Massive Loss Of Life In Zamfara Automobile Collision

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By SaharaReporters, New York

A major automobile mishap in Zamfara State today left more than 20 people dead including 6 children. Two vehicles reportedly collided, killing 17 at the site of the impact. Sources said that overload and reckless driving appeared to be at fault.

It was the second pile-up to occur that day but the only one with fatalities. When contacted, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Sector Commander in the state, Abdulkadir Bala Mohammed, confirmed the occurence of the incident.
Zamfara was recently cited for its high number of deadly traffic incidents. The Zamfara Sector Command of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) said on Wednesday that 85 persons died in 285 road accidents in the state this year between January and November.
The Sector Commander, Alhaji Ibrahim Sarki, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gusau that 950 persons were injured in the accidents which involved 349 vehicles.
Sarki said there was a decrease in the accident rate, compared to the situation last year when 156 died and 1,273 were injured in 295 accidents, which involved 412 vehicles. He did not give a reason, however for the particularly high number of tragic traffic episodes in the region.

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Well Spoken 'Akpos'! U r right..U r DAMN Right!
I No sabi Book O..But I Shaded -B- as my Answer O!
I am 4rm d 'UNITED STATES OF D MIDDLE BELT'..but in d Soon coming Referendum,we of d middle belt Hope we can join u Guys in d UNITED STATES OF D SS & SE,cos we hav similar Ideologies & in this case, there will b GENUINE UNITY IN DIVERSITY!! But if we cnt join u,LET it b known NOTHING;NOT even ALL d COWS & GOATS in d war-Torn Fulani Noth will mke us Remain with them..I mean NOTHING!!!!


CRY FOR HELP!!! Our governmnet takes considerations when people dead and not to prevent the furhter occurance but to only know why. this is very unfortunated. Our livies are nothing in hand of our leaders.

Up to drivers to obey traffic laws

A country where no one obeys speed limits, drivers & passengers don't wear seat belts, traffic lights are seen as a challenge to be defeated, and in Lagos people simply drive on the wrong side of the road if their side is congested, it's a miracle people are still alive. Obey the highway code and don't use mobile phones when driving. Traffic laws are for your own good, FRSC shouldn't need to tell people to have some common sense.

Test of Nationhood....

If the Oil in the SS & SE dries up today, will there be Nigeria tomorrow?

Will Buhari & Tinubu still be interested in becoming President?

Will people be asking Great Jona whether he will contest the next election only 2 months into his first term?


1914 was a useless contraption by the stupid conservative British who had traveled several miles to steal & exploit the resources of the countries of Benin Empires, Oyo empires etc.

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!!!

Long live the United States of the SS & SE

Animals on our roads

It is not just Zamfara,it is everywhere in Nigeria. The drivers are indisciplined,lack patience and drive wrecklessly without regard to life.Nigerian roads is a death trap and it is fully the fault of the drivers.Bad drivers should be identified and banned for life.


The FRSC should work as a formidable team to avoid accidents on our major roads. It is not good enough to be apportioning blames on overloads and reckless driving.
Yesterday, a very long stretch of one side of Airport road was blocked and there was no single Road Safety Officer to help the traffic and accident situation on the road. Haba, for how long are we going to keep learning little things - Nigeria leaders please learn from countries you have visited.
When there is construction on a road, the entire road traffic machinery comes out to work to avoid chaos.


This is really tragic and sad, may their souls rest in peace. I don't know why I have this funny feeling that the introduction of sharia law ought to have made everything perfect in Zamfara even eliminated road accidents and unfortunate loss of lives. Is it possible that there are no provisions in the sharia laws that put an end to reckless driving? Perhaps the all knowing allah did not envisage the invention of cars, corrupt politicians that would rather build private airstripes in their backyards rather than build roads for the people that elected them. Am just thinking sha, because they say the sharia is perfect because it is allah's direct laws.....

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