PDP Determined To Keep Nigeria One, Says Tukur

Cartoon credit: EB Asukwo
By SaharaReporters, New York

The national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) , Alhaji (Dr.) Bamanga Tukur, says the party is determined to give the kind of good life anybody could wish for anywhere in the world, emphasizing that PDP is not only thinking of one prosperous Nigeria but one Africa.

Tukur made the statement yesterday in Abuja when he received the 2011/12 report of the National Congress and Planning Committee at the party’s headquarters.

In a somewhat mixed-up statement and at a time the party is growing more unpopular, he said, “We may be of different ethnicity but our differences are our strength. Our diversity is our greatest strength. PDP is always working to ensure that Nigeria is one nation one people. We are not only thinking of oneness but Africaness. If Chinese are talking of being Europeans, we cannot do less.”

He lamented that “people who should know better are now saying that they wish Nigeria is not what it is today.”

Alhaji Tukur thanked the committee for doing a thorough job, stating that its recommendations will be put to good use to serve as a guiding light for proper running of the party “in the next four years.”  Actually, the party has three years left of the current presidential tenure.

Submitting the report earlier, the Chairman of the National Congress and Planning Committee, Chief Ojo Maduekwe, said before this current leadership, PDP was like an aircraft without radar.

Eulogizing Alhaji Tukur, Maduekwe said, “We now have a chairman with a global reach; a chairman who will take us to desired destination.”

He called for the expulsion from the party of anybody whose utterances are not in consonance with the party’s agenda, mission and vision.  He may have been referring to the former military president, Ibrahim Bademasi Babangida, who has criticized the leadership’s manipulation of the recent national congress to give the national chairmanship to Alhaji Tukur. 

“Reckless statements and utterances must be sanctioned by the party,” said Maduekwe.  Those undermining the unity of the nation should be expelled from the party.”

The committee also advised the National Working Committee of the Party to start regular meetings at all levels to discuss not only election matters but policy matters as well, saying, “We are not only a ruling party but a governing party.”

 On behalf of the National Chairman, National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Working Committee (NWC) the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Chief Olisa Metuh, thanked the Maduekwe committee for “the best organized congress in the history of the party.”


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Tega is a FOOL

No wonder for you to be calling TEGA instead of JEGA.Simply because you are a big fool for compare both of ACN,APGA,CPC and every other progressive partie in Nigeria with your distroyer party call PDP.Let me tell you on fact,the most corrupt and useless candidate in either ACN or Any other party was far better than your leader in your party....Remb of BODE GEORGE,JAMES IBORI,ALAYEMESHIA,AYODELE FAYOSE,IYABO OBASANJO,DIMEJI BANKOLE,FANI KAYODE,LATE SM AFOLABI,PATRIC ETTHE.Foooool,pls tell me their party?

Mba, your godfather arna

Mba, your godfather arna Yakubu Gowon lives on. To keep Nigeria one with oil from the SE/SS for theives and looters is a task that must be done.

Wallahi. To keep Nigeria one

Wallahi. To keep Nigeria one in agony is a task that must be done.

Permit me, folks; Nigeris still in that QUANDARY I wrote about!

Consider the time it took to arrive at Option A-4 & accept it after the fiasco/debacle of 1993 - 18 years with costs of properties and lives lost! They had the solution for the problems even that which could have prevented the spate of d bombing as late/early as 2005 up to 2009 4 D government and parties to do something but here we are children dyeing they are still dithering!

Consider zoning formula submitted to your members - it is meant to help U in Nigeria if U can see the germ including d proportional representation & reasons 4 revenue allocation review in Nigeria! It is simple & it has taken me such a long time & thinking also harping on this very simple matter until we approach this quagmire, as it were! We can still get round it if only you can sit down to think rationally this time, folks!

Like the child crying profoundly and pointing finger to a direction!
‘Write the vision/s and make it plain that they may be filled in (with) wonderment when
they read it!


The PDP is a party led by thieves with the sole aim of plundering and looting the Nigerian common wealth.The so-called chairman is a man who should be hiding in shame,a man whose active participation in all military dictatorships and the kleptocratic Shagari era led to the destruction of the Nigerian economy and the institutionalization of corruption.
Bamanga Tukur should declare his assets and explain how he accumulated such wealth.The fact remains that only a thief can lead the PDP,we are not expecting a mother Theresa to be the the party chairman of Africa's most corrupt political organisation.The Ibori's,the Bode george's et al are evidence to my assertion,prove me wrong if you can.


PDP is not jst a party wit d widest spread in 9ja,it's d party of all Nigerians.B Tukur is a man of repute(read abt him pls).E is goin 2 leave a lastin legacy.I thank God oda parties also produced govnors.What has d ACN(in Edo,Ekiti,Lagos,etc) or ANPP(in Bornu,Yobe,Zamfara) APGA(Imo,Anambra) or CPC (in Nassarawa) or LP(in Ondo) don dat d PDP(in Akwa-Ibom,Cross-Rivas,Rivas,etc) ve not don.PDP is in d right wit B.Tukur as chairman.

Disintegrated Nigeria

Keep Nigeria one my foot. PDP can't even keep their party one not to talk of keeping Nigeria one. We all want a disintegrated Nigeria where every zone should be a country of its own.

stop lying to the public tukur

the only thing keeping this thing called a country together is just the looting's and thieving by same people in the past. ask jonathan he will tell you this is not a country




PDP is no longer a Party but a colony. Very soon they will become a nation inside nigeria.

autodemocratic chairman !

Bamanga tukur, old imposture.
You,GEJ and PDP has completely
lost your senses of reasoning.
Naija has been turned to "action
Movies centre" , still u dey make. Mouth

I cant believe its on this website

This is a postive improvement from this website. This comment is very encouraging.


It was gathered that whenever Pastor Eze and his gang went for operation he would stay in an hotel while the four gang members would be carrying out their nefarious activities of snatching cars on the road . When the car has been snatched it would be taken to the Pastor in the hotel. The Pastor would drive the stolen car to Akwa Ibom where it would be sold . One of such stolen vehicle was said to have been sold for N2.5million

On March 6, 2012, Pastor Eze and his gang stormed Akure. He lodged in an hotel as usual and his gang members double-crossed a woman, one Mrs Olubunmi who was driving an SUV along FUTA Road and snatched her car. The car was taken away and when information got to the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), it swung into action and got one of the gang members arrested in Akure .


does joining this rogue party means loosing ur conscience and focus? this guys don't seem to know that they are the cause of modern day destruction of 9ja well the only reason why they say what they feel and not held accountable for their wrong comments and deeds is simply bcoz they own the military,military personnel are card carry members of this cult called a party hence they willing to spill their blood to see the cult remain in power...... fighting this cult is fighting the military, judiciary, executive, lawmakers even if you split the country, the new state will still face the same fate we are in now

Stop lieing

Tukur where are ur children? Oversea i hear u say. Of what good is pdp. We are not talking of party but people that your party has killed.

Your leader is a rubber stamp and all of you. I know how many people have died since the reign of pdp and you are talking of one nigeria. Tell these lies to your children and see if they will not cause you even at this your old age.

A fool at forty is a fool for ever.


It was a mistake for the G-24 to put PDP together.

Will U expel This Busy Body?

Will the party sack High Thief. Godswill Akpabio? At the Asaba South South Economic Submit he said that, The PDP controlled Fed. Government let by President Jonathan performed at 10%. Has Dame Jona and the husband heard this one from the basket mouth crook in Uyo govt house? Has Olisa Metuh brought it to Chair. Tukur's attention? Or will it be ignored because he is Nigeria's Father Xmas and paymaster? Greedy Nigerians are going to Uyo to collect money. What a shame! PDP can share the commonwealth of Akwa Ibom people and leave the people in penury but PDP will forever as a party and government live with that vote of No Confidence the cultist and gangster in Uyo Govt. House!

bala adamu aka tundmess

Tinubu and Fashola are killing humans in lagos state over the doctors strike. Bakare should go help them solve their problem over there instead of calling for regime change-over a report which is yet to be handed over to the president. When will Farouk invite Rilwan Lukman to the house for questioning over the fuel subsidy rot? When Buhari wins the election in katsina state? With the help of Association of Corrupt Nigerians (ACN?)

for the looting to continue?

PDP want Nigeria to remain together for the looting to continue?What meaningful development other than looting public funds,crippled all public inatitutions,joblessness,lawlessness and high insecurity,poverty etc being their blue print.Nigeria only exist on map,but physically its a failed state being held together by the power of the cabals who see governance as private enterprise.Believe it or not,Nigeria is disintergrating gradually with the daily happenings.A Southerner/Easterner/Westerner/Northerner are not safe in any corner of the country any more.How then are we one country talk less of unity?PDP is a joker of the century.



one wat?!

One nigeria one people?! See what drugs and koran can do to you.


Kiss my ass tukur n let my ppl go JJE.

These PDP Morons cant stop to

These PDP Morons cant stop to amaze Nigeria . Fools cant even unite or secure Abuja , and this idiot is talking about Africanness . How about liquidating BH , Crime and Corruption ?.

Hey boy if u want comment

Hey boy if u want comment just say something useful and stop beating around the bush. Who is driving the country now,is it not your brother focusless nd hopeless ebele?


Kiss my ass tukur n let my ppl go JJE.

Enough of the Platitudes !

This is coming from the yeye-party that stole more than 1 Trillion Naira from Nigeria, in 12 months, from fuel subsidy alone. Not to talk about oil bunkering, inflated contracts e.t.c.

Bamanga Tukur should ask his children or even grand children whether they believe the nonsense he is saying before peddling rubbish to Nigerians.

Like Pharoah, the hearts of PDP members are hardened. They refuse to surround themselves with people who will tell them the truth.

PDP's corruption is the cause of armed robbery, kidnapping and even terrorism. Before PDP, their was no kidnapping and terrorism in Nigeria.


Shut-up! Ur days r numbered, pdp is a sinking ship

Una dey hear this northern he

Una dey hear this northern he goat want one Nigeria. Useless old idiot. Danfodio already told you people how south should be treated. You mallams are hypocrites. Our one Nigeria is fake right from time. You can not continue to deceive south any more. Bastad animals born to rule. Go to hell with satanic religion. We must seperate from you destitudes.

PDP my arse

This moron is indeed an idiot. What meaningful advice abt nigeria is he giving at d ripest age of 80?
Its best he keeps his advice to himself and his band of thieves in PDP.
Nemesis will soon catch up wt them, IDIOTS..

Papa Deceiving Pikin (a.k.a. PDP)

Shut up! Bunch of blood-suckers.

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