Over 50 College Students Killed By Boko Haram Militants In Yobe state

By SaharaReporters, New York

Gunmen suspected to be members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect struck a packed college in the early hours of Sunday killing at least 50 students of College of Agriculture, Gujba. 

The school is located about 50 kilometers south of Damaturu, the state capital. As at the time of filling this report, bodies of the victims were being picked for bush and hostels, where the gunmen shot the harmless students.

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oMoR cOmE SeE Oo..wHiCh kInD WiChCrAfT..WhIcH KinD JuJu,? dE mAkE DeM ThE TiNk mUmU...50..KaI BrOs J No bE SmAll tIn...GOD HeLp uS....

You have said it all. Same

You have said it all. Same thing could have happened if we have another person as the NSA, this terrrorist act is something we most all fight together its not the fault of security forces or any body, boko haram are using hide and attact tactics in which is very difficult to get them. Same thing is happening in afganistan where thousands of US troops are dead. Let our forces increase their effort in eradication this animals and let us continue to pray for them. Long live Nigeria

May their souls Rest In

May their souls Rest In Peace. Amen and Amen.

fook you

please jonathan stop killing us in the name of bokoharam

Jonathan and Iherjirika are thieves and sadists

Dumbo's chief thug in uniform, the incompetent, rotten Iherjirika who is i/c of the ragtag Nigerian army, only knows how to steal and act as a worthless tout to the decadent PDP and its corrupt and empty-headed so-called leaders like Jonathan. The loudmouthed Iherjirika and Dumbo have cornered the scandalous security vote and don't want the 'easy money' to stop flowing for their immoral pursuits so providing security for citizens is the last thing on the dirty minds of these scoundrels and their fellow bastards heading the murderous SSS and the useless police force. In his desperation to rig the 2015 elections, Dumbo wants the insecurity in the North to go on so that he and his touts like Iherjirika will use that as a cover to rig. But the people are determined to decisively confront Dumbo and his thugs in uniform.

Hw much more?

To tell u how much more the nigerian government is stupid why should they say there is security in this country wen people are dieing everyday? They also told us that the leader of this idiots is dead now he is back...we need change pls my people!

Chck This Out

Just curious to know if this is real. Any idea??


Caution in our utterances

You're right, a lot of money has been spent on the battle against terror and insurgency in Nigeria. All the various security arms of government have been a engaged to fight these die-hard blood-suckers. I am not a security expert, but I don't need any oracle to tell me that these guys are working round the clock to control this menace. I think it is unfair for anyone to come out and accuse the NSA or any of the agencies under his command as being "the leaders and sponsors" of BH. What will they hope to gain by doing so? If you want to criticize, put yourself in the shoes of the person you're criticizing, and assess your criticism. We need to assume some responsibility too, before we begin to run our mouths recklessly

for the fact that u just

for the fact that u just mentioned NSA just made your comment senseless, i cant imagine a nigerian would still mention NSA as part of this bloody actupon the way security men r dying. army, naval, airforce, police personnel are dying everyday trying to secure this idiots, and u r here saying they r part of it, my friend if you dont have a good point, just shotup ur gutter.

GEJ should leave Aso rock and

GEJ should leave Aso rock and immediately a northern Muslim man comes in all these will stop. Sorry many will not agree but that is the answer or GEJ should face the music and be ready to dance with the Elite politicians who have personal interest if he wants his name to be written on Gold.


My brother, God will bless you for saying the truth. The blood of a Righteous man is the seed of Christianity. When they were wasting innocent blood, thinking that they are killing Igbos, they don’t know that the agenda was to propagate Islam. When things fall apart the centre will not hold. Cheers. Chinwike from Lagos

@ Tundemash: You Northerners Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

You people invoked BH upon yourself because of your insatiable greed for Niger Delta oil. You guys are on your way to total anihilation. With your own hands, you will exterminate yourselves from the surface of the earth.


Blood! So much blood has been spilt - men, women, children - young and old - have been maimed, killed, destroyed by EVIL, dark ogres from the SAVAGE PLANET (it is a waste of time to call these evil perpetrators human beings. They have lost the right to be called human)! Our hearts weep for all those affected - ALL NIGERIANS - who face the agony of evil swipes on their psyche, by an evil army of Philistines, that is HELL-bound, and intent on challenging the tireless efforts of those charged with the responsibility of securing lives and property; challenging the 'cry' of the average Nigerian who constantly seeks for, and in fact, labours to instil, evoke a sense of pride and belief in Nigeria!

SHAME ON YOU EVILDOERS! You will die by your own swords and guns!


Please o, pardon me, I sincerely have NO sympathy for these killings in the North. It is typical of the region. They must have human blood. When they don't see visitors, they turn the guns on themselves like they are doing currently. Since 1945, there have been periodic blood baths in the region. It is an intoxication; it must happen. Just pray you are not in the wrong place at the wrong time, o tan!

Dr Jonathan has little or nothing to do with this. It could well be an Abubakar Shehu or a Kayode Babafemi in Aso Rock!

Mass murder of 50 teenagers in a Nigerian school

This is not about zoning the presidency of Nigeria to the north. This is not a campaign against poverty. It is none of those things. This is simply the end of the end of Nigeria as we used to know it.

If 50 teenagers are so wantonly murdered on their beds, everyone else’s faith in Nigeria as a country is executed alongside.

This is Nigeria’s naked dance in the international community. Those who urge a revolution to stop this national grief and shame have the best patriotic argument on the solution to this national psychosis. Nigeria has just entered a psychiatric phase in its predicted fall.

Re it is so pathetic the lives

What will u do as the president. Answer, close the borders in the north east. Deploy custom outside the port where they concentrate for easy money. Borders are too porous. Deploy full strength of the Army. Complete. No more pepper soup sitting down and getting paid. We have a war, no pretension. That what a president does. All Niger , Chad and Cameron citizens must leave temporarily, they provide foot soldiers for insurgent

Killing of students by BH

it is very sad.I wept when I heard about it.Jonathan wake up.Bring out the lion in you,to stop this carnage .Resign if u cannot rule the country.you are a very weak leader.To sponsors of BH,may you and your generation never know peace in your life .

u better know what u are

u better know what u are saying

that yoruba ambassador said

god is a nigerian


Very Sad!!

What a country! With the quantum of Nigerians eminently qualified and very educated making waves in Nigeria and respective countries around the world - How can we have plebeians at the helm of political offices. A big Shame. The uneducated "Dr." has lost all imagination and control. Can you at least call a state of emergency and deal with this hoodlums. Meanwhile the northern LEADERS remain mute on such criminal activities.


When the Janus faced bastard of a prostitute mother Jeremiah Useni said they killed Ironsi and installed Gowon, because the Igbo coup plotters were planning to complete the killing of Northern leaders. The idiot could not explain why hundreds of thousands of Igbo women and children were slaughtered in a genocide as if they knew anything about the few Igbo miscreants and coupist. One man of God during the war told me that God revealed to him that in no distant time he exact revenge from the North on the innocent Igbo women and children. This is just the beginning, the Man of God who is now 84 years old said unless the North makes restitution and publicly apologised to the Igbos for shedding innocent blood. He also said that Gowon, Danjuma, Obasanjo and Useni would die such shameful deaths and their bodies would be eaten by vulture.

A free-for-all, bloody battle in Nigeria

Nigeria is at war. Anyone supposing this as a riot or a protest is a fool. The Nigerian Army is the only force now holding Nigeria together - nothing else. The country is going to the dogs, daily.

Neither President Jonathan nor any Minister has a solution to the current battles - or even a bright idea on how to hold Nigeria together again.

After official thefts spread like an epidemic, stealing became Nigeria's new ethic, and average Nigerians took to thefts on their own small scale, having been made poor by official thefts. The result is that government lost its meaning and is now seen as a den of thieves. The people no longer wish to protect government officials or wish them well. That estrangement is what makes this war a free-for-all, bloody battle.

Islam, Hausa/fool-ani And Terrorism

No doubt that Hausa/fool-ani moslems are at it again. Their religion of "peace" continues to cause meyhem to humankind--in Pakistan 75 Christian worshippers were murdered by moslems in cold blood in their church, in Kenya, over 67 innocent shoppers were mowed down by moslems, in Nigeria, over 50 innocent students killed by moslems, and yet, moslems-Tinubu, Buhari, el-rufai, the sokoto leader, Fashiola, Aregbesola, Aliyu Babangida, idiotic Kwakwanso want to rule us. Imagine. They will unleash boko haram on us.

May Lord grant boko haram's wish so that they establish the moslem islamic republic of Arewa in the 12 northern sharia states. Afterall, they are the ones who introduced sharia in their teritory.

Yes indeed you reap what you sow

Akpan I think your master Buhari is doing well and of course looks like this houseboy thing is still very much in you! How dare you blame GEJ for BH, is he the one arming them how long has he been in POWER. Akpan return to akwa Ibom Stateand see what's going on there. I doubt if you will no the road to your village. Stupid houseboy your State is PDP forever no shaking! Gov Akpabio ride on best Nigeria PDP GOV.

GOD bless the Nigeria.

This is a tragidy, may their souls rest in perfect peace.It is a pity that terrorism has turned into a global problem and Nigeria happens to be one of the countries affected.
We should try as much as possible to love one another irrespective of our religion.

Boko Haram Kills students again

Boko Haram well done you people have and are showinG wEwestern education is forbidden indeed by you! Warning any parent in the North who wishes for western education should send their wards to Sudan. Atiku, Buhari, Shehu Sani, Sen Ndume et your work is showing. No idiot should blame GEj is he the one arming BH.
BH carry on kill only muslim students in western education schools that way poverty & unemployment will be reduced,
And islamic development should blossom!
Lest I forget resort to bow & arrows and horses , leave AK 45 & Hilux


This is what awaits ONE NIGERIA PROPONENTS until they see the light and leave AREWA alone. I do not subscribe to this, if this is what co-existing with AREWA is about. For those of you Southerners and your so-called leaders who will not tell you the truth for fear of being denied positions and their portion of the loot, enjoy "ONE NIGERIA." Keep trusting lying government that tells you BH is broken. Keep beliving a government that runs out of bullets in the middle of a battle.

Yobe Killings

Will the president be in Yobe to fight Bokoharam knowing fully well that he had already put in place security measures to combat this deadly acts. The Northern leaders especially Buhari should be held responsible for this senseless killings which have lingered for sometime now. Ngige and his APC should be rejected in Anambra for fraternizing with the terrorist called Buhari. We don't have to look at how competent Ngige was but lets look at this unholy association with APC. Anambrarians shine your eyes. My position is that people should stop blaming the president. What are the security outfits doing with the huge billions expended on security. Please GOD help us out of this quagmire

9/11 and Boston bombings had

9/11 and Boston bombings had a time difference of over 10 years. But Nigeria's killings are weekly. Get this fact into your head.



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