NANS Elects New Leaders

By Oludare Ogunlana

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) concluded its 26th convention yesterday in Uyo, capital of Akwa Ibom State. Yinka Gbadebo emerged as the group’s newly elected president.

Student delegates from institutions of higher learning across Nigeria converged in Uyo on Thursday, December 13. In addition to electing new officials, the enlarged delegate conference was also expected to discuss the state of the nation.
However, in a departure from past conventions that discussed the state of the nation, the just concluded convention focused only on elections, with no attention to Nigeria’s current situation. One disappointed delegate described the failure to discuss current issues as “evidence of the level of degeneration in NANS.” He added that the organization used to be at the forefront of the struggle for the liberation of Nigeria’s downtrodden and oppressed classes.
NANS is the umbrella body of all students’ unions in Nigeria. Nigerian students converged at the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos to establish NANS in 1980 after the then government had proscribed the National Union of Nigerian Students, (NUNS) whose last leader was Olusegun Okeowo.
NANS served as an active resistance group during the era of military regimes in Nigeria. It was part of the movement that fought for a return to civil rule in the country. By 1990, NANS was at the peak of its glory, having played a significant role in rousing Nigerians to protest the Structural Adjustment Program imposed by the Ibrahim Babangida regime at the urging of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

1990 also marked the beginning of what would be a split within the organization five years later. NANS annual convention was fixed to hold on November 30, 1990 at Auchi Polytechnic. Eventually, after much intrigue and disputations, the convention opened a day later and at a different venue: the University of Benin, (UNIBEN).
After that convention, NANS witnessed a purported split along ethno-religious lines when one Wushishi from Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK), announced a “Northern NANS” which was immediately rebuffed by the generality of students. However, that split fostered deeper ideological conflicts and schisms between different interest groups and weakened the broad platform of NANS.
For some veterans of student union activism, the current state of the students’ movement gives great cause for concern. “Student unionism has been infiltrated by dirty money politics as well as brigandage by members of some confraternities and cult groups,” said one former student union leader. “We now see ideological hollowness as well as haste by some student union leaders to fraternize with any government in power,” said another critic.

But some activists of the past also strike more sympathetic notes. They see the new developments as not simply evidence of student leaders’ “degeneration,” but as a symptom of broader problems in the larger society.
One activist noted that “there has been a general collapse of social values in the society,” adding that other factors to consider are “the collapse of the Soviet Union/East Bloc; a virtual death of the left’s cultural movement’s culture; the rise of human rights ‘NGOism’ ; the ascendancy of cultism and campus gangsterism; the globalization of capitalism; and the monetization and corruption of Nigeria’s democratic process.”
Even so, some of the delegates at NANS’ Uyo convention said they expected newly elected leader, Mr. Gbadebo, to do his utmost in order to redeem the group’s image and return NANS to its days of glory.

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@Anonymous..Re:The Glory is Gone.

“As I speak to you some university students don't know of the helicopter crash on Saturday. A students of the social sciences in Nasarawa University was asking me if Auchi was in Delta State”

My friend, everything in life has a beginning and/or a head. Once the head is rotten, the rest as the saying goes is gobbledegook.

Education in Nigeria begins with the primary school and the secondary school. These are the main foundation for a great educational system. Now, look at the students’ performance in the standardized WAEC / GCE exams for the past 15 years and you be the judge. Some states shouldn’t have a full fledge universities based on this report. This is my take, if the students pass, then the teachers pass too and should be rewarded VERY WELL. However, if the students fail, then the teachers fail too and should not get any raise and should be sanctioned. The money should follow the students.

Thats necessary action they

Thats necessary action they need to take.


The Glory Is Gone

Show me your friends, I would tell you who you are.

This is the level of decay in university education in Nigeria.

As I speak to you some university students don't know of the helicopter crash on Saturday. A students of the social sciences in Nasarawa University was asking me if Auchi was in Delta State.
As a university undergraduate, 9.00 pm network news was a must for vitually everybody including some females.

When the seat of government was still in Lagos, there were two issues that concerned them.
1. The editorial policy and front page stories of the Daily Times and New Nigeria
2. Reactions of Students of the University of Lagos who would be joined by students of Yaba College of Tech, University of Ibadan and Ife. More often than not, protest brew out of the network news at 9 pm.

Today NANS leadership oscillate around settlement and cultism.The charisma and the razzmatazz of the leadership of NANS is gone.


The so called student umbrella body is nothing but a shit now.
Where is the struggle and emancipation NANS is known for?

one niegeria

"split along ethno-religious lines when one Wushishi from Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK), announced a “Northern NANS”

Need i say more other than the hausa/fulani/kanuri drink the arm twisting tactic along with their mother´s milk. Always wanting an extra slice of HAM

Keep on castigating me but i do believe the day will come that you all will get to realise that am the TRUTH but till then enjoy ONE NIEGERIA


It came to me as a surprise that an umbrella body like NANS could degenerate to the extent of being caged. Student leaders are even worse than some politicians, holding position as a student leader even at departmental level is seen as an opportunity to make money rather than to render serivice. It is sad, I wish NANS would regain its loss glory.

The new NANS executive should realise that it is about the future of this Nation, it about the quality of education , it is about their tomorrow. You can make all the money but if the Nation continue with the way it is bening govern, you may wake up and have NO NIGERIA AGAIN.

A word for NANS no matter how attractive their reasons are politicians and so-called human right activist do no mean well for you. Be independent minded and walk the path of history. Please remember the like of Segun Oke-Owo and Mayeigun their names are written in gold and they are not begging to eat.

NANS has lost it's glory.

NANS has lost it's glory. Cult members now run the organisation


If a dog is pregnant, what do you expect it to deliver? Man, goat or dog? It will surely born dog. If a Nigerian is corrupt, what do you expect of his child? A just and incorruptible person? NO, not at all. Only GOD will heal Nigeria of currupt wounds.

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