Niger Delta Militants Threaten To Blow Up Lamnalco Ocean Vessels As Oil Workers’ Strike Looms

By SaharaReporters, New York

A militant group in the Niger Delta that goes by the name of Coastal Revolutionary Forces (CRF) has threatened to blow up ocean-going vessels belonging to Lamnalco Nigeria Limited, an oil services company. The group accused the company’s management of marginalizing its workers who originate from the Niger Delta. In addition, CRF opposes the company’s plan to relocate its headquarters from Port Harcourt to Lagos.

In a statement issued today and signed for CRF by “Generals” Seiya Gbentua and Akpan Edidem, the militant group criticized Lamnalco’s efforts to stampede its staff to join the Nigerian Seafarers Collaborating Unions (NSCU) following a recent verdict by the National Industrial Court and despite a pending notice for stay of execution until a Federal Appeal Court considers an appeal. CRF accused the company of seeking to make its Niger Deltan staff casual workers as a prelude to their sack.
The CRF stressed that Lamnalco Nigeria Limited and its affiliates, Delta Afrique and Smith Lamnalco, cannot force its staff to join an unsolicited union, stating that the forced unionization was part of a plot to “casualize” the workers who had worked towards the company’s growth in its 21 years of existence/operations in the Niger Delta.

“We hereby place the Chairman and Directors of Lamnalco Nigeria Limited on notice to distance [themselves] from the actions of the Managing Director, Mr. Ian David Hugo, by sacking him and hence halting the anti-Niger Delta policies he is made by vested interests to pursue,” the militant group warned. Otherwise, the group stated, the “Board of Directors should be prepared to share the blame with the MD for the coming serial attacks on its vessels from Lagos to Calabar for which we will give no further notice. We would see which is better between human policies and engagement of security forces for your/company protection, when the battle line is finally drawn.”
The CRF statement continued: “Implementing articles of agitation before, during and after the Kaiama Declaration of the Niger Delta over the years, we kept being confronted with the pleadings/reprimands from our brother-employees of Lamnalco Nigeria Limited not to pursue Lamnalco from our waterways. Encounters sometime led to death of our brothers namely Capt James Nwosu and Tonprema (Able Seaman). It is unacceptable that after sacrifices to make Lamnalco grow from humble beginnings to expanded fleet of vessels and contracts both in Nigeria and abroad in Senegal, Sierra Leone, Gabon, the company wishes to pay back with a plot to dump our brothers.”
The group alleged that the Lamnalco management had sponsored the Lagos NIC verdict as a step towards reducing the local/indigenous portion of the firm’s workforce and transfer more jobs to non-Niger Delta interests. CRF warned Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Elf, Total, Shell and other oil companies in business with Lamnalco Nigeria Limited that, unless Mr. Ian David Hugo’s plans were reversed, their further dealings with or investments in Lamnalco and allied companies may go up in smoke.
In another development, NUPENG-PENGASSAN, the main union for oil workers, has threatened to down tools should Lamnalco force workers to join NSCU.
In a statement signed by Isaac Aberare and Bayo Olomoshile, acting general secretary and general secretary respectively of NUPENG and PENGASSAN, the union accused Lamnalco management of courting an industrial crisis by seeking to force its member-staff to join the Nigerian Seafarers Collaborating Unions (NSCU).
NUPENG-PENGASSAN disclosed that an undated circular by Lamnalco’s management sought to stampede its staff to join NSCU. It added that the firm’s attempts to force some of its staff to be inaugurated as executives of the maritime union amounted to “interference,” a breach of the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

According to NUPENG-PENGASSAN, ILO convention 87 of 1948 in articles (i) and (ii) notes that “Workers and employers, without distinction whatsoever, shall have the right to join trade unions of their choice without previous authorization,” adding that “public authorities (government and its agencies) shall refrain from any interference which would restrict this right or impede the lawful exercise thereof.”
Appealing to Lamnalco to keep the status quo or risk an industrial crisis, NUPENG/PENGASSAN asserted that the firm’s actions violated ILO convention 98 of 1949. It contended that the firm’s management was supporting a rival organization against it. Section 2 of the said convention states that “in particular, acts which are designed to promote the establishment of workers’ organization under the domination of employers or employers’ organization, or to support workers’ organization by financial or other means, with the object of placing such organization under the control of employers’ organizations shall be deemed to constitute acts of interference.”
The joint oil workers association said it would fight to protect the will of Lamnalco staff not to join the NSCU as well as their desire not to have their check-off dues deducted from their salaries in favor of unions under NSCU.

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SS+SE ???

I'm sure your not from SS, if you were you'd been aware that SS is made up of Urhobo/Igbo/Ijaw/Itsekiri plus other small tribes.... I'm an urhobo+Itsekiri born in warri,& hey capital of our state is Asaba an ibo town, but it belongs to all of us. Come to warri it's mostly Ibos ...JJ Okocha, Steven Keshi plus many more are all from Delta state. SS-SE will end up as a great country and the tribes here are intermarried....

SS+SE ???

I'm sure your not from SS, if you were you'd been aware that SS is made up of Urhobo/Igbo/Ijaw/Itsekiri plus other small tribes.... I'm an urhobo+Itsekiri born in warri,& hey capital of our state is Asaba an ibo town, but it belongs to all of us. Come to warri it's mostly Ibos ...JJ Okocha, Steven Keshi plus many more are all from Delta state. SS-SE will end up as a great country and the tribes here are intermarried....

Otile, would it ever occur to

Otile, would it ever occur to you that it is your type of Ibo/Igbo that pushed the Efik to the Mallams? By the way which one are you Ibo or Igbo if you can understand what that means. You use the word ignorant fool, yet you don't know how to spell the word "Ndisime"

While at it, we know where Okrika is but where is your Akrika? Your comments are full of threads towards the SS and may be the SS will also be waiting for your type when that time comes. Lastly, try to answer your fathers name if you have one.

efik, What are you going to

What are you going to do about Bakassi people your masters, Jack Ass Gowon and Obasanjo sold to the gendarmes just to buy arms to kill Igbo people? The persecution of Igbo continues in Nigeria, but during this next war we are going to with our oppressors far and near. Ette, keep posted. Ndisme

efik, Igbo want Biafra with

Igbo want Biafra with no adulteration of traitor tribes. It was you and your hausa masters who greedily carved Igbo people into Ogoja CR, Obigbo, Afam, etc into Rivers. When you ignorantly talk about SS you have no clue that 1/2 of SS is made up of people of Igbo race. From Asaba, Agbo, Ogwashukwu, Okehi, Ahoada, Akrika Obu etc. These are noble Igbo people and you cannot do without them. You ignorant fool.


We don't want your Biafra. We did not want it then and we dont want it now. If and when we choose to leave, it will be a truly minority tribe country with no majority tribe there. The SS only.

let SE and SS people come

let SE and SS people come together now and begin to work for the separation of this evil union.


Much as I hate your marginalisation of the Yoruba, I still find myself having a soft spot for you. Events are being put together that will crystalize in your overthrow.

You need all the friends you can get. You are sitting on a chair and the legs of that chair is being removed. The NC and SW are a people with an instinctive liking for your people (and by extension you). You have personally induced SW dislike and you are starting the process of inducing NC dislike.

I wish u wisdom.

Time 4 SS&SE spring is NOW!..Time 2 control our resources is NOW

Look at the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) & Gross National Product (GNP) statistics for Continent Nigeria:

1. South South Country (SS) ---> 62%
2. South East Country (SE) ---> 37.5%
3. South West Country (SW) ---> 0.5 %
4. North East Country (NE) ---> 0%
5. North West Country (NW) ---> 0%
6. North Central Country (NC) -->0%

What is the use of countries 3-6?

SS&SE should break away NOW!! The West & North are liabilities

1. Which continent Nigerian country are very good at criticizing other people except their own, but whose perennial cowardice has no match, resulting in them having a history of Foreigners coming over to rule over them as Kings?

a) Biafra Republic
b) Arewa Republic
c) Oduduwa Republic
d) United Republic of the SS&SE

2. The Fulani Prince is the Emir & ruler of the Yoruba Illorin. This is so bcos of the -----of the Yoruba people.
a) Courage
b) Strength
c) Cowardice
d) Smartness

ANSWER = (c)

3. Oduduwa, formerly known as Ekelederhan in Benin, was the first King & founder of the Yoruba dynasty.
He was a Benin royal prince who conquered the Ife people & established a dynasty that still runs till
date. This explains why the Yorubas have the same title of “Oba” just as in the Great Benin Kingdom.
This is largely due to the ….. of the Yoruba.

a) Courage
b) Strength
c) Cowardice**
d) Stupidity

SS&SE should break away NOW!! The West & North are liabilities

In which of the following ways do the Northern countries in the continent of Nigeria contribute to the continent?
a) Education
b) Scientific innovation
c) Sports
d) Female football
e) Women Beach volleyball
f) Mineral resources
g) Human Capital Resource
h) Music
i) Comedy
j) Nollywood
k) None of the above

ANSWER = (k) All of the above

In which of the following sectors of the economy of Continent Nigeria is the Northern countries most active?

a) Terrorism
b) Street begging
c) Professional Church Bombing
d) Corruption
e) Legislative terrorism
f) Under pants plane bombing
g) Suicide bombing
h) None of the above
i) All of the above

ANSWER = (i) All of the above

Long live the United States of the SS & SE Republic

@deri....dont worry about the compromising govs. We'll take care

@deri....dont worry about the compromising govs. We'll take care of them & their families when the time comes.

Such Govs should learn from the Ogoni experience. I no talk pass there parable I speak so. is clear that the Yoruba is part of Boko Haram. This is evident in the increasing indigent peoples of Osun, Kogi & Illorin which are being arrested by the Police and who have confessed to their membership & solidarity with the Group. Don't Yorubas have a bombable motor park in Kano? SS&SE will respond as it deems necessary. Long live the United Rep of the SS&SE

@Oleku...You are correctly correct

My dear Honourable Militants of the revolution, please blow up & alien you find in the vessles both white, black,green, blue or long as the person is not from SS&SE, s/he is an alien. Imagine when you find Lukwman Longneck - Nigerian Petroleum Minister Emeritus in the vessle, will you spare his life? If you find the old soldier crook called Davido Markaroni in the vessle will u spare his life? Of course not! Please bomb any alien bombable including those traitors who went defending the North regarding our oil blocks which they stole while in power....We must secure our "common wealth"..the SS&SE spring is the only feasible spring. The West & North clearly are on their Boko Haram agenda. We cannot continue to sustain this unproductive Scallywags.

Kick their botts guys. They

Kick their botts guys. They want your oil not your prosperity. Fight the exploiters to a finish.

GEJ Pls give up 2015

i have alot of respect and love for my dear president GEJ but to be sincere, himself and his government seems to have totally run out of ideas on what to do with wave of crimes in Nigeria. Boko Haram, kidnapping, armed robbery are all as a result of poor and weak leadership, i will suggest to His Excellency, GEJ to pls kindly not allow himself to be drag into contesting for another slot in 2015 by the likes of Clark and recently Aneni(Mr Fix it) bcos he failed to fix it in Edo. The security situation and corruption are becoming unbearable and there is no justification for GEJ to continue beyond 2015. over to you APC

Gowon should tell us the present state of affairs in naija-biko

The greatest punishment ever meted on Africa by the colonial masters was to wed an incompatible couples, southern & northern Nigeria, after a delirious intoxication by stupid luggard's in 1914. I call it punishment because even before it was formed they knew it was bound to fail only a matter of time. The only thing our founding fathers could not fathom was the extent of failure.
If not that I'm African I would accept the assertion reversing bias that people on this part of the world are animalistic. Imagine other nations that British experimented with like India-Pakistan-Bangladesh quickly unbounded their own evil bond but we're warming up for centenary next year, even in the face of a completely failed state. Time to split.

Jack ass Gowon should immediately put up a press conference and tell naijas the state of affairs in his one nigeria!

I admire your courage

I admire your courage comrades but blowing up the vessels is not the solution. If you blow them up now we will still be the ones to pay for the reconstruction of the damages. You must remember that naija will soon be divided so there's no need to destroy what belongs to us. The solution is to take arms and chase out any foreigners found anywhere near the oil vessels. The should be an order to shoot at sight any foreigners or barren northerners found anywhere near the oil vessels. The battle slogan should be no retreat no surrender. Ride on comrades!

fight to secede period

Freedom is not gotten on a platter of gold-the plot to destabilize the Niger Delta is bigger than you guys think-its all about getting rid of Jonathan and controlling the oil wells-so why not declare total war? What has happened to boko haram-have they been defeated/ Boko Hmaram will stop the killings the day Jonathan leaves Aso Rock! Aree the soldiers not playing hide and seek with themm in the Fulani North? How can u beg an oil firm operating in the niger delta-if they want to relocate to lagos so be it-but don't allow them take a pin out of our waters-most of these companies are owned by Yorubas. That is what the struggle is about the domination of our oil wells-in the Niger Delta by the tripod-sadly our governors are empowering them with lucrative contracts-qt the expense of the indigenous population

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