NFF Pillar Behind Eagles AFCON Win - Officials

Top officials of the Super Eagles, including Team Coordinator Emmanuel Atta, Secretary, Dayo Enebi Achor and team spokesman, Ben Alaiya, have strongly defended the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) in the nation’s Cup of Nations triumph in South Africa.

According to the officials, if not for the Aminu Maigari-led NFF board, it could have been a different story for Nigeria at the competition.
Super Eagles Media Officer, Ben Alaiya, dismissed insinuations that the NFF was at war with the national team during the tournament, stressing that the NFF President and most of his board members attended virtually all of the team’s training sessions leading to the victory over Burkina Faso in Johannesburg.

He also quoted Atta as saying, “No single person can win a tournament of the magnitude of the Nations Cup, it was a collective job and Head Coach, Stephen Keshi, acknowledged that fact and has repeatedly said so. So we must be careful in labeling the NFF because they provided all necessary logistics for friendly games leading to the tournament and stood by the technical crew even when majority of Nigerians wrote them off.”

On the controversial issue of tickets being issued ahead of the quarter-final tie against Cote d’Ivoire, Achor declared that it is a CAF regulation to prepare in advance tickets for the two teams that are playing the quarter finals, as none of them is to stay in the hotel beyond 24 hours after the game. Even the team that qualifies was also to move to the next venue of the tournament immediately, according to CAF regulations.

“So, the Ivorians also had their departure tickets and you will recall that they left under 24 hours [later],” he said. “So there should be no controversy over that”.

He said that it was based on that proposal from CAF that he spoke to all the players on where they would like their tickets to be routed and that he was sure that the Ivorian federation also did same to their team.

There was no issue about the NFF or the backroom staff, as we are now labeled, wishing the team bad,” he said.

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Thanks for the Ticket Clarification

Now I am at peace that the NFF and Super Eagles are amicably in the same boat pulling together in the same direction.

The advance ticket saga should have been clarified much earlier than this as this sort of instigated the rumours of Keshi resigning

Now I can put this behind me. We still have work to do, more cups to be won.... The world cup must come to Africa..... Confederation Cup must have Nigerian written all over it.....

The biggest problem of

The biggest problem of Nigerian football is constituted by the duo of Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and the Ministry of Sports. Until they are overhauled, we will continue to take one step forward and two steps backward,as far as football is concerned. Who hires coaches and imposes players on him? NFF and Sports Ministry.

Please ask him how much

Please ask him how much salaries and bonuses were being owed the team going into the tournament...

Ass Kissers

Ass kissers R Us are at work again. By Extention, I surpose that it was the leadership of President GEJ that led to the win. Afterall he appointed the DG.


There's no doubt, without the support of the NFF, it would have been a tough ask for Keshi and the boys alone to win the Africa Cup of Nations. Well done NFF.

Dissolve this corrupt NFF Organ

The present NFF organ and administrators should be dissolved. Like their predecessors, they are corrupt, saboteurs, there for the money, not in the interest of football and Nigeria honour. Their treatment of Keshi, deliberate withholding of payments, poor organisation, etc are just few examples.

We have what we need in Nigeria for our football, the right players, coaches and administrators to make significant impact internationally. We should now make sure the right ‘boys’ of our retired footballers take charge of NFF. They are better than these desperate and corrupt PDP politicians and their connected who over the years turned NFF as their cash cow.

Christian Chukwu should be made the chairman of NFF, Segun Odegbami should be his deputy. The younger professionals with foreign experience such as Augustine Okoch and others that have no coaching ambition should form three quarter of the members of NFF board and rest one quarter should be fit sports academics.


AM just thinking aloud after reading the news that NFF are the Pillar behind Eagles Win. I believe, the NFF can not come to the field and play regardless of the monitary incentives. The Boys are determine to play and show Nigerians that they can be trusted again.

From previous tournament, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 where were the NFF?

NFF and d Eagles

Every man must have reasons for his actions!However pure it may look before the actor,elements of truth or falsehood still take pre-eminence in d deed!I wonder what they think nigerians are? The fact remains that they wrote the team off cos of the ivorian match but had no other option when they won.Mr. Spokesman, How about the arrears owed keshi and the officials?

response to NFF lies


Why are these people

Why are these people insulting themselves on national news media. they've told us what they want us to believe, but we know what we believe