N25b Fraud Discovered in DESOPADEC; Officials Squander N40million Meant For Physically Challenged

By SaharaReporters, New York

As corrupt practices march on undeterred in Delta State, especially in the government of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, another monumental fraud of about N25billion has been discovered in the Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (DESOPADEC).

The startling revelation came during the last monthly Delta State Economic Dash Board held last week in Government House, Asaba, through state consultant ROLLANDE BERGERS and Co, which has been probing the books of Ministries in the last four years.

And only a few days after the ground-shaking revelation was made, yet another fraud allegation emerged, as physically challenged persons accused some officials of the DESOPADEC of embezzling a whopping sum of N40million from their empowerment fund.

On January 30, over 200 physically challenged persons stormed the commission’s headquarters in Warri to protest the stage a protest, during which they made they made the allegation.  

Besieging the gates of the commission early in the morning, officials said they hurled stones into the premises, particularly the Administration and Finance Department.

The visibly angry protesters stated that the officials only released N5million to them in December 2012 after obtaining approval for N40million which they purportedly cashed but have refused to release.

They accused Mr. Oritsua Kpogho and Mr. A. E. Oghoro, the chairman and secretary of the commission of being behind the “rip-off,” in connivance with some officials of the Finance Department.  They state that the funds have been an annual budgetary allocation for the welfare of disabled persons from the days of Chief Wellington Okrika as chairman.

The protesters, who came from the 25 local government areas of the state, barricaded the main gate of the commission and restrained movement in the offices.  Workers of the commission were caged for hours in the premises before they were rescued by soldiers drafted to the place.

The scene became chaotic as the soldiers used tear-gas on the physically challenged protesters in a bid to disperse them but in desperation they grabbed the soldiers and clung to their legs, making it difficult for the soldiers to brutalize them further.

The protest, which lasted over three hours, also crippled official and economic activity along the Warri/Sapele road office of the commission near the Nigeria Navy Ship (NNS), Delta Base.

It would be recalled that contractors have also recently accused officials of the Commission of alleged contract scams running into millions of Naira.

Contacted over the issue, the Senior Press Officer to the commission, Comrade Vincent Oyibode, described as unruly, barbaric and uncalled for, the protest by the disabled persons, adding that they were being ungrateful after all that has been done for them in terms of welfare and training.

Oyibode said that in 2009 when the leadership of the disabled persons was given money for vocational training, they spent the funds on frivolities instead of channeling it into the purpose for which it was provided.

He said that in order to avoid recurrence, which had been loudly protested by those of the disabled who were schemed out by their leadership, the board decided to organize the vocational training itself so that the beneficiaries could be self-sufficient in life.

"This current board doesn’t want to make the same mistake so the plan is to ensure that they are sent for the training so that they can be empowered to be self-sustainable in life instead of begging on the streets,” he said.  

He stated that the commission has been fair to the disabled. “Just last year December 23rd, they were given N5 million as exam good will with the promise the training programme would commence.  The board was just inaugurated on the 26th November 2012 and they are presently busy on how projects can be awarded to ensure full implementation of the 2012 budget."


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Backyard of corruption

There are so many unkept hands in DESOPADEC and so many things to hid. Ranging from Ethnic bias and discrimination in employment, contracts are being awarded base on ethnic lines. Salaries are paid to cronies working in other private coys while others are schooling abroad and the figures of ghost workers cannot be estimated. DESOPADEC is just the back yard of corruption for the Delta State Governmemt left for those who are benefiting to defend!

Re: Fraud in DESOPADEC

I used 2 trust reports by SR so much but i am disappointed wt dis.Its expected dat news items ar confirmed b4 they ar published.

Cmrd Oyibode has explained dat d non-release of d N40m en bloc isnt a punishment but 2 checkmate d excesses of d leadership of d disabled who squandered d last funds released.

D Economic Dashboard meeting isnt 4 auditing as u hv written in ur piece but a traffic-like methodology where all Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) ar subjected 2 a rigorous level of scrutiny 2 determine their viability & performance level.

It aims at ensuring d diversification of d State's economy such dat it will no longer be wholly dependent on oil revenue in line wit d Delta Beyond Oil Initiative of Governor Uduaghan.

Read dis ur piece again 2 see d folly in ur N25b fraud claim. Where did d writer get dis story from? D writer only wants 2 give a dog a bad name so it could be hanged.
This tells u dat whoever wrote dis piece is just a mischief maker.

I dey laf oooooooo!!!

Baba OBJ make i borrow your langu... I dey laf ooooo!!! Hahahahaaaaaa!!! Cripples fighting Soja. How manage?! Dem be Boko Haram???!!! OTILE! OLEKU! KENNETH! DERI! OMOAHOLO! Abi na watin be him name sef? Where una dey!!! SS pepulu dem na wetin dey?! Bunch of dummy dumdums!!! Just pestering us with: SS this, SS that! Yeye! Mr. & Mrs. Jonadame cripples for una place don join boko haram... Dem sabi fight soja!!!
I STILL DEY LAF OOOOOOH!!!! O jigbi jigbi jigbi!!!

on physically charllege persons

the man who reacted by saying that i am insane should check himself well for ur information i am more a government student dan d sadist after attaining msc in political science in short sentence desopadec is delivering quality services to the people of the oil producing communities of delta state the commission have so far completed 790 projects out of the 1700 projects awarded the projects varies from sector to sectors others are presently 70 t0 80% completed we must stop the pull him down actitude so that delta can move foward

These people in Asaba are all

These people in Asaba are all the same-rogues. Imagine the governor being honored in Switzerland last year-it turned out that the govenor and his external relations officers left the organizers hot and dry-after the ceremony-most of the resource persons were not paid-their dues. Because the agent Uduaghan sent in the person of the external relations officers to represent him, refused to part with a dime for those who invested their resources in the socalled delta state rebranding project-


SR,should do thorough investigation on the issue of
25 Billion Naira fraud, 'cause we all know that this state intervention agency is a monument of fraud, giving the life style of those managing it right from the onset.Things to look out for is the security vote,Administrative expenses and project cost. Please shine your search light on this and see the magnitude of fraud.

then spill the beans

You too have said nothing. IF you were there and what was reported was far from the truth then let us know what happened. you just criticized the report not correct it. So what have you done? Nothing

Corruption at DESOPADEC

There is a little confusion. SR captioned this report on 25 billion naira fraud with a rider on 40 million naira meant for the disabled diverted. But the story is vague on the 25 billion naira with more emphasis on the 40 million naira. It continued that the officials mentioned money earlier assigned to the disabled was misappropriated by their association's leadership. Reason DESOPADEC had to spend the money through empowerment training. There is no evidence that the money has been miappriated. What am saying in essence is that SR should investigate exhaustively to find out the truth before publishing a story like this to avoid misleading the public. I enjoy the way SR exposes corruption in our country but let it go a little further by ensuring the veracity of stories for sake of integrity and trust in what we are being fed.



Comrade vincent is insane

comrade oyinbode is insane for saying that the physically challenge victims are ungrateful for protesting on what is theirs.in other climes the physically challenge are giving special treatment and they deserve it.they have looted their money with the excuse that they will engage them into vocational training.why should oyinbode steals these poor folks wealfare?what is governance for?it is for the people of course!did he not study government science when he was in secondary school or he did'nt attend one?soldiers are suppose to defend the people and nation not brutalising unharm citizens and physically challenge for that matter!uduaghan should be dusting himself because after his dreaded immunity expires he will join his brother ibori in prison and they will be names"families of ex-convicts

This must be Buhari's fault according to Deri, akpos and Oleku i

And some fools like Deri, akpos and oleku would advocate breakup as the solution. I guess it is hausa fulani, Awo, Gani and Obama who has stolen this money in Delta state. Same applies to NDDC money and the 13% egunje for the oil producing states


There is so much focus on corruption in Delta State in SR. I am getting confused: Is corruption so monumental in Delta State or someone in SR has an axe to grind with the leadership in Delta State? Pray, I am not supporting corruption and corrupt practices but I believe if the spotlight that is placed on Delta State in SR is extended to all the 36 states and the FG, we will do better in our collective fight against corruption. I make the above assertions because fighting corruption as we have seen in many cases, can be turned into a weapon for fighting political opponents. Nigeria is a strange place, the more you look, the less you see.

be sure before you report

I have always respected your reporting hence I follow you but you sure have disappointed me on this report, because this your report clearly shows that your reporters were not at the economic dashboard meeting at Asaba and you don't know the story correctly about what happened when the physically challenged came to protest, obviously your reports are based on hearsays, I am disappointed, hugely disappointed, which 25bn naira scam was uncovered at the dashboard meeting, I ask? This report is disgusting to say the least *smh*

Re: Bad & corrupt leaders

I think that am in support of the desopadec board because the so called leaders these groups are more corrupt than the public office holder. One of the leader of the physically challenge bought benx jeep 2 other cars with their money, so I think it will better to engage them in vocational training, skill acquisition & send those want to go school to school.

bad and corrupt leaders

There is notin dat can not happen in dis 9ja. Are u ppl not havving human feeling. money ment for d disabled is channeled into individual pockets. Too bad. God will purnish all of u dat are involed. ue dull generations will be disabled.

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