Mubarak's Heart Hardens; Refuses To Step Down

By SaharaReporters, New York

Hosni Mubarak has refused to step down from power as earlier expected. He said that he won't take dictates of foreign countries on Egyptian national matters.

But Mr. Mubarak's rant on live TV in Egypt a few minutes ago has further enraged the Egyptian protesters who have insisted that he must be digraced out of power.

To pacify the crowd, Mubarak transfered some powers to the VP, Suleiman.

Security sources in Egypt said Mubarak's supporters are being mobilized to attack legitimate revolutionaries at the Tahrir square.


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By their names we shall know them.

Arab leaders and northern Nigeria leaders are bounded by faith and ideology.looting, oppression and women enslavement has always been part of that faith and ideology.You guys could cry or called me all sorts of names,but you jihadist cant prove me wrong.


Bang another old corrupt islamist bite the dust.Islam is political ideology,put in place by mohhammed to counter the Jews and the Christain faith.These musilm leaders relies on Islam as tool to loot and oppress their people,hopefully those brainwashed fools would be free one day from this bondage.

Nigerian Youths Learn from Egyptian Youths

Nigerian Youths, please see what's going on in Egypt.A true peaceful revolution led by Egyptian youths who have been bearing the brunt of a very corrupt political system led by Mubarak.In Nigeria, graduates of up to 15 years cannot get jobs. There is no electricity. There are no roads, hospitals,good universities and other schools,good water supply etc, meanwhile,PDP political rascals are getting on and looting the entire country, courtesy of their Governors like Uduaghan and co, Legislators like David Mark, Bankole and co and even the Presidency led by Jonathan and co. Instead of Nigerian youths to lead a challenge for regime change, they are deceived with diversionary tactics like zoning and ethnic politics preached to them by PDP thieves. NANs leadership is compromised at all levels by PDP politicians who buy them cars and give their leadership stolen people's money at the expense of the future of Nigerian youths where graduates ranging from medical doctors to engineers cannot get jobs. Nigerian youths wake up.Nigerian military should also watch what has happened in Egypt. What we have now in Nigeria is no democracy. We do not want this type of democracy.

Mubarak now a GONER

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally steps down after 18 days protest by Egptians. 11 feb 11

When will Nigerians become as

When will Nigerians become as patriotic as Egyptians? When will they stand up?


Praise be!!!

President Obama promised, in his inauguration speech, that the time was up for despots; seems he wasn't just chatting hogwash...

Nigeria's turn is coming! Yes!

thank God he has resigned!

To God be the glory. The Dictetorship and tyrany of Mubarak has ended


Yippee!!! He's GONE!!!

Nigeria: We CAN DO THIS!

Men never learn from history.

Men never learn from history. Like the Pharaoh of the old testament, Mubarak will soon learn the bitter truth "Let my people go".


destruction awaits mubarak! let's wait and see...

Let my People go

Mubarak another Pharaoh in making. He will never step down, neither will he let "my people go" he's heart is already sealed.

After 2 weeks of Stress.

Just after 2 weeks of stress his real age is now showing. These guy has stressed out the citizens of this biblical country for over 28 years.

Like Pharoah, Like Mubarak

I guess it is fair to liken Mubarak to the Pharoah of's a matter of time. The people shall be set free from his dictatorship and he shall be disgraced and prpsecuted.


You are good example of a Stupileaks...I mean "Stupid-leaky-mouths"!


I am amazed at how completely ignorant and confused you are! I bet if you are asked to name just 5 Islamic countries in the world, you will probably guess Egypt (wrong!) and fail the rest 100% (ignorant!)....i am ashamed that you are my fellow country man with your level of thinking backwardness! Scenerio: Hosni Mubarak sized power by force, banned the Islamic party in Egypt for 30 years which is such an "islamic" thing to do (in your opinion), dictated by the constitution, best of friends with America and the west...a young muslim girl sparked the egyptian revolution, now the "peoples eyes are opened (according to you)" and you think Islam is the problem? What a confused Idiot you are, you can't even think straight or connect the dots. You have just been wasting your time watching TV. My advice, please don't comment if you don't understand it.

Mubarak must go

Gozy and Peto, the 2 biggest fools and empty heads.
Please always try and respect other people believe not ignite hatred.

leadership has nothing to do

leadership has nothing to do with religion, pls mind your statement, i think u r demonic! are u not tired of what is happening in jos and bornu?
instead of you to be praying for peace in that ur niger delta region, u r busy talking jazz, those militants in niger delta are they muslims?
pls wht do you call your self, becareful

Another Pharao!

Mubarak of Egypt surely must have forgotten that the Pharao of old that hardened his heart, and rejected the first Egyptian call for freedom, drowned in the red sea. I hope this 'Pharao' ( Mubarak) will not end up drowned in his own 'red blood'. He that is beeing often reproved, yet hardeneth his heart, shall perish suddenly without remedy - says the Bible.


Mubarak is not diffrent from many other sit-tight African leaders. Idi Amin, Emperor Bokassa,eyadema, Heile Sellasie and Umar Bongo had all gone.
We now have the likes of Ghaddafi,Paul Biya, Campore,Idris Dervey,Jamey and Mugabi who kept on shifting the gold post in middle of the game by continously amending their countries constitution making themseves the sole live presidents with their colonial masters approval and active connivance.
In Nigeria we had Emperor Obasanjo who attemted to elongate his tenure but was overwhelmingly disgraced out of office. Tanja Mahmudu's case is still fresh in our minds.
The world is awakening. With the experience in Niger, Tunissia, Yemen and Algeria. All such sit-tight leaders will be flushed out.

a typical pharoh

Mubarak is just a typical pharoh in our time, i think God wants us to see the real foot steps of pharoah, this is a perfect defination of "power is sweet" stupid greedy man......hisssssss. I feel sorry for the citizens they need to cry to GOD properly.


Mubarak, wont step down because he is an African. Please, forget his white skin. He will prefer he died in power. That is the Mugabe of North Africa. What about Gadaffi?. What about all these idiots in some of these francophone West African countries. Some of them have been in power for 40 clear years.Sahara reporters. Are you surprised?.

I think you are as ignorant

I think you are as ignorant as it comes.Blaming it on Islam was not only myopic,but dead illogical.Was Obasanjo a muslim when he was scheming for 3rd term?neither are Mugabe,Milton Obote,Eyadema,Daniel Arap-Moi,Paul Biya,Pinochet,Castro,Napoleon,Kabila,Mobutu,Jean-Bedel Bokassa are muslims last time i checked...It's people like you that forment trouble,inciting anger,largely because of disrespect to others.This one country with diverse multicultural,religious inclinations, and nothing good will ever come out of intolerance and disparaging remarks.


I think this Islamic religion remains the problem. Show me any truly Islamic country where dictatorship is not a problem.

Thank God the people's eyes are opening.

Agree with u!

im fully in support with all views misgovt in d so-called democractic practice of ds world.God almighty is awaiting all.

Oppression and corrupt,Arab invention

Murbarak,Saddam Hussain,Ayatoolah,Arafat,Amajedin,Abacha,Babanginda,Gadafi,King of Jordan,king of Syria,king of Saudi,all other Arab leaders.Islam is the problem,i guess islam thought them to be corrupt amd oppressive.

True son and descendant of

True son and descendant of King Pharaoh! !
I beg let Moses And Aaron show up ! !

True son and descendant of

True son and descendant of King Pharaoh! !
I beg let Moses And Aaron show up ! !


another stone stubborn pharoah,

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