Nigerians In Ghana Tell Jonathan To Resign Now

By SaharaReporters, New York

The coalition of concern Nigerians in Ghana on Wednesday occupied the country’s High Commission in Accra, calling for the immediate resignation of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The group condemned the killing of more than 15 Nigerian protesters since the beginning of the protests against the removal of petroleum subsidy, blaming the president for the killing of innocent citizens protesting for their better future.

“This government is murderous; President Jonathan may end up like Mohammed Ghaddafi if he continues to kill the people who elected him,” said Omolara Balogun, a policy advocate officer for West Africa Civil Society Institute.

Michael Ajayi, a coordinator of "Occupy Nigeria" campaign in Ghana read the declaration of the rally, saying there is a need for an urgent conference to discuss the Nigeria project. “Nigeria needs immediate convocation of a Sovereign National Conference to renegotiate our existence as a nation,” said the communique signed by all participants at the rally.

Dele Momodu, the publisher of Ovation Magazine spoke at the rally saying,  “the government of President Jonathan should remove corruption not fuel subsidy.” He lamented the president of Nigeria has budgeted 1 billion naira for his kitchen just for 2012, wanted new presidential aircraft for himself while Nigerians cannot afford bicycles, has removed the small support that the common masses enjoy. “The people will continue to occupy the streets around the globe until his government collapse,” he added.

“This is the long awaited Nigerian spring; we have to reclaim Nigeria now,” said Oludare Ogunlana, a former NANS president and one of the coordinators of the Wednesday assembly in Ghana. “We may not have this type opportunity again and we must not back up until we see the end of the cabals.”

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Nigerian are suffering we do'nt support deregulation policy

Base on the step that the president is taken he had made it claer of his embezieties. was it because of subsidy that he cannot make any effort on security? education? housing? healthcare? refinaries. he only knew how to budget of his 1billion kitchen accessary. bulliet proved cars and render millions of nigerian useless. this are the only way we can redress the griviancies. i said no to subsidy removal.

See Our Government comparing

See Our Government comparing Nigeria with other Country, Can they please tell us the minimum wage in USA, CANADA, AUSYRALIA and even self in SOUTH AFRICA bcos he is comparin the PMS of Nigeria with those countries. Why don't he talk about their economy and salary wages before comparing the pump price of those countries. NIGERIANS SAY NO TO SUBSIDY, SAY NO TO BAD GOVERNMENT, SAY NO TO ILLITERATES RULING US AND YES TO WISHES AND DREAMS OF WE NIGERIANS COMING THROUGH.

i fear for the future of nigeria

lets forget subsidy removal and fight our greedy senators whose take home pay is something else.Jonathan is not a magician. With or without subsidy removal he cannot perform with the little resources he will be left with after those theives(politicians )have satisfied themselves.What can he do when 75% of our earning is senators and others.Will 25% be enough to construct roads and provide other basic amenities.why not 25% for them and 75%for the masses.We are not as developed as US,but our senators take home pay is six times higher than their senators.What explanation can be given to that.With what do they want him to build refineries?lets rise up and say no to looters and stop fighting Jonathan who is just thinking about solutions to our problems


Basis on what the President is try to do is a very great achievement that Nigeria not been do, if the God will use the move remove from the subsidy 4 all what he promise Nigeria it will good, so the people of Nigeria u need to be more patient.

fuel subsidy must stay

Dere or what is it you call yourself,you very very stupid to call our president such names,do you think goodluck doesnt have the people at heart it is your brother who collect subsidy from Govt. and then smuggle the same product to sale in ghana and other neighbouring are a big fool to insult GEJ in such a manner.

nigerians in Ghana tell Jonathan to resign now

Dere or what is it you call yourself,you very very stupid to call our president such names,do you think goodluck doesnt have the people at heart it is your brother who collect subsidy from Govt. and then smuggle the same product to sale in ghana and other neighbouring are a big fool to insult GEJ in such a manner.

You are very right in fact

You are very right in fact the president made it clear to us that when he was a boy that he goes to school without sandal on his legs so i think that is what he is trying to do to take away sandals from fellow Nigerians feet he need to resign or else he die like gaddafi

must u die without notice?

Yes I agree with u some people are actually born sense of discerment...poor mental articulation.they won't notice when they die.what a black race that won't change.GEJ should resign now period.

Oil subsidy must remuv

I wonda abwt d s2pid ppl yet they didnt undstand d kind of zeal gov't, since he becom d presidnt of our country dere iz no: security, power, qualititavi education, no employment oportunities, no agricultural sector improvement, no in improvement of health sector matas, no gud n rapid development of road, housin etc. N so vry 4ny he replied dat dere iz a bokoharam in senate, securities etc. So if iam were a security hw cn i endure wit dat insane word dat com 4rm d 'said' leada

Economic theories do not work in Nja

By now it should be clear that all these textbook theories do not work in Nja. The benefits of fuel subsidy removal is increased foreign investment in the oil and gas sector which will force the prices down. However, we fail to take into cognisance the security situation in the country i.e. Boko haram, Nja Delta militants, bunkering, vandalisation of pipes, sea piracy. The removal of the subsidy will further give rise to these and as is obvious the govt is powerless to overcome these challenges. Which foreign investor will willing invest in such a country where its investement is not secured.
Also even with the increase in refineries as a result of FDI, can we truly expect the price of oil products to reduce considering it makes for greater margins to export them in neighbouring countries where higher prices can be got for them.

Re: do not think from your anus.

@Anonymous: You seem to be the thinking from your anus my friend, hear yourself "we are not fighting PDP or GEJ. We are saying fight corruption pls' what are the differences here? PDP and GEJ are all corruption personified, period.
You should call a spade a spade, no two ways about it

Fuel subsidy removal

I would like to challenge Aso rock,david mark,Labaran Maku etc to tell us what the poor masses has benefited from Nigeria for the past 20yrs or more
1) electricity= zero
2)good roads=zero
6) health care=zero
7)mobile phone= fairly good,although many people paid through their nose in the initial stage,before it comes down,because so many players are allowed to come in. But we cannot compare this to the Natural resources( petrol) Government should as a matter of urgency build 4 new refinaries,north,south,east,west. and stop the useless importation,and then remove subsidy.

@3 face, but you are not ashamed of Looters?

The above mentioned RETARD is ashamed of long suffering Nigerians who dared open their mouth to express their human rights , but is not ashamed of the traitors/looters who have looted Nigeria blind from 1960 until this very moment as i write this. You are a disgrace to your ancestors. Do you have children, brainless twit!!



Sent this thieving government packing, immediately.

Jonathan MUST RESIGN. HE IS TOO INCOMPETENT TO LEAD NIGERIA. I am a Niger Deltan, and I must say seeing or hearing Jonathan speak shames me immensely. Let him leave the country to those who can actively lead it. In short, this government must be sent packing. They are all thieves, and Nigerians are tired of being stolen from; hence, denying citizens the most basic of amenities. How can a country rich not have electricity 50 years post independence while those who rule or are in government steal everything for themselves? Nigerians do not want this government anymore. They must be taken down immediately. Enough of this stealing spree by Jonathan and his friends in government!


Nigerian should remember that Goodluck Jonathan in office is just 7 months old, fuel subsidy removal is just temporary, so we should just av patient for them , I believe Goodluck have a better future for this great country, only the IBB groups are trying to frustrate the present government, because they said it early that if they (IBB, Buhari, Atiku etc) do not win the election, they will make Nigeria ungovernable but they have forgotten that Nigeria is Gods Own Country so they should go to hell, weather they like it or not Goodluck Must bring goodluck to everybody while because the Spiritual Father of all Masters is in Nigeria as the Satguru Maharaj Ji so Nigerians should pls cam down all will be alright.

This is the leader we have

This is the leader we have been waiting for. Revive OBJ's policies and move Nigeria forward. Foolish protesters, use your brain>

do not think from your anus.

do not think from your anus. we are not fighting PDP or GEJ. We are saying fight corruption pls, Do not muddle things up, GEJ has a BETTER plan for us all. TNX.

Fight corruption & not Subsudy

Fight corruption & not Subsudy

President Jonathan is brave

President Jonathan is brave enough to do what not general could in their years. They want subsidy to stay so kaduna refinery could be used to feed Chad,Niger,burkina faso and other landlocked countries while creating artificial shortage in Nigeria. Dr. Goodluck you have our support. Don't back down.

Not all Nigerians in Ghana

Not all Nigerians in Ghana support the protest. We believe in the efforts and ability of president Goodluck to lead Nigeria and wonder why the Nigerian High Commissioner has not called a press conference to denounce the protests in Ghana as he did to the Niger Deltans. Now they are yorubas organized by him. Double faced ambassador. With such laudable steps by President Goodluck Nigeria has hope again.

dele momodu disinformed nigerians

Dele Mamodu, is man with poor sense of economice. how can he say money used for fuel subsidy (1.4 trillion naira) if divided equally to all Nigerians (165 million), each of us will become millionaire, how can ? sadly he stood before tv cameras watched by millions of viewers expressing his ignorance. big man, big talk, only ended up disinforming others.

Ole Nigerians in Ghana

You are the ones taking our products at N65/liter and selling at N170. Shame on you.

Unfit president

before Ghana removed fuel subsidy,they put all necessary palliatives on ground and it was agreed by all the stake holders. In some countries,what Jonathan did was impeachable offense and those are the reasons why people are afraid that they cannot fulfill all what they promised. how can a president and his cabinet assured his people that the subsidy will take effect on April all of a sudden he reversed it to Jan 1.Jonathan is not competent to govern Nigeria because most of his ill decision was been taken by his cabal.

Im ashame

First, you cant even speak good English. It should have been "I'm ashamed", but dont worry....Well, if you are not dumb like your alter ego Jonathan Badluck, you will know that Ghana has uninterupted power, good road network, quality education and employment opportununities due to good governance.But empty heads like you who are actually born slaves will forever lick boots like those before you. You will prefer to eat tommorow's food today. But, somehow, you always end up miserably. Tell your Badluck of a president to provide basic amenities; tell him to deal with the cabals, tell him to tackle insecurity, tell him to build roads, tell him to provide quality education for Nigerians and then, the clown of a president and his semi-literate wife and IMF agent in person of Ngozi and the theif Deziani can begin to NEGOTIATE fuel subsidy removal.


The way things are, Patriots have to come out and plead, cajole with Goodluck for we are heading for disaster of the greatest proportion. This is serious situation we are in.

JONATHAN's predicament was self made.
He knows what is right, but can he fight for the rights of the commoner when he runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds?

The country is falling apart and things will get worse if you do not seek for forgiveness from God and seek his face and wisdom to do what is right, right now.

Simple, Fight corruption.

If you are not in cahoots with the corrupt elements, bring the criminals of OIL subsidy to book. The Nigerian people were with you when Turai's cabal made a minced meat of you. They won then.

Why do you go against these same people now?

I know you have a difficult choice. You are the President. Your head is on line. Tambuwal, David Mark have chosen sides, where are you heading?

@Deri Re: Coward, you don't secede on the pages on a forum !


U claim "Look let us go our separate ways-the honey moon is over-"

Coward you don't secede on a forum. U secede by declaration of a republic or you approach the United Nations with your presentation. Please do so quickly animal.
What is Dumbo Jo waiting for ? Why hasn't he declared a republic ? What have we not heard ethnic bigot Edwin Clark speak again? Could it be that he has seen Jonathan as an hopeless weakling ?
Look Mr. Foolish, wealth isn't about having natural resources, it is about having the intellect to manage the resources. Nigeria is an example; with oil, Nigeria is poor because of roguis leaders like Jonathan are intellectually lazy while Singapore, Japan, Malaysia are thriving without oil.
Please secede, an Ijaw nation peopled with the likes of Deri and Jonathan is doomed !

@Deri Re: Name the person who bribed you to protest


Liar .. who gave u £50 to protest ? Shameless man ... is it in you people's DNA to lie. Jonathan lies and you also lie.

Only a drunk like you would believe you whose brain is flooded with ogogoro !!


Let me state that my position and speech today only represent my opinion, as my organization is not allowed to make overt position on any policy issues in West africa, but left to CSO body. I look forward to the correction.

NB: Having condemned the act, I said...
1, the protest is in solidarity with fellow Nigerians living under the repressive policy for the past 11 days
2, that Nigerians in diaspora join voices with other in Newyork, London, Chicago to say No to fuel subsidy
3, we request GEJ to revert the removal n make fuel 65N
4, Govet shd begin implementing their manifesto e.g good road, education, health, jobs etc, and
5, Govt shd create platform for dialogue on FSR with NAssembly, NLC, CSOs etc for a beter procedure n outcme of wht will be in the interest of Nigerians.

@Deri: Re: CIA report--only thieves support fuel importation-kil


U claim "CIA report--only thieves support fuel importation-kill dem all"

I agree and their collaborators, like Jonathan, should also be killed.

The fact that your kinsman is now the President does not make corruption right. If it wrong under IBB, Abacha, OBJ and Yaradua, it is also wrong wrong under this misfit Jonathan.

If Nigerians could protest SAP and IMF policies under IBB, what stops them from protesting under this moron ?

Whether u like it or not, the animal must be caged and returned to the zoo !

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