Museveni Backs First Lady For The Presidency-The EastAfrican

Mrs. Janet Museveni

Janet Museveni has emerged as the preferred successor to the president, with the full backing of her husband, who is also chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

President Yoweri Museveni’s recent statement in an interview with NTV Uganda that he will not be in office beyond the constitutional age limit of 75 years has kicked off a race to succeed the Ugandan leader, with frontrunners jockeying to win the big man’s backing.

But The EastAfrican understands that this race may well be already over.

Apparently, First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni has emerged as the preferred successor to the president, with the full backing of her husband, who is also chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

Senior security sources told The EastAfrican that the president dropped the name of his wife, who is also Ruhaama MP and Minister for Karamoja Affairs, a few weeks ago while meeting top army generals, who form a critical power base of the regime, and whose support will be key to whoever succeeds the incumbent.

The source added that the generals did not expect this twist in the succession saga.
“There was a loud silence in the room. Army chiefs were all in disbelief [that he could name his wife for successor]. I don’t know how it will end because they [generals] have remained quiet, instead of coming out in support of Mzee’s choice,” said the source.

Despite the army generals’ discomfort, Museveni’s long time rumoured favourite for successor, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and now, the First Lady Janet, get a head start over all the other contenders, as Museveni has in the past publicly stated that Mbabazi is presidential material.

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In more recent times, however, Museveni has also publicly backed Vice President Edward Ssekandi, although analysts argue that the latter’s chances of heading the party and making it to State House are slim.

It is understood that the generals want one of their own, someone who fought in the bush war that brought the regime to power in 1986, which is why the choice of Mbabazi and Janet continues to baffle them. But in the wider scheme of things, Janet could yet turn out to be the compromise choice that ticks many boxes.

She would continue to bring in the women’s vote; she cuts a motherly figure and has long been close to the centre of power, with some of her protégés well placed in security circles — in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, the police and the army’s elite Special Forces Group (SFG). Critically, the SFG is led by her son Col Muhoozi Kainerugaba, another possible heir to Museveni.

Indeed, a poll by Research World International released last week (See related story: Protests, defiance mean NRM must embark on reform) gave Janet an intriguing lead as the favoured successor above all other NRM frontrunners.

There are also opinion leaders in the party and government who would give their backing to the First Lady, notably senior presidential advisor on media and public relations John Nagenda, who has hinted in the past that of all the people in the NRM, only Janet has the guts to challenge and succeed Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for 26 years and counting.

‘It will be wise for him to leave’

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janet suceeding museveni

if janet has failed to devolop kalamoja as a region how can she become a president of uganda,thats what we used to tell museveni that don`t be in power for so lonnger , now he does not trust any one exept his family members. mr president your traped.


Amazing! After GEJs 9years term, he should lobby for Patience his wife too. Just imagine how her grammatical errors will change the face of Naija!!! Ha ha ha aha aha


The fear of loosing power is a nightmare for African Leaders due to the evils they involve themselves in when in power.The old fool Museveni,will install his wife to sheild him against his nemesis,some like the devilish Mugabe of Zimbabwe will still be President from his sick bed till he dies while others like the senile Wada of Senegal will give up only when he is sure that he has been disgracefully boxed in without options.
The African mentality of oppression and subjugation of the weak,illiterate and vulnerable probably has a biological explanation,maybe we are still lesser homo-sapiens,if not I dont see why our corrupt leaders cannot realise that collective progress is better than individual wealth and power.The people of Uganda must stand firm and say "NO"unless there are no men in that country.

Black people with black mentality

From him to his wife to his son to his grand son.that is uganda's business if any body trys it in Nigeria heads will role and heaven will collapes on all of use. Since something is wrong with this coloure black that our leaders in this continent think negetively that they will like to remain in power forever. Let any body try it and see, it can work else were not here.rubbish


I am not surprised that Museveni is scheming to make his wife a successor to the Ugandan Presidency. All African leaders have this disease they call "sit tight syndrome" After twenty six years in power and now about 75 years, is it hard to understand why he now feels the Ugandan state house is his family property? He even tried not to have manipulated their constitution to stay did he drops dead in the state house. The only way to keep running the office indirectly till dead do us part is to hand over to his wife and then his son. Most African leaders except Nelson Mandela are so stupid and irresponsible with power. If Ugandans cannot push them out, then they deserve all the mess that will follow this dictatorship in a democracy garb.

This is crazy!!! Dark

This is crazy!!! Dark continent indeed! I am sure Mrs Umblerra would succeed Jonathan the way things are going in Nigeria and PDP wanting to loot the country dry!
Lord, Have mercy

Africa is Diseased

Everywhere you look these animal leaders and elite behave like say na their papa property. My god, terribly sad. Just like Gaddafi! From freedom fighter to Monarchist, planned family succession.


Pay The Minimum Wage Jonathan Or Shame On You!

There is no doubt that a new wave of military takeover of govenment in Africa is coming soon. Most African countries should be bracing up for military incursion. African leaders including Nigeria have not learnt any lesson.

Meanwhile, Mrs Musevani looks more like the Jamaican singer Shabba Ranks than a lady-like.

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