N21b Bank Loan Fraud: Senator Saraki Lied, There Is No Court Injunction Restraining The Police

A late night effort by the former governor of Kwara state, Bukola Saraki, to elude police interrogation has failed.

Yesterday, the Senator tried to dupe a Federal High Court judge into granting a temporary court injunction against police investigators by filing an exparte motion to prevent the police from arresting him to respond to charges that he directly benefited from a N21 billion bank loan fraud but the judge declined to grant an order of restraint.

However, Senator Saraki issued a statement claiming that an temporary injunction had been granted preventing the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian police from arresting and interrogating him over the bank loan fraud involving some of his aides and companies.

Saraki’s lawyer, Mr. Lawal Rabana, a senior advocate of Nigeria, had approached a Federal High Court in Abuja with an exparte motion application to obtain an interim injunction against the Nigerian police, the application sought to enforce the senator’s constitutional rights.

But the judge Justice Gladys Olotu of the Federal High Court, Abuja, refused to accept the ex-parte application and advised that the police be served with the motion on notice which was filed alongside the ex-parte application to enable the court hear both parties on the substantive motion slated for Thursday April 26th 2012.

A dubious press statement issued by Akin Fatogun, a media assistant to Mr. Saraki sought to mislead the public. The press statement read: “As a law-abiding citizen, Senator Saraki has decided to seek legal redress to put a end to what appears to be an orchestrated frenzy calculated at smearing his name, assaulting his dignity and intimidating his person through deliberately garbled accounts and serial leaks concerning loans granted to a company that he has no connection with.

“Senator Saraki is indeed in receipt of a letter from the Police Special Anti-Fraud Unit, Lagos, inviting him to assist its investigations of a case of conspiracy, forgery and stealing the sum of N21 billion belonging to Joy Petroleum Ltd.’

” Saraki has made it clear on many occasions that he has no relations with Joy Petroleum and wishes to so restate.

“While taking note of and displeased with the tendentious attempts to prosecute and persecute him on the pages of the media, Senator Saraki has asked the court to determine whether he could be invited by the police to assist in investigating a matter in which he is not linked and for which no specific allegation has been made against him.”

As soon as SaharaReporters received the press release we requested a scanned copy of court order but Mr. Saraki could not provide any.

Last night, Mr. Saraki reportedly met the Inspector General of Police, MD Abubakar at his Maitama residence to plead with the police chief to stop the charges but sources said the SFU might press ahead with the charges as it briefed fiery Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana, to handle the case of prosecuting Saraki and deconstructing all the legal hurdles that may stand in the course of his prosecution.

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Yes indeed not all credits

Yes indeed not all credits are created equal. When you take a loan you should first think of ways of paying it back. I asked a friend on tips on managing debt and I have learned a lot of things from him. Recently in my home country the inflation made some credits impossible to pay back!

RE: intercontinental and susidy probe

.....You are entitled to your opinion but know that, "he who wants to come to equity must come with a clean hand". He has no moral justification to probe anything. SARAKI IS A BIG THIEF!

The beginning of the end for Saraki & sarakite

Why Saraki now want to avoid the judgement & consequences of what he has done-still doing-for Kwara & Kwarans?my only prayer for him now is to quickly join his elderly brother James Ibori in shaha llah unless if.........?

SARAKI The Nigerian Most Fraudulent Family

i doubt it if Abubakar Dikko the IG can handle Saraki's case well for Nigeria.The IG was Abubakar Olusola Saraki boy when he was the senate leader,he later came down to Kwara state as the commissioner of police to serve the bidding of the family at the expense of the then Governor Mohammed Lawal as the election was rigged for Abubakar Bukola Saraki.What do we expect now from these three Abubakars? Not to be good fellow again? Marabouts,Alfas,Immams are on the mats inside without sighting the sun for days curling like cats praying for Abubakar Saraki on the issues.The people of Shonga on the other hand are also praying for him to be jailed for them to retrieve their landed property he dubiously obtained from them.May God of vengeance do justice for years of this family atrocity.

re: the north have agenda

The subject of this comment field is on saraki and possible corruption in pdp or nigeria at large, so I wonder how so called pastor Zakari wants to use it for his personal hatred and attack on Gen Buhari, well we agree even if you say we have agenda in th north what can you do about it? Since u nd ur types hv agreed to be our sworn enemies nd detractors fine, we th hausa fulani muslims will always be ready for u rustics nd time will come wen u ll see th power of majority, yes we hv a plan who doesn't? Don't u northern christians hv stockpiles of arms in ur churches, buhari is not ur mate

re: the north have agenda

The subject of this comment field is on saraki and possible corruption in pdp or nigeria at large, so I wonder how so called pastor Zakari wants to use it for his personal hatred and attack on Gen Buhari, well we agree even if you say we have agenda in th north what can you do about it? Since u nd ur types hv agreed to be our sworn enemies nd detractors fine, we th hausa fulani muslims will always be ready for u rustics nd time will come wen u ll see th power of majority, yes we hv a plan who doesn't? Don't u northern christians hv stockpiles of arms in ur churches, buhari is not ur mate

Sarakis are not known for

Sarakis are not known for good things, they plays politics with money of the state, they are corrupt indeed, their father built political empire with public fund.

PDP-Chieftains & Corrupt Cabals In True Colour.

Why would Nigerians ever be surprised?Dr Bukola Saraki and his siblings inherited this corrupt practices and looting from public institutions,offices culture from their father-Dr Olusola Saraki,a Yorubaman claiming to be Fulani/Hausa even though they all bear Yoruba names.
Elderly Dr Olusola Saraki partly,owned and looted the Societial Generale Banks and built his children into the looting acts in the Societial Generale Bank.
Along the way,the Societial General Bank was completely looted by the young Sarakis.
It's PDP embezzling and looting culture and as well as Sarakis thieving and looting to riches culture.Shame!
Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan,
Writes from Canada.



THE NORTH HAVE AN AGENDA OR ...........................

Buhari says revolution in naija is imminent but he forgot that he is also guilty as all the PDP member. which mean he too will not escape.I am yet to see when a northern Governor/senator will be jail as Ibori and the rest are going through.

Come on guys! We al v 2 c d

Come on guys! We al v 2 c d reasons behind dis! ABS s abt 2 b punished 4 enlightenin nigerians on d fuel subsidy scam. Like omojuwa sed on AIT dis morng " in nigeria u get punished doin d rite n get rewarded doin d bad thing vice-versa" dts exactly was is abt 2 hapun! Maybe ABS wudnt v raised alarm on subsidy n def dis case wunt come up. Let's reason b4 we pass our comments pls

That he instigated the

That he instigated the subsidy proble doesn't shield him from being accountable. Please stop mixing up issues. Let justice run its course. If he ha not link with Joy petroleum then he should honor the invitation and state the facts. Why resort to injunction against a mere investigation.

Re: Saraki fraud Alert; why now?

It is boldly clear that the man his paying for asking that the Fuel subsidy saga be probed, otherwise why now? We urge EFFC to try to be as much as possible independent and not as an instrument of the Executive.

Saraki Bank Loan Fraud

Let Justice prevail.

buhari comment

Please don't misquote and mislead nigerians,political revolution means nigerians will sincerely vote against pdp,he explianed his statement very well.let us be reasonable and pationate about the future of our children.this present leadership has succeeded in murdering the future of our children


Buhari says revolution in naija is imminent&some pdp guys started berating him saying he is a frustrated fellow,even if he is frustrated,isn't becomn obviou s dt revolution in naija is fast approachn more than we xpect....Somebody in person of immediate ex accou ntant general of naija signs out #999,000,000 in 128 times(nine hundred and ninety nine million naira in one hundred and twenty eight times)within 2 days or 48 hours 2 shoddy or non existent firms 4 nt importi ng fuel bt they claim they do on papers 2 naija&as u already know a non existent firm or human can nt b said 2 do anythn&here is anoda guy invited by d poli ce 2 help wt an ongoing investigation bt refuse 2 go ,which u&i can nt do unless we want 2 b arrass or even get killed by d police and u say we wont rise up&fight them off 1 day.

No Shame!!!

We shall see whether its only Niger deltans who steal money in Nigeria....
>>Wow!!! This guy just admitted that Niger Deltans are nothing but thieves and the whole world heard him too!!!
Ride on brother.At least you ain't ashamed of your thieving culture.

Saraki was instrumental to

Saraki was instrumental to Sanusi getting the CBN job. I am laughing laughter now. Let us see how the dotun Olokos will aid the police with their investigation of another Osun son of the soil in Kwara state. We shall see whether its only Niger deltans who steal money in Nigeria-or if the case will be transferred to a court in London. We are witing and wait we will

They are all thieves.

They are all thieves.


The men of the nigerian police are our worst enemies,they are worms eating up our love and threatning our flair for mother NIGERIA.They are not nigerians they are vampires.

N21b Bank Loan Fraud: Senator Saraki Lied, There Is No Court Inj

Relax, guys; Bukola Saraki is "bigger" than Nigerian Police and, indeed, the whole of Nigeria. He and James Ibori were the real "power-brokers" during Yar'Adua's presidency. One more thing, Bukola Saraki is "smarter" than James Ibori. No matter what happens, he won't run away from Nigeria, which is a safe haven for corrupt people.


The Saraki family should be awarded the Most Corrupt Family in Nigeria. Like father, Like Children...a breed of corrupt,greedy and ruthless individuals.God's Justice shall come upon all of them-Enemies of Nigeria.


It wil be good if our judiciary wil always be fair enough... I hope the case wil nt just die down

saraki take responsibility

saraki take responsibility for your action.Be a man


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It appears to me this is what the incompetent Police is trying to do here. Saraki does not need a court injunction and the court should not issue one. The court should affirm his right not to be compelled to assist the police with their investigations and affirm the Police's right to charge him to court if they have enough evidence. How can a N21Billion loan exist and yet the police is asking for assistance? How was the money disbursed, where are the cancelled checks, where are the bank records? This case should be a walk in the park for any competent investigator. The problem is a competent investigator is a rarity in our Police force that does more to assist criminals than catch them.


Personally, I think Saraki and his father ought to have been jailed since the days of the Societe General bank scandal. Notwithstanding this feeling, and as Nice as it is for citizens to assist the police in resolving crimes, we all must understand that there is no law or constitutional provision requiring a citizen to assist the police in the investiation of crime. The key work here is "require" It will be nice if we all do as the larger society benefits. However, we must not forget that citizens have a right not to be compelled to incriminate themselves. How do you assist the police in a case in which you are a "suspect" without incriminating yourself?

Witch Hunting

But seriously, am not a Pro-Saraki or Anti-Saraki, but as anyone really sat down to think that, why is all these investigation saga, jus resurfacing shortly after Sen Saraki chapioned the case of Fuel subsidy Probe Report? The whole Saraki issue to me , has foul play written all over it. Its all a distraction from the main issue. We all know the way things work in Naija. Experience from the Obj regime.


In saner climes, the whole Saraki-family would have been locked-up with the keys thrown away.


Don't waste your time. The Sarakis have boasted that they have destroyed all the records linking them to these stolen funds. The same way they have destroyed all the records linking them to the failure of SGBN. Now they are using the same funds stolen from intercontinental to recapitalize SGBN and the police is dancing in the press rather than investigate. Do you now know why Bukola, Ibori, Adenuga etc sponsored the removal of RIBADU.
"Change is still coming to Nigeria"

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