Occupy Nigeria: Meeting Between Nigerian Government And Labour Reps End In A Deadlock Again

By Saharareporters, New York

The meeting between the Nigerian Labour Congress and The TUC on one side and the Jonathan regime on the other ended in another deadlock tonight as labour leaders refused to back down from its earlier position that President Jonathan revert to N65 price for petrol as earlier reported by Saharareporters.

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Pengansan pls shut down everything and our dummy president will love it.

up NLC

Thank God for labour as jonathan govt are trying all possible means to rob nigerian masses

Why must it (1.3 tn) from

Why must it (1.3 tn) from removal of fuel subsidy?

No Retreat & No Surrender

The NLC speaks for Nigerians if and only if petrol is back to N65/liter. The Muslim Ummah and the christians brothers, North to south are now under one umbrella "NO" to fuel subsidy removal. And Nigerians are now interested in seeing those thieves in the oil sector brought to book. Nigerians wants GEJ to wipe Boko Haram and their supporters and sponsors in the government. And Nigerians wants to know those responsible for the bombardments on 1st october 2011 and on churches across the nation.

Why must it be (1.3 tn) from

Why must it be (1.3 tn) from removal fuel of subsidy?

na wa oh

Na wa oh! What is happening in this country. May God help our President, and touch our Labour leaders to come to a compromise with the FGN.

The last deadlock

Very well, it is time for a final grand stand dear compatriots! No more talks, just the unflinching demand for a reversal, a complete governance purge and a responsive government. The velvet revolution and Arab spring will pale in comparison to what is coming. Arise oh Nigerians.

Why must it (1.3 tn) from

Why must it (1.3 tn) from removal fuel of subsidy?

2012 Budget starts when?

its very unfortunate that this subsidy removal takes effect from the beginning of the year not the effective budget year of March the following year as has been the norm. Many of my friends are stranded in the village due to this increase This subsidy is in 2011 budget we still have two more months subsidy to go why remove it now? secondly One barrel is 42 gallons or 168 litres. The price of 1 barrel of petrol at the Depot gate is the sum of the cost of crude oil, the refining cost and the pipeline transportation cost. Refining costs are at $12.6 per barrel and pipeline distribution cost are $1.50 per barrel. The Distribution Margins (Retailers, Transporters, Dealers, Bridging Funds, Administrative charges etc) are N15.49/litre or $16.58 per barrel. The true cost of 1 litre of petrol in Nigeria is therefore ($5 +$12.6+$1.5+ $16.6) or $35.7 per barrel . This is equal to N33.36 per litre compared to the official price of N65 per litre.

GEJ's just a heartless

GEJ's just a heartless bastard&if he eventually reverts 2 N65 den he's a son of a bitch!!!!


can u imagine dis once nobody dat called himself d president of dis country. may God Punish Badluck Ebele Jonathan where ever he is. he deserve to be impeached and jailed if we av a proper govt cos i believ there is checks and balances. anyway they are all authoritarian.


Labour should beware of betraying the trust of the suffering masses of Nigeria.

The government must back down or Nigeria shuts down.

Please don't give up now that victory is in sight.

How long

It's time the government need to see reason with the people, atleast drop a little! How long will this last.


Why is this man so obstinate?

Since the FG is not willing

Since the FG is not willing to revert its FSR, then we too will not back down. May be the tune of this strike should change to calling on the govt to step down.

Very very good.........NLC is

Very very good.........NLC is on d right track.......Jonathan will eventually bury himself.....

Solidarity FOREVER!

If reverting to 65 is a curse, then STRIKE is our prayer! I am pretty sure by the time the nation embark on full revolution on JONATHAN's government, he will realise our wish should be his command and by then it might be too late! ALUTA continua...

Foolish Government

We are not going to be tired of standin up for the truth this time with God on our side.

why must it be subsidy removal?

The government can generate over 1.3 trillion per annum by making sacrifice at higher levels eg thus; Reduce salaries of national assembly members by 50% or they should earn sitting allowances only, reduce the numbers of ministers to reasonble number, reduce the number of president aide.


The subject of the struggle now is Jonathan must leave presidency. Nigerians cannot die in the hands of evil dictator. We dont need N65 per litre under him. HE MUST GO!

NLc/tuc vs mr jona's & co

Until we occupy d whole nation. They wouldnt believe we ar real. Labour d masses are behind u, thx God 4 ur effort


u are right and the right of us most be defended by you, we have given u pple our trust, LONG LIVE NIG. Our right most be respected


Corruption,Ineptitude,Greed,Executive and Parliamentary budgetary allocation are responsible for the deficit in the budget.NLC,TUC and Nigerians should rise to these parasites.


By Monday work must resume, labour or no labour. People are suffering for nothing and this NLC is playing up to the gallery. It is not Jonathan that caused our problems. Go and meet the coup plotting generals that destroyed this country. JONATHAN MUST STAND HIS GROUND AND BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO TURN THIS COUNTRY AROUND.

What are they up to

Well, now I'm sure something isn't right. FGN is hiding something.Right

GEJ is a goat

I don't undastand a government that spends lavishly bt wants d citizens to spend shabilly!

NLC & FGN deadlock

Labour should stick to their guns until GEJ & his cabinet revert to N65/per litre pump price. Labour is acting on the will & wishes of majority of the Nigerian people.

My candid advice to GEJ is for him to humbly back down on his stands and apologise to Nigerians, thereafter demonstrate courage in naming and prosecute those cabals involved in the fuel subsidy deals. Then Nigerians will trust and have confidence in his administration again because presently majority of Nigerians are angry with him about the subsidy removal and the insecurity in the country.

Time Up!

Who d gods want to destroy (GEJ, @noiweala, DAM), they 1st make mad!! GEJ ur time is up, u r facing d red sea.

fuel subsidy

PPRA should be investigated.importation of fuel shouild be monitored by labour and Govt.communities close to borders should be trained to arrest or stop any one trying to smuggle fuel to neigbouring countries.

Evil Government

They will not listen. Probably there is a plan to destroy Nigeria. Nigerians refuse to fund corruption. Either the Government prosecute the Cabal or Resign. We will not be punished for the greed of those in government and their Cabal. A government that can not fight the Cabal, that can not prosecute Boko Haram even when the President admitted they are in his government. He knows Boko Haram, yet he will not prosecute them. He said we should leave withil it, that it is the turn of Nigeria to experience Terrorism. These people should be made to resign. They are not fit to govern Nigeria.