New Tough Penalties For Gays Under Bill Signed By President

By SaharaReporters, New York

A bill which takes aim at the gay lifestyle and criminalizes gay marriages with threats of long prison terms was signed in secret by Pres. Goodluck Jonathan.

While marriages by same-sex partners are growing in number worldwide, Nigeria would make the partners subject to incarceration of up to 14 years. Any marriage partnerships celebrated in other countries would be "void" in Nigeria.

Further, anyone who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs or organizations including gay rights groups, or who directly or indirectly reveals an amorous same-sex relationship would also be in violation of the new law and face up to 10 years in prison, according to the new law.

The signing of the bill was denounced by human rights groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International which called the bill "discriminatory" and warned of "catastrophic" consequences for Nigeria's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
Presidential spokesman Ruben Abati said: "I can confirm that the president has signed the bill into law," while declining to provide such details as when the signing took place.

He added further that "More than 90 percent of Nigerians are opposed to same-sex marriage. The law is in line with our cultural and religious beliefs as a people."

Investigation by our correspondent showed that the President assented to the Act on Jan. 7, 2014.
Under existing Nigerian federal law, sodomy is punishable by jail.

When it was passed by Nigerian parliament in May of 2013, the bill was condemned by the United Nation’s High Commissioner of Human Rights and other groups which urged President Jonathan to reject the bill.

The bill signing by President Jonathan, while quiet and without fanfare, has dismayed western nations who have relaxed their own laws on gay lifestyles including marriage. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States was deeply concerned by the new measures.

"Beyond even prohibiting same sex marriage, this law dangerously restricts freedom of assembly ... and expression for all Nigerians," Kerry said in a statement.

"It is inconsistent with Nigeria's international legal obligations and undermines ... democratic reforms and human rights protections."

Finally, it was pointed out the bill could endanger people living with HIV and AIDS as any HIV/AIDS organization could be ruled a "gay organization" and outlawed.
“Any form of assistance to LGBT people is now illegal, which may well translate into more young people becoming homeless and social and state violence,” Davis Mac-Iyalla, a Nigerian LGBT rights advocate said in a press interview. “Furthermore any safer sex prevention work with men having sex with men is now illegal and will surely exacerbate HIV infection rates and death from AIDS related illness.”

“The authorities and society will now feel safe and secure to persecute LGBT people violently, knowing that that the law supports them,” said Mac-Iyalla. He called on the international community to make their voices heard and oppose the law.

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We should wave goodbye to any

We should wave goodbye to any ambitions we might have had on securing a permanent seat on the UN Security Council

You're right. You don't

You're right. You don't understand what human rights actually stand for. The same westerners you're railing against are the same ones who brought Christianity and democracy to Africa and are still divided on the issue of LGBT (gay) rights. They too had laws criminalizing homosexuality, even as recently as 40 years ago. Even Russia has started banning homosexuality as of recent.

But we've seen the impact of these laws around the world. Not only are they unable to make gay people straight, it complicates this problem even further, by making gay or perceived gay people targets for violence, rape "cures" and extortion. Even worse, many people who would otherwise make an incredible impact on our society would be scared into hiding. Your sexuality is not the sum-total of your existence, and laws like this cruelly diminish people based on things they are unable to change about themselves.

Bill diversion of attention on Stella Odua thiefry/Certs scandal

The bill is a diversion of our attention from the current corruption scandal on GEJ ministers, especially that of Stella Oduah and her BMW inflated purchases in billions of dollars, couple with her foggery on her CV, and PhD and MBA certificates. GEJ is a disgrace, deal with corruption and fix the economy; leave our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters alone. Their sexuality is their choice and naturally endowned, not a national discourse.

Jonathan signs anit gay marraige

At least he has done a noble thing to humanity. with this bold step God will be happy with him and Nigeria. Stoning was recommended in the bible so if going to prison will make them repent why not. God bless Nigeria

One one good thing

This is the only achievement GEJ and NAS have achieved so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I don't understand what human

I don't understand what human rights actually stand for, If this has gotten some human rights support then what about human wrong because this act is the highest wrong you can ever do to humanity. Africa as a struggling continent trying hard to get its feet among other super continents of the world has got a lot of issues to deal with than allowing it to be pushed around by good for nothing westerners. Terrorism, HIV/AIDS, corruption are few of vices Africa is battling with and this has got a lot to do with these selfish, evil and unrealistic western ideologists. Africa needs better thing than this useless and evil act. Great job Mr Jonathan, at least.....


Yes it is good that Mr president assent to the first and second bill from national assembly one is freedom of information bill and this one now for the whole 5 to 6 years he has been in the office, but my question still remain is it Nigeria priority, for goodness sake there is a lot of thing Mr president should focus his attention to and things that Nigerians does not need ok how will this bill put food on the table of common man how will it solve epileptic power supply that have been the bane of this country. Yes a lot of people will be happy that the bill have been pass but it will not stop homosexuality in Nigeria. I will advice mr president to stop beating about the bush channel all his energy in the things that Nigeria need like water, electricity housing even as am sending this mail am running on generator, And somebody is jubilating because of prohibition of same-sex in Nigeria which is not possible. Even all those house of rep members and senator are into it. Pls excuse me.


The president is waking up now and beginning to think as a man and a leader. A leader listens to his subjects and makes reasonable decision.

What gay rights?

I think HRC n Amnesty are overstepping their boundaries. Are they expecting Nigeria to swallow every rubbish d West throws our way bcos of human rights? Gayism offends our cultural sensibilities n we will not condone it!
This is even a good opportunity for more Nigerians to relocate abroad....just claim u are gay n d embassy will grant u immigrant visa ASAP!
Well done GEJ! (I never thot I could say this)


This is the only decision that the President has got right since his inception in office. The UK and US government should bury their heads in the dust. I am very happy not every UK and US citizen supports this evil act called Lesbianism and homosexual acts.

Let them go and sleep or make love to animals as most of them do.

The Uk and US should put it into law that human beings should marry animals then I will know that they know what they are doing.

After all, animals have rights and should be granted right to marry human beings.


It's one thing to say that, as a society, you're not going to recognize same-sex partnerships. I get that Nigeria is not ready for that level of "openness". I also get that we don't have to approve of homosexuality (I personally don't), but this is not what our system of Government is supposed to be about. You don't get to start drawing arbitrary lines of what's morally acceptable and what isn't in a democracy. Laws have consequences, many of them unintended. You might think that being a heterosexual protects you from punishment under this law, but what if someone accuses you of being a homosexual, produces manufactured evidence and bribes a judge? You are finished! What about people who are transgendered? That's a real scientifically proven condition.

God is Holy and Righteous, beyond reproach. But He's not impressed with hypocrisy. We've sown something here, and we are going to reap it in the way we did not expect. SMH @ Nigeria.


Our country has finally lost its moral compass. What harm can gay or lesbian people do to the society from the privacy of their bedrooms? Can you equate private sex in a private bedroom with Murder? Grand theft by politicians robbing our country? Mind boggling corruption in the high places in Jonathan's administration? Paedophiles in high places raping 9 and 10 year old girls? This is sickening.


You need to get together with Atiku. He will like you for your opinion and disposition.

Ogbeni Anonymous

Ore mi, I know you are Western Nigeria. Don't bother us with polygamy. If you want it badly join Islam. In fact, you can get yourself 4 nice virgins at any time. Again, you can divorce them and get yourself fresh ones once you get tire of sleeping with the same old thing for long.

But when they place fatwa on your head for a minor religious misunderstanding don't complain.

And do you also know that

And do you also know that homosexuality was in the hausa culture before the advent of these foreign religions; christianity, and Islam?
How about individual liberties? You guys are just so ridiculous!
You are worried about what other people do in their bedroom, rather than worrying about how these politicians spend your money.

They are making this law for

They are making this law for the Moslems, and the people know it. If it works this is the only way of putting away many Moslems. But like every other thing in the North they are going to bypass Babangida, Atiku and other rich faggots then go after common indigene Bala, and Tanko.

By the way, why does Sahara Reporters show the picture of the President in this obscene article? The President has nothing to do with gayhood/gaydom, it belongs to the Moslem North, it is haram to our people.

Live and let live

Homosexuality is a reality in all societies, whether anyone likes it or not. Same as black people are not monkeys or should be used as slaves, whether any white or asian person like's it or not.

I don't support same sex marriage, however, I don't see how its my business if to fully grown men with bear bear want to scatter each other's bottoms in the confines of their home is my business, or should bother me for that matter. Same goes for the lesbians... These people are either born that way or have chosen to be, either way they deserve to be happy and they're not hurting any one. There are far much worse sins in the Nigerian society; e.g. cult like pastors extorting money from naive and uneducated /poor educated / mis-educated masses (with a herd mentality).

live and let live.. this is the very least you should have learnt from your religion; it not about tithes and 'sowing seeds' for riches.

Nigeria is half a century behind the rest of the world

This shows how easy it is to divert the fickle attention of the VAST MAJORITY of Nigerians from serious matters that affect them to trivialities that engross them. In Nigeria it is ok for a 50 year old senator to wed a 12 year old, it is ok for grown men to rub pepper in the vagina of a teenager, it is ok to burn to death university students, it is ok for kidnappers and religious fanatics to run riot, it is ok for ministers to openly steal millions and not be prosecuted, it is ok to have no proper healthcare, it is ok to turn university girls into prostitutes because they need to eat, it is ok for virtually every form of criminal activity to take place unchecked; but everyone is more concerned with the persecution of gay people. Nigeria is a nation in free fall and is gradually ostracizing itself from the civilised nations of the world. Nigeria is going nowhere except backwards.


I understand when a country makes laws in lines with customs and traditions and I do understand that homosexuality is forbidden in most African customs however my concern lies in the fact that Nigeria as a country has homosexuals and they cannot wish them away.
This law does not consider the fact that health issues in the gay community will escalate because it even criminalises any person offering any form of assistance to gay people.Then there are bi-sexual people who may contract diseases like the HIV virus and transmit it to their heterosexual partners who may not be aware of their gay status due to the fact that gay people must hide their status or face jail
The law outlawed same-sex marriage,it should have stopped there!!in the 21st century people should not be told how to or not to have sex once they are adults.

Very good Bill.#NASS passed it, Jonathan signed, well done.

We cannot and should not encourage this nonsense because the western government trying to promote it, we don't want no poof, we know what the bible and the Quran says about them. 

same sex is evil

Africa has enough of the evils in our land and let's not add the same sex issue to it. It's western and let it remain for them.
The introduction of the so-called human right is evil and destructive.Countries must be allowed to govern their lands according to the culture of their people. Same sex is evil. It's against nature, against reproduction and it's abomination. Western world must not be allowed to export this evil to the rest of the world as they are doing with their other system of lives. They want to protect the environment and yet want to introduce same sex marriage to destroy the reproduction of life. What a contradiction!!! Africa must not bow to this evil.

Excessive Human Right is Evil

The introduction of the so-called human right is evil and destructive.Countries must be allowed to govern their lands according to the culture of their people. Same sex is evil. It's against nature, against reproduction and it's abomination. Western world must not be allowed to export this evil to the rest of the world as they are doing with their other system of lives. They want to protect the environment and yet want to introduce same sex marriage to destroy the reproduction of life. What a contradiction!!! Africa must not bow to this evil.

The West and their morality for all.

I am not opposed to Gay and Lesbian lifestyle/orientation just like I am not opposed to polyandry or polygamy. However, I am opposed to laws against polygamy and the restriction of freedom to marry more than one. We love polygamy in Nigeria and one could go to prison for BIGAMY in the west. You love same sex marriage in the West and Nigerian laws now say you will go to jail for it. So what is the problem? We can all meet at an international convention to iron out these issues and maybe we can all agree to a treaty legalizing POLYGAMY for all nations and SAME SEX UNION for all nations. Until then, it's different strokes for different cultures. FREEDOM AND HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL.

we got 99 problems,homosexuality is not one of them

misplaced priority I would say.

Even MAD Adults deserve

Even MAD Adults deserve cure...Mr TJohnson. Hope U are not MAD, as we will cure u of ur stinking MADNESS!


This is about the only good thing coming from the present administration since inception. Well done! The west can condemn all they want...This is Nigeria!!!

Beating about the bush!

This is one of the best things to come from the Nigerian President. Nigerians are opposed to gay/lesbian life and lifestyle. Period! As a sovereign nation Nigeria cannot be dictated to as regards its own municipal laws. Anybody who says the new Bill contravenes human rights must have to go back and learn what human rights really is! Anybody with tendency towards gay/lesbianism is not persecuted or prosecuted, just like anybody who has tendency to steal is not persecuted or prosecuted. The law only swings into action if such a person violates any extant rules of law. We have not dictated to other nations on this issue, so other nations must respect our feelings on this kind of sub-animal kind of lifestyle; even lower animals don't sleep with their own gender! Haba! The objections offered by human rights and the US are just incoherent and are only beating about the bush!

"The law is in line with our

"The law is in line with our cultural and religious beliefs as a people." ~ Abati

What about corruption? are our cultural and religious beliefs OK with corruption?

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