Muslims In Jos Protest Film On Prophet Mohammed

Yemeni protesters break windows of US embassy-(AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)
By SaharaReporters, New York

A group of Muslims in the troubled tin city of Jos, Plateau State, yesterday evening held a demonstration over an America-produced film that purportedly blasphemed Prophet Muhammad.

The protesters, who defied security agents, said they would rather die than to watch their Prophet insulted, and will submit only to the laws of Allah which, to them, are supreme to any other law.

The mostly youth and children protesters, who numbered almost 100 were led by one Malam Mansur Sani Adamu in the demonstration, which took place on Bauchi Road.  They carried placards condemning the United States, Israel, Denmark and Holland, accusing them of plotting against Islam and Muslims.  Before they dispersed, they chanted, “Allahuakubar, Allahuakubar, they have touched our Prophet....”

Malam Adamu said, “We are doing this to express our anger against enemies of Allah and Islam led by America and her allies like Israel, Denmark and Holland because they are plotting against Islam. These days they have also produced another depicting film; this is what is troubling us.

This denigration of Prophet Muhammad is very sad and we are against it. With this it is better that it is death that consumed us for our Prophet to be denigrated. All Muslims in the world should come out and protest and those who cannot should pray.”

According to our source, security agencies urged the protesters to disperse since they had not secured permission, to which leader of the demonstration responded, “If our Prophet is blasphemed we will not wait for any law, Islam supersede any laws of the country.”

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...shall seek to change times and laws!!! That is the anti-christ written about in the bible. Precisely what mohammad and his followers are doing all over the world. They want all humans to change time to 14th century arabia even in the 21st century. Dress like 14th century arabians, keep untidy beards like they did and of course every effort is being made to change our calender (TIME)to be in accordance with islamic calender. Laws have guided different societies since time began....Islam and muhammad want all the laws in the world changed to conform to "allah's" laws!!! Who is this allah? Those who have ears let them hear and is wisdom,flee from islam. Save your soul

The major consolation in this

The major consolation in this is that it was a non-violent peaceful protest.


Peaceful demonstration is a democratic norm,but no one has the right to kill or destroy property.The mob actions carried out in the middle-east has no place in our secular nation.
It is also important to stress on our right to freedom of speech,freedom of association and freedom of religion.We are morally obliged to respect the religious belief of others but must not be made to live according to the standards of any religion,we are a secular democracy,not a Christian,Islamic or Jewish state.

Why this picture

Then why putting foreign picture here when u are reporting what happened in Nigeria. Definitely, you are not sure of your news


Easy does it

Go On Pals!

This is all bull shit.These ones haven't seen war that is why they falsely claim they would rather die than watch Muhammed been insulted.They should never try it up with Israel,God's chosen people,if not,they will all end up in the grave,earlier than they expected.Why can't they call on Muhammed to fight for himself if he is what they claim he is.Afetr all in Arab nations,we have heard of different blasphemies,like calling Jesus a prophet,yet Christians never took to the street.

Religion of war, God forbid

Religion of war, God forbid me to be part of it

deaty islam

Coward you will die for nothing,you children of the devil re claiming you are fighting for prophet mohamed who died a very long time ago. This your so called religion have brought nothing than pain into this world,u Muslim or islams whatever u called your self wake up let prophet mohamed fight for himself Nigeria is not an islamic land is a federal republic get that in yur head.


That mallam or whoever he is call is a fool and a big on for that matter. How many times have they insulted God and no body protest for insulting the creator himself but a mere man who should be a servant of God is insulted and people are killing. God forgive your ignorance and heal u of it. That's all you need. Understanding.

Let Allah fight for himself

I assume the Allah or Mohammed is the same as God we serve in christiendom. We believe God is alive and I want to believe Allah is equally alife. We should allow our God to fight for himself since He created us and is supreme to all of us. It is unjustified to unleash violence against innocent citizens anywhere in the world in the guise of fighting for God, Allah or Mohammed. This violence must stop.

Here we go

Here we go again...mtcheeeewwww! smh



May ALLAH curse america and its entourage on wat they have done in caricaturing our Prophet.

Bunch of idiots

These bunch of idiots should go home and sleep