New York-Based Nigerian Left For Dead In His BMW Car In Apparent Robbery

Barion Blake
Akeem Ajimotokan
By SaharaReporters, New York

A 33-year old Nigerian lawyer, Akeem Ajimotokan, who works with Columbia University in New York as a procurement officer, was found in a coma yesterday in the trunk of his car, his hands bound behind him with tapes and a part of his ear chopped off.

The New York Police Department found Mr. Ajimotokan after the would-be robber of his BMW car ditched the car after an accident and fled the scene.

NYPD officials said that Akeem's assailant, an ex-convict, Barion Blake,  specializes in stealing BMW cars and had spent time in various jails in the area before his latest crime.  Mr. Blake is still on the run.

Police sources said evidence found at the back seat of Akeem's car shows that Blake was trying to steal his fully loaded  BMW M3 coupe which he'd pretended he wanted to buy for $46,000 according to a bill of sale found in the car.

Akeem is listed in critical condition in Harlem Hospital in New York.

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Its going to a year now

Its going to a year now Akeem, Our thoughts and prayers ..... God take control

I was misled by the topic.

It's great that Akeem is still alife, God thank you for saving him from death, I deeply apologise for thinking he was killed. Akeem will be alife to see his great great grand children.
It's sad that I was called a half baked reader, I am not, you saw what the press reported. It's not our fault. I wish Akeem quick recovery.

Thank God

I humbly and honestly apologise for thinking that Akeem was killed, I am very glad he made it. I plead with you all to forgive me, God shall surely purnish those who fan the embers of this evil act, I wish Akeem quick recovery, amen

Ur a wee bit stupid yea? my

Ur a wee bit stupid yea? my bad, that shouldn't have been a question, (so my use of punctuation was off) and the adverb was wrong. Corrected: You are extremely stupid.

Pot smoking fools!

King Malx, your comment is ethnically biased. All American blacks are not lazy, drug addicts & Pot smoking. Watch your grammar, and ethics.

Nigerians are shame to BLACK

Nigerians are shame to BLACK people too. We are lazy and we complain about everything in this country.

We shall keep the faith.

It is by his grace that we are saved. God is in control. Get well soon.

Akpodeite & Okedara na wa 4 una!

Don't come back home, if you did na Olatunde Okedara go replace Blake Barion and finish you. People, like Akpodeite Christmas Edore no understand grammar, hence jumped into conclusion that the young man has given up. While, the caption/title of the article seems to have contributed in confusing half-baked readers, like Akpodeite. I wish Akeem quickiest/speedest recovery, amin.

Get well soon bro!

May the almighty God touch this guy with his healing powers and let him be healed in Jesus mighty name, I pray! Amen!

Even in the USA? Yet, Nigeria and the host of other nations are in the red-security alert. Hypocrisy!!!!!


Imagine what would have happen & the noise that would be coming from the internation communities & the whole shout of insecurity in nigeria but now that it happens in the U S nobody is shouting even our government is silent.Pressure should be place on the authorities in NEW YORK to produce the guy and they even know him and still allow him to walk the street.My brothers America is not safe.God should heal our Brother i pray in JESUS NAME,AMEN

just to wish him a speedy

just to wish him a speedy recover. Really we can't afford another loss such as this great mind doing us proud.

Pot smoking fools!

Drug addits & Pot smoking bastards. American blacks are shame to black people! Their lazy asses are envious of africans who has made it in a country where complain of being maginalized!

Pot smoking fools!

ny based nigerian left for dead...

i would like to reply to a comment made by a contributor satating..'the most secure country in the world..''for clarification sake,its quite erroneous to assume america is secure,infact its turning to be the most insecure zone in the world presently,considering alot of international factors at play..

Armed Robbery Everywhere but ..

Nigerians seem to look for any excuse for the mess we are in. I saw a lot of comments ointing to the fact that robberies even occur in America. Is that the point of the story?

Ok, robberies occur in America but no one mentioned that the assailant has been identified and would obviously be caught.

How many robbers are identified here in Nigeria? Talk less of being caught. They are faceless ghosts.

I wish Akeem quick recovery though.

The caption is grammatically

The caption is grammatically is correct.

Robbery Case

I wish to thank God for you Akeem that you are alife and will get out of coma pretty soon. Evil is everywhere as God is every where too. We only need God's presence in our daily living. As far as the evil man is known, his cup is already full, it is only a matter of time for him to be in the net. It is well with your soul.

my prayer

wish u a quick recovery brother!

You will live longer than all who wish you death

This barbaric attacks must stop,If everything works as it should why would a well educated Nigerian be attacked by a notorious criminal.This brother would have gone home to establish himself but look at how all these "evil men of politics" have destroyed Nigeria and made the land very insecure.It is a pity that an innocent man is attacked and almost killed while pursuing his daily obligations/job/task.Get well quick you will see more of your generation I promise you that.

Wishing Akeem a full recovery

I was so mad when I learned about this. Barion Blake is a thug - pure and simple. The guy is 6 ft 8 inches tall - I would never let a dude like this in my house unless I had a gun. Someone that big might be harder to handle. In addition, the guy had tattoos on his neck - everything about him suggested that he was a hardened criminal. Our poor boy didn't stand a change against him.

Anyway sha, let this be a lesson learned. I pray that he recovers fully.

God is with you, Akeem!

Akeem, may God grant you a speedy recovery.

Please we need updates on the

Please we need updates on the condition of brother Akeem. I pray for his recovery.

thank God he is alive

Very sad indeed-wish him (SPEED)recover ooh! God of Jehova pls help your children. No where is safe for the human soul any more abi? The oyibo for the headline is oyibly correct-brother me! Thank God the incident took place in the most secure country in the world New York! if it had taken place in Nigeria, GEJ wld have been asked to quit his job by the Atikus, Buharis and Ribadums.

thank God he is alive

Very sad indeed-wish him (SPEED)recover ooh! God of Jehova pls help your children. No where is safe for the human soul any more abi? The oyibo for the headline is oyibly correct-brother me! Thank God the incident took place in the most secure country in the world New York! if it had taken place in Nigeria, GEJ wld have been asked to quit his job by the Atikus, Buharis and Ribadums.

@Olatunde Okedara (Canada)

Really? Why are you in Canada?

Thanks to the Taxi Driver

i heard it on the radio this morning on my way to school. Blake ran away cos he had a traffic problem with a NY taxi driver. i never knew the guy involved was a nigerian. Thank God.

The story is So sad. Na wao for People. May God grant him Q

May God grant him Quick recovery and may he get well soon. People are very bad,and their are no Place in the world that is corrupt free. Even USA with their self acclaimed most security conscience state such Things like this takes place. God pls Save us Oh


All d best to Akeem. Hope he pulls through. As for that bastard Barion Blake I hope he meets a bunch of Nigerians in prison who know how he came to be with them.

@Akpodiete Christmas Edore, the guy is still alive

pls read the article again and get the story right. Do not rule the guy out.Haba.

in my prayers Akeem

my prayers do out to you Akeem.

God be with you Akeem.

God be with you Akeem.

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