Lagos Grounded By Occupy Protesters On Day 2

By SaharaReporters, New York

A huge protest movement is in progress in Lagos on a second day of strike action over removal of gasoline subsidy in Nigeria. Some 500,000 Nigerians massed at the Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota area of Lagos singing and chanting protest songs.



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That black "isi ewu" is Jonathan


Does that black goat resemble Jonathan ? Did u notice the coffin; it means Jonathan is dead in the mind of the people. May Nigeria never experience animal ruling human beings again !!! Amen .


GEJ is trying to smuggle Resource Control in through the back door. It wont work lai lai. Niger Deltans if you know you can, come through the front gate. Dare protest for Resource control and see how we will crush you. GEJ cant remove any subsidy.


This is my question for our stubborn president, (bros jona) can a tree make a forest? knowing fully well that the voice of those that vote you into power supercede your imported cabinet minister, who does not vote/know how God see you through, thru the masses vote, concerning the hike in fuel price??? Listen mr. Once upon a time i have no shoes, the voice of this masses is the voice of God, beware bcos you are heading for a doom, and a dissastrous end... He that have an ear let him hear, VAGABOND IN POWER, HEAR NOW AND IT SHALL BE WELL WITH YOU...

Unto yr tent ooh yee Nigerians

Let them continue with their fake protest-since NLC and her agents claim fuel does not belong to Nigert Deltans. That its owned by the Fulanis and Yorubas. Let them expand their thoughts on how to manufacture lies to sell buhari. It will only lead us to another Rwanda; are the Notherners not packing out of the south back to the North? Are Igbos not being slaughtered in the North for reasons best known to boko haram? Just because our oppressors want GEJ to look like a weakling. With pastors like Bakare calling on protester to murder GEJ. The centre is gradually going down. The love that binds us as a nation is gradually collapsing because of the greed of the elites who want to deceive the masses with their lies on fuel subsidy! The niger Delta should wake up from her slumber-the honeymoon is over! Nigeria will never be the same after this regional or zonal war!

Everything will be alright.

It shall be well. The militant will soon take over just watch. GEJ niger delta brethren are watching and will respond appropriately.

which way nigeria?

which way nigeria?

which way nigeria

which way nigeria

What will happen after petroluem subsidy protests?

What is this protest targetting? Is it the resoration of pre- subsidy removal or, an opportunity to organize and restucture the entire state functions or immediately install A SOVEINGN NATIONBAL CONFERENCE.
I'm rooting for an SNC!.

In whose interest?

In whose interest is this protest and what is the long time implication of fuel subsidy? In as much as it s painful it is a necessary sacrifice to free ourselves from the cabal milking the nation in the name of importation and subsidy. The cabal must be laughing now cause they will get paid if we insist. Another question is whether Jonathan has the constitutional power to unilaterally reduce the lawmakers jumbo take home package. The protest won't stop their salary even as they stay at home. Let's turn the our attention to apo quarters as well.


Lagos,Kano etc WHO will be ACCOUNTABLE?
IS somebody WORKING against MY COUNTRY?

Usual Sahara Reporters media

Usual Sahara Reporters media hype. Is this a Lagos protest? Not surprisng, Lagosians are beneftting most from the fuel subsidy; they are ones who own most cars and businesses depending on subsidzied fuel. Subsidy of public mass transport will serve the poor best, they do not own cars and also need to have agriculture, roads, hospitals built. Government must stop subsidizng the fuel cabal from the west and north and Nigerians who can afford to buy petrol at N143/litre. Subsidy should stay for the good of all. It does not matter whether you protest to the high heavens. Everyone was complaining Jonathan is weak, now he is taking decisions that have potentials to move the country forward, and you are all calling him ugly names. That is your problem not his.

U spoken well, what are the

U spoken well, what are the elders in south south doing about the evil decision made by there son...

Lie Lie Lie

SR is lieing to all you Nigerians.i

occupy naija

good moves,continue.

occupy naija

Good moves naija,continue untill ogogoro GEL revert d price.


Jonatan or what ever! Jorjor before we war war, for war saw never saw war until war saw war saw...a word is enough for the wise!

occupy naija

Goods moves naija,continue untill dat ogoro GEL revert d price 2 65naira.

GEj pls dont keep silent

Pls mr president dont keep silent, bcos as it is, u re d no1 enemy to naija

Remove Jonathan Instead Of Fuel Subsidy

Jonathan is a marked man. He is as corrupt as hell. We shall know whether the cabal or the masses own Nigeria. The Gaddafi expereince is not a closed option. The police and army should join the strike. Let us see what is left of the coward Jonathan.



It is my earnest prayer that

It is my earnest prayer that their should be no more blood shed of the innocent protestants. Most of our Policemen lack the basic education, training and professionalism. They are over zealous and blood thirsty.
I support the protest cos its our right

WHERE'S deri & co?

Deri & co have been ovewhelmed by masses online!

Jona jona

Jona small small monkey dey go market i no go ever return. This may be a road to self distruction. Oga carry on.

Well done!

Well done compatriots. We are winning. It's either N65 or he resign for someone else to rule us.

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