Nigerian Cruiserweight Boxer Bash Ali Stranded in Libya

Bash Ali
By SaharaReporters, New York

Former World Boxing Federation (WBF) titleholder, Bashiru Ali (aka Bash Ali) is stranded in Tripoli, the Libyan capital that has been the turf for violent clashes between opponents and supporters of Muamar Gaddafi, the country’s besieged strongman. Mr. Ali is the highest profile Nigerian caught in the violent uprising sweeping through Libya.

Mr. Ali sent out a distress email yesterday to friends and journalists expressing fear that he might not survive the haze of firepower that has gripped the North African nation.

Mr. Ali had gone to Libya to seek the financial support of the embattled Gaddafi in the boxer’s bid to become the oldest pugilist to engage in a championship title fight. Mr. Ali claimed the authorities in Nigeria refused to back him due to "corruption". The flamboyant boxer then traveled to Tripoli to explore the possibility of taking his highly publicized Guinness World Book of Records fight to Libya.

Mr. Ali, who currently holds the WBF cruiserweight title, decided to take his fight against American Bobby Gunn to Libya after fruitless attempts to get a sponsor to bankroll the fight in Nigeria.

Mr. Ali’s distress message read: “My dear brothers and sisters, I am caught in between bullets here in Libya and I am not sure that I will live to tell my own story to the world but for those who do not know why am here, I will give u a short brief. In June 2006, the then president of Nigeria, Obasanjo, asked me to allow Nigeria to host my world boxing championship fight for the Guinness world record in Nigeria. I agreed because I want to write boxing history in Nigeria as the oldest boxer to win a world title.
“It is instructive to inform u that the oldest boxer to do it is Joe Bugner of Australia who set the record at the age of 48 years 110 days.

“After putting all the fight papers together and personally paying all the appropriate fees since 2006 to the World Boxing Federation (WBF) and the International Boxing Union (IBU), the National Sports Commission (NSC), Director General, Patrick Ekeji then asked for $5M out of the $14.2M USD fight purse.
“I refused to allow him because the money is ear marked for the fight. After the refusal, Patrick Ekeji has done everything possible to rubbish me and he has told different lies to people to cover his corrupt tracks.
“He has told different lies about this matter to the senate president, David Mark, he lied when he appeared before the House of Representatives, he lied before Chief Tony Anenih and many more people.
“I have personally complained about this matter to President Jonathan, Obasanjo, David Mark, Dimeji Bankole, Tony Anenih, Gen Yakubu Gowon (retd), IBB, current Inspector General of Police among others and the matter has been reported in most newspapers, TV and over the radio in Nigeria and nothing has been done about the matter after promises from all the who is who that I have complained to.
“The president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, in Feb 2010 sent me a letter praising me to high heaven for all the things I have done for Nigeria through sports and telling me that he  is looking into my matter and up till today, has not done anything and in June 2010 I sent him a letter to remind him that I am still waiting and that I will never work with the NSC unless it is on a transparency note. The president forwarded my letter to the same NSC asking them to advise him on how to handle my matter.
“I was shocked and still shocked.
“This historic fight would be seen live in 132 countries by an estimated worldwide audience of between 10M and 12M people on Pay Per View TV at the rate of $50 per view for a minimum profit of $500M USD and above all, 9 Sports Academies would be established FOC across Nigeria.
“Now, after all these benefits to my country, u are wondering why I have to give $5M USD from the fight purse before the money is released.
“After sending several letters to President Jonathan and not getting a reply and after getting several calls from people who claim to be from the presidency saying the fight money will never be released unless I agree for them to take $5M out of it, I then decided to come to Libya to meet Muammar Gaddafi so he could sponsor the fight in Libya.
“Now, I may never live to tell my story to the world and if I die in the process of not encouraging CORRUPTION in Nigeria, then nothing could be more redemptive.
“I am worried. I am stuck in my hotel home waiting to die. I can hear gunshots around me. I have not eaten in a couple of days and am not hungry. I just spoke with Nigeria's consular general in Tripoli and he has promised to help me get out of here alive.
“My phone number here is +21******
“I still love Nigeria, though. God bless us, always.

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Bash is a Nigeria, We are not all perfect, nd sometimes we make mistakes. so lets help him out


Bash is a Nigerian, and he is making us proud over there, so we have to look for a way to help him out.

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bashed Bash Ali

i thought the stranded in Libya are merely ibos...wait self! which part of 9ja this old man come from? bashiru...bashira...bashoru.....bashibashi..

he aint mike tyson

Oh well..he's nt mike tyson..and can't b. Tell me wat reasonable chievement bash ali has. Only his stage managed fyts. He's a loser and a dubious man.he should carry his cross

danjuma is a waste of sperm

Danjuma wateva is ur name is.u r d prblm d black race has.utalk and complain abt ibo ppl even wen its nt necessary. D ibo man is nt as lazy as most tribes dat wil seat and wait for crude oil money. They r hardwrkin. I'm from kaduna and I kno dat most malls and big businesses r owned by ibo ppl. They make more in come for d country than any other tribe.if ur mum actuall kn she ws givin birth to a wicked tribalistic bastard, she wld hav aborted u.


Lyrical empasis,feel my analysis,decrease to silent n fell his heartbeat.Visualize with X-ray,cracks invincible to your eyes cause they are canal.

Stagnate not thy thoughts, for it fights forgive and kill repentance.I see no justice,we lack objective n this is my subject.

Ali must come back in pieces.

Ali must come back in pieces.

Ethnicity in comments?....Danjuma 2 Examine all your postings

Read all your comments its full of ethnic hate and clearly directed againt the ibos.

Whatevr comes up such as in here , article on Bash Ali, who also is a personal freind of mine you took an angle to attack ibos .That is always your style.

Every topic every issue now matter how remote to ethnicity you only come to attack ibos .

Do you remember in one of your postings the early postings you did here in Sahara Reporters?..You declared that its your mission to brings as many people as possible to hate ibos here?...Do you remember that post? Its here in SR

Is that ethnicity? Is that darkness of mind or intelligence?

No ibo man has any reason to feel inferior to any race in or outside Nigeria.

Some of you in nigeria are so unintelligent that you meet someone from Rivers who has an ibo name you ask him ...Are you ibo ?.He tells you he is not ..You wonder ahhh ...but he has ibo name ......Now when you encounter such a person you are naivley tempted to think an Ibo man is inferior.when its simply your ignorance at not understanding the various regions.

Or you meet some ibos of Delta extraction who because of the civil war and to avoid extermination had lived denying ibo ..then you think the ibo has inferiority complex.

Let me ask you a simple question a question for you and those of your kind who use this fancy expression ...for it appears for some of you its the only sophisticated english expression you have ever encountered.

On what facts on what considerations should an ibo feel inferior to any ethnic group in Nigeria?

Let me leave you just with one fact a fact not only statistically correct its also very objectively verifiable as much of it is in the public domain and can also be easily seen(visually and powerfully in the face) This ibo was a tribe once having all Nigerians against them trying to exterminate them for three yrs they rose from the ashes of that experience to still own over 80% of the federal capital Abuja and plays a very major role in the economy of the former capital territory Lagos. An objective intelligennt observer would see why envy resides in you.

I wouldnt hate your ethnic group because as an ibo guy I need your success for me to be successsful for I need your custom that is what makes the ibo man different and that is what he admires in other tribes that have similar recognitions.

Come off hate. Learn to contribute intelligently. The ibo as a group is beyond your harm yes you may in your viallges stage massacres as you have been doing and probablily cannot stop it ...... consider this ... you are probabily one of the few eduv=cated ones in your village or ethnic group imagine you having this level of ignorance and hate ...then what can we say of those of your group that has no iota of education? Does not that explain the constant attacks on others very commnon in your part of Nigeria?

Barbarism has its root in ignorance and hate. Stop being barbaric in your postings.

I have spent time on you trying to educate you when I was suppose to be contributing on something else energy and time dissipated on distractions. Ignorance is the major problem in Nigeria.

Is it not ignorance that has a leadership that cannot galvanise the structure that Bash Ali has brought up even if its lacking in any form at least there is a structure upon which a team could have been put unto Bash Ali to work on it and make it a reality. For it would have benefitted every other nigerian of course as an Ibo guy would have seen some ibos benefitting from it businese wise.

Danjuma 2 chill you have but a very limited time here on earth ...dont dying hating ibos. That would be sad for you.

I am ibo I enjoy all the tribes from North to South south. South East to South west I have wonderful friends. If you have been disappointed by a certain ibo look and search you would find others that might help you enjoy here whiles you are here .. I suspect you have less than 50 yrs or slightly more left here try to enjoy it .you have only one life But you might choose to ignore my advice and choose to leave in hate

danjuma 2 your hate will only CONSUME you, No other

You have said places you are not from what stopped you saying where you are from?

It would have been fiar if you mention your group then one can examine your ethnic group and make sense of where you hatred of ibos is coming from.

I challenge you that you are part of a tribe that has always hated and had envy against the ibos.

Its always the inferior who boils with anger at the exploits of the superioir. The intensity of your anger as can be seen in all your postings in various issues as you are always expressing intense hatred of the ibos.

The ibo as an individual you can only reach in the dark and in the herd mentality operatiing at night as an individual you can only boil in hate and expressing your hatred behind key boards of course you can march an ibo face to face.

As a tribe you are already unable to mention your tribe in all your postings could it be there is nothing about them you can be proud about? Or would it reveak your darkness?

You are of course a very tortured soul and you are probably of a religion that offers no redenmption unto your soul. And of an orgin that has no standards of civility. If you doubt me I challenge you to declare your ethnic group and lets examine.

Now coming from such a background lacking in a religion with soul and a town or village or ethnicity that still wallowing in the dark ages whatver education you might have had offers you no ability no intellect with which to analyse others and therefore the ibos.

Would I seek that you have a better views of the Ibos?....No I dont think any ibo cares a hoot about you your rantings on Saharareporters ... A complete none-entity you are

I have been watching track of all your postings you destorying only yourself for you lack the right education to offer you redemption.

Note these :

Hatred comes with ignorance never with knowldge.

Hatred is never from mature minds.

Hatred destroys the one that hates.

Danjuma 2 stewing in hate of ibos again?

here is my article on you. When you see an ibo man look at him very well even the uneducated one take a second look at him Examine if you can excel better then him in knowldge for its from envy that your hate Danjuma 2 reading all your postings here is always attack on ibos. I am certain that you cant stand in front of any ibo man to talk nonesense except hide under your keyboard.

I had decided I wouldnt even bother with your comments but I was persuaded by guys I have asked to keep monitoring you and eventaully unmask you. And soon they will.

You cant stand in front of any ibo guy you only sit behind your PC to write unintelligent comments.

Any article by an ibo you attack ibos what sort of education do you have/ What school did you attend that you lack the ability to inteprete things and write with balance.

Upon all the accomplishments of ibos in various cities and towns in Nigeria you once said you were glad to find out about ibos on sahararepoters. That is a clear testament of a dull brain.

How far are you from jos for it appears you dont know how many ibos have died fighting for the Beroms. And you dont kniow that a lot of ibos died in the massaccre you read about.

Is it wickedness in your bones that inform your writing?
Is it uneducated mindset?

For clearly its not intelligence.

Does it mean you have no brian to write on any other issues?
You try to see how ibos hate other tribes you try to see what is wrong on ibos and why others are great. You it was that wrote ibos as defensive and accuse them of inferiority complex for that clearly once again shows how unintelligent you are.

A liitle understanding of human nature a little reading of Psychology would have given you a better way of interpreting the behaviour of a people who find it easy to live in other villages and do businesses in their midst even in very remote areas.

Do you have this hate out of envy?

How many tribes of Nigeria are the largest group of people outside of the indigenes of most nigerian cities and towns?

Even Abuja a new city ask how many of it is owned by ibos yet you think they are a people that answer all of the evils you heap on them. Looking at the record of ibos a lot of the negativites come from envy and outright wickedness.

If you are intelligent you would not use the opinion of one ibo person to castigate a whole ethnic group

If you have education you wouldnt always seek to write articles inciting other ethnic grousp againt ibos.

I suspect you may have had a rough ride from an ibo or maybe you have been turned down by an ibo girl. I am just trying to find out what informs this hatred of yours.

Try and attempt some intelligent and positive contributions for you wallow in so much dirt negativeity and hate
I have compiled all your comments here on ibos there dates, some day you will be unmasked.

Why do you have such divisive mindset? Nigerian cant move forward with such blind hate and darkness that burdens your heart against the ibos.

Today you claim yourbas hate ibos tommorrow it would be hausas and so on and so on your mind all tribes hate ibos .Are you real? Are you intelligent?

Ok all these people hate ibos yet they trive in their midst doing business.
Kano is a major hausa /fulani city.........yet in their governance they have ibos represented their.Were they thinking like you ..Nope.

In lagos old federal capital even in ibadan the heartland of the yorubas they have ibos in their employment Also ibo businesses trives inthese places yet you are not intelligent enough to understand the dynamics leading to such presence.

I doubt if you have a university education.

I can assure you even an uneducated ibo guy would have more analytical abilities than you that is why if he wants you can sell you something worth 5naira for 50 naira because he is confident your brain cant stand before him. hE HAS CONFIDENCE in his ability to march the best of you. That is what makes him strong and bold but when you sit behind your PC you accuse him of inferiority complex. Where do you live? What brain have you?

Continue in your write up against ibos and now that I have replied you your stupid mine you would think another ibo on the defensive..

You would be stupid to think that ibos care about your write up. You would be stupid to think that up to .000005% per cent of entire ibo population read you read all your rantings about ibo

And yet becuase of poor education you write IBOS IBOS IBOS ....... everything ibos...all because of your poor education otherwise you would have had a better way of puting your words. is my article on you ..............

Crazy nigga.

 $14.2m is equivalent to two billion naira.

this guy is insane.hope he is just joking about this sum.

@AU Citizen and @darlington bari

Very typical isnt it? @Darlington, thanks for yours. No I am not Hausa,Igbo or Yoruba. I am from the minorities but that is not the point. You can see the difference in your own argument and that of @AU Citizen! The diference is clear!!!
Do I need to say anymore?

We need to chase the clannish people out of the internet. They are so uncivilised and suffer deep inferiority complex that messes up good debates. Thats my point! These animals and 419s who aim to use their ethnicity to promote selfs should be chased out because everyone must know their antics by now

bash 419 ali

Box ur way outta libya. Afterall, u went all d way dere 2 air our dirty linen. D day wey dog wan die,im no dey hear d whistle of im owner.

Wetyn carry am go? He went 2

Wetyn carry am go? He went 2 air our dirty linen outside n was caught in d rain of revolution. What a brief letter too. If he wins the bout, will the money go to nigeria's coffers or to his own pocket? His greed & shameless ambition got him into that mess. He should meet Ghaddafi to show him a way out of tripoli. Mcheeeeeeeew!!!


ALI, ALI, ALI. Haba! At this age, you should have outgrown scamming. U adopted your name to gain popularity after The great MOHD ALI. U staged and fix all your fights to mimic an hero. Cant you be real for once? Now suddenly, you are in your own Libya, behind Uromi Hotel.
Whatever you proclaim, May you recieve. OLD JOBBER!

we must learn to sift the

we must learn to sift the wheath from d shaft.was the mail from libya.yes ip address says so.bash alis libyan number is also tripoli based.y who ask the fg to rescue him.bcos its a last resort and only countries can get anyone out in present day libya.bash only represents 1000s of nigerians who have been left stranded by inept fg plans.yesterday the nigerian plane was denied landing.wake up goodluck get a ship to libya. quickly

Bash Ali na Ojoro man

He will come to the NTA and boatsed that he will knock down his opponent in one second. People will purchase ticket for the D day and the match will be postponed indefinitely. We know you, pls get a live


I know that this man made millions from SCAMS, but I did not know that he is a COMEDIAN!


Although, I am sympathetic to the travails of this man (Bash Ali) but at the same time I've come to realize that the antics of few Nigerians prevented me from believing this story. First of all, Mr. Ali made some serious allegations against Ekeji without any evidence. Secondly, Mr Ali claimed he is currently in Libya but I find it difficult to conclude whether (a) Libya, the country or (b) Libya, as a figure of speech. And thirdly, on the title fight issue without any evidence. Turning to the credibility of Mr Ali complaints without any evidence, it is my view that until Mr. Ali supply his travel details (visa to Libya and entry stamps) I just don't believe he is in Libya because there is no access to foreign media and postal services or even mobile phone are no longer in existence. Mr Ali claimed Ekeji made demand of $5million and he didn't supply any shred of evidence although, Nigerians including myself believe that Ekeji has some skeletons in his closet but one can only accuse him with evidence. On the title fight agenda, obviously there would have existed a fight plan and financial analysis done by the promoter and again Mr Ali failed to supply anything. I conclude, in the absence of verifiable documents by Mr Ali, his infomercial may turned out to be huge libellous and slanderous utterances but then again one who prosecute a beggar will likely cause more harm to himself than the beggar.


Are u advertising urself or complaining about Nigerias corrupt leaders or u want federal government to sponsor ur fight or what do u actually want Bash?I believe there are lots of Nigerians traped as well in Lybia and what should be the main point is to remind the Nigerian government about its duty to protect Nigerians trapped in the Lybian imbroglio/wahala by making an urgent arrangement to evacuate them including u if at all u are there.Abi person wey wan die dey remember say im wan fight and need promoter?Abi u sure say u actually dey Lybia?Person wey dey see die dey remember property?I use this medium to plead to Jonathan to do something to rescue our brothers and sisters trapped in Lybia.Biko,GEJ.

U Will not die Ali

Well, Bash we've heard ur story, we ar praying 4u to come home alive so we could trash you with 100 stroke of koboko for going to Libya to have your share of the NATIONAL CAKE OF LIBYA that Ghadafi is amassing.

@ Bash Ali

Seek refuge at the US embassy, if you are able to get there safely, they are helping in ferrying out even none US citizens. Per a last report from the whitehouse, the US doesn't have much of its citizens doing business in Libya, so they have spare capacity to help others. Godspeed and goodluck.

@ Mr. Trump

You are right on point, if it were Mike Tyson stuck in a motel in Libya, regardless of his long rap with the law, there will be warships, and warplanes in the air trying to rescue him.

@danjuma 2, VERRY CORRECT BUT?

It is true you said but, its not only the Ibos that is suffering from such mentallity. It includes the
Yorubas and the Hausa that you came from. The country Nigeria, existed if only there is any thing to gain by the three major tribes nothing more, as we been cut and split in between ethnicity and tribes.

Thanks once again for your observation.

Begging Bowl: Flip the coin...

Are you not supposed to be deriding the Nigerian system? In progressive nations their heroes are worshiped, but then we all know that the only thing that the majority of Nigerians worship is money.

I'm afraid the mentality you've demonstrated is extremely warped.

Begging bowl

Can you imagine, Bash Ali going to Libya to beg Gaddafi for money? No wonder Arabs see black Africans as nothing but slaves and beggars!

@Danjuma 2

You're an animal. What have igbos got to do with this story. From the comments, the sympathetic comments to this unfortunate guy are coming from Biafrans/igbos. You nigerians are the ones being harsh and unsympathic to someone who may well be trapped in a war zone. Before this crisis, Gaddafi was the sort of eccentric that could help out a guy in his situation. How do you know his story about Ekeji isn't correct? Have you investigated?
People are filing reports from Libya as their infrastructure works, so it's possible for this guy to pass a message out.
And Danjuma 2 (as anti igbo as your murderous namesake in 1966], don't worry, we're getting out of your useless country. This weekend igbos are marching to demand Biafra. We'll be gone so you have no one to blame for your failed state.

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