Niger Delta’s Most Wanted Kidnap Kingpin Arrested In Port Harcourt

Kelvin and his gang
By SaharaReporters, New York

Kelvin Ibruvwe, the Niger Delta’s most wanted kidnap kingpin and leader of the Liberation Movement for the Urhobo People (LIMUP), he has been arrested today in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State.

Mr. Ibruvwe’s arrest came barely a week after he brashly gave the Federal and Delta State governments a 60-day ultimatum to develop the Urhobo area, particularly his community, Kokori in Ethiope East local government area, or risk heavy attacks on oil facilities.  

Two security sources told SaharaReporters that the notorious kidnapper was arrested on Wednesday morning by a special squad of the State Security Services (SSS) deployed from the agency’s headquarters in Abuja. “We were also assisted by some local security operatives based in Delta State to apprehended Henry at the early hours of today,” one of the sources said. 

Our correspondent was told that Kokori town had been taken over by men of the Joint Task Force (JTF) who mounted a coordinated attack to arrest other members of LIMUP as soon as the news of Ibruvwe’s arrest filtered into the community. 

A source in Kokori disclosed that the arrival of the JTF operatives sparked off an exchange of gun battle between members of LIMUP and the JTF. “The JTF people brutalized many people in our community. Some youths and men were arrested while some women were beaten for daring to prevent arrest of their husbands and children,” the source said. The source added that many residents had fled the community for fear of further reprisals and possible mistreatment by the JTF. 

Last week, Mr. Ibruvwe and other members of his gang staged a dramatic event where they brandished sophisticated weapons while issuing an ultimatum to the Goodluck Jonathan administration as well as the Delta State government. One police source told SaharaReporters that the group’s high-profile event had embarrassed the state commissioner of police, Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, and the commandant of the JTF, adding that the two law enforcement officials almost earned reprimands from their bosses in Abuja.

“Because of the embarrassment Henry caused, orders were issued to trail him and arrest him by all means,” said the source.

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Fake story by Fake Government

Fake story by Fake Government .... if truly they caught Kevin, why didn't them show us his picture and the name of the hotel they caught him in port Harcourt? secondly... if they truly caught him, what are those military men still doing in Kokori?.... Our leader with their yeye government, their leadership nor dey favor us.... them too full with lie lie story all the time

@@McNasty: Re: why is obj still walking around yarning and ibori


U claimed "why is obj still walking around yarning and ibori is lockedup?"

OBJ stole money and installed a moron as President who would not have the temerity to probe him.
Ibori stole money and laundered it in UK where a moron is not a President like you have in Nigeria.
Same reason Okah is in jail in South Africa for same offence Asari and Tompolo committed but are now being ferried around in Presidential jet: a moron is in power in Nigeria. Hope you learnt t a little Mr. Amnesty-educated Dullard !

Why kidnappings are on the rise in Nigeria

It is impossible for the people to support the safety or security of Nigerian politicians. In Nigeria, official thefts in daylight and with arrogance by trampling on the law with derring-do arrogance of what can the people do to stop us.

That official arrogance coupling the barefaced thefts of these Nigerian officials is the main reason kidnappings will continue and become bloodier in the months ahead.

Nigerian politicians have intentionally ruined the lives and posterity of other 160 million Nigerians. It is now difficult for anyone to preach to the people not to exact revenge.

foolish engineer

You are a big fool, so with your degree all you could resort to is crime. You obviously did not earn your degree, while youths like me hustle hard everyday & are self employed ,you are busy blaming government & stupid politicians. Ask yourself one question are you any better than those thieving politicians, I doubt it, since even with your degree you can't find a source of income other than resorting to crime. That's exactly how most politicians are, they have degrees they bought from universities, but have no other visible source of income except politics/corruption. So kill politicians if you want but you are no better than them. Don't even try to deceive yourself that you are some kind of a revolutionary because you are not, all you'll do is kidnap, commit murder & rape mostly innocent people. When young people like me are working hard to take possession of our future, idiots like you are using lame excuses to take the easy road to riches


U are a big fool,rust in hell losers,u want to reap where u did nt sow,in urhorobo language people like u are called epa,epa epa,three times go to hell,idiot,voilence wil nt help u growup

He went to Port Harcourt

He went to Port Harcourt Where the state Gov. alleged the compol has relationship with criminal?

Arrest Buhari & Dokunbo

What has happened to Buhari who threatened to make the country ungovernorable if he lost the last elections and most recently threatened to fill our streets with bloob...The police should arrest Buhari and Dokunbo...Also, pick up the sultan of Sokoto for his support for Boko Haram...



re:why is Asari Dokubo allowed to issue threats and not Kelvin ?

why is obj still walking around yarning and ibori is lockedup?

together with police

Na police and kidnappers dey work together. Once Presido issue order or any of them embarrass government, dem dey catch dem immediately.

kill him

why are we wasting time on Kelvin He is responsable for the death of many people. No one should give him amnesty for the sake of polity. He deserve to die and he must go

No Corrolation

I don't see any corrolation bw What he claims he s fighting for alas resource control and kidnapping.He has cloak his personal objective of becoming rich thru kidnapping with the objective of liberating the Uhrobo race. I belive in resource control and Fiscal Federalism bt it shud nt be mixed with other self-serving interest.

evry day for the tief

lovely and intresting every day for the tief...........

So If They Were Not Embarrassed, The Kidnap-Kingpin ... ?

So if the two officers were not embarrassed by that event, this kidnap-kingpin would have continued in his business without molestation?

No wonder all these years no one bothered to arrest him.

It does not surprise me one iota. This is a country whose life blood and oxygen is OIL yet the so-called people in power keep awake dosing while national and international thieves keep stealing this very OIL everyday!

Something that can never happen in any other country.

why is Asari Dokubo allowed to issue threats and not Kelvin ?

So is it bcos Asari is backing GEJ with his threat that he's left to be barking around while this other miscreant Kelvin Ibruvwe is arrested?


Kudos to the galant officers that carried out the raid. but still there are more people that needs to be arrested as well... those ones are not even hiding anymore. they wine and dine with those at the top!

Oh! so even in the south

Oh! so even in the south south there is a selective justice. just 2 weeks after making threats this guy is arrested. what about the the rest? is it because they speak the same language with some people?

2015: Stop Jonathan Or He’ll

2015: Stop Jonathan Or He’ll Destroy Nigeria, Fani-Kayode Tells Nigerians

Caught with his pants down, drunk like a bee... clowns!

Our noisy neighbors! Too much talk, no real action. This tout gave the government 60days but did not last 60hrs. Obese Asari and the CAN thug, Oritsejafor should also be picked up for threatening insecurity in the country, treasonable offence! Be it in Lokoja where Fulani herdsmen captured 5000 near-naked clowns, Barbarossa Boys or any "Henry"... Aborigines are drunkards, capturing them is easy, just set a bottle of ogogoro and listen for loud snoring. Clowns. Alcoholikas!

CP, Ikechukwu should just shoot the bastards like they do in Abuja, Borno, Yobe and everywhere else thugs constitute nuisance. Less stress for Naijas. They're vicious animals!

Any difference woth what OPC

Any difference woth what OPC did when Gani Adam and Dr. Frederick Faseun threatened to make the nation ungovernable should OBJ be impeached despite obvious gross Constitutional breaches? If Niger Delta Oil were in the South West, only God Knows what the South West would have have done. I will know what Sahararepoorters will after after 2019 when GEJ will b out of office.

Dokubo Asari is a

Dokubo Asari is a presidential aid. Very unfortunate for our country.

Bring Asari too!

So what happens to Alh. Mujahid Asari Dokubo? This is a well known terrorist this country ever had.

@Yom Yom. Please add Tompolo,

@Yom Yom. Please add Tompolo, Ateke Tom etc

Use The Same Gestapo Approroach

Why did the Dumbo adminstration not use the same gestapo approach to track down BK operatives in the north and elsewhere? He needs their in 2015? Time will tell.

Kelvin arrest should not be

Kelvin arrest should not be difficult, I have predicted this from the he gave his press conference giving the federal govt 60days ultimatum. Comment by his kinsmen gave him away.

Kidnap is revolution by other means

Kidnap is a revolution by other means. Nigeria must wake up and smell the coffee that once its citizens have picked up arms against the State, the wheels of a bloody revolution have been set rolling.

I beg to dis-agree, please!

I can't in good conscience condemn violent beatings and abduction for ransom of government officials in Nigeria who stole the country dry to leave the 160 million people haggard to scrap for bare existence.

A question for the governments of Nigeria

Can any wise-head in Nigeria's federal or state government out there please spare time to help answer a question for my own enlightenment, please?

Why does anyone with average intelligence think or expect that kidnapping will likely end tomorrow in Nigeria, if no other employment position pays ₦10 million per week - which is the average take-home pay of a kidnap gang in Nigeria - and where no job vacancies exist in all the country's 36 states or the federal Ministries and parastatals, to staff Nigeria's 50 million un-employed people?

kidnap is now self-justified as equal opportunity endeavour

There's no kingpin of kidnapping in Nigeria where abduction for ransom is rather self-justified as equal opportunity self-help by all those deprived of life by official denial of a means of honest income by legitimate ways.

By tomorrow another set of 200 youths will likely enrol with violent underground terrorist cells in Nigeria for training in fire-arms for kidnapping.

Nigerian government officials will thus need to kill the country's 80 million youths to stop kidnap for ransom in the country, since the country's federal government has said it can't afford to pay university teachers' salary increment, to talk more of providing 35 million new jobs, rapidly.

He Had It Coming

Kelvin Ibruvwe got what he deserved, first by daring the man with bigger guns and firepower to a fight. Secondly, blinded by his own idiocy Kelvin decided to show up in public and let his real identity slip out of the ladies' mouths. I knew exactly then that his goose had been cooked after that dare to both the State and Federal governments. He was not very smart in coming out in public to humiliate people who had been wanting his head on a platter for a while.

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