Nigeria First Lady Patience Jonathan Admits Undergoing Nine Surgeries In One Month As Lavish Thanksgiving Party Shuts Down Abuja

Mrs. Jonathan at the Thanksgiving Service today

About 5000 guests, including 18 state governors, have overrun Abuja for a lavish thanksgiving party thrown for Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, at a cost of N500 million.

Although she had previously denied being in hospital in Germany, Mrs. Jonathan opened up today at a special service at the Aso Rock Chapel, stunning worshippers with the admission her medical condition had been very serious.  

“I actually died,” Premium Times quoted her as testifying.  “I passed out for more than a week. My intestine and tummy were opened.”

She said her doctors had actually given up hope, although she did not specify her diagnosis.  “It was God himself in His infinite mercy that said I will return to Nigeria. God woke me up after seven days.”

During her six weeks away from Nigeria last year, the presidency refused to say anything to the country about her condition.  Upon her return to Abuja on October 17, Mrs. Jonathan denied having been in any hospital.  “I don’t even know that hospital they are talking about…” she said on that occasion.  “I do not have any terminal illness or cosmetic surgery.”

For today’s thanksgiving merriment, an organising committee chaired by Mr. John Kennedy Okpara raised over N500m, which would most likely be presented to Mrs. Jonathan as a gift, as the presidency is bankrolling the event.

The thanksgiving, which is being broadcast live on the National Television Authority’s (NTA) local and international channels, has such dignitaries as President Goodluck Jonathan; Vice President Namadi Sambo and his wife, Haj Amina; former Ghana President John Agyekum Kufour; former Nigeria Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon; and Aisha Babangida, who is representing her ailing father and former military president, General Ibrahim Bademasi Babangida.

Also in attendance are members of the Federal Executive Council; wives of state governors; the wife of Senate President; the Deputy Senate President; Deputy Speaker Emeka Ihedioha; members of the National Assembly; the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim; the Head of the Federal Civil Service, Alhaji Bello Sali; the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria; and several members of the international community.
The function, which commenced at 3p.m. Nigerian time, is expected to go on into the late evening.

There were early invitations for 3,000 people, but the Banquet Hall of State House was quickly filled to capacity, with several guests unable to find a place to sit down.
Several trucks bearing gifts from government officials and contractors lined the streets of the presidential villa waiting to deliver gifts to the First Lady.

Our reporter saw luxury official cars parked everywhere around the Presidential Villa, from the Supreme Court to the Villa in Asokoro area of Abuja.  Many of the guests parked their cars at the Eagle Square, where buses were provided to convey them to the venue of the event.  

In 2012, Mrs. Jonathan suddenly became ill and was evacuated in a medical emergency to Germany.  SaharaReporters was informed by well-placed sources that her medical troubles had begun earlier in Dubai, where she was then treated because her hands were twitching.  

It was upon her return to Abuja following that experience that she was rushed in an air ambulance to Wiesbaden, Germany, where she reportedly underwent surgery to remove uterine fibroids.  One of our sources said her condition was exacerbated by Parkinson’s disease, while the Lagos-based PM News reported that Mrs. Jonathan was being treated for uterine cancer.

The presidency neither confirmed nor denied any of the reports, until Mrs. Jonathan, upon her return, issued her own denial.  In a November 2012 Media Chat, President Jonathan contradicted her account, telling reporters his wife had been ill and needed treatment.  
Four weeks ago, on January 14, Mrs. Jonathan was again flown out to Germany on another emergency, less than 24 hours after SaharaReporters revealed that she was billed for another health-related trip to Spain.  A scheduled appearance at a presidential event for foreign ambassadors was cancelled.

In her church testimony today, an apparently humbled Mrs. Jonathan revealed the extent of her suffering, including having “eight or nine operations” within a period of one month.
Of the future, she said, “I will be doing things that will touch the lives of the less privileged. God gave me a second chance because I reached there. He knew I had not completed the assignments He gave me that was why I was sent back.”

Observers said this afternoon it will be curious to see how she implements that agenda, given her track record as well the massive “celebration” that is costing Nigerian taxpayers a ton of money on top of her humongous medical expenses so far.

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It's amazing how human being can fear.Just imagine, a respected personality like 1st lady diminishing so low as to deceived the Nigerian people. Indeed it is a very sad and worrisome issues , please endearvour to repent totally so that the mercy of God will continue to follow u. I sincerely wish u well and strong health. Therefore learn.

What you wish your fellow

What you wish your fellow human being shall be your portion... You might even be living to catch a more very terribly sickness than her own. Just watch out

Naigerians Our money is been squandered mercilessly

why some people are denying the truth? why is Mrs Jonathan thinking that God have given her a Second chance back to Nigeria? We are busy suffering while them they are busy enjoying the National cake I want to inform Mrs Jonathan God gave Back Her life just to add more Diseases into her.

What kind of example is the Presidency LAYING?

What kind of society are we fostering?
1. Ayo Osinlu said. “If you look at her itinerary in August, you would be wondering how she was able to accomplish that. In the course of this week, she will be back home. But remember, it all depends on her plans,”

Reuben Abati insisted the story "was a rumour and there is nothing like that".

2. Nigerians cannot afford a meal, no access to safe and drinkable water, education is in shambles and health care in tatters, yet Patience DID NOT SEE FIT to organize a quiet family thanksgiving? Instead she spends this stupendous amount of money? Has she learnt any lessons after her ordeal?

We shall watch her closely. "God has given me a second chance, to come and work with the women of Nigeria, the children and the less privileged. I have come to serve Nigeria. I have come to work with Nigerians. I am there for there for them"

Re: N500 Million

N500 Million was not spent on any Thanksgiving. I don't know why people will keep on lying shamelessly! There is no living and dead human being that has never been sick, so why the noise from the Association of Corrupt Nigerian (ACN)? When most of the First Ladies traveled for medical check up, how many Nigerians are aware of it? Lair Mohammed should keep quiet forever!

Re - It irritates me by Otile

The Yorubas remain the only region who consistently stand for sovereign national conference to allow those with oil to control it. Even the North at several fora now agree and agitate for national conference currently. Matama Sule, one of respected voice from the north echoed it again about 2weeks ago. Surprisingly the leaders of the oil producing areas (eg. Edwin Clark) and President Jonathan suddenly develop cold feet and don't see the need for it anymore! You Igbos don't even have a common stand. SS & SE are afraid to stand alone with their 'resources' because you will destroy yourselves without cohesive Nigeria to weep you in line like they do now in Congo resources et al.

Final departure

Deri were u at the farewell thanks giving party?

Her time is up!

Her thanksgiving party is to bid Nigerians farewell as her time is up.


Let her confirm she has cancer.We will soon eat her bean cake so long her husband protects Chief Felix Oboro, the treasury looter and drug supplier.
Her social party of N500 million is her wake keep to Nigerians.Why cant she do a silent social party?


Thank God she did not die.Did she meet respected isacc Adaka Boro at the bank of the river?He was an icon.However,Madam Jonathan should ask the drug baron and treasury looter Ambassador Felix oboro who also died and woke up after 10 days only to become cocaine pusher and Embassy fund looter.We understand,Adaka Boro asked him to return to earth to change from worse to something good but he has remained a supplier of cocaine and treasury looter being protected by the government.
Madam,welcome and be a good example Nigerians will be proud of.Dont copy Felix Oboro.

I wonder what her crimes

I wonder what her crimes are(kirikiri) besides a decent mastery of her English that has not been endemic among past first ladies. We have been living in a terribly corrupt Nigeria, sad but true. Even the younger generation believe service in whatever capacity provides an opportunity to loot. May God help us!

Yet Every Second Children Die Coz of Stavation &?Malnutrition.

500 Million Naira for 5'000 guests? That's about 100'000 worth food and drink per guest! Yet there are millions of Nigerians that die at home and hospitals because of starvation & malnutrition & diseases related to these. Please people lets have concience. This spending? Is it really from their pockets?! I do not blame Sanusi Lamido Sanusi for saying Nigeria is not poor & Nigerians spend unneccessarily... & i add to that... WITHOUT CONSCIENCE!!! What ever it is they ate & drank, it will end up in the loo as poo!!! May be even as acut diarrhoea!!! Nigerians are fools, especially the leaders and the socalled thieving rich... They are the greater of the greatest fools!!! Sooo stupid they flaunt their crime to the world & think is cool!


Shameless old woman,after lying to Nigerians that she was not sick.

No lies telling.

Those in authority should run fast,away from lies telling.The first lady as well as the presidency are liar fans and it is an ugly leadership behaviour.Leaders at each level of authority should eschew this act.May Allah guide the first Nigerian family a spiritual guidance,amin!

Mrs Jona and lies

If she lied about not visited a hospital in the first place, how are we sure that her story about being dead for several days and all that were actually true reflection of what happened?

Otile,I am surprise that a

Otile,I am surprise that a tribalistic idiot like you can complain, you are nothing but a sadist, i am ashamed to come from same country as you. watch out for the comments you make henceforth or we will spit on your grave after your demise. that goes out to Deri and the rest.


No amount of ethnic agenda by this useless Sahara reporters can bring back the old order in Nigeria , the South West and the far North can merge all they want but the Middle belt, South South and South East have simply had enough of their pranks, 2015, APC , PDP or not , the yoke is broken , freedom calls, you people can abuse Presdnt Jonathan as much as you like, but we must keep our distance from you ungrateful leeches,by peace or pieces

Lack of leadership and pursue of self interest

You must stop been fooled by sectionalism. That is not the biggest problem in Nigeria.
You should be concerned why your local school looks like uncompleted building and no ambulance within half an hour to take your sick child to hospital. Incidents like Armed Robbery, Kidnapping and disease will remain the norm until leadership and pursue of self interest is address by the people. Simple!

irritatingly and insaningly nausating

It is appalling when how nuisances in Aso rock thinks we are daft like them. I just hope Nigerians will have learnt their and think rationally in 2015

Its a shame to imagine how

Its a shame to imagine how adult leaders entrusted wt Hmm!8-| am nt ready 4 dat kind of pain todaythe common patrimony can distort d truth all in a bid to shamelessly guide or protect an ego that doesn't even exist...Madam how comes U are now saying to us 9 surgeries in one month and just last year you claimed u no sick at all.Pls make another official statement so we know which one to accept.Haba.....and we demand an apology from U Madam.Hmm!


....God gave me a second chance because I reached there. He knew I had not completed the assignments He gave me that was why I was sent back.”.......

Is She Tired Of Spin?

I thought she said something else then, during her glorious return airport owanbe, now she is telling us this?

Excuse me!

Is she serious?

Nigerians Must be Thankful to God

Let me start by saying that Yorubas do not hate President Goodluck Jonathan as erroneously stated by one Otile. I am an Urhobo but I am confident with proves that Yorubas do not hate Jonathan and his family.
God has done well for Nigerians for sparing the life of Patience Jonathan. Let us rejoice always. I do not know why somebody will always place so much emphasis on money spent by the First family on food and entertainment when we know that cost of entertainment is directly proportional to the quality of guests being entertained. I had a ceremony recently where we had to pay the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000.00) for the venue only. Now this would be crazy spending some ten years ago for me, and in the thinking of the less privileged, spending such amount for a venue only, is madness. Let us learn to use our tongue to count our teeth. Nigerians should discuss better and topical issues that will enhance the growth of this country. I rest my case.

@ Taiwo you

@ Taiwo you father, mother and relation go spend the rest of their lives in Kirikiri..including you sef. oh! sorry, Sowore and his family members including his sponsors (Tinubu and co)will also spend the rest of their lives in kirikiri too. We all know who Sowore is working for, we know about all the dealings sowore has with Tinubu and Buhari. We are all aware of the various meetings that evil Sowore had with drug addict Tinubu to discredit GEJ's govt and also promote Tinubu and Buhari's presidential agenda. All these are well known to the Presidency, we are just awaiting the proper time to unleash the Presidency's wrath on these people. Its almost time though.

Move it

She should have instigated the update and renovation most of the specialist hospitals in the Country.
Also, put mouth into the training of better Medical Training Facilities in the country; Universities and Post Graduate Colleges.
Find a way to establish 6 major private hospitals, on the professional and specialist level as that which you went to in Germany.

This would be a better thanksgiving.
First Lady , I know your aides will read this comment.
So move it.
Before God gets upset...


I call "ridiculous" on her story

8 or 9 surgeries in one month? Procedures are planned, and surgeons prefer to not constantly re-open a person, hence the goal to do more than one procedure while possible once inside - if necessary. So she had at least 2 surgeries every week in that one month? Maybe 3? 4, in one week? One could have plastic surgery nips & tucks, but don't be fools to think she'd have such multiple surgeries so easily for a serious situation. Surgeries involve trauma to the body, blood loss, infection risk, impact of anesthesia, affect blood pressure, etc. Whatever her medical condition, best wishes for her health, however the fact that so many 'god-fearing' people find it acceptable when masses across Nigeria are in dire conditions, struggling for food, clean water, decent shelter, shows the level of not just corruption but corrupted minds.


For anyone to have passed through such experiences of undergoing multiple surgeries and still survive to tell the story is purely through the unlimited Love of God. Nobody would wish even his/her worst enemy that kind of situation.
For those of us always looking for what to critize even when such issues ought to evoke some empathy in us, please spare this woman further battering so she can recover fully. It is not in our hands to decide who God gives life to. It is Patience Jonathan today. It could be anybody next.
I wish you speedy recovery madam.


For anyone to have passed through such experiences of undergoing multiple surgeries and still survive to tell the story is purely through the unlimited Love of God. Nobody would wish even his/her worst enemy that kind of situation.
For those of us always looking for what to critize even when such issues ought to evoke some empathy in us, please spare this woman further battering so she can recover fully. It is not in our hands to decide who God gives life to. It is Patience Jonathan today. It could be anybody next.
I wish you speedy recovery madam.


sorry bro i forgot to include 'Deri' in the first group...hahahahahaha.

God bless out nation.

@ Otile - I don't know what your problem is. Could it be poverty or being jobless? Well, I guess you should be tired of abuses in this forum. Its you here and there, people rain abuses on you and yet, you remain stupid with your senseless comments. What has Yoruba tribe / oil got to do with Mrs Jonathan's thanksgiving? I think you should find yourself a good job and a proper medical(brain) check-up.