NUJ Chides Governor Dickson Of Bayelsa State Over Frequent Out-Of-State Trips

Gov. Dickson of Bayelsa
By SaharaReporters, New York

Officials of the Bayelsa State chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) have criticized Governor Seriake Dickson for frequently traveling out of the state.

The union’s criticism was contained in a communiqué it issued at the end of its general congress held at the NUJ secretariat in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, on Wednesday.

The union advised the governor to reduce the frequency with which he travels outside the state and to concentrate instead on governance.

The eight-point communiqué further suggested that Mr. Dickson visit communities in the state to ascertain the problems affecting different communities in order to attempt solving them. The union also urged the state government to conduct quarterly Town Hall meetings in order to integrate the views of the people of the state in major government policies and programs affecting the public.

The communiqué, which was signed by the NUJ’s chairman, Tarinyo Akono, and secretary, Samson Opokuma, called for security operatives to “extend security surveillance to all the streets in Yenagoa to effectively protect lives and property.”

The congress also expressed support for the ongoing investigation of top management of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) in Yenagoa by the Bayelsa State House of Assembly over incessant power outages in the state capital and its surrounding towns. The union also praised the state legislature’s efforts to stop all illegal collection of tariffs.

The union called on the PHCN to stop its arbitrary community billing system. Instead, it suggested that the power company install transformers and meters in residential homes and offices.

The NUJ also condemned the indiscriminate dumping of refuse by residents of Yenagoa, demanding that the Bayelsa State environmental sanitation task force be alive to its responsibilities.

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Another Deception of GEJ

Dickson has no business to do with Government house Bayelsa in the 1st instance. He is a product of GEJ's deception, greed, selfishness and direct witch hunting on Sylva. Just as Mr. Bipi and others are employed against Amechi now.


Dickson reminds me of G.W Bush pre 9/11. The guy who felt so out of place when he had the presidency thrust on him was always in his ranch in Texas. He was more of an absentee President using phone and the internet to stay in contact with Wahington.

Mr Dickson has turned Beyalsa House in Abuja to the substantive Government house (GH). The GH in yenagoa is now the guest house.

Tank u NUJ 4 tolding him d truth-na waka about

The man has no plans for the state-Even when invited by indigenes of the state abroad-he could not make it--but is always seen in the company of very funny characters-the same people who sold Alamieyeseigha to the vultures-Again the state NUJ failed to force the governor introduce measures that will encourage him to develop a sound middle class for the state-the state hotel project has been abandoned by Dickson instead he is awarding mind burgling contracts for the installation of security cameras-at the cost of over 1.6b-how do u operate security cameras when there are no lights-the state general hospital has not moved an inch from where sylva left it-stop the award of contracts to non indigenes-anoda ajala travel all over the world-with 419ners

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