Nigeria: President Jonathan Declares State Of Emergency In Parts Of Nigeria

The Nigerian presidency has just issued a proclamation declaring a state of emergency in certain parts of Nigeria as follows:


Fellow Nigerians, it has become necessary to address you on recent events in some parts of the country that have threatened our collective security and shaken the foundations of our corporate existence as a nation.

2.    You are all aware of the security challenges which the activities of the Boko Haram sect have foisted on the country. What began as sectarian crises in the North Eastern parts of the country has gradually evolved into terrorist activities in different parts of the country with attendant negative consequences on our national security.

3.      Government in an effort to find a lasting solution to the security threats occasioned by the activities of the Boko Haram sect, constituted a Presidential Committee under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Usman Gaji Galtimari, to ascertain the immediate and remote causes of the crises. While efforts are being made to implement the recommendations of the Committee, the crises have assumed a terrorist dimension with vital institutions of government including the United Nations Building and places of worship becoming targets of terrorist attacks.

4.   While the search for lasting solutions is ongoing, it has become imperative to take some decisive measures necessary to restore normalcy in the country especially within the affected communities. Consequently, I have in the exercise of the powers conferred on me by the provisions of section 305(1) of the Constitution, declared a state of emergency in the following parts of the federation, namely:


(i)  Borno State

a)  Maidugiri Metropolitan LGA

b)  Gamboru Ngala LGA

c)   Banki Bama LGA

d)  Biu LGA

e)   Jere LGA

(ii)  Yobe State

a)  Damaturu LGA

b)  Geidam LGA

c)   Potiskum LGA

d)  Buniyadi-Gujba LGA

e)   Gasua-Bade LGA

    (iii) Plateau State

a)  Jos North LGA

b)  Jos South LGA

c)   Barkin-Ladi LGA

d)  Riyom LGA

   (iv) Niger State

a)  Suleja LGA

The details of this proclamation will be transmitted to the National Assembly as soon as they reconvene from their current recess, for their necessary action.

5.    The Chief of Defence Staff and the Inspector-General of Police have been directed to put appropriate measures in place to ensure the protection of lives and properties of residents in the affected parts of the country. I therefore urge the political leadership in the affected states and Local Government Areas to give maximum cooperation to the law enforcement agencies deployed to their respective communities to ensure that the situation is brought under control within the shortest possible time.

6.   The Chief of Defence Staff, in collaboration with other Service Chiefs, has also been directed to set up a special force unit within the Armed Forces, with dedicated counter terrorism responsibilities.

7.   As part of the overall strategy to overcome the current security challenges, I have directed the closure of the land borders contiguous to the affected Local Government Areas so as to control incidences of cross boarder terrorist activities as terrorists have taken advantage of the present situation to strike at targets in Nigeria and retreat beyond the reach of our law enforcement personnel.

8.  Let me assure our neighbours, especially within the ECOWAS sub-region, of Nigeria’s commitment to its international obligations as provided by the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons. The temporary closure of our borders in the affected areas is only an interim measure designed to address the current security challenges and will be reviewed as soon as normalcy is restored.

9.   I commend the efforts of our political leaders at various levels as well as our traditional and religious leaders for their support for the various conflict resolution mechanisms and peace building measures that have been initiated by this administration. We call on the citizenry to continue to provide useful information to our law enforcement agencies to enable us arrest the situation.

10. Terrorism is a war against all of us. I call on all Nigerians to join hands with government to fight these terrorists.

11. I wish all Nigerians a very happy New Year.

12.   Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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I dont think declaring sa state of emergency in some states will solve this menace. The bombing activities will continue further to the South West as this was their mission. They psychologically lured him to declare a state of emergency in some states so that he can be aware that they are also capable of spreading. Now that it is declared, sooner or later, it shall be declared in all other states, and now we are going to WAR...May God Help Us. Let me remind us that, The security of the Nigerian State is not limited to those three states alone.

Thank God for the declaration

This is to inform the General public that we have to stay-foot and pray that it has come to an end, more especially we muslims we have to pray during our forth coming Ramadan. May Almighty Allah answer our prayer Ameen Summa Ameen.

Lots of thanks for another

Lots of thanks for another valuable post. Its an informative topic. vezbe za noge

intelligent reason

i believe that man when perfected they are the best of animal but, when separated from law, ethic, norm and sympathetic interest for humanity they are the worst of animal. Please nigerians ought to apply self sentiment toward the present situation of this country and basic leadership qualities that will create growth and development of this very country nigeria.


you guys are jobless ctitics, get a life, get constructive. If you know the solutions, stop being cowards and propose. This is the year of order and good governance. No miscreant boko haran will go unpurnished. Be not deceived, God is not mocked.

Oga president

Pls try and do something b4 all southeners are killed oh!.as for me i dont have tym for boko haram.

i put it to u, dat u dnt know

i put it to u, dat u dnt know wat u are talkin abt..

Better earlier but Too Late

Too late for that, couse i think this is what should have been done for long ago before things got to this state, Well, to those who do not agree, everyone is entitle to his or her own opinion. Let give it a chance and see if it'll work within few month, then if ok hand over back to the Governor.

security Lapses

you don't need all that security chiefs,You don't need state of emergency,All what you need is Buhari,Atiku,Babangida to negotiate with them,Boko Haram has political undertone,Why all this service chief when you know is waste of time

No Partial Surrender, No Partial Cease Fire...Why Partial S.o.E?

@ Folake Lebi : You "Good politician and Tactician."

Your black ass is showing through your dirty tanga the aborigines run around in. Why do you hide under "anonymous" to direct profanities at me? I blew your bigoted cover the day you published that fraudulent write-up in consortium with @Deri. And I will be watching every ink that drops out of your pen! The above quote is from your tirade and yet, in other postings you're calling Dr. Dumbo "stupid". He consulted only Mullah Sultan and not "leaders" as you claim. And by the way, he did not do KD-South because Sambo is from there, fool. Roll over for Deri to pour more alcohol into your brain!

@ Deri : I gave you permission to drink into overdose on New Year's eve, the effects are evident and I will just extend your leash another two days, for you to overcome the hang-over. There are more than "19" states in the federation. Get some sleep!

@Yom Yom, You already know Deri is retarded

It is typical of "saint" Deri to jump to conclusions without proof or substance. Sometimes i think he writes crap just to be relevant on this site.
obviously, he never bothered to confirm the story or he would have known it was true.

@Deri, i am back and i see nothing has changed with you. you are still spitting crap as usual. Please tell your buffoon president to grow some balls. After all, he promised to steal, oh sorry serve for one term, so what or who is he afraid of?

The whole world now sees Nigeria as a dangerous place to invest in and with this kind of dangerous developments all over the place, would you invest in Nigeria of today if you are not a Nigerian? I think not. Over to you jare.

@Deri maybe you watch gej's press tv, not iranians.

Not only press tv, sky news, aljazeera, bbc all reported it, i don't know what you are on about, did it happen or not is what matters, you could see it still scrolling on press tv screen unless you're watching gej's own press tv not iranian's.

@Deri tell gej to provide the poor with some form of compensatio

Deri tell gej to provide the poor with some form of compensation before removing the fuel subsidy ie free primary and secondary education in public schools, to cut down on those cars he plan to buy for presidential fleet, to learn how to live on his own salary instead of budgeting another N1 billion just to feed himself and Sambo, to sell one of the jets, to tackle corruption head on. As for the killing in ebonyi i never mention boko haram if you read my comment, what you assumed is not my problem is it? I only mention what was on sky, aljazeera,nation,press tv as a way for us to be aware of what was happening not for some fool that call himself @osita dioka to start wishing death on his own family in the new year because he didn't know what was going and think he got big mouth. You just make sure you deliver my message to jonathan because i know you blogg for him that's why i always send you, have a great new year.


today is new year i am a muslim my new year start muharram 4ck u jonathan i like general buhari very much and hamza almustapha

Yom Yom, that news was never on Press TV-

(At least 55 persons, including children, yesterday lost their lives in a renewed communal war in Ezillo in Ishielu local government area of Ebonyi State. Among the dead was a police Divisional Crime Officer (DCO) in charge of the police station in Ezillo. The war, which started in the early hours of Saturday, forced the governor of the state, Chief Martin Elechi to cancel all his New Year programmes. Those killed included children between the ages of 3 to 5, old men and women as well as over 30 donkeys.) Yom Yom and his Atilogu brothers dance band aka Otile, wahala, Osita and that igbo boy from ebonyi state. Have u all called home to find out if the raid was actualy carried out by Boko haram? This news item was lifted by Yom Yom, from the Sun website. But lied it was from Sky news. Soon it will be from Jonathan and the people of Niger Delta. Liars! There was nothing like this news on the Iranian Press TV. Cause that was my first port of call when I read yr post-cheers

@GEJ the snake

I laugh and laugh I will until Nigerians wake up from their slumber! Koko beware! Dont under-rate the viper!shoeless GEJ aka the drunken sailor fisher man. Yes the Fulanis have for several decades depended on illegal economic migrants from the tuareg tribe in Chad and Niger Republic to rig elections in the North. The rest is history. @ Yom Yom, admit you made a mistakes. Although I did not know you were an Igbo man, the initial impression I got from reading your post, was that Boko Haram had invaded Ebonyi state. I did not know that a communal clash led to the murder of those 52 humans. May their soul rest in peace. The state government including the FGN should do all to bring the cuprits to book. Again while I want to plead with you guys to realise that, its too early in the year for us to start cursing each other, Yom Yom sould have told us he lifted the story from the Sun. His brother Orji Kalu, Wahala, Otile and their Fulanis brother band controlled newspaper. Cheers.

@OsitaDioka why don't check first before wishing your family dea

As you wish, your family members will be killed this year because what i wrote was the truth unless i lied and since iam not lying 52 members of your family including yourself must die this year you bloody idiot, you can even check it on nigeria news outlet like as well, you'll see right there 52 killed in ebonyi, unless you apologise i will place a curse on you from now on. ITS ON ALJAZEERA,  All over sky lastnight and PRESS TV FOOL, you think you got big mouth?

@osita you are fool, why don't you take a look even in aljazeera

@osika doika check in aljazeera, sky, even nigeria online site like Nation, may all your family perish in this new year if i tell the truth bloody bastard, you think you got big mouth?




We do not want strong men, we want strong Institutions. Africa is littered with graves of strong men, see where it got us. A good leader should serve his or her people with everything they have. At times the decisions might be unpopular but that is the way it is.
Unfortunately our inability to have a proper headcount will be a stumbling block to eradicating this cancer called Boko Haram.

Think b4 u talk

@alkay u r' surely an insane, who'r u 2 say that? Don't u know b4 madalla incidents, similar hppen in plateau state, when muslim 're performing thr id'l fitr? Some so called crstn who 're not real crst they don't knw what is religion means cames and attacks d muslims, they kills and eat thier meats frankly that's shows us thier true colour of cannival. So talks good or keep silent, fuck'n mad.


This is completely wrong and weak approach to solving the menance......A most read... please checout:

i support ur view

i support ur view mr alex, those our greedy politicians could have hand in this boko haram issues. After all they dont have the love of our country at heart. One day God will expose them.

are U sure u are normal?

Are U sure U are normal like every human being? How can U say no northerner will rule this country, remember u have no power to do so and this government is not belong to ur family alone.


Yes! With Jonathan, what you see is what you get. Some of us shouted till we were blue in the face during the election that this clueless and indeed lucky fella has nothing meaningful to offer Nigeria. Now he has declared a state of emergency in LGs after almost a week since the tragic murders of our citizens. Wao! That's leadership?

Deri, i hope Jonathan has been everything you lied for. And for the rest of you Jonathan supporters, i hope it has been a wonderful ride so far and may you all have a taste of what Jonathan is currently offering Nigerians. State of emergency in a LGs? Only in Nigeria. BH are moving into your LG as we speak.

Change an elected Governor?

You want the President to change the elected Governor of a State? You are talking of shallow mindedness. Can you guess how shallow minded you are?


Coming rather late and very restricted. Let us hope it will smoke out the barbarians, terrorists and their national and international political sponsors. GEJ should please exert his presidential self to make our dear country worth living. God bless Nigeria

I really think you should

I really think you should make comments based on fakts


When will all these mess stop? So that we can be long with good eye here (UK) even though we are citizen of the UK now Nigeria is our original home. Will some people do something and save us!


So the President is weak to only take information from the international community. When the killing was high in jos and Maiduguri the President was nonchalant about it but now that the white heads talk to him is now trying to act. For long i thought he will change the I G & D P O when the bombing at P HQ and Madalla.

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