Nigeria: President Jonathan Declares State Of Emergency In Parts Of Nigeria

The Nigerian presidency has just issued a proclamation declaring a state of emergency in certain parts of Nigeria as follows:


Fellow Nigerians, it has become necessary to address you on recent events in some parts of the country that have threatened our collective security and shaken the foundations of our corporate existence as a nation.

2.    You are all aware of the security challenges which the activities of the Boko Haram sect have foisted on the country. What began as sectarian crises in the North Eastern parts of the country has gradually evolved into terrorist activities in different parts of the country with attendant negative consequences on our national security.

3.      Government in an effort to find a lasting solution to the security threats occasioned by the activities of the Boko Haram sect, constituted a Presidential Committee under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Usman Gaji Galtimari, to ascertain the immediate and remote causes of the crises. While efforts are being made to implement the recommendations of the Committee, the crises have assumed a terrorist dimension with vital institutions of government including the United Nations Building and places of worship becoming targets of terrorist attacks.

4.   While the search for lasting solutions is ongoing, it has become imperative to take some decisive measures necessary to restore normalcy in the country especially within the affected communities. Consequently, I have in the exercise of the powers conferred on me by the provisions of section 305(1) of the Constitution, declared a state of emergency in the following parts of the federation, namely:


(i)  Borno State

a)  Maidugiri Metropolitan LGA

b)  Gamboru Ngala LGA

c)   Banki Bama LGA

d)  Biu LGA

e)   Jere LGA

(ii)  Yobe State

a)  Damaturu LGA

b)  Geidam LGA

c)   Potiskum LGA

d)  Buniyadi-Gujba LGA

e)   Gasua-Bade LGA

    (iii) Plateau State

a)  Jos North LGA

b)  Jos South LGA

c)   Barkin-Ladi LGA

d)  Riyom LGA

   (iv) Niger State

a)  Suleja LGA

The details of this proclamation will be transmitted to the National Assembly as soon as they reconvene from their current recess, for their necessary action.

5.    The Chief of Defence Staff and the Inspector-General of Police have been directed to put appropriate measures in place to ensure the protection of lives and properties of residents in the affected parts of the country. I therefore urge the political leadership in the affected states and Local Government Areas to give maximum cooperation to the law enforcement agencies deployed to their respective communities to ensure that the situation is brought under control within the shortest possible time.

6.   The Chief of Defence Staff, in collaboration with other Service Chiefs, has also been directed to set up a special force unit within the Armed Forces, with dedicated counter terrorism responsibilities.

7.   As part of the overall strategy to overcome the current security challenges, I have directed the closure of the land borders contiguous to the affected Local Government Areas so as to control incidences of cross boarder terrorist activities as terrorists have taken advantage of the present situation to strike at targets in Nigeria and retreat beyond the reach of our law enforcement personnel.

8.  Let me assure our neighbours, especially within the ECOWAS sub-region, of Nigeria’s commitment to its international obligations as provided by the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons. The temporary closure of our borders in the affected areas is only an interim measure designed to address the current security challenges and will be reviewed as soon as normalcy is restored.

9.   I commend the efforts of our political leaders at various levels as well as our traditional and religious leaders for their support for the various conflict resolution mechanisms and peace building measures that have been initiated by this administration. We call on the citizenry to continue to provide useful information to our law enforcement agencies to enable us arrest the situation.

10. Terrorism is a war against all of us. I call on all Nigerians to join hands with government to fight these terrorists.

11. I wish all Nigerians a very happy New Year.

12.   Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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JJ You are a FOOL

No matter what beef you have with the president, calling him crazy is very stupid. If he is crazy, your country is ruled by crazy person, you mother and father live in that country and looked on until crazy man became president. If you don't have anything to contribute, just shut your mouth


Virtually all stakeholders are claiming maginalisation in this content called Nigeria. The best thing is for Nigeria to part ways peacfully because the trend of things now, it is obvious that its just the oil money that is still keeping this country as if it is one in pretence. There is hatred and anger among all the existing people called Nigeria against one another. I pray Nigeria will not part ways through wars because a lot of souls will be lost in millions. The madalla example can give any intelligent persons an insight of what to expect, which will eventually boil down to a religious war.

President Jonathan Declares State Of Emergency In Parts Of Niger

We as a people should be very grateful to have someone like PJEG as our president, who is not quick to hanger, very unassuming, and considerate to the point of looking at the fall out that may arise from his action especially for the low trodden in our society and that quality should never be mistaken for weakness but rather strength. PJEG, thank you for taking a decisive step in averting the injustice met by this gangsters called Boko Haram on Christians, and Nigerians, though to many of us it is coming a bit late all the same we were not privilege to know what has been done behind the scene. I will also thank the NSA and all the service chiefs that were consulted or gave advice going forward. Perhaps there is still hope for salvaging the unity of this country called Nigeria!

President Jonathan Declares State Of Emergency In Parts Of Niger

Great News, the president would have been expected to declare a full blown state of Emergency(SoE) in all the affected states, with Military administrators from different regions ruining the state of affairs of the said states. But understanding our president for who he his - peaceful but yet calculative and strategic in mind, one can understand his ethos on this matter.

The government should also give an indelible clause that should spells out any further atrocities committed by any perpetrators in this states, which should enable evoking the full blown SoE in any of the given states or other states that willfulily/deliberately harbours the boko haram sect or any of their terrorist affiliates.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

For all those that called Nigeria a toothless bull dog, sit back and watch ass kicking, Naija style.

When Naija military finish with the north, even the sand in the desert will cry for help.

Re-Hausa/Fulani are @war with Nigeria Using Religion as a Weapon

Good, for your information once more, now is the turn of the North to act as they want while the south south have done theirs no body declared anything like state of emergency.and more again if you can remember what happen on the day of e'dil fitr(RAMADAN SALLAH)in Jos when the Muslims have been attacked by the Biroms? who among the elites comes out and say something regarding to condolence to what happened? How many people have been killed while others injured? is there any action taking by the government at that time?

GEJ Declares Emergency in parts of the North.

This is a bold move in the right direction. Until the sponsors of this Boko Haram are fished out and dealt with,we may be wasting our time. Happy New Year to all: if there is anything Happy about Nigeria.

Re-Hausa/Fulani are @war with Nigeria Using Religion as a Weapon

Good, for your information once more, now is the turn of the North to act as they want while the south south have done theirs no body declared anything like state of emergency.and more again if you can remember what happen on the day of e'dil fitr(RAMADAN SALLAH)in Jos when the Muslims have been attacked by the Biroms? who among the elites comes out and say something regarding to condolence to what happened? How many people have been killed while others injured? is there any action taking by the government at that time?

Good morning president

Good morning president Goodluck!

i laugh Mr. President

I dont believe Mr. President GEJ knows what those powers conferred on him are. I guess you are just tired of taking the blame of inactionable and decided on this 'decisive' measure! U are totally wrong! What would u achieve by delaring Emergency in local council! U think the gorilla tactics they employed has anything to do with admin structure? They wl move to the next targets (undeclared areas)


Which one be LGs emergency! I dey laff ooo hahahahaha!!!!

state of emergency nonsense


not enough

The declaration of state of emergency by president Goodluck Jonathan in some parts of Borno, Plateau and Yobe state is not enough. There should be state of emergency in all parts of the state mentioned above in addition to kaduna state and FCT. Secondly, all the security chiefs should resign and new ones be appointed. Thirdly, there should be sovereign national conference of all ethnic and religious groups to determine whether/how we can co-exist together or not.


I was expecting him to declare the end of nigeria. stop protecting nigeria for the benefits of others. nigerians don't want nigeria anymore. the trust is dead, anything that can unite people is dead. any one advocating for the unity of nigeria is advocating for bloodbath,killing, destruction and curruption.

He should have declared state

He should have declared state of emerg in the whole of affected states, not this half measure. That way, the conniving Govs will get d message that d music has changed and call their goons off.

Do you think the North has

You are an ingrate Ass!!. Go back to history, The North feeds your fucking parents ever before you were born. Empty brain.

Stupidest Move Ever!

This is the most stupid declaration ever - it is just mere barking with no bite!

You can not show hands without going for the kill!

The president has proclaimed a state of emergency without the necessary tools to make it work!

One - there is no point declaring a state of emergency for sections of a STATE - it has to be the whole state.

Two - you need to immediately appoint administrators for the states in question - preferably former military officers from the states in question.

Three - ensure adequate resources - specifically, military, intelligence and financial resources to curb the menace in question.

Four - Don't bow to sentiments, this action has to be executed with military precision irrespective of the collateral damage that is bound to occur.

Five - This is a tinder box, if not handled correctly may signal the begging of the end of the Jonathan presidency.

New Nigeria

America cry for peace but are prepared for war!!!
This move is a good one and will help bring Nigeria to a peaceful dock after a long while in the unstable sea of division if managed very well, mr President be very smart if it is not managed well Nigeria will still get to that dock yard where it has been long awaited but with ashes and smoke! be warned 2012 even strong and stable Nations of the world will share tears it will be clear the rich also cry but Nigeria will face her destiny.
Peace Peace Peace


 This seems a good move and right now we all hope the Government deal with the named areas as emergency Zones are dealt with i.e- Zero tolerance and no corruption allowed, with officers having only one task- Fish out and exterminate all those intent in killing & causing chaos.

 The duration of this state of emergency should be indefinite, till the affected citizens decide that life cant be like this forever & resolve to take back their towns from boko haram-exactly like it was done in New Orleans.

We do not criticize our country foolishly so for now ,we say the president has done well and we wish him well but the real job is maintaining a proper state of emergency- no bribery & no trigger happy security men but well armed armed forces that wouldnt mess around.

Terrorism is a war against all of us."

"Terrorism is a war against all of us. I call on all Nigerians to join hands with government to fight these terrorists"

Mr president, please what are we going to use to fight these terrorists? With prayers, bomb devices, jobless graduates, insensitive leaders, e.t.c"

For your informatiojn , most Nigerians are using the strategy 'OYO: 'On Your Own' since our president cannot fight for its citizens.

i feel sad that i voted for you but am looking only God for His divine grace and protection....

its quite sadddd.


All the havoc by MEND in Niger Delta. No State of emergency.
All the killings in Jos, no State of emergency (until now just to colour your one sided face).
Is state of emergency give security agencies better weapons and equipment, will it supply them with more intelligence, will it boost their morale, will it stop them from taking N20@the checkpoints they ll mount, will it stop the B/Haram from moving to other less policed parts of the North, like they moved to Yobe when Borno became too hot for them?
As far as am concerned state of emergency is talk-talk for the international media. I dont see this Jonathan with action, cos he doesnt have get lever or balls and he is not his own person.

This is what we've been saying to Deri to tell pres jonathan.

Good decision let heaven fall now, all the northern governors are part of boko haram they are only pretending, and if they catch any police officers collecting bribes, they should be jailed immediately because hafiz ringim is very specialise in sending his officers to escort boko haram operatives for cash, @ Deri has finally delivered our message to gej.


Now that the President has done what is expected of a leader,let no man be him a traditional or religious leader open his mouth tommorrow and complain about soldiers,this is a state of emergency and some liberties will have to wait.
The sooner the political and religious leadership of the north can get thier act together and channel information which will lead to the killing or capture of the terrorists the sooner citizens in these parts can regain thier full liberties.The people killed on christmas day are 90% Igbos and we cannot keep witnessing the decimation of Ndigbo just because Nigeria must be one at all cost,the only reason these people were killed is because of whom they are,christian and not Hausa-fulani.

@J.J you are either a born

@J.J you are either a born fool or a self made fool.Your failure to analyze issues objectively or independentaly shows that you lack sound mind.Moreso,your disposition is an affront that you are a member or a stunch supporter of the Boko haram group. Be rest assured that we will get you and your cohorts as the manhunt is on now!

On what bases will you compare the Niger delta Militants and the boko group? Please go and conduct a research in these areas on both groups before you make your foolishness public again.
3.modus oparandi
4.Global view/sympathy

Son of a harlot..your entire family will be the victims of the next Bomb blast,you infidel that is bringing shame to Islam,Allah will castrate you!

Attack d tree from d ROOTS

op GEJ isnt protectin d state governors of d affectd states thus far by declarin state of emergencies in onli a few LGAs, which means dat d effect politically wuld rest on does chairmen...until d root n sponspors of dis acts (who i dont think stay in dis states) are fished out and punished, we'll only succeed in a pyrhhic victory - if any at all. I pray God gives 9ja d grace n strength to come thru dis as one united nation.

Don't show the stupidity in U my friend; whoever U r

Funny enough our friend here thinks the matter
On ground is some "English class". We are talkinf
a way forward for our mother land but there
You are with your sori ass talking " is the
grammatical composition of this phrase
correct". The state of our nation far exceeds
Whatever height your paralytic reason or
grammatical sense reaches. We (sane & hopeful
Nigerians) pray God's mercy on this one &
We in God's ♥ & grace trust We 'll have a
2012 of fulfilment. God bless Nigeria.


i dont mind if south animal talk like that,they are always after power,which is useless to all of you.we shall see between us who goint to be a looser,this is some of the implication of what u hav done in the election d rest untill ur family loose their jobs,shegu yayan karuwai

good move though small

I commend the president for wakening up from his slumber,The military over 2 u do a good job with human face. The average Nigerian only looks up 2 the Government for security on the larger scale though he has his private security with him, presido thanks 4 wakening up .

A just Cause!

The Niger Deltans fought for a cause and
didnt take to explosives and radical
Killings like the boko haram, who inturn
Have no valuable reason to take human lives
Our President is not crazy!!!

Nigerian's still have hope in this country they call their own

Mr. President with the comment from people changing just because one step you have taken in a good direction, can you ask your self some questions. Please nigerian's still hopes in you but you need to doing some thing about your adviser to put you on top of your situations on your situations on top of you.

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