NDLF Announces ‘Dysfunctional State Of Nigeria’ Protest Rally At Nigeria House In New York On October 5

The Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF) in New York has called on Nigerians to rise up to take back their country from the shackles of heartless political opportunists who have turned Nigeria into a huge joke.

In a statement announcing a 53rd Independence Day “Dysfunctional State Of Nigeria Protest Rally,” the group expressed regret that in 53years of the country’s so-called independence, Nigerians have watched the gradual descent of their beloved country into a failed state and despairing citizenry while the leaders indulge in wide scale stealing.

It described the purpose of the rally as being to highlight the dysfunctional state of Nigeria, the plight of the people, and the presence of profligate public officials who attend Independence Day parades in foreign countries.

“Clearly, Nigeria is drifting into a precipice with no one in charge” the statement said.  “There is wide spread corruption and fraudulent practices among those in power and their cronies as accentuated by the blatant, massive stealing termed "oil subsidies" with the charade of investigations and presidential review panels that were subterfuge by a government enmeshed in a grand betrayal of public trust.”

Noting that the Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan calls the malaise of Nigerian corruption a problem of "perception," NDLF counseled him to go outside the Aso Rock bubble and see the effects of corruption in concrete terms: decayed infrastructure, roads, bridges, stadia and airports, a parody of a health sector of any serious country, public schools on extinction, huge amount spent on power and refineries without results, a health sector that caters to the dead rather than the living, the federal government's inability to fulfill its financial obligations to other levels of government, contracting the  protection of the country's coastal waters to his proxy to the tune of over #10billion annually while the Nigeria Navy is in a decrepit state etc.”

It further stated that Nigerians are heartbroken to watch the inability of government to discharge one of its core functions: protection of life and property of citizens, with Boko Haram unleashing their brutality at will while the government is several steps behind.

“Also, kidnapping of citizens for ransom has become a multi-million Naira industry absorbing unemployed youths while security agencies are unable to stem the tide, and families of victims left to pay for the release of their loved ones.

“Currently, Nigerian universities are shut due to the perennial ASUU strike while Resident Doctors have given notice to down tools.”

The rally, scheduled for 11a.m, will start at 54th Street on 2nd Avenue and proceed 10 blocks south to 44th Street on 2nd Avenue, known to Nigerian pro-democracy groups as Kudirat Abiola Corner.  The corner also houses Nigeria House.

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Wanton nonsense

I don't think you know what you are saying,the rulership of the country is not meant for Niger delta people alone this ideal of Jonathan 2015 is not going to work do you hear me.as far as am concern Jonathan has not perform in any area,he is just there like figure head,how long or years does it take to build a refinery,or is it by contracting the safety of our waterways to a civilian when we have the nig navy that 've been well train both in nig. And outside are there.is it by awarding a contract meant for two or more companies to one incompetent one,like the road from warri to port harcourt that is a dead trap for travelers.see I can go on and on it won't finish.So stop abusing the NDLF for a good work they are doing.


This group is cursed. Protesting in NY. Come back home and help build the country instead of enjoying the facilities put in place by American's. Ranting of an ant. Fools and slaves.

Go your way

You better go and clear your grandfathers farm. This new attempt to continue sucking free oil will never work, enough is indeed enough

Sayings of the wise?

Dysfunctional State Of Nigeria?
What part?
Since when?
Are you all sure?

Listen to me, listen real good, people.

Compatriots, Nigeria's present condition was not caused by "Goodluck".

It was caused by "Badchoice"!

So, do not blame Goodluck! You should ALL excercise Patience please.

Sayings of the wise: "Corruption is an issue of 'perception' and do I give a damn about you and your welfare"?

NDLF- Jefia

why are you insulting this group of Nigerians in diaspora, everyone has the right to his/her own opinion.

Wanton nonsense!

Hpw I wish Supersonic made in Warri train go jam all of una as una gather dey yarn nonsense for NY. If you guys get fed up, jump into Hudson or St Lawrence with your hands in your pockeks or cut off.

You remembered so many but none of u mentioned the most important - d wanton destruction of the SS ecosystem since 1957 Oloibiri discovery, d rape & pollution of my environment etc. Nonsense. Even d hanging of Ken in 1995 did not evoke this kind of ethno & ridiculous parochial demonstration.

That Obodo 2008 disaster caused by useless Shell hurts my SS people & even the birds in d air till date is no longer news. But Shell only weeks ago insulted us with $50m. Imagine! $50m for lifetime destruction? Is this what Shell BP gave over the Gulf of Mexico?...and we looked but did not see any NDLF. What they bother about is d North & West continue 2 steal Nigeria dry. NEVER again. If Jona leaves, an Igbo gets to power or we secede. Pure & Simple.

Agents d NEW FULANI PDP-led by atiku ati tinubu

Look at the vision-less agents of Tinubu attempting to fool 9jas again with their regional lies> The same clowns who deceived late Chief Gani want to take us for anoda ride! There was no country to take back when obj was in power. Not when our oppressors killed Abiola and kudirat his wife and went on to hang KenSaroWiwa. They are not even calling for us to control our God given resources. Dem hate the idea of fiscal federalism like hell. Cause them parasites want to wrestle power from brother Jonathan. so had to fraudulently twist fiction into facts)U never hear them yearn 4 SNC ati resource control. Not even even a statement against boko haram, we cannot all be mad like like these rented mumus in europe and america fronting for atiku ati his socalled new PDP. For how long will the SS feed 200m parasites anoda 53yrs<? Animals

Occupy Nigeria From New York?

You want to take back Nigeria from the streets of New York?

Mumu NDLF why not prepare for the National Conference!

Mumu people why not prepare to put up a strong case for the National Conference!

" You want to take back your beloved country"....Was the country ever in your hands in the first place? Was Nigeria (abi Nijeriah) ever designed for success in the first place?

Why not prepare to use the national conference to reinvent your so-called beloved Nijeriah???

Beloved Nijeriah my ass! A country that has been murdering millions of people since 1950's......

Guys, more oil for your engines, gbooza!

May your days be long!

Protest Rally

My full support

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