Muslims In Jos Protest Film On Prophet Mohammed

Yemeni protesters break windows of US embassy-(AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)
By SaharaReporters, New York

A group of Muslims in the troubled tin city of Jos, Plateau State, yesterday evening held a demonstration over an America-produced film that purportedly blasphemed Prophet Muhammad.

The protesters, who defied security agents, said they would rather die than to watch their Prophet insulted, and will submit only to the laws of Allah which, to them, are supreme to any other law.

The mostly youth and children protesters, who numbered almost 100 were led by one Malam Mansur Sani Adamu in the demonstration, which took place on Bauchi Road.  They carried placards condemning the United States, Israel, Denmark and Holland, accusing them of plotting against Islam and Muslims.  Before they dispersed, they chanted, “Allahuakubar, Allahuakubar, they have touched our Prophet....”

Malam Adamu said, “We are doing this to express our anger against enemies of Allah and Islam led by America and her allies like Israel, Denmark and Holland because they are plotting against Islam. These days they have also produced another depicting film; this is what is troubling us.

This denigration of Prophet Muhammad is very sad and we are against it. With this it is better that it is death that consumed us for our Prophet to be denigrated. All Muslims in the world should come out and protest and those who cannot should pray.”

According to our source, security agencies urged the protesters to disperse since they had not secured permission, to which leader of the demonstration responded, “If our Prophet is blasphemed we will not wait for any law, Islam supersede any laws of the country.”

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Idiot Nigerian man! What do u

Idiot Nigerian man! What do u know abt US laws? Once again, idiot Nigerian man!

It is time Muslim knew that the World is not for Them alone

if Muslim do not insult faithfuls of other religions, why do they bomb churches in Nigeria. Other poeple have rights too. God can fight for Himself. The Lord God Almighty will judge the wicked.


The Saudi royals are the custodians of shrines of Islam,the princes wine and dine in the west with their friends,go to the best parties,sleep with the most beautiful girls,gamble large sums of money in casinos,honestly speaking their lives will make the average Christian look like the holiest Imam.
One cannot help but wonder why poor Moslems from poor countries like Yemen,Egypt and Northern Nigeria kill for sake of religion,something is not right somewhere.

May Allah Forgive us of our shortcomings

How many people are protesting in Saudi Arabia and besides you hardly see the educated muslims taking part over issues like this. And am sure most of my muslim bother that are joining condemning this act have not see the film. Besides protesting is making this Pasor of doomed serious cos in Act 20.30 This Pastor are know for seeking recognition and to bring confusion to have his congregation that will paying tight to him. My brothers in islam remember that Islam is supppse to be a religion of peace and not war. All the war rosul fought in his life time were dfensive war. You hardly see any known Pastor doing this blasphemy except those seeking recognition. Remember that our brother in Islam work in this Embassy. How can you take life that you cannot create. Give us muslim a good name and follow the true sunnah or rosul li lahi. Salamu aleiku


The sad part of this whole thing is that 99% of the protestants, be it in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and the so called MUMU Nigerians don't have PCs talk less of seeing the video we are all talking about.

You now wonder, why the large protest? I want to believe or it must be that their so called leaders are seen as close to GOD and are positioned to issue any instruction to kill or do otherwise. Apart from these protesters, I think all governments should start having interest in these people that probably preach hate messages.

I can't imagine a pastor for instance asking me to protest/probably kill someone for insulting GOD. I believe GOD created him/her and will always have HIS way.

Igbo's and Youth

Igbo's and Youth corpers...RUN FI Cover!!!!!!

These fellas must be a bunch

These fellas must be a bunch just trying hard to be in the news.

You call Christians fake and

You call Christians fake and barbarians? You must be the biggest fool ever. You ignorant aNd stupid fellow Muslims are busy killing innocent people over a movie the fools are yet to see and you call Christians barbarians? Why not your stupid god, Allah & his epileptic fake prophet Mohammed defend himself. Foolish blood curling criminals.


My religion is islam and am proud of it.we should understand that American is trying to rule the world that's why they used devilish mind to evil against muslim.they islam will rule the world soon.


Why don't you jump to America to go and tell them bazamu yarda ba .Senceless people talking RUBISH that CoRan s superior to the constitution so is the bible ..

Rubish pple

You people dat insulted Allah& prophet Mohammed,seek for forgiveness if nt!!!!,no any muslim will insult prophet Isah(jesus).


Why don't you jump to America to go and tell them bazamu yarda ba .Senceless people talking RUBISH that Conan is superior to the constitution so is the bible ..


BUT in as much as anyone insult or abuse what GOD has created you have committed the same SIN as the man that produced the film.
The same GOD created all mankind and we should learn to tolerate one another. There is life after death and it is what you have done here on earth that will count in heaven, as we all claim to know.
If God should ask me what I've done. Will I say, I've killed 200 people in his name without given them the chance to repent (judging by our carnal knowledge) or understand my line of reasoning...Will this make me enter heaven?

How many of you have WATCHED

How many of you have WATCHED this video and are SURE the contents insulted the Prophet Mohammed? We shouldn't rush to make comments on things we do not have the details.
Is this really blasphemy? Is it not only God that can be blasphemed? Just thinking.

Muslims of other nations are stupid.

Did anyone see Saudi Arabians protesting at the US Embassy? Muslims, including those in Nigeria are very foolish.

As these bastards are protesting around the world, let them try to get violent in the United States, and see how they will all be gunned down! Muslims in the US know that they cannot break their laws in US. Let them try it, and see how ordinary American will unleash mayhem on them. They are all fools.


The truth is that anybody that cannot tolerate another is nothing but a hypocrite. Can anyone here, even on this forum claim to be blameless? If you so and you believe you are the only one that prays...U can go ahead and judge (if you like kill) others.
One thing that baffles me is when people claim they are closer to GOD than others...God is able and He is bigger than what we might think or imagine.

I'm sorry and will not be on any side but I've read columns and seen films where Prophets of other religions are being mocked and nothing happens (nobody is killed). Even those who we claim are pagans in the villages don't kill this much.

Now the person that produced a film is in a particular country, it is someone else in another country that knows nothing about the film nor the producer that is being killed. Yet we say we are protesting. Won't you call that playing GOD?

It is only GOD Himself that knows the end from the beginning and Him alone can judge not a mere man.

koran reading

Just one question, how many of the so-called
protesters can read the koran? Ignorance is
a bliss.


With all the killings that took place in your State, you couldn't protest. Now you are protesting over religious matter that happened millions of mile away. Shame on you people.


No sane Christian should kill people because they acted film insulting Jesus. The same should go for Muhammad. This madness has to stop please. A prophet who deserve to be followed and God who deserve to worshiped should be able to defend himself. If you say Jesus is homosexual why should it bother me when I know that the Jesus I know is not. Why should I bother answering you seeing you are ignorant. HOW IS THAT MY JOB? WHY SHOULD IT BE YOURS?

moslems greater and more powerful than allah!!!

it appears muslims are stronger than allah and prophet mohammed. if not so, why do muslims trouble the world fighting for them? its high time allah and mohammed be given a chance to defend themselves if they are real god and prophet of a living god indeed

U are still defending a dead

U are still defending a dead prophet wit a dead arabian mode of life, along wit a dead arabian promised heaven. Jesus is d way , truth n life my friend.

its moslem right?

To me muslims have the right to protest bcos its disgusting and barbaric! We Xtians should mind this any tym US. Bring issue we tend to support them afta all they are not Christian state. I won't support this cos I have neva heard a moslem cursing our Lord Jesus christ. They mess and allow us to perceive the odour why?

Mohamed they say is a prophet

Mohamed they say is a prophet of God, so if a prophet is insulted does that translate to insulting their god or is Mohamed God now? How will that get ur good roads and pure drinking water


Was the film produced by America?
Some pple don't just think.

all the prophets of God are

all the prophets of God are respected and must have belief in them all by faithful muslims. so we muslims are not allowed to abuse idol worshipper let alone abusing the prophets sent with message. pls enough is enough!

God is able

You need God for all things but he do not need you for any thing.... He is able my God is able.......

Who is more of a terrorist

Who is more of a terrorist among this two people: The person that jst woke up one morning and decided to insult another man's religion & beliefs and the person that wants to protect the integrity of his religion?

Funny enough, Islam is not a joke like ur fake christianity, that is why we are more devoted and you guys that act like barbarians or savages (drunks, prostitutes, armed robbers etc), which is more rampant in your areas! Moron!


@Goviiii, even in the book you follow I know you were told to respect the prophets, I guess you are an idiot for not doing that. We muslims believe in the prophets and value ours more than life itself, which I know you don't. They protested and I know every muslim including me are proud of them. Keep it us Nigerian muslim!!!

man is a devil inself.

we should be very careful with things of this world may God have mecey upon he's people.