Military Chiefs Outraged Over Jonathan’s Plan to Grant Boko Haram Amnesty

By SaharaReporters, New York

A new plan by President Goodluck Jonathan to grant amnesty to members of the violent Boko Haram sect has upset Nigeria’s military chiefs.

Sources at the Presidential Villa, where the military brass met with the President for several hours today, said they tried in vain to convince Mr. Jonathan not to fall into the trap that has been set for him by prominent northern leaders on the issue.

They were said to have told him the security implications of the action and that it could also be interpreted to mean that the President is not a man of his word.  Mr. Jonathan has flip-flopped on federal policy against Boko Haram since he took office in 2010.

The military bosses reminded him of his words when he visited Borno State a few weeks ago when he said that there was no way he would grant amnesty to ghosts, stressing that nothing has changed.  Mr. Jonathan once said there were members of Boko Haram in his government, but it is not clear if they are still ghosts or he has identified them.

He was also said to have been reminded that many of their men and other security officers have been indiscriminately killed, warning him that telling the rank and file the decision on amnesty could ignite anger in the barracks.

At the end of the lengthy discussion, which lasted for five hours, the President had his way against the genuine advice of the military chiefs, except one.  He set up a committee to handle the issue of amnesty.

The committee, whose members are yet to be announced, is to work with the office of the National Security Adviser.

A Presidential source said that the committee will consider the feasibility or otherwise of granting pardon to the Boko Haram members and collate the views of those clamouring for amnesty, as well as recommend modalities for the granting of pardon should such a policy be adopted.  

President Jonathan seems to have adopted the argument of the northern elements after meeting with some of their prominent members in Abuja on Wednesday night.   Although today he seem highly disposed to the amnesty idea, he is known to change his mind fairly easily.


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processing unit


U are a big idiot. What is

U are a big idiot. What is great about the north. Soon, by 2015, the north will become desolate.


Where is the JUSTICE promised to the VICTIMS of BOKO HARAM violence? It's grossly irresponsible, for whatever reason(s), to grant amnesty and financial reward to the Boko Haram, who, under the guise of fighting against the ills of Western education, have killed thousands of innocent Nigerians, destroyed thousands of properties and businesses, fatally targeted christians, and continue to preach and call for the total Islamization of Nigeria. It seems as though what certain elements of past military dictatorships sought to accomplish during their time as rulers of Nigeria, is now being forced upon our people via their Islamist militia. It was common practice by Islamist/Jihadist military dictators to politically and economically marginalise non-muslim Nigerians until they cowered and converted to Islam. Promotions in both civilian and military workplaces were often based, not on merit, but on one's membership in the Islamic faith.


AMNESTY and MONEY for BOKO HARAM? Unbelievable !! President Goodluck Jonathan and his party are about to get SERIOUSLY BURNED on this one. Is he caving in to TURAI Y'AR ADUA, the very person who never hid her HATRED for JONATHAN when he served as VICE-PRESIDENT under her late husband? The woman who openly DISRESPECTED Goodluck Jonathan and made sure to politically SIDELINE and EMASCULATE him as NIGERIA'S second in command? And what about newspaper accounts of her CORRUPTION? Isn't she the woman said to have SHIPPED BILLIONS of NIGERIA'S MONEY off to DUBAI where she now lives in obscene OPULENCE?

We stand to have peace my

We stand to have peace my brother by way
Of ending these senseless killings and
Halt destruction of economic base of a
Part of Nigaria.

The so called amnesty is it

The so called amnesty is it also for those non Nigerians who have been recruited to destabilise the country? What happened to the western education issue and the islamisation of Nigeria?All these issues should be addressed.In the case of Niger Delta militants the government needed to appease them inorder to continue to make use of the crude oil from the region; for boko haram, what do we stand to gain?

amnesty for boko haram

frankly speaking there is nothing wrong in granting amnesty to boko haram. America went into Afganistan under the pretext of fighting the Afganistan boko haram, 10 years down the line, the so called great America is still battling with the Afganistan boko haram with no end insight. We have another one in the philipines that is raging on for close to 25 years now, etc. So it will be in our candid interest as Nigerians to stop politicizing and ethnocizing the amnesty issue.

God bless Delta Queen

God bless Delta Queen. This is the first step on how to stop The insugency. It's not only the Christians that are being killed, the Northerners are also being killed. There's chaos in the North, so if this can contain the nuisance, it's a welcome idea. I believe what the Delta Queen wrote. There are miliatry personnel benefiting from the this crissis that's why they are opposing this bold step. This problem did not start this year, since it started the Army have not been able to kill all the Boko haram members and they have not been able to track all of them. This a bold step in the right direction to stop the killing and maiming.

re: amnesty

How I wish all these violence was taking place at your door step, you would have understood the definition of amnesty and how it is like to live in peace, so better change ur thoughts about these whole amnesty thing, Niger delta militants were no better but our late president granted them peace and nobody complaint, so why now?


It is obvious the northerners want their almajeri to be paid the same salary as the niger delta youth are being paid. About 7000 niger delta youths are on amnesty programm and now the northerners want to include their own youths too. Eastern youths pls also get ready to clamour for the amnesty programm atleast 100,000 unemployed eastern youths can as well benefit from the free oil money. Let's us all partake in the free sharing. Nonense president that has no sense.

The north is supreme and will

The north is supreme and will continue to be great. No amount of hatred from idiot like you will concur that status. Many people like you have died frustrated without seeing the downfall of the giant north. The more the envy about the north, the more the frustration and certainly the more that frustration kills. Go and ask your father if you have any because you may have none (BASTARD)!

Comment 3

Non of the options look particularly good. The president then has to choose the best of the bad options. He also has to take account of the strengths of his security outfit and the success (or lack of it)achieved by them so far. The army is fighting a unconventional force with conventional means. It is not fighting a rebel army with structures like itself. It is fighting an amorphous entity that has proven its ability to adapt and remain elusive. It also has a ready made bench (poor northerners and poor foreigners from neighboring countries) ready to replace those that get killed or captured during this war. Then there are the deaths, carnage, loss of investment, dwindling revenues, increased revenue allocation to security services and potential of a full blown civil war to consider. Not a good choice if you ask me.

Comment 2

Or the Federal Government could continue as a matter of principle to fight the sect. It not wanting to reward murder and terrorism. It being aware that an amnesty has not eradicated the problem. It has simply postponed the D- day. That menace then being there as a continuing threat against himself or his successor. Secondly, In the event that they are different strands and those strands encompass nigeriens, chadians and malians, then such an amnesty will be ineffective in any event because the amnesty is given to the ineffective and remote strand of BH. The cost of the war will grow. A greater proportion of Nigeria's revenue will be allocated to this war and with the SW now embroiled and the possible escallation to SE and SS, the countries investments and revenue will eventually collapse.

Comment 1

The President has a number of difficult choices before him. Assuming he has now part in any of the strands of Boko Haram, he can either choose to continue to use the military to fight a sect that has grown from operating solely in the NE to operating in the NE, NW and NC. It has now started to penetrate the SW. With time it will expand towards the SE and SS. Eventually, he will have a full scale civil war on his hands. The military being bogged down, big and unsuited to fighting a full blown guerrilla war. Eventually the army will overthrow him out of frustration (Mali situation).

@osita DIOKA: You have a lower IQ than GEJ.

@osita DIOKA

U claimed "If this President goes ahead to capitulate then he must be removed as soon as possible from Aso-rock.Any Igbo man who takes sides with him on any issue thereafter will have some explanations to give to our ancestors.
I never trusted his IQ"

The joke is on you ! Obviously you have a lower IQ than GEJ himself else you are just discovering he's a moron in year 2013. All the while you have been apportioning blames to some ghost northern leader as if it was those you voted in to provide security. Mumu !


Haba our brothers in the military, are you not tired of eating the blood money? You are supposed to advice mr president on easy way of restoring peace to the nation rather than insisting on using force, please let be just and frank, if the force used before is the solution why is it that the violence is at increase, for how many years now nothing changes. Why don't you try another way may be it will work, but it means you still want more nigerians to be killed. And how many innocent nigerians that were killed by the so called military, please military chiefs don't be bias or selfish. Is the live of the military personnel better than that of the innocent nigerians? Please think about it.

Think of what you are doing Mr so-called president

Doesn't he know that the Niger Delta milli's fought for a sensible cause(???at least from my point of view)-- This so called Bok_ Ha_ _ are stupid foolish illiterates barbarians...What happens to the innocent souls em have killed? /What of the destructions they've caused??--- What happens if the south or some other region ssprings out its own killing machines???...Is that how the bell would keep on ringing and rotating???? You can't grant pathetic insensible idiotic genetically mistakes amnesty...Crap!!!

Contrition, Penitence and Penance.1

An amnesty offer that is countered by bellicosity and grandiose demands from the renegades is a non starter and will never achieve anything.

Any amnesty offer that is not countered with contrition, penitence and penance is dead on arrival.

Boko Haram is a tool established by the northern politician as a bargaining chip with a percieved usurper of their throne.

They can turn it off and on as they wish. Come to think of it, why were there no outright bombings and destructions as we see now during Yar'adua's regime?

Contrition, Penitence and Penance.2

Why were there no boko haram and niger delta militants during all the military years?

It all has to do with resource control and the end-game will be either the balkanisation or the disintegration of Nigeria.

End-game because without resource control by the federating units or a formal agreement by the federating units on a resources sharing formula anything could happen.

Nobody would like their resources to be used to compensate people they know nothing about, people who know nothing about the devastations and environmental hazards associated with peroleum exploration.


Nigeria Governmen has one option!!

Nigerians, Nigeria government and northern elites should let it sink into their heads that what you call Boko haram or Islamic Militancy is here to stay in Nigeria and will never go away. They should better learn how to live with it and manage it. Granting Boko Haram amnesty, declaring sharia the supreme law of the country, forcing every Nigeria to convert to Islam will never stop Islamic Militancy once you allowed it to start. Nigeria is fertile land for them because the Islamist seeks failing states with Moslem population. With more than 10 millions uneducated, poor Almajiris who only thing they know is Quran roaming the street of Northern Nigeria as foot soldiers, Nigerians should prepare for the worst. 10 million almajiris means 10 million potential suicide bombers because they are easy to brainwash to fight for Allah. The only option Nigeria government has is to fight Islamist until you defeat them. If Islamist win,they will establish Islamic state like Taliban.

I hope you read these

I hope you read these comments Mr President because you're a very weak man. I honestly regret voting for you but as of then we had no other option.
No government that knows its onion will negotiate with terrorists.These people are doing all that is possible to crumble your government. You're simply falling into the pit the northern leaders have dug for you. They are the sponsors of Boko Haram and they simply want to cover their ass. In what ways have they tried to curb these menace as opinion leaders of the north? Yet they try to blackmail you with amnesty and you succumb.
If you cannot tackle these devils head-on with the security strenght U have at your disposal, then allow them to completely destroy the north. Let all southerners relocate to their base and allow them to bomb themselves afterall we are not one and will never be.

Military Chiefs Outraged Over Jonathan’s Plan to Grant Boko Hara

The empty dipsomaniac foisted on the country by lunatic Obj is ignorantly steering the ship of state into the eye of the storm, by hobnobbing with unrepentant criminals. It is unbelievable that he wants to give money to murderers to acquire more weapons instead of descending on them. Our only problem is lawlessness and the solution is restoration of law and order. Beating about the bush portends grave danger for the country. He tricked Yar'Adua into paying criminal gangs that he and other rogues formed in the Niger Delta to rig elections for PDP. Shagari wiped out Maitatsine before it could find its footing and Yar'Adua pounced on Boko Haram, sending the group into hiding. What was Jonathan's contribution to the decision to hit hard on Boko Haram in 2009, that he opted for dialogue when the group resurfaced in 2010? He simply wanted to hijack the group for rigging elections in the North East in 2011, but the deal went sour.

would they be civil enough not to kill after the offer?

Is it possible that these bunch of wicked extremists would accept the offer and be gentleman enough not to kill?They are so senseless,so blood thirsty that even when offered the deal,they ll still kill innocent people.It would even shock u that they do it the day the offer is made.Those so called elders that clamored for it,have they reached out to the sect members and work out things.

Amnesty to Boko Haram

There is nothing wrong if Amnesty is granted to them if they are unmasked. Amnesty to Boko Haram in masked mode would reveal duality in our presidency. If I may counsel our Maximus, the military and security icons should be listened to.

don't the amnesty propsal wrong

It is yet a proposal with a condition
The northern elders proposed
The president is yet to admit
Certain mechanisms has been put in place
What are these mechanisms, the northern
elders will now produce them the BH
The discussion will be between the govt and
The boko harams
If they fail to surface, no discussions
Their faces must not be covered
If after discusions bombardment continues
northern elders have failed and whatever
they get from the govt they take.
The northern elders should go home and
punder over what they have initiated

The Militants in the Niger

The Militants in the Niger Delta fought for unjust exploration of natural resources in the region( etc) without adequate compensation and they got Amnesty. Now the Northern Leaders are calling for same on the platform that what is good for one par of the Country is good for another. Now if Boko Haram is fighting against western education what is the moral justification of granting them Amnesty is being called by there Leaders. This means that there are some powers behind all these killing and bombings.Our President should watch before he leep.

then the military chiefs

then the military chiefs should do 'something' about GEJ.

c d way u reason

all ur can do is crictisys islam but let me ask you as a christian u claim u r, aside what MEND has done b4 now kill the nigerian armys and d nigerian police and which most of d officers killed were ur brothers from d nothern part of ur country could b justified and if it is so wat could b evil if amnesty is granted to THIS SO CALLED BOKO HARAM and peace rain in nothern nigeria? to crown it all find out ur self who suffer most from d problem is it d christian or d innocent muslims? but one thing i want u to understand is if u attach names to islam as terrorist then u hv a hidding agenda n that we muslims understand y people like u "not all christians" but i said people like reason.

The twisted mind of sultanofsokoto

Using your own convoluted reasoning, did the FG woke up the ones that were killed by MEND and offer them amnesty too?
Also your response shows how shallow you are, Osama as the head of the snake will never accept amnesty, but that is not the intent of the amnesty. It is meant as a tool to drive a wedge between the members.
Some will accept and some will not. The military seem clueless as to how to defeat this menace. If half accept, then the military will have only half to fight.
After 10 years has America defeated the Taliban, was Russia able to defeat them after 20yrs, has Columbia been able to defeat the FARC after about 40years of guerilla war? FARC is on it’s last leg after the govt decided to engage them in talks. The US govt is in talk with the Taliban. You can have the humble pie for lunch, SOB.

Good move

Giving amnesty is not giving in to terrorism, it is a way to dismantle the group. The best way to crack any group is always from within. By granting amnesty the FG will achieve the following;
the ball is now in the court of those leaders demanding it, they will now have to assist the FG in making it work. Amnesty will create cracks within the group. Amnesty will allow the FG to get very important intelligence on the modus operandi of Boko Haram from those members who will accept amnesty. The FG will have less members to go after therefore making it more efficient in tracking down and killing those that refuse amnesty. If they refuse amnesty, then the FG will have every right to dismantle the group by any means necessary. Frankly speaking, in this kind of situation, you’ll have to employ stick and carrot. Any way you look at it, it’s a win-win for the country unless you have sure way of killing all the members of Boko Haram overnight.

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