Maka Angola Sponsors Petition Against CNN International Deal With Angolan Dictator’s Children

By Maka Angola

Maka Angola has just launched an online campaign petitioning CNN International to stop accepting advertisement from the corrupt Angolan regime of President Dos Santos.

Semba Comunicação, a private Angolan company, has been receiving millions of dollars directly from the presidency of the Republic of Angola’s budget to produce commercials to improve the image of Angola abroad. However, this company, incorporated on October 11, 2006, is owned by President José Eduardo dos Santos’ children, namely Welwitchea José dos Santos ‘Tchizé’ and José Paulino dos Santos ´Coréon Du.’ They are promoting the image of their father’s regime through campaigns broadcasted on CNN International. President Dos Santos has been in power for 32 years without ever being elected by the people.

The 2012 presidential budget alone allocates almost US $17 million for Semba Comunicação to engage in a contractual agreement with CNN International for a new advertisement campaign. Read here the complete story previously published at Maka Angola.

While two-thirds of the Angolan population survive on less than $2 a day, the President and his protégés, including his family, have been plundering the extensive natural resources of the country.

Transferring taxpayers’ money from the presidency budget to his children’s private company is only the latest of multiple and continuous acts of corruption, bribery, and embezzlement committed by the President and his cronies.

Maka Angola is therefore calling on its readers to sign a letter addressed to CNN International officials, urging the television network to stop accepting advertisement from the corrupt Angolan regime of President Dos Santos.


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What business does Angolans have with third party business entity CNN? Instead of Angolan to do away with those oppresing them, they are crying and blaming thierd party. When will Africans take their destiny into their hand and man-up?


Thank you. we need african leaders not neocolonialism presidents

Dictators and Corrupt Leaders are Destroyers

When will African Dictators and corrupt leaders learn from the mistakes of the past dictators and corrupt leaders? They are enemies of Africa because they have destroyed Africa.

we pray for africa sunami soon

I urge CNN to stop accepting advertisement produced by Semba Comunicação and to exercise due scrutiny over any advertisement from the corrupt regime of President José Eduardo dos Santos

You do not have to sign any

You do not have to sign any petition. If the allegation is true, the network will pull the plug. This is a western media and ethics is a serious issue in the west.

Another dictator on the brink of collapse. Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi, Hosni Mubarak, Laurent Gbagbo, Charles Taylor, Ali Saleh etc should be lessons learned.

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