Nigerian First Lady Heading To Spain For Treatment

Nigerian first lady, Patience Jonathan
By SaharaReporters, New York

Nigerian First Lady, Patience Jonathan, is scheduled to visit hospitals in Germany and Spain in a few days, according to medical sources in Abuja.

Mrs. Jonathan, who returned to Nigeria last year after a prolonged stay at a German hospital, is officially headed for Spain but our source said she is scheduled for medical treatment in Germany to ready her fit enough so that she can attend an African First ladies event  scheduled for Addis Ababa later in the month.

Since her tumultuous return from her extended trip abroad last year, Mrs. Jonathan has remained largely marooned inside the Presidential villa only attending few public events and church services in Abuja.  Although SaharaReporters fully reported on her medical excursion in Germany throughout her absence from Nigeria, she claimed not to have been in a hospital.

Our source said the First Lady has been struggling with a variety of ailments that have refused to go away, some of them being complications relating to the surgery she embarked upon during her medical trip abroad.

Concerning Mrs. Jonathan’s trip to Spain, it is known that she had previously attended "health farms" in the Malaga area of the European country.  It is there that a former Nigeria First Lady, Stella Obasanjo, tragically lost her life in a cosmetic surgery operation in 2005.

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I love what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I've incorporated you guys to blogroll.|

just wondering, why is madam

just wondering, why is madam braless?????

Madam perm sec/umblelah

judging by this picture, take a closer look, madam did some breast lift as well, and why the sudden love of dark glases???? More will unfold, soon.

Preye, what manner of (1)

You're begging the question, Otile. And this sadly, exposes the abject poverty and despondency of your thought process! Who comes across as a sycophant between me and you? I am a Southerner and I am being objective about my judgment and verdict about one of the most impeccable and flawless leaders Nigeria has ever had. You, as I suspect, are a Southerner. You like the status quo probably because you're profiting from the rot in the system. You see the world around you through the bigoted prism of religious myopism and ethnicity.

@Preye, what manner of

When I associated Buhari with indifference to "Family Affair" as glamorized today by the PDP vultures, my submission was clear that even his wife had no business in the serious affairs of State. But there you went, cluttering a simple, clear and timeless presentation with the porousness of your cheap, utterly corrupt and Ghana-must-go mind. Be grateful I just saw your very trivial string of childish thinking. Be thankful, because I like to drop it like it's hot! Nitwit.

meaning of otile

I tink otile needs sum more to shut his stinking dirty mouth, I wl be back for u otile

What do you mean delivered spiritually

Was America, Britain and all the top notch countries delivered before they became what they are?

We are the cause of our problems. We get what we deserve. Everything that happens to man happens for his own good. This is a trial and unless we understand what is going on, we cannot solve it.

Nigeria does not need spiritual deliverance, Nigeria needs leaders and not a leader. Good leaders that will span the whole government and not a single bad egg.

Nothing to do with tribal, religious or whatever. WE NEED GOOD PEOPLE IN GOVT. Finish!

@Arabi kehinde: You need prayers more than HipoPatience

@Arabi kehinde

Moron, save your prayers for the pregnant mother who would surely die at the various hospitals tonight because Jonathan would rather have his wife goto Germany for treatment that equip our hospitals.

Save your prayers for your relations who might die on the death roads in Nigeria because Dumbo Jo has neglected the roads.

Save your prayer for your friends living in Maiduguri or Yobe who might be killed by Boko Haram because your clown of a President is confused.

Save your prayer for yourself because according to the World Bank indices, you are in daily danger of an untimely death due to the situation created by the Nigerin govt.

Maybe She Is Moving Some Hard Currrency

She is probaly moving some raw currency into her sevral accounts in all these destinations who knows??Have they ever thought about establishing those types of specialist hospitals in Nigeria? We have the skilled manpower but we lack the infrastructure, constant power supply and medical equipments to work with.Thank abt it Jonathan!


Everything Nigerians call God. Is there religion in Russia, Germany, korea, Japan et al before things work perfectly? Stop hypocrisy & 419 called religion & do things right coz God have given us the disposition. Don't be decieved by religion in 2015 & GEJ visiting pastor Adeboye

Na wa for dis kind first lady...

Is this woman really sick?? She is out for fashion not for treatment. Take a proper look at the photo captured above, look at how she is dressed with her "NIPPLE" standing and pointing out. wa ooo. This oil money de work for her bodi ooo. Nigeria money has really transformed this woman from a local champion to a fashionist. Judgment day is near...

Think Deep and do not be so sentimental

@ Yusuf Ibrahim, Please think Deep and do not be so sentimental. Patience is going to all these places with Nigeria's money. Besides this, Patience is Nigeria's First Lady, the President's wife ... whatever affects her automatically affects Nigeria and Nigerians. So, it is Nigerians' business when she goes to all these places. Hence, her going to these places has EVERYTHING to do with Nigerians and Nigeria.


U are so, i don't know what to call you. This is the first lady Hello, every body saw it and kept mute because we are all concerned about her health and not her right side of the picture. Try to be mature in your life.

Preye, What manner of


What manner of reasoning is this? You lavish your praises on Mullah Buhari for overthrowing a legitimate govt. Sycophant, see how you praise your slave master mindlessly. Hear yourself: "He had no time for family affair and all the nonsense..." In other words mullahs as polygamists can marry as many virgins and reproduce as many offspring and abandon them on the streets to fiend for themselves. And this is your kind of family value. What manner of a moron are you? Eat your bribe from your slave master and shut your mouth.

Meaning of Otile - Google result .... haha !!!

Your name of Otile contributes sensitive, creative, and idealistic qualities to your nature that could be expressed in a variety of literary or artistic fields. 
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Uche, I love it when people


I love it when people make fool of themselves in trying to attack me. You see, you can't make a correct sentence. How many errors in 3 short sentences? For illiterates like you, attacking me is like suicide bombing in which the jihadist dies in the attack without getting the target.

*********AMEN TO WHAT*********@AKPOS

Have you had time to research on GEJ's Transformation Agenda to know what he has done and his achievements instead of jumping into conclusion about what you don't even have an idea of, Well if you are ready to know about GEJ Transformation Agenda am ready to give it to you in quantity. information is POWER.

Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas Tlong,

Hahahahaha, go ahead and laugh your head off. Only fools like you and Preye laugh hilariously in such a foolish manner. Go ahead fool.

*********Mind your BUSINESS*********

if she went for tummy tuck in the best Hospital in the World, how is that your business, what matters to me is her health and how possible it is for her to meet up with the African First ladies event scheduled for Addis Ababa later in the month.


Amin Jesu!

Nigerian First Lady Heading To Spain For Treatment

it is not fair that people speak with anger that is not well directed. Mrs Jonathan is human being first and secondly,the wife of the president .Please we should pray for her recovery and not insulting her .If she is our aunt or sister or relative most of us will remove our dress and fight her cause even if she is not right.
Sickness or any thing that makes one feel bad is not what to jeer about or taunt the person, i have a n experience which I pray thta even my enemy even in politics should not go through.
May God almight heal Mrs Patieent Jonathan of her ailment if there is any.(Amen)

@sultanofsokoto: Congrats for being a clown !

Looking at other posts on this topic, I congratulate you for being a clown; it's in your DNA anyway. Come 2015, u can make the Jonathan moron the king at the creeks, it's within your rights, animals deserve to rule animals.

You moron couldn't even build an hospital to treat HipoPatience of her overeating despite being a dep. gov, gov, V.P and President for 2 years. Does it take eternity to equip hospitals ?

Before you spit rubbish; give us an update on the moron's election promises which i link pasted below.

Cpme 2015, the "i did not have a shoe" story will be stale and it will be about past achievment. Give us an update.

Spain is a Decoy, She's headed back into the Hurst Klinikum

The Hipolyte is getting her bed back at the Hurst Clinic in Wiesbaden, Germany. Not Spain, Germans that I know too well will never allow Espäna people mess with their specimen. HipoPatience is joining Suntai to form an Eclipse of the Dying in the Garden of the Dead ...using our commonwealth! Aso god must be appeased. African First Ladies would be better off planning ahead without worrying about Naija's illitrate First Frau. The Hipolyte has other things to worry about besides her dwindling health, like her land-grab case with that other vulture, Turai Shinkafir !


Cervical cancer

The first lady is believed to be suffering from cervical cancer, that was why the earlier operations she had were suspected to be a "tummy tuck". She therefore has to undergo routine checks or more surgeries to stop malignancy. This is the case with Hugo Chavez. As she prays to God for healing, she may also pray to God to grant her husband wisdom

her last trip

hospital sources in Hannover have just informed me:

1. this is the last time Mrs. Patience will - patiently - spend some time in their German hospital.

2. next time she will spend time in a Nigerian hospital, since Germany will be annexed by Nigeria, as her 37th state.

3. the above has just been confirmed to me by Prof. Okey N.

4. we are awaiting the conclusive medical report from Prof. Dr. Babalawo Pius.


You shouldn't wish this on

You shouldn't wish this on even an enemy? Turn around from your hate filled vibes, perhaps God may forgive you.

@ Preye

..... Hahahahahahahaa "What manner of name is 'Otile'? Sounds stupid" ... hahahahahahahaa, rolling on the floor , hahahahahahaaaa>> Nice one Preye... Otile !! What a shameful name,, Hahahahahaa, i'm still laughing

@ Preye

..... Hahahahahahahaa "What manner of name is 'Otile'? Sounds stupid" ... hahahahahahahaa, rolling on the floor , hahahahahahaaaa>> Nice one Preye... Otile !! What a shameful name,, Hahahahahaa, i'm still laughing

At Tax payers' Expenses

This shapeless lady travels around the globe for medical treatment at the taxpers'expenses. Is she and others going to heaven for treatment or on earth? What efforts are they making to make things better here. Jonathan et al are busying looting the commonwealth of the nation. They will die one after the other. Somebody say Amen!

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