Occupy Nigeria: Meeting Between Nigerian Government And Labour Reps End In A Deadlock Again

By Saharareporters, New York

The meeting between the Nigerian Labour Congress and The TUC on one side and the Jonathan regime on the other ended in another deadlock tonight as labour leaders refused to back down from its earlier position that President Jonathan revert to N65 price for petrol as earlier reported by Saharareporters.

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Hailing NLC/TUC

Onward together Labour congress, with you we shall continue from where we stop. Strikes continues till we fuck out the fucking wolves a vampire government...

This is just the beginning!I

This is just the beginning!I thought labour will sell out,now that labour did not,its good for us.
PENGASSAN should not hesitate to shut down completely today-15 Jan,2012,all roads blocked,and this time,the state governors too should be faced.
This is my first prayer on this sunday morning..........''every troublers of this country-Nigeria,will never have peace''!

Occupy Nigeria.

NLC gave Jonathan opportunity to right is approach to the issue at stake, but mis used it.
Jonathan don't underestimate the power of the people.ask Gadaffi!!! and Mubarak for advice.
I de look ohh!!

wasted opportunity

A child went to his father and said i will not go to school except you drop me at school with your car. The father replied, 'son i love you but you may have to walk to school which is not too far from home.You know the car is not in good shape and i need to take it to the mechanic to make it serve us better'. While the father was trying to raise money to fix the car, the son in anger threw a stone at the windscreen breaking the screen and adding to the cost of repairs.This is what our labour leaders have just done. They have just wasted this opportunity to assist fix our faulty car.

Very Good

This is a good one by NLC/TUC. The govt should know that:
1. The days of pump price increase thru the back door ARE OVER;
2. The days communication between govt and the citizenry was one way from government to citizenry ARE OVER;
3. The days govt listens to the people it draws strength from (the electorates) ARE HERE;
4. The days of govt been accountable to the citizens ARE HERE!

Labour, pls get this done

Labour, pls get this done with so we can return to our normal lives. God bless u all to make the right decisions. Amen.

Haba GEJ! Do u really have

Haba GEJ! Do u really have human symphathy? Dont allow urself 2 b misled by those rats,parading themselves as ministers or as 'Minasamu'.And remember dat one day u will wear no shoes.

Haba GEJ! Do u really have

Haba GEJ! Do u really have human symphathy? Dont allow urself 2 b misled by those rats,parading themselves as ministers or as 'Minasamu'.And remember dat one day u will wear no shoes.

its either N65 or that

its either N65 or that overfed,clueless and shoeless guy returns to his village! Come monday,we'll be at the rallies and protests!


i am feeling very frustrated. this is very shameful and i hope they wont blame anyone if according to fela óvertake, overtake overtake'.

Weldone labour and TUC

Weldone labour and TUC leaders we don't here anything apart from #65 per ltr. or below we are behind you we are ready to cntue with the protest

National Assembly commence impeachment proceeding

I think it is high time national assembly especially house of rep to commence impeachment against Jonathan who the most dullest & sluggish, vissionless & heartless president Nigeria ever had. Am a Yoruba guy but long awaited a president from easthern part of the country cos of maginalisation.But Jonathan is a complete mistake sincerely, sentiment apart. I've read so many writeups about the state of the economy since he took over in the last few days, men!! The guy has killed this nation rapidly. Naturally I never had time to attend to national issue cos am not interested atall. Men!! Its very unfortunate.GEJ has also availed the Natinal Assembly an opportunity to allocate billion cos they know that "mumu" is in control, execes crude acct gone, foreign reserve gone down by over $60b. Ah! It a big regrete voting for an idiot.

let the strike continue then

let the strike continue then

Mr President SOS

Businesses has been grounded for a week now & Govt & labor still refuse to reach a common ground. They need to know there are private & personal enterprises in this country that do not get subsidy & still need to sustain their business & stake holders. If this continues into week 2, there will be paralysis, looting, job loss & eventual collapse of the economy. Let's all reach out to Mr President to do the needful.

GEJ & Co have hiden agenda dats why subsidy s do or die 2 them

Good job, NLC & TUC. The president and the governors including their advocates (sanusi, okonjo and petrol. minister) all have a common hiden agenda and that is why is difficult for them to revert the price to N65. The fact, according to sanusi, remains that Nigeria can not go bankrupcy in the next four five years, let GEJ regime continue paying tne subsidy and get our refinaries back to 90% capacity utilization within two years as promised by petrol. minister while along side fighting corruption in the downstream sector. There is no any deregulation that can be more than these. NLC, TUC, NBA, Association of Nigeria Doctors & other activist, once again, thank you for not letting us down.


fellow compatriots, this is our call, lets all obey...its time we stand firm against tyranny and extortion...Jonathan is trying to be arrogant, going against the wish of majority....let show 'em that we out number he and his cohorts....GOD BLESS NIGERIA

ND time to break away from nigeria, is now! end all the talks

Let the strike for regime change continue. I have said it severally that the ongoing protest has nothing to do with fuel subsidy. Its geared towards forcing the army to overthrow the government of GEJ period-so let us have the army--it would help speed up our quest for freedom-at the UN. The OWS movement in the USA, has nothing to do with banks-are the banks in the USA not operating? What about flight services-And I am wondering why government has not pulled members of the armed forces to take control of essential services in the country--why is GEJ not ordering them to work-anybody who does not report for work should deem himself or herself as sacked-its our generational oil based economy that is suffering--not the cocoa, or invisible groundnuts-time for the niger delta to break away is now---for the Owei lakemfas would be used by the tripod again-and again before the 4 yrs term runs out-wld the fulanis protest if they had their man in power or a yoruba man?let us break up now!

Well done Labour/Tuc.

Well done.

Operation Power clash

Operation power clash who is suffering all these? When Labour has already taking a position what did they go there to negotiate for? They should have gone back to their protest till govt revert back to N65 without any negotiation.They want to be seen as stubborn, they want us to see them as not 'sell out'therefore making negotiation very difficult.It has become and ego thing, if govt revert back to N65 and wait till April and take it to N141 then what has NLC achieved? But considering the suffering masses as a result of this impasse, I think that govt should revert to N65 Nigeria to calm nerves and to allow negotiation without undue pressure from any angle.

NLC is wicked

God will judge NLC because Goodluck Jonathan is all out for good, some
Nigerians are just short sighted †̥ ths fact
Nigerians shud disregard NLC stay at home and go †̥ work.
NLC will not pay them, they are incited by some criminals
Who were benefitting extravantly frm ths subsidy.

May God touch the hearts of

May God touch the hearts of our leaders and their advisers.

Deadlocked Negotiations

First, I have to commend organized labor in Nigeria for standing up to Goodluck Jonathan's tough guy stance. If President wanted to show some sincerity of purpose and goodwill to the suffering people of Nigeria, he would have since called in his Attorney General, Adoke and handed him his dismissal papers already.

Mr. Jonathan seems to be scared of all the thieving ministers in his cabinet. Several of his ministers, from Madam Okonjo Iweala to Diezani Allison-Madueke to Attorney General, Adoke have within one week been fingered as having corruptly acquired several billions of Naira, some of it lodged in Nigerian banks. Unfortunately, Mr. President would rather stick it to poor Nigerians than ask the questions that need to be asked of his ministers. It is becoming obvious that Goodluck Jonathan is now personally heading the massive swindling of Nigerians that has been taking place for years now.

65naira or nothing!

No going back.We'll be back at Freedom park on Monday.Solidarity forever..


Fellow citizens,the die is cast. The insensitivity of Jonathan's administration is made manifest. Brace yourselves up for a long huddle. GEJ is not as stubborn as Mubarak or Gadaffi,he must bow. All roads lead to eagles square on Monday. Darkness and light don't concur. On the match again.

What is wrong with this Govt

Why can't the government just back down, admit it made a mistake and let us continue from there. Why all this hairline posturing?????


Hello mr presdent you have to about the problem that happens in your nation,but must of the nigerians they achieve any thing in your regine . Why do u not thing about this. But we call our country development,but still we are under developed

Danburubanka Ebele jonathan

Danburubanka Ebele jonathan and all corrupt politicians in Nigeria

hold your ears

OMAR Cant be more knowladgable than oshomole,the vidieo of every body consulted in this matter must be made open now so that poor people will not go and die of what they dont know anything about

It seems d Jonathan govt &

It seems d Jonathan govt & its negotiating team are being led astray by the likes of gov. Adams Oshomole who might have been thinking erroneously dt d current leadership of d NLC are still being guided by the very same circumstances & narrow mindset that held sway through out d oshomole's led NLC & dt of his immediate predecessor - Pascal Bafyau for almost two decades in which all most all d strike actions they embarked upon were nothing but deceits just to fool the masses to gladly accept eventually a already predetermined position reached by d NLC top leadership & d then existing govts ! But today, such criminal tactics no longer work because we d masses of dis country have outgrown such little but cheap strategy & secondly becos we are more sophisticated now by d availability of mobile internet & d social networking dt go with it in dis our 21st century. Aluta continua victoria Arcerta!!!

Why must it (1.3 tn) from

Why must it (1.3 tn) from removal fuel of subsidy?