Lagos Driver Charged With Attempted Murder of Judge

By Citizen Reports

A Lagos commercial driver, Mr. Kasali Quadri, was today arraigned before Justice Christopher Ayodeji Balogun of the Lagos High Court for the attempted murder of Justice E.A Adebajo, a member of the State judiciary.

Quadri, who has been in prison custody since March 2012, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

His lawyer, Oludare Falana, who appeared with Solomon Kehinde both of Falana & Falana Chambers, informed the court that he had a bail application for the defendant and that he was prepared to argue it in view of the fact that his client has been in detention for the past one year for what he described as “a mere traffic offence”.

The trial judge however adjourned the bail application to April 18, 2013 on the ground that he was going to a scheduled meeting with the Chief Judge.
However, the attempt by the trial judge to compel the prosecutor, Mr. W.O. Quadri, to take the evidence of Justice Adebajo, who was present in court, was vehemently opposed by Mr. Falana, who informed the court that he had not been served with the proof of evidence.

Although, the trial judge offered to give his own copy to Mr. Falana, the lawyer declined the offer on the ground that he would need to study the document after it might have been properly served by the prosecutor.  Only then, he said, would he proceed to consult with his client in order to prepare his defence.

As the trial was adjourned to May 2, 2013, Justice Adebajo stormed out of the court and subjected the prosecutor to vulgar abuse for causing the case to be further adjourned. All attempts by the prosecutor to explain his predicament to Justice Adebajo were rebuffed as the judge threatened to report him to the Lagos State Attorney-General.

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Chase after Justice Adebajo II

Sahara, please report the issue as it happens, no need to make your story sell. Justice Adebajo was not in the court room during the proceedings. Why have you reported differently. He had a meeting with the state counsel thereafter to where is your story from. Please be professional. Also stop hiding in America because you have written untrue stories about people

The chase after Justice Adebajo

Why is everyone after Justice Adebajo? Sahara reporters is writing, Femi Falana is trying to use him to make name, his sister who has destroyed the ever proud stationery stores of lagos football club is ranting about for property that does not belong to her. What was she doing all her life when her brother were doing was doing well for himself. She should go make her career and stop befriending Femi Falana who she is using to fight her brother. People should leave the road accident as road accident and not bring sentiments that it is not. If it were all of you who have made comments relative that was run over by a danfo wont you look for judgement to reduce the number of mad men behind wheels in our country?

You are obviously bias, why

You are obviously bias, why wish him death. Are you God?

Adebimpe Adebajo-Fraser is

Adebimpe Adebajo-Fraser is working, Saharareporters is reporting.

i don't think you should

i don't think you should curse him or his family. I think you should allow God judge things his way. Only if you don't believe in God then you will wish a man death. Ps 34:7
Don't Judge!

@ tundemash

See these foolish yoruba judges well we are not supprised because this is how Tundemash see's the ss/se it is a typical yoruba behavior, this is what they have turned Awo's legacy into most educated indeed, @tundemash/yansh if u are not ashamed i am ashamed for u...still shaking my head in disgust.

Where was the stupid judge

Where was the stupid judge when it comes to Ikuforiji's ordeal? No scale of justice in Nigeria, Period. Tinubu owns is fresh. Bullshit!

Na wa o!

This judge, Adebajo or what is he called, is he a human being or some animal in human skin???

God is the ultimate judge o! Have this man released from prison forthwith or you will see. Fool!

This is a clear case of man

This is a clear case of man inhumanity to his fellow man.


We have a lawless executive, a useless legislature and a judiciary that is largely compromised with little or no real interest in doing justice. The conduct of both the presiding judge and the witness judge clearly demonstrate that a predetermined outcome is in the offing. Whilst both the executive and the legislature at least submit themselves to a semblance of accountability to the people through rigged elections, the judiciary is totally unaccountable to society as the constitution does not have any such provision. The only thing that gives a judge all the powers he/she wield over the citizens is a law degree, law school and a few years practice as a lawyer..


Without any form of accountability to the people the judiciary is therefore at liberty to perpetrate injustice in the land as we can see from various controversial judgements. So with a corrupt and very lawless executive, a corrupt, partisan, incompetent and therefore almost useless legislature, and a corrupt and unaccountable judiciary, can we really call Nigeria's system of governance a democracy?. Any society where impunity becomes the order of the day is on a slippery slope towards perdition. That is why thieves who robbed Honda motors of spare parts and motorcycles could claim that they have done nothing extra ordinary and that the authorities should focus on arresting and prosecuting corrupt politicians and civil servants instead of unemployed petty thieves


That is why retired Army generals could be easy targets of assassination, that is why a serving Commissioner of Police was an easy target of assassination, that is why retired Army generals are robbed and killed on the highways, that is why people could board public transport operated by an incorporated entity and be driven to kidnappers for monetary extortion, that is why Ibori could escape justice in Nigeria but jailed abroad on the same evidence, that is why convicts with fund could arrange for someone else to serve their sentences, that is why criminal trial of high profile suspects take forever and end with non deterrent sentence, that is why nothing is working in the country.


That is why the Legislature will not implement the constitutional remedy against a lawless executive, and that is why ultimately most citizens will take the law into their hands and the country will become a failed nation state. It is time for patriots both civilians and military to think outside of the box and rescue Nigeria by all possible means. We have no other country and Somalia will be a child's play compared with the consequence of Nigeria becoming a failed Nation State.

Sahara reporters has done

Sahara reporters has done well to report this piece of tantalizing news. S.R will certainly do well to give us the full picture of what led to a judge appearing before His learned brother as a witness.

The court records are public documents which can be accessed by formally applying for same and paying the requisite fees.

It is hasty and simply harebrained to jump to conclusions which may not be at the end of the day.


You guys should calm down instead of flaring up, yes we dont have details of what happened, but we all know how reckless and crazy these commercial drivers are, on a daily basis they wreck people's cars and speed off, cars acquired by people through life savings, loans and on hire purchase are damaged by these crazy drivers who end up escaping or choose to prostrate and start begging you after the damage has been done, it happened to me once so i know what i am saying,they dont care about other road users, i pray this particular driver is released at the end of this ordeal, after which i doubt if he will ever drive wrecklessly again.

Abuse of power indeed

This is a clear indication that the man (judge) has a mental problem. This issue was reported in the news sometimes ago when an old woman (who happens to be the Judge's mother)mentioned that this same Judge ejected her from their home sometime ago. It is high time the level of sanity of these public officials need to be examined.

I am surprised that this

I am surprised that this happened to Femi Falana Chambers and he kept quiet this long. How can a man be refused bail because of mere traffic offence and a shameless judge like Adebajo and Balogun are behaving like tin gods. Did the NJC hear this? Did Fashola hear this? I cant believe this happened n Lagos.

Shame on Nigeria

I am constantly appalled at the scale of human rights abuses that take place in Nigeria. There is simply no rule of law and that is why many Nigerians in diaspora will never contemplate coming back to live in Nigeria. As an ex Police officer with the British Police Force, I cannot comprehend how somebody should be locked away for over a year, without bail or proper trial, for a traffic offence bothering on attempted murder.

Abuse of Power the Nigerian Way.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For mere traffic offense you have a whole bread winner to his family languishing in prison for over a year?????????????????
Since SR did not go further to tell us what the man's offense was, I will take it that this is purely an abuse of power.
People get involved in traffic offenses daily and all over the world, but I have never heard of one being locked up for over one year while the case is still pending. How long does it take to do a discovery on cases in Nigeria??????????
Shame of a country/her clueless, illiterate and corrupt leaders (Judges included).

useless bastard judge

God will purnish the Adenajo judge useless man you will still die as a coward you are and thereafter your family will perish one by one. WICKED man

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