Nigeria's Ruling Party Leader Confirms President Jonathan's 2015 Re-election Interest

President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP Chair Bamanga Tukur
By Saharareporters, New York

National leader of Nigeria's ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) Bamanga Tukur has confirmed the interest of President Goodluck Jonathan to seek re-election for the office of president come 2015 when the Nigeria will hold its next general elections.

Although the president has not publicly announced his interest to contest in the next presidential election, there had been agitations by opposition parties and some members of the ruling party, who claimed that his body language and political developments across the country reveal his 'real interest'. For this reason,  some strong members of the ruling PDP including governors had defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria's strongest opposition party, with an aim to wrest power from President Jonathan and the ruling party.

But, for the first time since the beginning of the crisis rocking the PDP, Mr. Tukur declared Thursday at a local event held in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city that the Nigerian leader has been chosen as the ruling party's presidential candidate for  2015. Urging party faithful not to be deterred by the exodus of some of its key members, the ruling party leader maintained that PDP remains insurmountable as the strongest and biggest party in Nigeria and Africa, according to Abuja-based local Leadership Newspaper on Friday.

"Don't be deterred by some people saying they are leaving the party. People leaving the party are individuals, not the party. It does not mean if they leave the party, the party leaves. No, the party remains. PDP is the only party in Nigeria that fields a candidate in every election that is held. Don't be deterred; don't be afraid, you are part of the ruling party," said the party leader who further tasked officials to play their roles wisely in making sure that Jonathan wins the 2015 election.

This declaration, may, however, evoke another round of controversy in the West African country.  

Nigeria's former leader,  Olusegun Obasanjo had written an acerbic 18-page letter, officially acknowledged by the presidency, to Jonathan, advising him to step down his interest in seeking re-election into office in 2015, based on a promise he (Jonathan) allegedly made in 2011 to him (Obasanjo), to governors, party stakeholders and Nigerians in general. "Up till two months ago, Mr. President, you told me that you have not told anybody that you would contest in 2015. I quickly pointed out to you that the signs and measures on the ground do not tally with your statement. You said the same to one other person who shared his observation with me. And only a fool would believe that statement you made to me judging by what is going on. I must say it is not ingenious. You may wish to pursue a more credible and more honorable path," Obasanjo wrote in his letter to Jonathan.

Just as the president continues to keep mum on his second term ambition, there seems to be no end in sight to the crises rocking Nigeria's ruling party for more than six months now.

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Battle for next "Looter in Thief"

Has it not been alleged that OBJ hand picked GEJ for the VP position, knowing that Yar'Adua was terminally ill and would not survive presidency? So, it can be said that he OBJ engineered GEJ into the presidency. So,is OBJ's real issue now to try and correct his engineering blunder because GEJ is not letting him rule from his palace somewhere? GEJ has a lot of faults in his presidency but Nigeria and Nigerians are tired of recycling old and antiquated, ex-military politicians into the presidency. The sad state of Nigeria now is directly attributable to the military and ex-military rulers. What are they doing now to arrest the decay that they started? OBJ, you are an old man, please go get your afternoon nap and leave politics alone.

GEJ should pls unite with

GEJ should pls unite with south east and allow this fools called north and west to go their islamic ways come 2014

@Mrs. Tanwa Bello Martins: The Synopsis...

It really doesn't matter who leaked Sanusi's letter, a more pertinent letter has come after it and more are promised. The bottom line is the mammoth corruption going on under this drunken creek clown and the threat of a violent break-up of Lugard's Nigeria. Dumbo was Deputy to Alams (an int'l fugitive) whom he recently pardoned with the spurious claim that only he (Alams) can contain ND militants. Remember, DSP Alams was involved in the arms-to-militants racket that cost late NSA Azazi his army uniform, and landed the Okah Thug-brothers in gulag. Next, Dumbo released Abacha's thug & psychopathic serial killer, Al Mustapha into a security-challenged region... Installed another wanted fugitive and legendary drug baron Alhaji Kashamu as PDP-capo in Ogun State, Baba Iyabo's backyard! Finally, he cut ex-con Bode Geroge (Eko Garrison Commander) a slack using corrupt Justices...

@Mrs. Martins: If you've read "Before It is Too Late" have to be worried!

@Mrs. Tanwa Bello Martins: You still don't get it... (pt.2)

@ Mrs. T. B. Martins:
Forget those dates... they mean nix. If you understand State House Security, you'd know that all correspondence go thru "security clearance" (think of Dele Giwa) before the SFG passes them on to the Oga@theTop. Translation: the letter hit the NSA's desk, got unsealed and copies made for IBB ati OBJ and ex-warlords. That's the only way OBJ could have incorporated the contents of Sanusi's letter into his... remember, Dasuki was IBB's ADC, is Gusau's in-law and OBJ's comrade-in-boots... Goons!

However, you may be right. Sanusi is not coming back as CBN-Gov, he may have bones to pick with Dr. Dumbo... leaking his letter may've served his ego. Why now is the intrigue. Speaker Tambuwal visits IBB who advised him to seek for "higher office" ...OBJ visits IBB who complained about Dumbo's style. Tambuwal blasts Dumbo on corruption, Sanusi leaks his letter, Baba tosses his bombshell... and here we are sweating over crooks. Cheers, o'jare!

@Mrs. Tanwa Bello Martins: You still don't get it...

@Mrs. T. B. Martins:
At the timeline you left Nigeria for good, I was a speech writer in the Mayor's Office in San Francisco via the District Attorney's office... now Senator Diane Feinstein was then Mayor while Nancy Pelosi was the DA. Suffice to say, both ladies went on to become US Senate Leader and House Majority Leader respectively. I understand democracy/politics as it should be, not that yeye games those fools play with Nigerians...

Since his name came up, that arid clown Buhari jailed my father for belonging to the People's Club in the seventies, you were lucky to get off with a few strokes of koboko. Sha, that's not why I left Naija. I hated Nigeria after the civil war because those who murdered 3-million Ibo babies have never apologized for that pogrom... and they're still calling the shots! Back to our gist: (pt.2 coming!)

Re:- "Who leaked Sanusi Lamido's letter to President Jonathan?"

To your specific question, you say the National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd) may have leaked Sanusi Lamido’s 25th September letter addressed and delivered to President Jonathan. I will not be surprised because i am told he was a coup plotter in his day.

I will however not like to jump the gun without knowing if President Jonathan ever passed that letter to him. For me, i don’t see President Jonathan as someone who hates stealing. He’ll need to hate stealing to escalate Sanusi Lamido’s allegation of 50 billion dollar theft to the level of a national security threat.

If President Jonathan took theft seriously and passed Sanusi Lamido’s letter to Colonel Dasuki, preliminary findings should have been made and announced since 25th September when Sanusi Lamido delivered his letter at the presidential villa. For those two (2) reasons i believe that Sanusi Lamido leaked the letter himself to the media to disgrace President Jonathan.

@ Alkali(Kaduna), you are soooo funny, Kaduna boy. Cheers!

Re: "Tukur replies Obj's letter to Jonathan"

You are sooo funny, Kaduna boy. Stay safe, Kaduna can be "hot" just like that.... you know what I'm talking about. We need you around all-the-time. Cheers!

Naija East Coast

@ Wahala: Why i left Nigeria for good

@ Wahala:

I think you have strong convictions and i feel you're un-happy with the shameful mess in Nigeria. I was angry too. That was why i left the painful country.

I left Nigeria when General Mohammadu Buhari was head of state. He bought horsewhips for soldiers to flog all workers and teachers who arrive any minute late for work, no questions asked.

I was infuriated seeing General Buhari violate the humanity of Nigerians by such crude and un-educated way of instilling discipline in society. I still have those terrible memories of General Buhari.

This orgy of self delusion is becomin endemic

This orgy of self delusion is becomin endemic. When you read articles and comments thereof, you easily notice seemingly ecstatic but stupid reactions which many times are a deviation from the cardinal issues.

Why for instance should the North & West govern Nigeria for 51 out of 53yrs since egocentric Britain left? Whereas,it is the wealth of the Niger Delta & South East which sustains continent Nigeria.

Nigeria is the population of UK, France,Portugal & Spain put together. While UK wud not almagamate with France or others, it came to Africa & united several countries to form Nigeria.

The SS peoples will accept none but a president from d SS. If Jona is not good, then someone else frm SS will take over. Aliens will never govern my resources again.NEVER.


@blue, IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO CONJECTURE! I have 7 good reasons just off the bat!
- 1000 Snipers that OBJ alluded to!
- $49.8 Billion dollar NNPC safe house account.
- Oil subsidy scam account holders supported by Diedzani, Oduah and other proxy money bags.
- EFFC bulldog let loose on opponents.
- Nigerian Police insensibility; reference what's happening in Rivers.
- Jega and his election rigging machinery.
- Corrupt and hungry politicians and the many media Lions and sycophants that have sold their soul to mediocrity, avarice and soullessness.

What other weapons do you need for even GEJ, the most DISAPPOINTING, SHALLOW and thoughtless President Nigeria has ever had the luck to have, would have more than enough!

i guess are sick not jst sick

i guess are sick not jst sick but the biggest madman

re: Who leaked Sanusi Lamido's letter...

@Mrs. Tanwa Bello Martins:
Suffice to say, "Nigeria" is not a "responsible organization" of human beings, it's a contraption by Lord Lugard (for the benefit of the Crown) to amalgamate divergent peoples, cultures and religion into a "Federating unit" that even he expected to run it's curse by 2014. The thug was gulping Schnapps in a shack house one night with a hooker when they coined the name from 'River Niger/Sharia' and the rest is history! On your peanut question, in another thread I wrote...

"Tracing and plugging the source of the leaks should be their paramount concern. Methinks it's coming from the NSA... He was IBB's ADC and is former NSA, Gussau's in-law who was forced on Dumbo by the Big Boyz (aka, stakeholders). Every move is folly if Dumbo thinks he can take Nigerians for fools."

@Mrs. T. B. Martins: Leakages are everywhere if you think of Wikileaks!


The Supreme Court of the People's Public opinion hereby reverses this embarrassing verdict of this benign Supreme Court. At the rate at which things are going, it means there is no thief in Nigeria, or all are thieves with the right of impunity guaranteed fully by Government. On Obasanjo we stand! Bode remains a thief as charged and convicted. No amount of window dressing can change the pristine judgment of Justice Olubunmi Oyewole, not even a billion Naira detergent from P.Z nor Lever Brothers. Bode remains guilty as charged and convicted. It means the reversal of Tafa Balogun's conviction may be in the pipeline. Little wonder the FAROUK LAWAN and STELLA ODUAH are free men roaming the streets today. WE ARE SERIOUSLY TOYING WITH THE DESTINY OF THIS NATION. ON OBASANJO'S LETTER WE STAND!

Yes, vote for non performancr

While i don't support a northern candidate just for coming from the north, Jonathan has not performed. He has taken corruption to a new level


This would be his second and a-half term alias 3rd Term! He's beating baba Ota's tenure and our Oga at Hill Top, even our esteemed H.E from Plateau!


"Don't be deterred by some people saying they are leaving the party. People leaving the party are individuals,..." Yes, individuals, because PDP as a party is made up of dead woods!


There is no news here. Of course the president intend to seek re-election. Now convincing Nigerians why he should be returned to office is the next step. I have said it again and again that the president must present himself to Nigerians for consideration in the next election. And OBJ cannot stop that reality. The man OBJ should be told he doesn't own Nigeria, and could go jump in a lake and drown for all I care. The important thing for Nigerians should be: has Jonathan done enough to be re-elected? That is the question the president must answer. Nigerians must make that determination not OBJ or the opposition. If the president is as horrible as the opposition claimed then it should be an easy sell to convince Nigerians to vote him out.

Jonathan is too much of a mediocre president

Obasanjo purposely imposed "corruption" on PDP by handpicking Jonathan as Vice Presidential candidate of PDP in 2007. Existing EFCC records show charges of corruption against him but the 2007 election invested Jonathan with constitutional immunity against criminal trial. Nigeria's future can't now depend on Jonathan remaining in or out of General Obasanjo's say-so. Both men represent the two sides of a coin.

A democracy based on three army Generals - Obasanjo, Babangida, and Danjuma - to decide who'll be president of Nigeria is not a democracy, but a sham. The assets (acquired by the trio from abuse of public office) are instead best recovered and the trio then excluded by people's power from further imposing a president on Nigerians by imposing a candidate on PDP to be later eased into power by false vote-count.


Obviously he was going to contest in 2015, why do you think that the likes of Lamido where doing somersaults and protesting as vigorously as they did? Or did you think that it was because of their love for democracy?

2015 will come and go and the world will not finish. Even if they rig the election (which is very likely) its no longer a big deal because elections are rigged all over the world.

Or how do you think that George Bush jr beat Al gore in America in the year 2000 even though Al-Gore had more votes?

Nigerians make me laugh, they have put USA and UK on some righteous pedestal as if their system is any better; Those countries have mastered the art of political deception and therefore know how to make "Sin" appear as holiness.

Democracy only exists in the minds of the voters, its an illusion because all Presidents are selected before they're elected.

Have a good weekend my people, may God bless you all and may He bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Face Issues that Matter PLs.

Was this in dispute b4 that Joanthan was running??? Why won't all these retired military brutes go home and rest?? I wonder why Obasanjo couldn't send his message privately?? This guy is so hung on to power, that he never wants to go away. Time 2 quite fat stomach,u have stolen enough.Look at Gowon, Shagari etc...u think they don't talk to Jonathan?? Only thing is that they don't do it publicly. Obasanjo is a meanace, whose only goal is to plunge Nigeria into further crisis, since he couldn't get his third term 419. Obasanjo must stop this rubbish. We all know that Jonathan is a Mumu....but it seems to me that Obasanjo is outfoxing this Moron..

sahara reporters should be

sahara reporters should be called APC reporters.
how can you guys be deceiving Ignorant Nigerias.
do you have to turn the court judgement upside down to fit your selfish interest?
go and read a copy of the judgement.

Jonathan has the right to run

PDP's Constitution is not Nigeria's constitution. President Jonathan has he right to run for a second term.

Similarly, Nigerians have the right to vote him out of office.

good job tukur

elrufai and fani kayode plus liar mohammed can now commit suicide

Who leaked Sanusi Lamido's letter to President Jonathan?

@ Wahala:

I raised the question here asking how General Obasanjo’s letter dated December 2nd was able to recite the contents of Sanusi Lamido’s prior letter of 25th September to President Jonathan - given that Sanusi Lamido’s 25th September letter was still on President Jonathan’s table as at 2nd December and was un-public.

You replied suggesting on a previous thread that document-leakage must be happening right inside the presidential villa, but pointed in no specific direction, except to say obliquely that President Jonathan should direct my enquiry to the National Security Adviser.

I confess i really don't know how journalists operate. I am an international public servant. I suppose documents-leakage will benefit the media, and so you may not see anything wrong with it in journalism, but believe me, it is a very dangerous incident which all responsible organizations worldwide prohibit.

We will vote for you again, and again, and...

Goodluck Jonathan is a great man. He is greater than Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. God's chosen man. We love you our dear leader!

@Falana: Another piece of the puzzle falls into place!

@Femi Falana:
Continuing with the Breakfast Meeting...
See what I insinuated now? Baba Iyabo was "forced" by ex-Biafran Warlords to extract "real information" from Dumbo about his 2015 fantasies. We've known that here at Sacred SaharaReporters, don't mind fossil Tukur. Drawing the battle line on sand without telling us on basis his client intents to continue ruining Nigeria does not cut the cake, we're now all called upon to open our "Files" on this mal-Administration of evil jinx. Simply put, the "Opening Bell" has gone off... let the fireworks begin!

Elections are not won with gra-gra, candidates will be judged strictly by performance and Dumbo has thoroughly failed in all Departments. He is Adviced to withdraw and pursue a career in Enviromental Sanitation so as to impact directly on his SS people... his misrule has impacted negatively on Nigerians and it's best to tell him so koro-koro at the polls!

End of time.

Today is 13 Dec. I a m making this statement. Jonathan is the
last President of Nigeria.


The die is cast!

What exactly is he planning to do

Like have always said here, except maybe tukur and johnathan have a jackpot tactics somewhere that we dont knw about..i dont see johnathan returning as president in 2015. It is so sad when a government that has under performed keeps praising itself and yet tukur is saying the PDP members should do whatever is necessary to ensure the return of Johnathan (could it be hes telling them to prepare for massive rigging and assasination)...


Agbaka!! E don happen o. Does the path always have to unfold the same way? Which kind ode people be dis nowww????

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