Nigeria: Ailing First Lady Patience Jonathan Unable To Attend National Breakfast Meeting In Abuja

President Goodluck Jonathan, Deputy Speaker, House Of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha; former head of the illegal ING, Shonekan
By SaharaReporters, New York

  Nigeria's First Lady Patience Jonathan was unable to attend President Goodluck Jonathan's third presidential national prayer breakfast, two sources in Aso Rock told SaharaReporters. Mrs. Jonathan had arrived yesterday from Germany where she underwent treatment for a lingering medical problem.

Our source disclosed that some 50 friends of the president’s wife had arrived at the Aso Rock chapel in anticipation of Mrs. Jonathan’s appearance, only to be disappointed when the First Lady failed to show up at the event. Expectations were raised of her appearance when her advance team, led by a special assistant in charge of administration, arrived at the venue. However, she did not make it to the venue of the event as at the time our source reached us from the venue.

One of our sources at the Presidency disclosed that the First Lady was heavily medicated and could not get out of bed.

The high-profile prayer meeting was anchored by the chaplain of Aso Villa Chapel, Pastor Obioma Onwuzurumba. Among other pastors in attendance were Pastor Emmanuel Kure of The Throne Room Ministry, the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Musa Asake, and the Primate of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria, Reverend Nicholas Okoh. Other participants included Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha, former head of the controversial Interim National Government, Ernest Shonekan, and Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu.
Yesterday, Mrs. Jonathan returned from a medical trip to Germany and was welcomed by the wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Amina Sambo. The First Lady had secretly left Nigeria on March 15, first appearing at an “award ceremony” in Paris before jetting to Germany for treatment. However, after SaharaReporters broke news of her prolonged and unexplained absence from Nigeria, her handlers claimed that she had traveled to Germany to attend to her sick foster mother known as “Mama Sisi.”

A source told SaharaReporters that Mrs. Jonathan had planned to stay longer in Germany to undergo medical tests, but was compelled to cut her trip short after our report alerted Nigerians to the nature of her trip. She is expected to return to Germany for further treatment.

  Correction: Yesterday we reported that Mr. John Kennedy  was the Chaplain of the Aso Rock Chapel, however, that was incorrect,  Mr. John Kennedy is the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria's Christian  Pilgrims Board and a close associate of President Goodluck Jonathan. Error regretted

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Jet Lag to blame!

It would not have been that convenient for Mrs Patience Jonathan to be present at the National Breakfast Meeting held at Aso Rock the very following morning after her return to the country from Germany on the previous evening. It is quite in order to blame Jet Lag as a result of her several trips abroad inside few months. That can happen to any of us. Now, she needs some REST after, according to her own account, the 7-Day trip to the Great Beyond!

Please Leave Princess Patience Jonathan alone

Sahara people, make una find another tory. Bo leave this woman alone jo o. If person sick, pray for am make um well. Shikina.

What do you want to achieve with all this?

What is it you want to achieve with all these reports abt the first family and their health? I guess you just trying to paint a bad picture abt the whole ish, if you dont have any news pls log into your 2go and keep ur self busy with that. And allow the first lady to have peace and recover fully.


I supposed Deri owns Sahara Reporters if not so how his comments always come first and posted without any hitch?

nigeria a country of fools rule by idiot

President Johnathan is the most clueless president that ever govern nigeria by all standard.And to be honest, in a country of 160 million population, this man is not capable to govern this big nation this is too big for his capability.when are we' the nigerian people stop electing idiot/wicked people to govern us l think we deserve more that what we are getting so far since 1999.please igbo,yoruba,hausa let's stop fooling ourselves and we the 99% should come together and sincerely stop bigot attitude of dividing ourselves with ethnicity and religion bigotry which all these politicians are using to divide us which gives them the opportunity to concentrate on looting all our money

nigeria a country of fools rule by idiot

President Johnathan is the most clueless president that ever govern nigeria by all standard.And to be honest, in a country of 160 million population, this man is not capable to govern this big nation this is too big for his capability.when are we' the nigerian people stop electing idiot/wicked people to govern us l think we deserve more that what we are getting so far since 1999.please igbo,yoruba,hausa let's stop fooling ourselves and we the 99% should come together and sincerely stop bigot attitude of dividing ourselves with ethnicity and religion bigotry which all these politicians are using to divide us which gives them the opportunity to concentrate on looting all our money

Not this time around ...Naijas are wiser !!

It is right and just for SaharaReporters to keep us abreast with news about how they're blowing our money in the unconstitutional Office of The First Lady, since the Hippolyte refuses to earn her keep publicly. The Ghost worker in Aborigine enclave of Bayelsa is again MoD (missing on duty) at an annual mammon worship at the Villa. Fake pastors are having a field day and it's SR's moral duty to expose the waste, that should be commended, not berated. Afterall, Ekiti Deputy Governor's health travails were duly reported until she graceful succumbed to cancer in a Nigerian hospital amid family and friends. Besides, isn't it rather curious that a person who recently had the "Lazarus Experience" would miss an opportunity to thank God? SR must not wait until the Crows Crow to break us some sad news. It's our right to know if she's in coma and needs our prayers! God biko ...Save our HippoPatience!

@ SaharaReporters : RESPECT !!!





Devil and his evil men!!!

Look at these pictures and do you see something sinister at all? Yes, there is!
You will see the usual evil undertakers in present Nigeria. They all come from one ethnic stock. This is why they call Jonathan one of their own. With people like Ihediowa, Ekweremandu, Onwuzurumba, Okoh etc,. and Jonathan their facilitator, does this country need any outside enemy at all? That is why igbo people will defend this man to death. But the joke is certainly on them. They will pay the price sooner or later!

@ Deri, pls dont change dis

@ Deri, pls dont change dis ur new "agbo"- it is really workin. I expected 2 see Buhari ati Tinubu in ur comment, but was disappointed!

If it was a Muslim President

If it was a Muslim President that did this, they will be shouting islamization

If it were to be a Muslim President

If i was a Muslim that organised this kind of prayer, they will shout islamization.

mrs jonathan cannot be freed!

Though u speak from a position of ignorance. It is most compelling to correct ur backwardness with d hope that ur life could change. Mrs Jonathan being the first Lady and wife of the president cannot be freed from public scrutiny for d mere fact that as first lady, d country finances her 100% therefore she is d business of Nigerians good or bad.

Besides, if she is not worth reporting, u wouldn't have bothered reading this story or even commenting. I advise that u purchase DSTV so u can have d opportunity of watching foreign news media and see how de beam their light on political office holders and their families.


I don't get the point of this report. Why does the president spouse need to attend this prayer meeting. I believe the whole point of this report is to let us know the fistlady is truly sick. Really? What is this? The fistlady is not what is ailing Nigeria. Saharareporters has got to get away from these foolishness that does not help in moving Nigeria forward. Instead of focusing on Patience Jonathan's no attendance issue, the focus should be on these religious gathering{Oh, our leaders are so religious} that are used to deceive gullible Nigerians. I thought religion suppose to be a private affair instead of these elaborate show to hoodwink Nigerians as to our rulers sainthood. Please leave Patience Jonathan alone, she is not what brought us to this juncture in our checkered history.


This Sahara(Sharia?) Reporters broadcast news about home from abroad. So always expect error.
Bytheway, advice to the first lady: never share a premature testimony as God is still at work. Again be stingy with words. Keep personalities out as much as possible.
God will preserve our darling First Lady and see her testimony to perfection. She will not die in Jesus name.


I beg u, when would you stop reporting persons but issues?
No Nigerian voted for Patience. As a person she does not have a constitutional powers. Her health or otherwise is the concern of her family not Nigerians. If it were GEJ, her husband that is understood because as a Presido we need to know his health status or otherwise. Please, leave that woman alone.
Madam, recover well and have peace.


This DERI, I'm sure is not the Deri that we use to read his comments. Or has he begin to realise and start to understand the implication of sentiment and selfishness in making his comments? The earlier we realise this the better because I know the confederation of SE & SS can never be reliased, exist and continue with the DERIs; their comments and thoughts.
Hear from you next Mr DERI. A lapper's son could not be said to be healthy, until he attains the age of 40 with his fingers attached.

GEJ wake up and stop dinning with bad belles...

Something is wrong somewhere in the villa. Too many moles working for SR via Buhari-Tinubu are in the villa. GEJ time to sit up and do some reshuffle in the inner caucus of your cabinets and aides. Those who don't wish naija well and who wants you out of power by all means possible seems to have their evil eyes all over you. They even want to take footages of you making love to the first lady. Haba what's wrong with the first lady falling ill. Why not pray for her. Bad belles

Why all these gang ups by islamic APC to return to power and send GEJ back to the creeks. Na ogogoro drinker abi? No wahala. Let him go back to the creeks with his oil no be so?.

If naijas don't like the ongoing transformational agenda then let's split. Shikena!

God the most merciful is in control of life and death

No reasonable person derive pleasure in one sickness, it is God that have control absutely to life an death, and when God want create a human being He doesnt need to consult one another as such anytime He feel to terminate aife He has the absolute power to do so, hence this necissite we as human beings to be mindful for our action and inaction, when the late president was critically sick in needs of prayers Dame and her husband were busy doesnt give a damn! Busy planing for what to do with power planing on how to loot treasury to near empty, now it is their turn.God never make mistake. What ever crop a farmer plant is what he shall at the harvest period!


SR, your correction of the Name of the Aso Villa Chaplain Shows your Humility & Good Sense of Responsibility..Kudos to U.
That aside, I noted the number of 'High profile' politicians at the meeting.The Story of The prophets of Baal & Elijah in the Bible readily comes 2mind;While d Baal prophets(about 400 of them) Shouted & Cut their Bodies 4rm mornin 2night for God 2answer fell on deaf Ears, Elijah(ALONE) offered a simple prayer and got an INSTANT result! The lesson hia is if our Leaders don't amend their ways, All this will jst be an Exercise in FUTILITY! God is not Mocked. He Who has ears to hear....

Your report on d first lady

Your report on d first lady is disappointing.
Why do u take pleasure in reporting state of health
Of d first lady and giving ur readers d impression day death was emmenint? Is she an immortal being ?

Free Mrs. Jonathan

What is wrong with you people.before you said she had no role in government and should maintain a near invisible you dont see her for a few days and its headline news.please stop the double standards.its beginning to seem that you are rejoicing at Mrs. Jonathan s misfortune

Let them continue to be in a state of denial...

Let the fools occupying Aso Rock continue to be in a state of denial of "It is well" when nothing is well at all. Is it not cheaper to upgrade Aso Rock clinic and invite her German doctor over on permanent retainership than waste our money flying this fat Pig around? The woman should just drastically cut down her weight and watch what she eats. This her Hippopotamus type body is not helping matters.

This country needs a leadership change fast, we have suffered enough under these PDP goons. There is ANGER in the land. Viva La Revolucion!!!

-Ernesto Che Guevara

Yesterday it was Andy Uba

Yesterday it was Andy Uba whose satanic activities helped to paint obj as a saint-His was to collect returns on behalf of ribadu and OBJ-An untouchable who was pardoned even when caught by the Immigration in the USA-for laundering money on behalf of obj-Not my ijaw Alams sha! Now we have anoda go to in aso rock-in d person of John Kennedy Okpara--whose only job is to arrange prayer sessions in public for the first lady-If that man has no job to do in aso rock then GEJ should shove him aside-our prayers to God should be arranged in the quietness of our bed-rooms-but this one is turning out to be something else-anoda babalawo for aso rock meeting abi? Look-breakfast meetings are for the president and NEVER the first lady to arrange via this Okpara of a man! Biko let OKPARA GO NOW! These are d real Moles in aso rock-dont we have ijaw pastors in 9ja? we all voted for Gej-regardless of tribal marks and he is not an ijaw presido abi? I hear una

Its time Aso rock ask John Kennedy a 419ner to stop d mess

Its time this socalled Igbo Chief- John Kennedy Okpara is told to stop ridiculing the first lady on the pages of our national dailies-Why cant supplications to God be made in a very quiet atmosphere for heavens sake? Must such events be organised to attract every fly on earth? What type of pastors are these men? And by the way who the hell is this Okpara of man who cannot even organize a proper pilgrimage for Christian to Jerusalem, be made the chaplain of aso rock? And now the mouth piece of the first lady? What is really going on in aso rock for heavens sake-why must everything about aso rock be open to the public--what type of people are handling the affairs of the president--where is this so-called dasuki--Jonathan should wake up his ideas--9jas are getting sick and tired of this rubbish about d 1st lady for heavens sake!

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