Labour and Civil Society Coalition Declares April 10 ‘Day of Total Showdown Against Unpaid Workers’ Pensions’

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO) yesterday announced a mass action, scheduled for April 10, against cheats of pensioners, who are collectively owed over one trillion Naira throughout the country.

The announcement followed a press briefing at the headquarters of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), on Friday.

LASCO said it was adopting the decision of the central working committee of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NCL), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Joint Action Front (JAF) taken in a meeting of April 3, to intervene on behalf of pensioners who have been denied their entitlements in a long time. That meeting made sympathy for the owed pensioners its major subject of deliberation and emerged with the resolution to hold a mass protest in order to compel the government’s attention to the plight of the deprived pensioners.

The protest, dubbed ‘Mass Action against Corruption and Impunity in Government’, will be held in Lagos and Abuja, LASCO said, and will demand among others, justice for pensioners, a review of the pension fund to ensure living pensions and its prompt payment to the aged, and the scrapping of corruption and impunity in Government.

The announcement called on workers, artisans, transporters, market women and men, professionals, students and youths to join in its protest to collectively demand justice in all the workings of the government.

Pensioners have always been denied their entitlements throughout Nigerian history.  Firm resistance of the deliberate holding back of deserved pension entitlements will end the regime of cheating, LASCO stressed.

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why must it take 7yrs for comments to appear in SR-9ja outfits

How many days will it take 4 comments to appears here? Yet they blame GEJ-Even in Hitlers abode-people were allowed to air their views freely and unchallenged by the Nazis-Not the Neo Nazis that we have here-it was only during Buhari rule that journalist were locked up in his gulag-social critics sent to the concentration camp of buhari-without the know of even their families-until IBB freed them- some took their missing relations for dead--thought they were victims of tinubus gbomogbomo outfit -So we must be flogged daily by demons in the arewa peoples club-APC to enable us understand that pensioners started dying while waiting for their benefits in 2011 when Jonah became president abi? Until GEJ caught d thief! No hope for the pensioners-been stealing right from the era of Buhari ati abacha, IBB, and obj-now they talk cause ijaw man Gej has saved them

clueless leaders ruling us since 1999

President Johnathan is the most clueless president that ever govern nigeria by all standard.And to be honest, in a country of 160 million population, this man is not capable to govern this big nation this is too big for his capability.when are we' the nigerian people stop electing idiot/wicked people to govern us l think we deserve more that what we are getting so far since 1999.please igbo,yoruba,hausa let's stop fooling ourselves and we the 99% should come together and sincerely stop bigot attitude of dividing ourselves with ethnicity and religion bigotry which all these politicians are using to divide us which gives them the opportunity to concentrate on looting all our money

all these APC and boko haram sponsored rubbish-time to split

They remained quiet until OBJ left after being in the saddle for 8 solid years-during which period hundreds of pensioners died waiting for their money-unfortunately for us most of us, those who lost their lives are from the poverty ridden areas of Nigeria-their money was stolen by a realtion of one Pope Pius of Kogi state-Is APC controlled Labour just waking up from her slumber-those who stole d retrement benefits of pensioners are from the old regions of 9ja-Ibo, Fulani and the main head of the thieves-a Yoruba from kogi state-

The Beginning of the end

The beginning of the end. April-may-june? The three months of great significance in the history of Nigeria as she stands on her brink of a new Nigeria. Let's watch.
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