NGF Crisis: Court Declines To Hear Governor Jang's Application

Gov. Jonah Jang
By SaharaReporters, New York

The confusion caused by Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang at the Nigerian governors' forum surfaced at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) high court in Abuja today as the controversial governor briefed two sets of lawyers to represent his faction in court.

Governor Jang briefed Paul Erokoro and Tayo Oyetibo separately to defend his faction in a case brought before the court by Lagos Governor Babatunde Fashola urging the court to ask Mr. Jang to stop parading himself as the chair of the Nigerian Governors' Forum.

 The court was thrown into confusion when both Oyetibo and Erokoro filed different processes asking the court to throw out the lawsuit.

 Lawyers to Governor Fashola, prominent Nigerian human rights attorney, Femi Falana and former Lagos Attorney General, Yemi Osibajo countered the two lawyers drawing the attention of the judge to the improper conduct of the defendants and stating that Mr. Jang has brought the confusion he created at the NGF to the court room. The lawyers then asked the court to thrash the preliminary objections filed by Mr. Jang's lawyers.

 However, the judge handling the case, Justice Paul Afeen declined Mr. Fashola's request to strike down the objections; he  ruled that Mr. Jang lawyers should go put their house in order while adjourning the case until July 3rd 2013.

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NGF Crisis

SR, your reports are just as we expect. Anything not "far north" is not good. You are forgetting too soon that some people have destroyed this country before 1999, and that it usually takes a longer time to rebuild a demolished house. Nevertheless, we still need people like you to know what the north is thinking.
This APC people are talking about, have only one item on their agenda - take power from the PDP, they have not told us what they intend to do with it and what they would do differently when in power. Besides, they seem to lack ideas and leaders cos they seem to be shopping from the PDP for candidates.
They ...


When two inglorious drunkards(Jonathan and Jang) formed forum only calabashes of kain-kain, burkutu,Ogogoro and Fito can be seen flying. Who expect anything good from persons who are out of their sense most of the times. If not Nigeria is a cursed nation which country will give its leadership values to a group of uncultured savages whose values are tied up with the excessive drinking of hard intoxicants. Nigeria is finished.

Jang shuld mind his home dat is on fire!

A wise man does not chase rats when his home is on fire!! Plateau state has known no peace since May 1999,he should be thinking of how to fight the crisis in his state,instead of fighting a lost battle! Obj,nd CO never stepped down as our constitution says before any election is conducted,corny man die,na corny man dey burial am!! Birds of feathers! U know better!!

Mr jang the jungleman u are

Mr jang the jungleman u are too old for this kind of stupidity please


@ AJINTUBDE, WITHOUT ANY BIASE.HOW CAN YOU PRESIDE OVER AN ELECTION WHEREIN YOU ARE A CONTESTANT.AMAECHI'S ELECTION IS A FRAUD, Amaechi wasnt the umpire but a contesteant/candidate. Was Shagari/Obj or GEJ election FRAUD? they preside while the electoral body conducted elections, same with NGF. Tell GEJ to step aside 2015

Where in this story did the

Where in this story did the court declines to hear Governor Jang application? If the Judge should decline a to a defendant, then the people should take the law into their own hand period!

pls stop beign a

pls stop beign a sycophant,and support what is good,must taxpayers money be wasted in court on a black and white issue,that all nigerians r aware of,before controversial jang stops displaying the anomalies of an ageing dulldrum



Not Everybody is like you

Not Everybody is like you

NGF Crisis

All this crisis is irrelevant to the average Nigerian. Please can some one tell us how the NGF or who chairs the NGF impacts on the welfare of Nigerians. Jang or Ameachi Nigeria is still the same.


We are approaching very crucial period in the History and life of Nigeria. The 1914 amalgamation celebration and most pointedly the 2015 which has far reaching implication for the peace and progress of our dear land. But most disturbing is the fact that simple arithematic in the NGF is diving the positive focus of our very elected leaders. What legacy are we treading. It is win and accept or loss and fight. Democracy is game of numbers and in politic public opion space should guide the rule. Freedom of association and freedom of trouble. 2 parallel bodies with staff receiving wages to the detriment of the NGF. Gentle men elected to make trouble the poor masses are watching.

Those basket mouth over there watch it

All you people insulting jang you will do worse than him if you are in power,therefore, respect your self and let the court decides.


@akintunda olusegun;
I can see that you are a mumu....
So you mean, comes 2015 if GEJ manage
To win the PDP ticket (which I doubt) would he
first step down as president before the election ?
Answer me o ? ode.
Just use your brain next time you come over here


Why is the court wasting time on this case anyway? Why is Fashola bringing this to court? Nigerians don't care who is parading him or herself as chairman of NGF. Show me one governor in Nigeria that is truly not a pretender. It is about time Femi Falana stop taking up these stupid cases, he is becoming a caricature of himself. Let the governors solve their own stupid problem by themselves. If you don't like one faction of NGF, then form your own. How easy is that? Let the best thief win.

Surprised that Fashola could file such a doomed action!

Jang or anybody can parade themselves as 'chairman' of any organisation, if they so wish. The NGF is not a constitutional creation, and as such, he (or anybody) can parade himself as 'chairman'. Besides, as 'chairman' of a faction of the NGF, technically Jang is 'chairman' of the NGF.

This is yet another wasteful action aimed at lining the pockets of Lawyers to go and do battle over nothing. Much ado about nothing!

I have said it again and again, that Nigeria does not need a cabal like the NGF. The Governors were elected to govern their States, and not to fight over irrelevant positions or powers, or constitute themselves into a cabal!

Drunk and dazed lazy truant of Plateau

You can be sure that the lazy, incompetent and useless drunk called Jang was high on one of those his favorite concoctions when he approached the ever-so-greedy and money-loving charlatans calling themselves Nigerian lawyers. Again, the long-suffering people of Plateau State should rise and tell the criminally inclined Jang to stop wasting their money on frivolities and resign immediately if he can't handle the real issues affecting their lives. Plateau is bedeviled by so many pressing problems and yet the stupid ex-soldier known as Jang prefers to act foolishly as an empty-headed thug for the desperate, despotic, corrupt and silly bandit of Otuoke. Like his new buddy, Jonathan, jang is worse than a motor park tout.

Jang anytin jangiable

I jst like this,jang creatin the needed confusion 4 gej to carry on, up jang carry go GEJ

Another disgrace

My friend and brother Gov. Jang u are to old to have let yourself down to be used thus far. U just face another disgrace in court today. What will u do when u will hav face another disgrace on the day of ruling? Advice yourself! The humiliation will be too much on you time to come. Up Amaechi, Fashola, Oshio baba, etc. Shame to Gov. Akpabio and co.



Jang,the true Chairman

jang is the true chairman whether they like it or not,we are just laughing at APC,is somebody like Chibuike Amechi that they will give APC tablet bcos he has a problem and he is sick.APC is faulting PDP but they are supporting truants from PDP,that means that they don't have credible candidate,they are like a drawning man that is looking for help,but their help will only come from ethnicity and not from an unbiased Nigerian.


I think that Jang is buying time, so that he can be parading himself as NGF Chairman. I believe the so called JANG lack leadership quality in all ramification.

Stop dis janga janga

Jang is a confusionist.he wants to make nigeria jaga jaga but God will not allow him.

nigeria a kids play

Naija na wawoo! Today is NGF, who know what is it going to it may be the presidency woo! Allah help us


The All Progressives Congress has said its governors supported Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State as Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum to disgrace President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party.The spokesmen for the APC told SUNDAY PUNCH that the merger of major opposition parties was to oppose the interests of the PDP and the President in the NGF election, the way opposition did during the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.The National Publicity Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, said the opposition parties were out to oppose any attempt by Jonathan to act as an authoritarian. The meat of the story lies here! Dont mislead us SR. (However, the judge handling the case, Justice Paul Afeen declined Mr. Fashola's request to strike down the objections; he ruled that Mr. Jang lawyers should go put their house in order while adjourning the case until July 3rd 2013.

plateau state governor vs PDP



The headline does not tally with the content of this piece. Like always SR must show their bias.

Well continue after all the highest bidder takes it all.

Up corruption! up looters!!

Up corruption! up looters!! up impostor!!!

Sahara Report is APC paper!!!

Sahara Report is APC paper!!! Their news are always pro-APC.

SR this is the type of news

SR this is the type of news you like. Yr paper is always anti- PDP,Jang, GEL. why? don't be biased. Always balance yr news pls.

Leaders of Banana Republic

This is the beginning of the bridge to nowhere, we are watching.

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