Nature And Effects Of Abdulmutallab’s Recent Pleadings In Court On His Sentencing

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
By Kayode Oladele

Defendant Abdulmutallab filed three pleadings in seventy- two hours (between February 13 and 15, 2012) representing one response and two Motions, including a Motion to Hold Mandatory Life Statute Unconstitutional, as it is Cruel and Unusual Punishment, and Violative of the Commerce Clause as Applied and for a Sentence notwithstanding the Advisory Guideline Range and Request for a Variance .

Even though, it is not very clear whether he instructed his standby Attorney, Mr. Anthony Chambers, to file these pleadings, but on the face of it, these can be seen as desperate moves to stop the Abdulmutallab from receiving the mandatory life sentence.

However, as I said about two months ago, it could also be that he is preparing grounds for his eventual appeal should the Judge give him the mandatory life sentence in accordance with the sentencing guidelines. You will recall that he has already pleaded guilty to the charges and his guilty plea was informed and voluntary which may have altered his right to appeal.

However, by filing a Motion to Hold Mandatory Life Statute Unconstitutional and requesting  a Variance, Abdulmutallab is trying to force the window of appeal slightly ajar so that he can have something to hold on to for the Court of Appeal's review in the very  likely event that the Judge denies the Motion and gives him the mandatory life.

Be that as it may,  Abdulmutallab is carrying a whole lot of aggravating baggage on his shoulders and these factors might weigh very heavily against him  during the  sentencing. If you look at his demeanors since the beginning of the trial, you will see a young man who has already given up his life and who was determined to perform what he considered to be a sacred duty to kill, maim and destroy. He cannot face the world again, so, what difference would life sentence make to him anyway?

He sees his action as a Devine obligation and up till this moment, he has not demonstrated anything to the contrary or done anything to show that his convictions have changed over time which means that he can still be considered to be very dangerous and should not be unleashed again to the world.  All of these can be considered as aggravating factors which might sway the mind of the judge one way or the other this afternoon during his sentencing. 

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No death sentence pls! Life in prison is very very good. I hope he will have access to daily and weekly journals, to radio and tv to realise everyday that passes, what he is missing. I sincerely hope and pray he is jailed where every other inmate have access to him that including the Arian Nation,KKK but more importantly guys with huge .....Man, Better call your malo father to start stockpiling dipers for you. Stupid son of Bonobos. One down more to go!

The lawyer is only looking

The lawyer is only looking for how to make money. The guy guy wanted to die, let him make the prison his home until death that he so much wanted take him out of this earth.

God have mercy on Abdulmuttallab

'Omo eni koni buru buru kafi fun ekun paje' He is our own, our son. We do not approve of what he has done or attempted to do, but he was just a child who was misled, misguided and had his mind twisted. I feel sorry for him, his parents and Nigeria because if he had chosen to become the best Engr the world ever known he would have brought us all joy as against this grieve and shame. May the the Love of Christ enter his heart and rescue him from the fanatism of Islam. Amen.

Since he has decided to comit

Since he has decided to comit sucide before now what is d essence of this judicial process the court should grant him his initial wish DEATH or do u want to deport him back when NIGERIANS are coping with the menance of BOKO HARAM which shares thesame ideology with him.

You will be sent to prison to

You will be sent to prison to spend the rest of your wretched life. You are not only a disgrace to your family, who gave you a very good education, you are also a disgrace, to Nigeria, the blak race and humanity. I have no iota of sympathy for you as you knew what you were doing and the havoc and calamity if could have caused had it been it succeeded. Your folish singular act has made travelling with airlins by Nigerians all over the world a terrible nightmare. Stupid person, stupit son, folish idiot die in prison and later rot in hell.

death sentence

Why life? Why not give him his wish, death sentence is what he derserves. In any case the courts will do well to make him an example to spoiled, priviledged brats like him who turn murderous when bored with life.

Abdulmutallab! A Paradox.

Abdulmutalab would likely get a life sentence. And by age 70 might be released on parole based on good conduct during his term in prison. By then he is likely to become harmless to the world.

Had his plan carried out successfully, his victims won't even have a second chance to appeal to live. Is not life a paradox?

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