Nigerian Labour Unions "Suspend" Strike, Request Workers To Return To Work

Labour reps at a ameeting with federal govt negotiators recently
By SaharaReporters, New York

The leadership of Nigerian trade unions involved in a tense face off with the Nigerian government over increase in fuel prices has capitulated today by calling off a weeklong strike.

Labour leaders spoke at a press conference in Abuja asking workers to return to work as labour leaders engage in further dialogue with the Nigerian authorities over the latest fuel price slash announced by President Jonathan.

Full text of press conference below:

Suspension Of Strikes And Mass Protests Against Hike In Fuel Prices
In the past eight days through strikes, mass rallies, shutdown, debates and street protests, Nigerians demonstrated clearly that they cannot be taken for granted and that sovereignty belongs to them. 
In the last twenty four hours, the Labour Movement and its allies who had the historic responsibility of coordinating these mass actions have had cause to review the various actions and decided that in order to save lives and in the interest of national survival, these mass actions be suspended.

We note the major successes Nigerians scored in these past days in which they rose courageously as a people to take their destiny in their hands.

First, the Federal Government that chorused continuously that its decision to increase petrol (PMS) price to N141 is irreversible and irreducible, was forced to announce a price reduction to N97. We however state categorically that this new price was a unilateral one by the Government.
Secondly, Government has been made to adopt the policy to drastically reduce the cost of governance.

A third major success Nigerians recorded is to get the Federal Government to decisively move against the massive and crippling corruption in the oil sector.  While until now Government has seemed helpless to tackle corruption, the mass action of the people has compelled it to address accountability issues in the Sector.  In this wise, President Goodluck Jonathan has told the nation that the forensic audit report on the NNPC will be studied and proven acts of corruption will be sanctioned.

He also promised that accountability issues and current lapses in the oil sector will be speedily addressed including the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).

A related success of the mass action by Nigerians is the vow of Government to bring to justice all those who have contributed in one way or another to the economic adversity of the country.

The Labour Movement commend Nigerians for their resolve to change the country for the better and we shall take advantage of the Government’s invitation to further engage on these issues.  This is in line with Labour’s resolve that the oil industry is too important to be left in the hands of bureaucrats, and that we have the patriotic duty to ensure that Nigerians get the best from this natural resource.

The least we owe our compatriots who have become martyrs in the patriotic struggle to reassert our sovereignty and ensure good governance is to remain steadfast and unbowed. Labour reiterates its demand that those who perpetuated violence against unarmed protests should be brought to justice.
With the experiences of the past eight days, we are sure that no government or institution will take Nigerians for granted again.

In view of the foregoing, Labour and its allies formally announce the suspension of strikes, mass rallies and protests across the country.  We demand the release of all those detained in the course of the strikes, rallies and street protests.

We thank all Nigerians especially market men and women, artisans, youths, students, the Nigeria Bar Association, the Nigeria Medical Association, the National Assembly, Civil Society Organisations faith-based organizations, artistes and Nigerians in Diaspora for their invaluable support and active participation during the strikes, mass rallies and street protests.
Abdulwahed I. Omar                                                       Peter Esele
President, NLC                                                          President, TUC

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I understand the Labour

I understand the Labour Movement's initiative. I used to discuss about this with a friend who sells speakers bureau. He told me that all that it's related to oil industry should be severely watched. Any shift here can alternate a major chain of changes.


My fellow Nigerians, for the first time in the hostiry of our country,we all came together as one regardless of our religion.For the first time we the Nigerian people not just labour stood for the truth. So when you say that labour chickened out,my dears Labour did but you and i know that we have just awakened from our slumber. So now is not the time to blame Labour, but reassure ourself and the Government that we are ever ready to fight for our right and we are ready to stand by a government with our might if they do what is right.Nigeria know her strength and the leaders know that now and i hope that they will do what is right from now on.God bless Nigeria.


na waao


This is not d same nigeria dat we know,things have grown worse.We do not know wether they are deceiving us in this nigeria.Pls let President jonathan pity us and let nigeria flow for milk & honey.PLS


NLC/TUC Leadership also have no shoes to wear. GEJ give Dem for dancing to ur tune nd betrayed d masses.


We dont have good leaders in nigeria how nlc & tuc president has betrayed us they told us no retreat no surrender bt they finally gave up after recievin there normal tip from d govt. We are been fooled and fela self talk say na arrange G govt we dey.

Stop calling on God. This is

Stop calling on God. This is part of our problem in Nigeria. We leave everything for God and people are dying everyday. I believe in God but we need to change our own ways ourselves.


@WISEDATA; ur name is a complete opposite of your true personalty. U are just a deceived fool who needs liberation from the chains of the devil through your hell journeying master; GURU MAHARAJI.
Have u ever thought of asking your master who created him since, his root can be traced to a family background in Ibadan? Think about it and after you have taken your time to do that, then I'll advice you to worship and serve that person who created ur master since definitely he must be more powerful than you powerless master. Obviously the almighty God created all creatures in the world and therefore, embrace God today and best way to embrace him right is trough Jesus Christ as he has requested us.

May God open ur eyes and have mercy on u in Jesus name. Amen!

what our people lack

What our pple lack is information. They are not imformed at all and it is a pity that it is like that in this country. We should ask ourselves one question what do we benefit form this country that both the rich and poor enjoy? It is the cheap fuel, I say cheap fuel not subsidized fuel because I dnt belive fuel is been subsidized in this country. A country that produce oil and supply to other we have more than enough to go round so where is the subsidy coming from. Why dnt we think and think hard before getting weak over the strike,are we not going to keep fighting for the onlt thing that give us hope?oh wht a pity that the government does not care for the poor mass but their own self and their unborn generation. I hate this country and can't wait to leave because am not going to stay here and waste my time enegy and talent for a dead country that have notting to offer but pain and suffering. Nigerian dnt give up on this struggle for ur right keep fighting

Thank God its over!

Thank God its over! The week-old strike has been called off in expection of more reduction in the price of fuel at least to #65 or #70. I hope the government and the NLC and TUC will do something.


Esele and omar,i am highly dissapointed in you,anyway, i always knew that both of u bastards were going to sell out, sure you are happy with Τ̣̣he millions that the govt paid into your accounts, NLC/Tuc this is your verdict for betraying Nigerians,including this stupid president badluck, Τ̣̣he blood of those that died in this struggle will bҽ on your heads, your children shall become fatherless, you all shall die a slow and painfull death,terminal illnesses will be your lot in life,you will forever regret this your shameful act,your pains will bҽcome soo much that you will curse Τ̣̣he day you were conceived, and even after dying,you shall all rot eternally in hell fire, I H̶̲̥̅̊Α̇̇̇̊VЁ SPOKEN!!

good one. but please, does

good one. but please, does dis include the asuu strike??has it been called off too??

Visious circle completed

And again with calling off of the strike by the union, the visious circle has been completed with the government on top as usual.The bar of the suffering of Nigerians has thus been race.
When will Nigerians realise that we do not need NLC and the rest of them before we can kick start our own Arab Spring that will forcefully take care of all those that have directly or indirectly contributed to the current plight of the masses of Nigeris


From the stables that brought you Babangida's puppet Adam Oshiomole, comes this new production "Corruption in Labour places" with main actors Omar and peter Esele (aka giringori and clarus).

Labour/TUC speak for a select few only. These same jokers that watched Nigeria been brought to its knees these past years and have done nothing save having their palms greased by illicit wealth. These idiots that have consistently bulked in negotiations with govt because they lack conviction. These fools that have chosen to cross their arms while successive institutions incl education have become irrevocably diminished.
Puppets who sell their birth right for porridge.

These are the clowns that are now telling us that a full 50% INCREASE in Fuel price is acceptable!

It's now so bad they don't even negotiate anymore; they just get told what concessions have been made!

Na wa o.

sat guru maharajji my ass

ve u nt heard about the way,the truth and d one goes to the almighty God except thru Him..He's the omnipotent..the king of kings.His name is Jesus the Son of the most high..dnt be decieved by guru maharajji..Jesus Christ is the only way.

God is the perfect master

Mr. Wisedata, this is nt an avenue to preach ur perfect master. As u av been advised, i think u need t repent and rturn t Allah b4 its too lat. Ur so called master doesnt knw wat bcoms of him nxt seconds nt t talk of being a soothsayer. Seek for forgivnes nw and rturn t Allah in whose hands the affairs of all universe reside.

Corrupt Labor Unions.

It is a shame that the NLC&TUC are calling their groups labor unions. They should call themselves BADLUCK NLC/TUC PUPPETS. They sold out the Nigerian people.

Capital of corruption

Gej Promise blablabla, who doesnt know that promise in Nigeria is a foreign word.The NLC and TUC leaders have been bribed.One thing is sure,blood were shed,and those blood will be crying,omar why did you deceive us and just like Pascal bafyau,who refused to stand up for june 12 have been rubbish into the dustin of history,so omar's legacy will be rubbished.

bunch of fool , ur pocket had bee filled with ur own share l

nlc and tuc ur pocket had been filled with ur own share of egunje like ur past leader people like oshimole and pascal in their days in office . but God will reward you(nlc and tuc ) according to ur contribution to the strike.AMEN.

What is all this about Guru

What is all this about Guru Maharaji being a merciful father and holding the key to Nigeria's problem. The man is an agent of devil and needs salvation if he want to make it to heaven at last. Please be aware that by accepting him as ur perfect master, u are serving the devil indirectly.

The battle is over

The battle is over, go home and occupy your houses and offices. shikina. If your jobless ask your Governor for a slot in the 10k jobs per state. Naija must move on. Better than war.

idiot monkeys

u lost your arithmatic sense,you can't distinguish bitween 65and 97.what a bunch of currupt idiot.


This is ridiculous the NLC and TUC have been bribed and they av sold their birthright to the Dogs we need to arise and fight for our right. Oh you selfish people one day the bones you are eating nw will hang your throat.God pass Man

NLC and TUC did not initiate

NLC and TUC did not initiate the protest so they cannot end it! They were not even part of the decision to fix the price at 97 naira, so on what grounds are they ordering people back to work??? NLC and TUC represent a tiny portion of the employable work force in Nigeria. We should not be fooled into believing the NLC and TUC have the interest of Nigerians at heart. Do away with the NLC and TUC and fight for your rights!

It has never occurred in the

It has never occurred in the history of the world for a country or nation to embark on a rigorous strike and protest without it causing a tear apart situation, killing of people, destroying of properties and causing a rigid war in that nation.
Nigeria however is not the case because the problems Nigeria have is more than 3 times what is happening in Libya, Sierra Leone and so many countries in the global world that can make them to engage in brutal war and yet no war in Nigeria. Now if not for the help of The Living Perfect Master, SATGURU MAHARAJJI in our midst, who declared Nigeria a No War Zone, Come What May, on August 16, 1993 at the National theatre, Iganmu Lagos, Nigeria as a country would have been torn apart into pieces and separate her into different segment of ethnic groups, not only Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo alone but even the minor groups would want to go their own ways too.


The little problem Nigeria just went through was as a result of not listening to the Father of creation, SATGURU MAHARAJJI, but nevertheless, the merciful Father still have to come to our rescue, proving the Yoruba adage that says that ‘Agba o le wa loja ki ori omo tuntun wo’ by putting everything in order and making things right .
So dear Nigerians, Embrace Maharajji, Use Maharajji, Test Maharajji, Experience Maharajji, and you shall win forever. Nigeria has the resources but we lack the wisdom to manage it and that wisdom can only be given by the Living Perfect Master, Satguru Maharajji, through his Divine Knowledge, which is the key to the secret of life.
So accept Maharajji by testing the Holy Name anywhere you are in the world and be guaranteed 100% safety on Land, Sea and Air.

NLC, compensation for the dead

Pls. NLC avail us, within one week of your dialogue, on the compensation to be paid by the police/army, on the rude & criminal killings and maiming of the constitutional protesters. Mind you, NOT a single Labour man was scratched.

fuel subsidy

while true nigerians were busy fighting for the right of the masses Labour was busy negociating how musch to collect from the share of the loot. Nigerians it is time for to take our destiny in our hands.

Labour union rogues

The spineless hypocrites and crooks calling themselves labour union leaders are part and parcel of the problem in Nigeria today. They are corrupt, two-faced and untrustworthy. The earlier the organized civil society and the Nigerian public in general understand that these sinister clowns in the labour movement cannot be counted upon to stand on the side of the people, the better for us all. These labour union bastards have taken bribes from their PDP allies and decided to "play ball". Yet, they continued to hoodwink unsuspecting citizens. Omar and his fellow false "comrades" are the face of evil, together with their political masters in government. So what has labour achieved? Nothing. The prices of food, medicines, transport, etc.,are very high, unaffordable and will remain so. Hundreds of Nigerians have been murdered by Jona and his goons in uniform. To hell with the cooks in labour unions and Dumbo Jona!

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