PDP Appoints Baraje As Acting Chairman

President Goodluck Joanthan,(right),Vice President Namadi Sambo, Abubakar Kawu Baraje, Senate President,and Deputy Senate Presid
By Sahara Reporters New York

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) today appointed Abubakar Kawu Baraje as its Acting National Chairman.  Alhaji Baraje will serve in that capacity until the election of a new Executive Committee in March 2012.

Baraje, who was formerly Acting National Secretary of the party, replaces Bello Haliru Mohammed, who was this month appointed Minister of Defence by President Goodluck Jonathan.
Addressing the press following the NEC meeting,Rufai Ahmed Alkali, who is the party’s National Publicity Secretary, said the NEC had also appointed Musa Babayo as its Acting National NationalSecretary. 

Today’s NRC meeting, the first since the April elections, was attended by party bigwigs such as President Jonathan, Vice-President Mohammed Sambo, and the President of the Senate, Senator David Mark. 

The NEC also approved the Constitution of a 21 member Committee to propose amendments for the PDP Constitution to align it with provision of the Electoral Act and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Alkali said, in line with the amendment of the Electoral Act of 2011.

The party chairman of the PDP is one of the most glorified errand boys in Nigeria’s political terrain.  True power rests in the Board of Trustees, and ultimately, in the hands of the chairman of that board, former President Olusegun Obasanjo. 

In an irony of cruel proportions, President Obasanjo’s candidates for political office last April, including his daughter, lost their electoral contests in his own ward.  Since Obasanjo’s departure from Aso Rock, the PDP has lost all the governorships in the western part of the country that it had previously snatched through rigging. 

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Just look at them smiling

Just look at them smiling foolishly. Time will tell...


The truth is that Nigerians voted for Jonathan during Presidential election (whether it is right or wrong decision, the next 4 yrs will tell). Let us stop giving glory to Tinubu or ACN for what they did not do. Did Tinubu or ACN campaign for Jonathan or did they place an advert that all their supporters should vote for Jonathan? No. Nigerians are too intelligent than that and nobody should insult Nigerians.

PDP "In RIGGIN n LOOTIN we trust"

PDP do as u wish nigerians r
100% in support of ur destru-
ction agenda!! D tenure elon-
gation/6yr single term bill
for president n governors
B4 d N/A shud b passed with
out much delay!Else Jagagban of
AcN wud b hired to fix dat!!

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What a Disater for PDP

The idiots that are bringing

The idiots that are bringing shame to Nigeria.


if it is true that TINUBU and the ACN at large in deed rig last election for Jonathan,then what will you call Tinubu and his party, master riger or what?do you mean they also rig members of their party (ACN)into house of senate and house of rep?


if it is true that TINUBU and the ACN at large in deed rig last election for Jonathan,then what will you call Tinubu and his party, master riger or what?do you mean they also rig members of their party (ACN)into house of senate and house of rep?

Fee Dee Feeeeeeeeeeeee!

A Looter Continua!!!

Mumu Village Rulers!

PDP is still doing business today,  because Tinubu and his ACN governors helped to rig Jonathan into office. Otherwise, PDP would've been history. Without the ACN, there no is way Jonathan could have become president. Jonathan has forgotten so soon as he now behaves cocky whilst Tinubu regrets ever supporting Jonathan. Jonathan has trampled on all the promises he made to Tinubu and ACN during the election. Tinubu can go and bit the dust!


Let the looting begin,in

Let the looting begin,in looting we trust republic has just giving the ATM pin number to another aboki man from kwara.


Infact i hate dis party called PDP.

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