Nigeria's Security Situation Forces President Jonathan To Cancel State Visit To Namibia

President Goodluck Jonathan
By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan's visit to South Africa and Namibia has ended abruptly as the President, and his team cancelled a scheduled state visit to Namibia.

 Sources in Abuja told SaharaReporters that  security agencies advised the president to return home as a result of high profile killings that have so far claimed some 100 army and  police officers as well as civilains  in Borno, Bayelsa, Nasarawa, Taraba and Benue states in the last few days.

Mr. Jonathan will leave Cape Town in South and return to Nigeria by 7 PM tonight canceling a two day visit scheduled for Namibia.

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@Mazi Onyeigbo Nwamurunamma:

@Mazi Onyeigbo Nwamurunamma

I asked a simple question; Of what use has his staying at home done in the past? All we got was the prepared condolence messages which anyone could recite easily now; he could easily fax that !

U claimed "This adage that says that "whoever his house is on fire does not chase rat" .

And I am asking do you also know that whoever his house is on fire does not sleep and snore? Ask your Dumbo Jo to wake up from his slumber and act decisively else his presence as as good as his absence !


Cowards are usually the ones that stays long enough to make sure that things that are needed to be done are actually done.
This adage that says that "whoever his house is on fire does not chase rat",doesn't it have a meaning to you.
If he stays put and visits Namibia people like you will still call him insensitive and now he is here to ensure that a proper action is taken you are still hating him.


whatever may be his shortcomings, GEJ is still the President of NIgeria. When we insult him in this manner, we demean his office not only his person, and we demean ourselves because he is our leader.


BUT IS THERE SUCH A NIGERIAN??????????????????????

Where the hell is NSA!?

Do we still have a National Security Adviser in this country? Ever since the guy was appointed on Northern elders demand, the guy has vanished into thin air or have lost his voice. Does he really know the relevance of his office in this whole insecurity situation? Does he know what he has to do? Is he on sabbatical leave? Has the President issued him a queried concerning his inaction? Many questions begs for answers here. Incidentally because this man is the appointed of the northern oligarchy, everyone seems to have forgotten the crucial role his office is supposed to play in the current insecurity in the country today & hence hold him accountable. Guys, methinks that this man has some explanations to do. Correct me if I am wrong!

May Deri's evil Soul roast in Satan's Hell

@wahala said
"Day 10, @ Deri is still AWOL on SR ...enjoy the peace and harmony. May His evil Soul roast in Satan's Hell ...Insha Allah!"

Amen ! Amen!! Amen !!!

May the rest of the crumbies join him in hell soon ! May Nigeria never be cursed with such people again !

He's going to setup

He's going to setup committee(s) to look into d case n submit report in 2 weeks b4 another committee to ratify d report 4 submission to him-d c in c

@ ugbuefi

But Nigerians have abandon God. Many churches and mosques are business centers now and human live have no value with corruption smelling everywhere.

cancelled visit?

oooooooooooh!GEJ keep touring the entire world, your very state of origin is on fire.killing everywhere and yet you don't want to declare state of emergency in those states. don't worry your days are number.

Unless d Lord watches over d

Unless d Lord watches over d city, in vain the watch nites watches. God, may u send us in this country divine security.

GEJ needs to be home to issue his usual condolence message ?

"Sources in Abuja told SaharaReporters that security agencies advised the president to return home as a result of high profile killings that have so far claimed some 100 army and police officers as well as civilains in Borno, Bayelsa, Nasarawa, Taraba and Benue states in the last few days."

Aside issuing the usual condolence message, so what exactly would the coward do differently, this time around, so much so the inefficient corrupt security agencies advised him to return home ?


If we dont stop Boko Haram as a coutry, they will stop us all.

Mumu GEJ

What's he doing outside Nigeria anyway? His house is on fire, but he's visiting and partying outside. he should spend his time in Somalia or Mali.

good, but to what effect?

it is a good call on the president because you don't leave your house on fire and go visiting friends. but his coming home should yield instataneous results. he should do something concrete about this carnage going on in the north if not his calling off the visit to namibia to come home will make no sense at all

waste of time .

Whats the point coming back ? to repeat the same old empty words that lacks any forms of creative thinking.My friend do yourself a favor u have no reformative ideas thus making your government ruderless & pointless, i am only sorry for the dumb ass Nigerians that voted for ethnicity, religion, and the stupid name that was supposed to bring good luck to Nigerians.Continue your spree of senseless trips to Namibia ' Dumbo Joe ' .

Is GEJ losing grip? You have too many warfronts!

Is GEJ losing grip?
Did he ever have a grip on Nigerian situation?
I hate to say this: Anytime majority of the people in a Nation feel that their interest is no longer represented, when they feel that there is no avenue for justice, lack of rule of law and sustainable and relevant development, when the state funds are commandeered by a select few that forced/cheated themselves into leadership positions;trampling upon the little rights the people have, so will we have a disequilibrium of governance. Opportunist then step in to muddy up the waters!

There are too many things wrong with Nigeria.

Too many people think only of feathering their nest and too much politicking going on towards 2015 to the detriment of stepping up to our developmental challenges. This has to change. It is good that GEJ read the trend and has gone back pronto.

GEJ, PLEASE step back and stop the politics NOW. PDP has a lot to do before 2015. You have too many warfronts!

nigerias security situation

Better for this clueless president.

Responsible leadership the answer to our national woes

The Otuoke Emperor could as well have continued with his junketing overseas. His reported return to Nigeria will make no appreciable difference regarding the lives of the long-suffering masses of this country. In a volatile situation such as the one we're in today, responsible leadership is what makes the difference, the balm that heals societal wounds and calms nerves while helping find durable solutions to communal strife. Alas, Jonathan's irresponsible and reckless antics are stoking the embers of disunity and conflict nationwide as is the case with his puerile, thuggish and lawless interference in Rivers State. In their desperation to rig the 2015 elections, Jonathan and his anti-people PDP mafia are either actively inciting disharmony or are too distracted in their corruption to work for the interests of the people.


When will our President declare a state of emergency in these dangerous states?is he going to wait till all the security agents are killed?
Goodluck Jonathan must suspend his globe-trotting antics and do his job,we are besieged from within,Nigeria is in a state of war.He has to take control of those states and govern by Presidential fiat,democracy can wait till security is restored in those states.
A word is enough for the wise,this President must stop listening to those Emirs and Sultan,he has to take the bull by the horns and protect the citizens of this country,he took the oath to do so,he must stop setting up these useless committees and become a hands-on leader else he will leave a sad legacy behind.


Sitting on a keg of gun powder !! The signs are not looking good. I fear for my country.

Dear God, please do not abandon Nigeria.


He is not bothered or " give a damn." The president is returning home because of the red flag on his wife's health.You think we are dump or dumbo Jombo? I dey lafuuuuu.He can't even protect the lives of his Armed forces too bad!may be when the Armed forces start taking care of business he would wake up from slumber.

Those killed were done before the President left.How many of the civilians killed by Boko Aram deterred him from his travellings? Baga, Bama,etc this is just not right.Didnt add up.Think of something else.

It may be too late for him

He has made it a duty to ignore the crisis, using the crisis as an opportunity to bribe people and distract all from the development that Nigeria needs. God dey

Come back and Do What?

This regime is drowning.. The end of this CORRUPT imbecile as president of Nigeria is getting closer...


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Akuko! ...What difference will his presence make?

It's not like he's rushing back home to commiserate with victims and their families by visiting the War Zones. The Ijaw President probably developed another jedi-jedi attack or needs to monitor his Hippo's progress in their political war with Amaechi down yonder. What difference has his presence made anywhere in Nigeria in all his political career? Abegi, SaharaReporters should stop trumpeting Dumbo's calumny as concern for Nigeria, we've long crossed that cornerstone of his deceit and rhetoric. Tell us what he achieved in South Africa with Dwarfs, Deadbeat fathers and acclaimed fraudsters on his "trade mission" to Zulu land. The moron is coming home to continue witch-hunting opponents, period.

Day 10, @ Deri is still AWOL on SR ...enjoy the peace and harmony. May His evil Soul roast in Satan's Hell ...Insha Allah!

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