Nigerian Security Forces Raid Hideout of Suspected Attackers Of The Emir of Kano

Ado Bayero, Emir of Kano
By SaharaReporters, New York

Three persons were arrested during a raid at the hideout of suspected terrorists in the Dorayi quarters in Kano State.

One of those arrested is suspected to be the mastermind behind attack on the Emir of Kano’s convoy, which led to the death of four of his aides and injured two of his sons.  

Security forces recovered four AK-47 rifles and many rounds of ammunition.

At the time of this report, the operation is still on-going. Sources have revealed that the hideout was pulled down following the raid.

The Emir, Ado Bayero, is currently receiving treatment in London, alongside his two sons and his aides. He had reportedly received glass cuts to his forehead from the wind shield of his car during the attack.


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keep shut on matters you don't know

Someone who couldn't even express himself/ herself well in English should not comment on what he/she knows little or nothing about.That's why you have to keep shut on Danfodio and Chiroma's issue.


Eve though the writer of that comment refused to identify himself but I'll categorically point it out to him and his ethno-religious godfathers that even in the history of Nigerian communities and societies the Hausa/Fulanis' was met highly civilized by the Whiteman. We already had our religion and intact culture. Therefore,we were not savages and animals; we were not in need of any imperial religion or culture to make us human. Virtually the coming of a Whiteman in our midst has only confused things in between what is ours and what is theirs. For this there is no any savage who was civilized by a white junk in the 16th century that can take us for granted. We respect our religion,culture and leaders which you don't.

It's pity some people don't

It's pity some people don't understand what Shari'ah law is. Western World know d benefits of Shari'ah, that's why they do everything to rubbish it. You always accuse the Muslims for imposing Shari'ah, but the Muslims don't accuse you for imposing christian laws. If you don't know the law in use in Nigeria is borrowed from the West, and it originated from the Bible. Your religious leaders know what Shari'ah is, and that is why they don't allow you read and know about it.

Every problem has an expired date

May Almighty Allah support us and help our nation and donot let nigeria go aground, reveal the perpatretors and restored nigeria for peacefull,loving and harmony irrespecting of religions,tribes and regions we are all one nigeria.


You can fool some but not all. Nigerian army and SSS are full of ethno-religious militants trained and geared toward carrying out an ethno-religious agenda. Who killed General Shuwa and other innocent Northerners,and why? Why recruitments into the military and para-military organisations are always favouring two regions and one religion? And why top government appointments in strategic areas are given to only two regions and one religion? All these are meant to destroy the north and its people. We know the killers of our leaders.

@Anonymous go and learn to

@Anonymous go and learn to speak english. before you put your mouth in this discussion. why asking why ere they arrested?.


Do not think every one is MUMU like you. Too much of this foolishness. In the next step, soldiers will go in the name of having security report, kill as many Kano ppl as they can and then name the scene as having killed suspected members of Boko Haram....

Emir Ado Bayero Did Not Offer His Hand To Be Chopped Off So.....

Emir Ado Barawo Of Kano State was caught stealing from the mosque this angered the Boko Haram muslims who demanded his hands to be chopped off but the Emir out of strong headed he dear them to try him. The Boko Haram were mad because the Emir approved the Sharia Laws and would not allow to be judge on the law of sharia. Emir told his subjects that the Sharia Law was meant to keep the poor muslims on line. Emir Ado Barawo of Kano told his muslim followers that the muslims elites are exempted from this desert laws. The law is define as a "whipping Boy" law. Innocent poor are caned or beaten for the sins of the elites in the North. If prophet mohammad was alive today he will also be exempted from this sharia law.

Nigerians should stop

Nigerians should stop pretending to be ignorant of who is behind or supporting them (Boko Haram). We all know the sponsor of Boko Haram is CPC presidential candiadte that want to rule at all cost. Since Buhari promised to make the nation ungovernable, that's when all these Boko killings started. Those stooge governors and politicains behind the maga party for Buhari to become president will all fall with him. Their days are numbered. God will disgrace them all.

Suspected attakers of emir

This is welcome development but the question here is that who is behind them?

Why are they arrested them?

Why are they arrested them when Danfodio and Chiroma are cleaning the north. Did not Bayero approve sharia law?

WHAT EVER .......

What the government was too late for theme now.Cos everybody knows who are behind this terro act.God will not let you go just like that.

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