Nigerian Air Force Fighter Jet Crashes In Kaduna

By SaharaReporters, New York

 A military fighter jet of Nigerian Air Force has crashed in Kaduna not far from its base situated in Mando.  The crash occurred close to the old Kaduna air port.

Eyewitnesses said the jet is in ruins but the pilots safely ejected before the crash.

 The fighter jet was reportedly on routine aerial exercise in preparation for the NAF exposition coming up in Kaduna State later this month. The Chief of Air State Mohammed Dikko has reportedly sent AVM Alex Badeh to lead a rescue team to the scene of the crash.

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tanx God

Let's give tanx to Allah that their is no casualty

jet fighter crash

You most be a monster by the way you sound. I really believed that your people that stayed in the north would said; shame on you. Despite all the bombing that people like you planted in the north but called it boko haram. I promised you that God in heaven is not asleep, the true would soonest emerged, then me and you will think over it. Try to be a man of peace not man of pieces.

Jet Crash

You are a religiously bias muntula. How does plane crash relate with where it crash and whether north or south. People like you should be excominicated from public page like SR

An AVM to the rescue

Am I getting this right "The Chief of Air State Mohammed Dikko has reportedly sent AVM Alex Badeh to lead a rescue team to the scene of the crash."?

Sending an officer of the ranking AVM to the site of a crash, are there no rescue teams for such purpose? Our approaches to rescue ops are laughable, inappropriate, inefficient and sophomoric.

jet crash

What kind of a stupid comment is that, are u telling me the people of the north are not human beings or what. Tell me why the missiles shoulld be droped there or why jets should crash there?

Confirm Area for bomb testing and jet crash

This comment is nasty and i dont think necessary. I thot we had resolved to move forward, even in SR. The real problem are the fat cats sitting in Abuja, daily looking for ingenious ways to fleece the country, including importing cheaper (so they can have change to chop) and lower quality Chinese fighter planes fo NAF. While convincing the rest of us that we ourselves are the problem aka BH, ND militants, etc etc.

good job

Destroy all the air power so that when it starts, they don't have air advantage. Nice one!

Re: May 2, 2012 - 22:38 — Neto (not verified)Crash Again???

Mr Neto are you daft or are you daft??? What bullshit did you just type as comment? You need basic education fast. Do you know the implication of spreading false stories @ all? Shame on you man.

Airforce jet crashes

Since the introduction of these chinese made fighter jets into the fleet of the Nigerian airforce, the force has recorded a littany of aircrashes all ascribed to either mechanical or electrical malfunctions. Recently, two pilots from Naf base in makurdi had to eject to safety on a similar recce mission. I have not forgotten the death of a trianee officer and his tutor officer in kano early last year during a training sortie with one of this chinese jets. The recent deployment of missile from one of thes crafts in PH a forth nite ago while on recce mission due again to electrical malfuntion should leave the authorities pondering on the one too many misharps of these chinese made war machines.

9ja 4 u

As a result of improper maintenance and the habit of I don't care. So God help us

Confirm Area for bomb testing and jet crash

Sometime last week in Ph when Airforce jet figher on maintenace mistakely fired missile, I cearly stated that the Northern part of Niegria should be used as testing site, for missile and plane crash. atleast if missile is accidental discharged in the north it will be a normal thing. now it is accidental jet crash wwhat a nice move.

While the fat cats are in

While the fat cats are in Abuja distributing Defence budget , the young , poor pilots are left to perish in these flying coffins . Thank God , no casualty in this one . Now another useless inquiry with no solution . Some things never change .

Why do people just pop any

Why do people just pop any junk online just because they has access to the net. Mr Neto or whateva you call yourself the No Nigerian Air Force pilot released missile any where near Ibadan. Infact all you posted is nothing but a big junk and can of misinformation. Please if have nothing to say, its not a must you make a comment online for God sake. Go and get your information right and please correct it or better still you appologise to those who have your misinformation.

PRAYERS is DA Answer.


Crash Again???

This is absurd, just few days back, a pilot of NAF released a missile in error at Ibadan city destring a buildin, it seems the Nig Air force are incompetent or need basic flying tutorials, why is it that only in Nigeria such things occur? Somethin is wrong somwhere or may b Jonah shd blame it on Boko haram since is the only easy way out for this govt, by givin xcuses instead of rectifying problems...



Thank God no casualities was

Thank God no casualities was recorded...


We kill ourselves live goats in this country before police and now navy

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