OBJ Lied, Controversial Letter To Jonathan Exposed -PM News, Lagos

Goodluck Jobasanjo
PM News, Lagos

Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo lied when he denied writing a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan on the performance of some agencies and the changes he wanted him to effect.

According to the lead story of The Nation newspaper of yesterday, Obasanjo, in the letter, advised Jonathan to sack five heads of Federal Government agencies. The men are of Northern origin.

The leadership of the North expressed disappointment at the letter and recommendation of the former president alleging marginalization and victimisaiton.

The protest of the North perhaps motivated Obasanjo’s denial of the letter.

Speaking with airport correspondents in Lagos yesterday, Obasanjo denied writing the offensive letter. He threatened to institute legal action against The Nation newspaper.
However, the newspaper reacted to the threat this morning by publishing the photocopy of the controversial letter on its front page.

In the letter, Obasanjo wrote inter alia: “I have observed with deep concern the continued public outcry over the grossly poor performances of some Federal Government interventionist agencies.”

The former president, according to the letter, recommended the following persons to head the agencies:

Dr. Torpedo Amananaghan from Bayelsa state to head the Petroleum Equalisation Fund, PEF; Dr. Nurudeen Mohammed, Jigawa state — Education Trust Fund, ETF, Mr. Ibangha Nen, Cross River state — Petroleum Technology Development Fund, PTDF, Mrs. Jumai Mohammed Agwai, Niger state — Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC and Senator Ebenezer Ikeyina, Anambra state — Industrial Training Fund, ITF.

The editors of The Nationa have insisted that they stand by their story.

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OBJ's observatons. Just in time.

...baba is the best "watchdog" for Nigeria, more than anybody he knows the capacity of our nations resources...., but what Sannusi leaked and Tambuwal sad and of course Atiku swore to, will bring subversion faster than an oversight letter on good governance from a 2-time president.

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i dnt think obasanjo is wrong

why cant we give peace a chance, of obasanjo's letter deos not devide the country instead trying to find lasting peace to the nation, we should respect him for once, he once rule this country without no problem,i think he nos morethan jonathan who did not no were he is coming from, i think is good obasanjo suggest for him is better let give peace a chance since the northerners has not be remove completly

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The problem with Nigeria when will it end, folks?

[…, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo lied when he denied writing a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan on the performance of some agencies and the changes he wanted him to effect.

The leadership of the North expressed disappointment at the letter and recommendation …alleging marginalization and victimisaiton.]

Tells how U are not thinking properly as a nation yet & the of kind leadership U need 4 Nigeria! OBJ quarreled with Dr. Okonjo-Iweala when she returned to help us; she did her utmost in that debt cancellation, after OBJ suspended Due process & tried to frustrate her in his canny machination! Ngozi returned to her seat quite educated and a professional. If what U told about privatization is true, why on earth is OBJ poking & nosing in Jonathan’s govt.? Reason why Justice Belgore must recommend scraping off from membership of the Council of State ex-Heads & Sec. 308 in the Constitution so that they can be probed as it is, according to OBJ, happening in Egypt, Libya and Syria!

No sentiment

What sentiments, in the letter cannot you see two northern names, one Bayelsa and the other from the east, baba don't have anything against the north, you are just trying to give a dog a bad name.

Nothin Corrupt i n this my brother

Femi, please nothing should suggest corruption in this letter, baba has done well for this country.

Respect for OBJ

Even at that I am very happy with baba for not including Yoruba man's name in the recommendations letter, this clearly shows that he is haven the interest of the nation at heart and this he done without sentiment, i respect you baba.

what evidence??? The only

what evidence??? The only evidence there is God fatherly in the country and the victimization of those named please do not be so foolish Nigeria is for all mine your language dude

On this note I think OBJ has

On this note I think OBJ has done well. As a citizen of FRN he has right to recommend any body for post. This is patrotism in dislay. Pls let stop politicising everything.

lying is not ruckus of the matter

for me as a reformist Nigerian i wouldn't all him a liar cause there is no proof that he tentatively denied it and as for his letter,well I'll call it a master piece making an uttermost sincere and selfless recommendation is what Nigerians should be doing rather than ignorantly criticizing such acts, those who are hurt should do well to make their case if those asked of Mr. president by OBJ TO AXED should remain

obj letter is not totally wrong

if the heads of the govt agencies according the letter are corrupt and they are currently been investigated by the effc, those chief executives
are found guilty of the charges against them, they should be removed and be replaced with people of good exemplary life style from the north.

Why Should OBJ Lie..The evidence is clear

Why Should OBJ Lie..The evidence is clear


Ok now, why Obasanjo denied. The issue here is just to warn the President that his house is leaking.

No big deal ......in the letter

Obasanjo has done well afterall he did not put his brother in the nominated list.....Mr President(Goodluck) your house is leaking please.


Why is this man so amorally shameless?

There is nothing wrong with a

There is nothing wrong with a former president giving advice to a current president...People, organizations, etc advice the President on various decisions to take...Either he takes the advice, or he doesnt, SIMPLE!!!

Only problem is his denial and the current President taking the advice hook-line-and-sinker without doing his own investigation and finding sufficient grounds to support the decision...

Instead of all this hullaballo about the writer and his intention, we shld be analyzing the contents...For example, the letter listed the "names of individuals earlier nominated for appointment as CEOs of the parastatals"...Does this mean that this decision was to have been made earlier than this???When were these earlier nominations made???Who recommended these nominations???Etc???

Re OBJ Corrupt plans exposed

@ Oluwafemi; can u pls provide your source as regards OBJ being the richest Nigerian today?

Re OBJ Corrupt plans exposed

@ Oluwafemi; can u pls provide your source as regards OBJ being the richest Nigerian today?

OBJ instituted hyper-corruption in our democratic dispensation!

OBJ has seen his last days in Nigeria. His legacy is tainted even before it started. This man is neither a stateman or a mentor to any sane Nigeria. The political problems we've had since 1999 in Nigeria has the ill-making and crafty work of OBJ.
OBJ knows nothing but to cultivate divide and hate which has since made Nigerian politics a do or die business enterprise.


 There are 2 worrying things in this not suprising meddlesome activity by a former president that himself did not set the place alight with good performance and they include 

1.Nominating replacements leading one to assume he was compromised as the yard stick to nominate these replacements seems to be bribery & corruption.

2. Obasanjo himself not being replaced while a non performing  president.

Obasanjo's letter to Jonathan

There may not be anything wrong with OBJ's letter to the president. However, almost anything OBJ has been involved in in nig. Is shrouded in controversy and certainly in his own interest. See what happened during the third term drama in the House. He kept mute when the matter was threatening the political foundation of this country. When the bid failed, he told us that he had nothing to do with it. It is antecedent like this that makes nigerians not to trust him. If his advice was sincere and in the best interest of the nation, he should not be be the one to recommend those to replace those he perceive as incompetent. Doing so might send the wrong message. I personally 'd think he wants his loyalist there for selfish reason. Unfortunately he could not accept responsibility of originating the letter. Too bad for a man like him. That is my humble view.





OBJ on the path of DISTRUCTION

I'm not surprise that the crude monster called Obasanjo is at war with IBB, niether at his bunch of lies, but curious about similar letters sent by IBB when OBJ heldsway and which were rubished. OBJ is the problem of PDP and will distroy the party sooner rather than later.

My friend what is wrong with

My friend what is wrong with you, if an Igbo second world war man impregnated OBJ's mother, what has it got to do with the issue at hand. we are talking about under-performance and inefficiency and you are mixing the whole thing up. my friend please grow up. remember also that Obama's father ran away

Be more rational

Stop making a bad comedy out of an already comical situation,it's stated in the letter that PDP BOT made the reccomendations.

obj is a great man

This is not about hausa,ibo or yoruba but
about Nigeria as a nation.the DG's of those
agencies shud be sacked,the ones for ptdf
and itf shud be jailed for 21yrs,they are
more corrupt than most governors.itf have
not paid students their entitlements for
some years n no one is asking questions,d
Ptdf oversea scholarship stuff is anoda
avenue for corruption.I think obj shud be
commended n he has d right to mk recommen
dations to Gej

Ofoman, sorry your name

Ofoman, sorry your name depicts who you are. empty man. You claimed that obj did not recomend any yoruba hence he is not tribal. So you did not rid his recently published autobiography(that is biography authoced by himself). In that book he said his father one of the 2nd Qorld war exsolders of igbo stock pregnated his mother and vermoosed. The product of that excapade was that bastard yoruba called obj, because his mother's people (Owu in Abeokuta)raised him. For the reasons best known to him, hates the guts of his mother's tribe(the yorubas). When the hatread was made known to the yorubas at large, the negatve feeling compellingly become mutual.Obj is tribalistic, he has always favoured the people of his father's tribe- the igbos.

You're against transformation.

I don't want to give a dame either his telling lies or not.take a visible studies at all those parastatal that listed in that letter.are they functioning well?if recommending people with high integrity 2 fix it well,nothing wrong with that.me and you can be part of transformtion.transformation began somewhere,transformation is real.

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