Nigeria: Boko Haram Militants Burn Churches, Border Posts In Borno-PM News, Lagos

File photo: a relic of Boko Haram bombing in Kaduna
By PM News, Lagos

It was not going to be another violence free Sunday in Nigeria as suspected members of the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram

set fire to churches and border posts in Gamboru Ngala, 140 kilometres to Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria’s Borno state.

Residents said around 50 gunmen in cars and on motorcycles carried out the attacks on three churches and border posts with neighbouring Cameroon, opening fire on police and chanting Allahu Akbar, (God is Greatest), residents said. So far two policemen have been identified among casualties, according to residents.

Among the security posts burned were offices for immigration, customs and the secret police and a quarantine building.

“The gunmen believed to be Boko Haram were around 50 in number and came in cars and on motorcyles around 8:30 am and attacked the security offices at the border posts, burning them,” a resident Modugana Ibrahim told the French news agency, AFP.

“They opened fire on the security personnel but it is hard to say if anybody was hurt or killed,” Ibrahim said.

Another resident, Hamidu Ahmad, said the gunmen went into town “chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and burnt down the divisional police station and three churches”.

It was not clear whether worshippers were inside the churches at the time of the attacks.

Today’s attacks culminated earlier warnings by the militants of an attempt to impose a Taliban kind of hegemony on the town.

Two weeks ago leaflets were circulated decreeing that women were required to wear the Muslim veil and banning the sale of cigarettes, residents said.

“A tailor named Adamu was shot dead last week by some suspected Boko Haram members for making clothes for women the group consider obscene,” said resident Hajara Umar.

Violence linked to the Boko Haram insurgency in northern and central Nigeria is believed to have left over 3,000 people dead since 2009, including killings by the security forces.

Talks about resolving the crisis by some negotiations have ended in mere speculations as the Nigerian government described the leadership of the militant group as ‘ghosts’ and ‘masked’ men.

Last week, two suicide bombers believed to be members of the sect struck at St Andrew Military Protestant Church in Jaji, Kaduna state, killing no fewer than 17 people, with over 27 others injured.

The military high command in reaction to the embarrassing bombing of its elite military formation sacked two commanders from the unit on Saturday.

Also last week, gunmen belonging to the sect, attacked the headquarters of the Police Special Anti Robbery Squad, in Abuja, freeing 30 detainees, and killing two policemen.

The police claimed they re-arrested 25 of the detainees.

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Allahu akba

Allahu akba allahu akba hahahahahahahahaha kill kill kill in the name of allah cause he is pleased when you kill in his name for he is blood thirsty and he will surely rewards yu with 72 i mean 72 ocharacha untorched? You know na #muslim is indeed religion of peace... Some body said ojukwu, bakassi,opc,niger delta militant laid the foundation wich boko emulate from pls some one should help me ask the idiot how many unarmed person, women&children, churches, mosque, these group attacked and did they chant jesus jesus during operation so lets us not divert issues here what boko harram are doing is strickly what they read and teaching from their evil book period

@Abubakar M.B

I see a lot of resentment in your tone. So Yaradua tackled Boko Haram successfully? Then tell us why the sect has gone from bad to worse. Does a school of thought in the North not have it that it was the very attack on the leader of the sect which led to his death that stoked the flame of rampant militancy? Tell us who keeps their secrets? Who shelters them? Where do they recruit from? And above all, who provides their finances? When you are in the business of passing the buck, you have got to be clean yourself. As for GEJ, let us be clear about what you are asking of him, you want him to stop your blood letting. But this is an Islamic tradition. It is borne out of intolerance, prejudice and mistaken notion of what religiosity is all about. Just take a look around the Islamic world and tell me where there is anything resembling peace and justice. It is better for you to stop throwing stones, if you live in a glass house.

A nation of anarchy

At a time there seems to be no hope in our self centred leaders, who are the chief progenators of this BH manace. Life goes on till our last is breathe. T link below will stand to give u finacial backing. Just click

President of Nigeria, BH troubled states inclusive

So my friend whatever problem we face that threatens the existence of Nigeria as a nation is the president's business, and if the President cannot provide that what he has sworn to provide then he should resign. If Jonathan tackles the BH problem, who will deny him the credit, the hausas or muslims cannot claim his credit. Jonathan is the Nigerian President, he is the President of the Islamist that are throwing bombs, burning churches and shouting Allahu Akbar in their territory still called in Nigeria.

President of Nigeria, BH troubled states inclusive

Where were you when Jonathan took the oath of office and swore to serve each and every citizen of Nigeria regardless of tribe or religion? Was there any exception of a region or a religion that he didn't swore to protect or provide security for? Didn't he admit the existence of Boko Haram elements in his government? Sentiments apart, didn't Yar'adua though half dead, tackle the BH violence to a complete halt and captured the then leader in a short while, did Yar'adua abandon the ND militancy because they are not Islamist that throw bombs in their territory, or because they do not burn churches and shouts Allahu Akbar? Didn't Jonathan deny the responsibility the ND militants claimed without any investigation? Didn't the former NSA define BH as the by product of PDP.

Boko-Haramites declare The Islamic Republic of Boko Haram now

Boko Haramites secede now by declaring your preferred areas of ops & authority The United Federal Republic of Boko-Haram. I assure of my advice on 'how-to-do'. Believe me as the resting Head of State of The Peoples Republic of Biafra we will support you only with propaganda. Of course The Republic of South-South should be handy to teach you people one or two things on militancy. When you secede please ma ke my boy Gen Buhari your Head of State & Chief Negotiator with Biafra & &and South-South. This is necessary because of peace. Long live the The United Islamic Republic of Boko Haram.

islam has failed

when you try forcing people to love and accept you, it is a simple evidence that you have failed.and all you get is more hatred from the people. many muslim have abandoned islam since the killing of the bh thing started,while in the so called muslim nations the muslims have turned there guns and bombs on themselves. what a shameful faith of the hopeless who is not even sure of the real way to pleas God

Abubakar M.B, You are an

Abubakar M.B,

You are an idiot. How can you blame the President for the actions of a band of Islamists who are rampaging their own territory by throwing bombs, burning down churches, looting bank as well as shouting Allahu Akbar?

Did you blame Musa Yar'Adua for the action of the Mohammedan man who fucked the fat goat in Sokoto?

Wallahi, if a teenage girl is raped in Malumfashi you blame it on Jonathan. If a looting aboki crashes his own plane you blame it on Jonathan. If a cow aborts in Jack Gowon's village you blame it on Jonathan. Haba mallam.

GEJ can only manage terror but cannot fight it

GEJ is extremely dumb, even when the terrorist he managed organized a bomb blast on independence day (with or without his directives), he was stupid enough to assume the role of their spokesman to deny the responsibility they have already claimed. This problem might have started religious but now it has grown criminal and political wings. What do we expect from a president that governed and managed militants for almost a decade, when he said fresh air you should have known better, had he had brought anything fresh to his own state, was there any solution for terrorism in his state as governor, he just managed the problems which in a way recruited more because of the financial settlement. So we should know that our President doesn't know how to fight terror but only how to manage terrorist, therefore we should start learning bomb and assault survival tips to manage our lives, until when the youths are pushed to the wall with no option than to start a revolution.

Re-Boko Haram

The only true solution to the Boko haram menace in Nigeria is a total commitment of the government to stand up and fight these fools head-on else we are in for a long war that might end up destrproying everyone. But unforturnatly the government of Goodluck Jonathan is the weakest our country has ever withnessed since after independence and has no plans for this country pther than to loot our trasuary and what ever is left of it by the past admistration. He sits and watch while our fellow contrymen is slaughtered everyday and he does nothing but empty talk of being on top of it, the killing of christains has become an every sunday thing and our security agences have joined to kill the people they sworn to protect, truth be told we are @ war, our nation is @ the state of anarcy and only a Rawlings in Nigeria can save this nation from total collapse.

Check live updates

Check live updates of whats happening in Nigerian cities at

Click at this website to

Click at this website to understand why the killing of Christians must continue ==>

We are doing a controlled test bombing in SS&SE Republic tonight

We, the United States of the SS&SE will carry out controlled test bombings tonight within & around communities of alien citizens in our territory.

So far, it is only Sapele & Benin counties that reacted last year, in response to the provocative bombings by the Northern countires of Nigeria.

In retrospect, Sapele, a benign bomb was detonated around a muslim neighbourhod close to a children islamic school. In Benin County, the Hausa cattle community was sacked momentarily & a move was made immediadiately to invade the Hausa comm. Leader's house but for the plea of our dear comrade Oshimhole.

Our patience has been stretched beyond limit. Its time to redefine bombings & send d message clearly.

Long live the SS&SE republic.

An Southerner in Nigeria

An average southerner always behaves like an Animal and burning with hatred. Was it not OJUKWU, OPC, BAKASSI BOYS, EGBESU BOYS, NIGER DELTA MILITANTS, MASSOB etc that tought Boko Haram all these nonsense. Animals South of the Niger.

Obasanjo Created Boko Haram

By allowing Governor Yerima of Borno state to introduce sharia over and above the constitution of Nigeria, the other eleven northern states implemented their own sharia, and, thus, you have 12 states in northern Nigeria practicing sharia system alongside the Nigerian legal system. Soon, the sharia gave birth to "hisbah"-a sharia police that the sharia states used in harassing and killing Christians in sharia states. The Hisbah later on gave birth to Boko Haram where we are today.

As if that is not enough for Obasanjo, he is now building a mega mosque in his hometown, Otta, in Ogun state. Nobody knows where that will eventually lead to. So, Obasanjo is the proginator and the inventor of Boko Haram.

God will save all true Christians.

I thank God for we're not ignorant of all this atrocities, we're fully aware that at the endtime, people of the world will hate God children & here it is. I thank God because this serve as the confirmation of Bible been the word of truth, I am confident that God will Save all True Christian. Pls change your ways.


How on earth will the economy of the north become vibrant when a common tailor cannot make clothes,For how long will the northerners realise that they need to openly rise up and fight this insurgency,how long will the north's economic dependence on the south last.These zealots are many in number and live amongst the northern masses,they operate openly,they are married within the communities they live in, they worship in the mosques with the northern masses,why the northern political and religious leaders will not openly hold meetings and mobilise the society against these idiots is just inexplicable.
No sensible government will give in to such blackmail so the northern elite must realise that the government is only left with the option of "fighting back" in defence of it's citizens.Just like the northern elite meet to fight for political power ,they should openly meet to mobilise the masses against these terrorists,their dodgy approach suggest a tacit endorsement of the violence.


but one thing that must be out of this nation is the habit of dog will not fight dog...MORE Entertainment news and celebrity lifestyle here at


but one thing that must be out of this nation is the habit of dog will not fight dog...MORE Entertainment news and celebrity lifestyle here at

when they finish killing

when they finish killing everybody, they'll have no choice but to start killing themselves,

How Much More

The arm forces are bearing the brunt of the terrorism and various criminal activities in the country brought about by an ineffective and corrupt civilian administration. How much more do the arm forces needs to take before they rise against these bunch of civilians thieves in political wolfs clothes.I call for a military take over now or the arm forces will for ever remain a bunch of pepper soup officers.


May the souls of the faithfully departed rest in perfect peace. Amen.

GEJ is on tpo of the situation and it is one nigeria

There is nothing wrong if you are not comfortable with activities of the Militants you can go to hell. i pity and sorry those who are agitating for Biafra,those who call themselves chris-like and looters and dangerously corrupt leaders,who know nothing of leadership but are entrusted the mantle,i pity the yet unborn children of christ- like or religion and it still gets down the book of chinua Achabe there was a country,killings will be mentioned today, the next talks will be one great Njia that killings will be on going.

Invite BH, if they refuse,

Invite BH, if they refuse, kill an islam elite, governor, politician, fmr HOS, 1 by 1 u will see their face and know who & what is BH. GEJ should get himself reapers/assazins

The Center Cannot Hold

The situation reminds me of "Things fall Apart" indeed it is not merely a book but also a reality we are all living with here now in Nigeria. But the good news is that God will come in these days and cleanse the nation through vessels he had long chosen.
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The killing of Adamu is because of "bad leadership" abi?

“A tailor named Adamu was shot dead last week by some suspected Boko Haram members for making clothes for women the group consider obscene,” said resident Hajara Umar"

For those that want GEJ administration to dialogue and negotiate with Boko Harams,this one is for you.

The killing of Adamu is because of "bad leadership" abi? Nigeria??? layers of lies. What a waste of time.

Allahu Akbar while enjoying bloodshed!

Allahu Akbar while shedding blood of innocents and destroying properties of people in your land! What a religion!!!


Lets have a referendum in all of the six geopolitical zones of the federation. Its the people's right whether to go their separate ways or to remain in a UNITY that is unproductive, unsafe and counter development.
A new sovereign state would soon emerge out of Spain. the referendum for an independent Catalonia is within days.
our politicians should go back to school and take short course on REFERENDUM.
In civilized society several important issues are resolved by the ballots box rather than bullets box!

Which way Naija

Everybody know that the only thing that unite naija is naija delta oil, now that naija delta man is the president and not being selfish, why should these idiots killing people

Boko-haram are Politicians

The Bokko-haram are nobody but politicians in religious disguise. I guess Mr. President Goodluck knows them but he is afraid to name and bring them to book so as not to ousted him. It is very clear that the fight is North versus South; because immediately Goodluck was sworn in, they have vowed to make Nigeria ungovernable for him; but it is a pity the few southerners in the government are blinded with oil money they are sharing thus unable to read the handwriting on the wall. The earlier the better Sahara News tells Mr. President to act like a strongman. A stitch in time saves nine, they say.

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