Kogi Governor Injured In Deadly Road Accident - PREMIUM TIMES


Report reaching PREMIUM TIMES indicates that the Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada, was badly hurt in a fatal road accident on Friday and is in the intensive care unit at the Kogi State Hospital in Lokoja, the state capital.

The ADC to the Kogi State Governor reportedly died on the spot.

Mr. Wada was on his way back to Lokoja from a function in Ayingba.


Doctors at the Lokoja Specialist Hospital where Mr. Wada received first aid treatment said his leg is “totally broken.”

The doctors said the governor was brought into the intensive care unit with a severely fractured femur, a senior government official said. He added that the doctors said the governor is in good condition and did not sustain major head or spinal cord injuries.

“There is hope,” he said.

The state government arranged for a helicopter which flew the governor to the National Hospital in Abuja, a source at the government house told PREMIUM TIMES.

The governor is in “serious pains,” the aide, who saw the governor at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, said.

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Governor Wada

It is time for Ebira to win the governor why? Igala was treat us in bad way, Gos is beside us that is the work of Almighty Allah

Nigerians Holier Than Rome/Saudi Arabian

Nigerians and religion. Reading through so many of the comments posted here and in other issues of the past, I feel so sorry for my people.

It is so glaring that imported RELIGION has made most Nigerians to be so stupid and COWARDLY in addressing national issues that affects their lives/those of their children. These group of people are fond of commenting on Saharareporters on ills of our soceity/corrput leaders as an act of God. Please spare some of us this garbage way of reasoning/coming up with solutions to solve Nigeria's acute problems. God is not going to come down to save Nigeria. Do for yourself and he will surely bless you. Heaven help those who help themselves and STOP WAITING FOR GOD/ALLAH TO DO YOUR REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell them to fear the wrath of God

"The most Mercifull and the most Compassionate have mercy on those who usually have mercy on others. Have mercy on those who are on the earth, the One in the heaven will surely have mercy on you".

@Anonymous god will punish

@Anonymous god will punish U̶̲̥̅̊ and the namadi and with time we chase U̶̲̥̅̊ idiots like the palestine's

I pity u Akpos

U are very wicked; I pray God open ur eyes, u live in totally darkness and ur heart is filled with hatred. NO SS will ever unite with SE for evil

Fatima, save your prayers for

Fatima, save your prayers for now. Rather pray that God may give you a good Christian man as your new governor. Did we not pray and fast for Musa Yar'Adua? You know those prayers did not do us any good.

Omoaholo my friend, No, I do

Omoaholo my friend,

No, I do not hate Northern Govs and Elites. What I have is their behavior. I am a Christian, I do not hate anybody. In fact, I do get along with ordinary Northern folks.

Find me a good Muslima, don't use the hate card excuse to deny me a good woman. I need one before Nigeria breaks up.

Omoaholo, you have a good weekend.

kogi gov. accident

Governor Idris Wada is GOD fearing and GOD is with him. Insha-Allah he will not stay long in the hospital because, Allah is the GOD that healeth.

@L. Olabode, You said 'I can

@L. Olabode, You said 'I can imagine how good and selfless you will be if you were made the president of Nigeria'.

So you are advising us selfishness and corruption? Why not say it direct.
Man this country has gone down so much!!!!!!!
Open looting!!

God forbid

Thank you

Brilliant talk. I admire the calm in your writing. I can imagine how good and selfless you will be if you were made the president of Nigeria

gov accident

There is a close of the year meeting in Heaven and God has decided to look after these defenseless and bamboozled creatures called Nigerians, in his own new way.
Sola, commot jari!!!. We have heard and had enough of that.

Be mindful of what you say.

Mr Anonymous, the biggest problem black man has is superstition!!!. First of all tell these criminals licking us dry to be mindful of what they do before you caution us to be mindful of what we write here!! Which of the sins is more??. Stealing our money and using our police to drive us out of our road in great speed? Do they realize the citizens that voted them in are humans too?. Come to your senses my brother.

gov accident

Sola Kehinde, you are a bloody fool. Please stop contributing here. God forbid placing these criminals on us!!!. God doesn't anoint anyone anyway. They were elected or selected by fools like you.

Keep praying for them while they keep stealing your money and using your police to chase you out of the public road. Nigerians are beginning to learn not to clear for them. V good.

My Gov.

May the Almighty Allah grant u quick recovery.

gov accident

‎​​‎​​I am more scared at the wave of incidences of accidents on our governors. We Nigerian owe them a duty to pray for them since they are our leaders placed by GOD on us. The mercies of the Almighty God will keep the Kogi Governor alive and will heal him soon in JESUS name

Sad comment

Comments like this aren't going to take you anywhere. You say the hausa fulani have looted all the money. You fail to realize that generalization of a group of people because of a few rotten eggs. You fail to see the real enemy my brother. Its our collection of selfish leaders that have created a cult around themselves. This troubles will never go away if you have hatred for a particular group of people in Nigeria. But hey, thats what our fellow leaders like, for us to continue to see our differences and fight while they loot the treasures of our country.


Cud it b dat nemesis is catching up with these thieving leaders? Of course anybdy cud v been a victim bt my question is: are these leaders being fair in their management of their respective state? Are they deploying the allocation and internally generated revenues judiciously? Are they performing to best of their knowledge and ability their oversignt functions? To mention a few. If all the stated questions are nt undermined, then there wudnt b need 4 nemesis catching up with them (infact their living up to xpectation in those areas wud obviate nemesis). If they are found wanting in d afore-stated oversight functions, hence let nemesis continue catching up with them till others who are yet to get theirs turn over a new leaf and make life meaningful to all and sundry.

Nigeria Governors serve with good conscience and be saved

If our governors serve the people and do the correct things, they will not need to avoid using our roads and air.

Those who choose to loot their state treasury and stop repairing roads and hospitals for the benefit of all will not benefit from the facility they failed to provide.

Governors, avoid using road by taking to the air, you die.
Governors, avoid air and take to the road you die.
Governors, do what is right and proper for the benefit of all, you and your people will be saved.

Governors, no hiding place for the heartless and wicked.

Recover Fast!

I wish Governor Idris fast recovery. However, our leaders should do a rethink on how they are ruling the people. From recent events, you can run but you cannot hide from GOD. If you decide to travel by air or by road, the ALMIGHTY is ubiquitous & everywhere. Presently, Enugu, Kogi, Cross River, Taraba have issues with their Governors plus late Yakowa of Kaduna state. This is why they should do a rethink!

i once saw a govnor convoy

i once saw a govnor convoy flying apprx 300km per hr on a untarred road ...

Though the convoy consist of fully armed MOPOLs, armed SSS, armed soldiers, then one wonders why this guys always speeding like a bat out of hell???

the advance car is usually called "PILOT 1"..The driver is expected to fly the car and
all cars in the convoy are expected to keep up with this "mad pilot"

Is speed the best protection for the VIPs they are conveying?

this sad though..poor ADC dead and gone forever.. Poor govnor wish him quick recovery..i hope others will learn

The Voice of the People 3

It is not in the interest of the country or the masses nor is it in the long-term interest of the politicians who ultimately have to pay the price the common man has been paying due to the wickedness of the leaders. Power is transient and life is impermanent. May God protect Governors Babatunde Fashola and Adams Oshiomhole and their respective families, Amen.

The Voice of the People 2

If our roads are well paved, it will be safe for both the poor and the rich. If the fire service is working, it will serve both the poor shop owner and the hilltop mansion owner; if the airpot facilities work and rules are obeyed, air travel will be safer for whoever can afford it. If they built speed trains, it will serve the politicians and the poor and they won't have to speed on thte road unnecessarily. The affliction befalling Nigerian leaders are self-inflicted out of ignorance, greed and lack of fear of God. Nigerian leaders are too stupid and mentally and morally backward to realize that corruption is an evil wind that blows no one no good.

The Voice of the People 1

While I don't personally rejoice at the misfortune of anyone, it is reasonable to stop and ponder on some things at this point. If you took the number of Nigerians that died in 2012 as a result of bad roads, then the life of one man is nothing compared to that figure. It is irrelevant what his status is. A life is a life. Just as Idris' life is important to him and his political elites and family, so is the life of the poor trader/mechanic important to his wife and children and family. If Nigerian leaders are not irredeemably wicked, then they would know that if they built a modern hospital, it would not only be for the poor masses, it would also be used by them when they need lung or liver transplant.

We waiting for de middle belt

We waiting for de middle belt forum to address another press conference on Gov wada accident is another evil plot by de core north. similarly, lets hear Gov susuwan reaction on kogi state Gov accident.

Be mindful of what you say.

Be mindful of what you say. Those people are human being like us, you dont have to curse them or judge them.

My dear anonymous, I do mean

My dear anonymous, I do mean to be sentimental and having no compassion for a fellow human.But would just want to know if this same guys have had compassion on the people God chose them to lead?

namadi will be d next president

Do u know y all dis misfutune is happening, its bcos of dt useless man cald jonathan, a christian is never fit to rule this country, nigeria is an islamic country. We hv witnesed a quite number of muslim brodas who ruled this country, there was nothin like death and blood shed all over the place, only God has an exact figure as to those who losed their life from when that baboo resumed offce, u knw who I am talking abt GEJ. Dnt worry, its not about goin to any mountin of fire to pray, u r evil and so is ur. Leardership. Namadi, jst keep warming up, u will be taking over soon. We are praying and we know God will answer our prayers

Oga my Gov. never die o! May

Oga my Gov. never die o! May be na you them go RIP o.

Speedy Recovery I wish

What happened Is the act of God and a testing
Time for all our leaders to be mindful of
The supreme God.Wada I wish u speedy recovery.

if u see the way all these

if u see the way all these government officials in nigeria speeds like a MAD man

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