Nigerian Train Crashes Into Truck

NEMA officials on the scene
By SaharaReporters, New York

A Nigerian passenger train that took off from Kano and bound for Lagos crashed into a faulty truck late this afternoon (Nigerian time), officials of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) have confirmed. The accident took place a few meters from the Kakau Train Station in Chikun local government area of Kaduna State.

Two sources said the truck involved in the accident was loaded with human waste, specifically excreta. The truck was reportedly stuck on the rail line as the Lagos-bound passengers train rammed into it.
An official at the North West Zonal Office of NEMA disclosed that the agency received a distress call after the accident. The agency’s emergency response team was then mobilized and sent to the scene of the accident to undertake rescue operations.
Eyewitnesses who spoke to SaharaReporters stated that the faulty truck belonged to Ibe Nigeria Limited. “The truck just broke down right at the rail line.

Then the moving train crashed into it, resulting in the derailment of the train,” one eyewitness said.
Neither NEMA nor eyewitnesses disclosed information about any casualties among the passengers. However, an eyewitness said four passengers sustained serious injuries. The injured were reportedly evacuated to Saint Gerald Catholic Hospital, Kakuri, Kaduna State for treatment. SaharaReporters was unable to obtain official confirmation from the hospital.
Our correspondent said NEMA officials had conducted an on-the-spot-assessment to determine the extent of the damages.

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we dont die ooh

haba! when r we going to change?


Why was d rail line not properly monitored btw each station b4 giving clearance to any train to pass?


It's so funny i wonder what truck has to do with rail.what is wrong wit driver's?

Wao, Interesting !!!

A truck full of shit collided with a train full of shit in a country full of shit. Wonders shall never end.

it just an act of wickness

since they know when the train start working fully, there will be no demand for trucks or trailer. so this is the only way to make the rail not to way, because no right thinking human who do that.

What's a truck doing on the

What's a truck doing on the railway? Am I missing something?

That is the problem

That is the problem

Train once again.

We are glad the railway is back on stream, despite this incident we hope for better rail services as well as job creation especially on Kano to Lagos route.

some thing fishy going on here

Don't trust road transporters, the truck didn't break down anywhere else except on a railroad? Aint some people trying to dicourage rail travelling?

Train in Nigeria?

What a miracle? Train runs in Nigeria from Kano to Lagos without the wheels flying off and derailing the train even before crashing into any obstacle?

In this publication lies the end of the story.So kudos to SR for reporting the accident.

Nigeria stinks, the world knows and should keep knowing. A country at war can get better hopefully in time to come. But a country populated with the kind of mentality of politicians and followers alike found in Nigeria, is perpetually damned.

Please SR, investigate the goings on in Nigeria postal service in Lagos and elsewhere. Let the world know that letters sent to Nigerians(especially when not registered) are normally dumped somewhere in Nigerian post offices not dispatched to receivers. Their reason? "Shortage of staff"

I am very sure, this is a

I am very sure, this is a terrorist activities. There should be proper investigation of the crash.

This is the funiest

This is the funiest 'nollyhood stuff' i have read in recent times.

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