certain that you are not a Yoruba man. I do not want to speculate where you are from, but we the Yorubas are not against the President, but only against the increase in fuel subsidy. Infact, the overwhelming majority of Yorubas are still praying for the President for the LORD to continue to guide his way and Protect him. He (The President) will prevail in turning the country around for good with the blessing of GOD.
You,OPCtokantokan will not succeed with your evil agenda in JESUS name.

Kofi Annan, Former UN Sec. General, Cautioned Jonathan Against A

Thanks to SR for all your breaking news, keep on with the good work.

elements Nigeria doesnt need

whoever wrote this thing apparently lacks more enlightenment than they let on. are you serious? in a time when unity like never before seen in this country has come to play, you open your limited mind and chat such nonsense. are these tribes your problem or the leadership. i'm Yoruba and i see clearly that you have no idea what productivity is. how silly and backward!

Jonathan is the most stupid man that has ever ruled

It pains my heart so much that after wasting one week doing noyhing productive all we could settle for is 97/litre. May God punish Jonathan and all his crazy cabinets, They rule us as if the country is a PLC, sure we ain't gonna see changes in form of development, they are removing subsidy because of their own selfish interest so that they can have to share and waste. God will punish their generation, it is written that he will visit the iniquities of the father on the children, their children will suffer from all this. IRRESPONSIVE GOVT, EGOCENTRIC, IRRESPONSIVE, STUPID GOVT. I HATE JONATHAN


Are Nigerians still in doubt about the real plans of SR in Africa? Created to sow the seed of discord in the african continent by the oyibo man period. That is why u have them take money from western powers to enable them survive. They cannot think of ways and means of generating funds outside the areas of government influence. The very government that they swore to fight on behalf of certain abstract entities in the jungles of africa. But we will never go away-be here to chase and expose their evil moves against their own people in the emerging democracies of the world. Kofi Anan said and then Jonathan replied and said type of speculative journalism must end.Let my people go with their empty oil wells. Animals

Oil subsidy is wrong

Fuck you Jonathan. You will go to Hell nonsense and bastard president. Nigeria does does not belongs to your prostitute mother

Jonathan is Mad

Fuck you Jonathan, Bastard president. I think you need to fuck your mother before you will learn your lessons

whoever u are, it is obvious

whoever u are, it is obvious dat it is ur lot dat wants Badluck Jo-lantern to fail. How can you be calling Nigerians exercising their rights insurgents?

stop the lies and let my people in the ND go!

Where was the voice of Kofi Anan in Libya, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? Where was his voice when black Libyans including Ghanaian were lynched to death in Sirte. Was he in the moon, in search of Gaddafi? Where was the milk of human kindness in him when members of the NTC cut open the bowel of Gaddafi and threw it to the vultures in the desert? How can an international figure like Kofi swallow lies by midgets like Falana and El Rufai-who could not win a single vote for Gani in the just concluded presidential race-Did Ghana not de-regulate--are ghanaians on the streets of accra protesting against the death of Nkrumah years after the imperialist overthrew him? Are ghanaians not regretting their action today? Dont turn Nigeria into another rwanda. You created Rwanda for Africa. Let my people in the niger delta go-period

@OPCTOkantokan or watever. U

@OPCTOkantokan or watever. U just revealed urself as one of the scores of uneducated graduates Naija is grappling with. That's if u are educated at all cos your comment seems to state otherwise. What in heaven's sake has GEJ got to do with the Igbo? Calling for a divide of Nigeria along the North/west, South/east line only shows you have little understanding of our beloved country and depicts how shallow your reasoning is. Probably cos you've been bathing yourself in tribal sentiments.Think of ways to build Naija and her bad leadership and not express idiotic views here...Long live Nigeria!!!

let my people go now!

I warned them since last year to beware of plans by certain confused Nigerians to sow the seed of discord in the country on behalf of Tinubu and Buhari. But the security agencies refused to take to our advice-today they have seen what these set of nigerians in diaspora can do. Theirs is not even about fuel subsidy-its regime change period. Hence the need for the south south to prepare to raisee their flag at the UN. We cannot use our oil to feed them and be called names. They will continue to plant fake stories in media houses-against GEJ. Govrnment should be aware they have the support of certain western governments-how can state governments be cooking and supplying puff puff to miscreants in their states. All in the name of wanting to get rid of an elected president. Would they protest if GEJ were to be a retired Fulani general or yoruba!

Na wao!

It is still N65 or Nothing.

fuel subsidy

Mr lekzy,its so obvious u dont know what u are sayn.koffi Annan knows nigeria is a very rich country without removing fuel subsidy.why does jonathan want to inflict suffering on d people? He is being unfair to the masses

What kind of democracy is

What kind of democracy is dis?is that how democratic leader suppose to be?

not a time for sentiment or ethnicity!!!

Don't call on Niger delta to protect nonsense, wickedness,oppression of the masses and mis-use of power.
We should know that its time to stand to correct all the political ddeceit and looting in our country. Lots of us are used to lies and deception by Govt and that is why we teeling Nigerians to give Govt' rubish, lies, oppression, looting, bad policies and wastefull spending a chance. Enough is enough for rubish, let's unite to claim our Nation.

Re: Ken "idiotic" Mani, Preye and the other blind mices

It is idiots like you that have led the Nation to its present state of epilepsy! Your stupidity is so critical that you can't even see beyond you cancerous nose! I am from the South and I can tell you if you're blind (like I think you really are) that Mr Jona has failed Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large. While this Justifiable strike/protest prevails, you can make an application to your uncle (Jona) requesting to be his house boys to clean up his "Versace dishes!" Or since you can speak grammar very well...you can become Mrs Jona's home teacher! Msheeeew! Mumu! Ode! Ram!

Long live the Brave Nigerian People who have decided to #BeSilentNoMore, unite from every walk of life, region, religion and take up the destiny of this great Nation to the next level in Faith and with Courage!
God bless Nigeria!

GEJ can't fight BH, but can

GEJ can't fight BH, but can fight Nigerian masses who elect him in office, God see us throught.

GEJ is an ethnic bigot

I wonder hw GEJ managed to hv a primary skul cert,his utternce indicates dt he's nt even feet 2 become a class room monitor.he's jst an ehnic bigot hu is tryin 2 divide da country in order 2 usherr a niger delta republic.his co architects is chief edwin clark nd oda selfish nd cowards south south leaders,dey r da ones planting bombs evry where unda d guise of BH

Are U a lagosian

Man stop that ranting u can't stand d north many yoruba's wil prefer the south east and south south. Hunger go catch u die go back to ur state u re nt a lagosian

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