PDP Plotting To Impeach House Speaker Tambuwal Over Fuel Subsidy Report, As Those Indicted Mount Pressure On Jonathan

Aminu Tambuwal
By SaharaReporters, New York

How do you cover-up a scandal?  The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) wants to try smoke-bombs.  
Smoke Bomb Number 1: Impeach the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who has demonstrated a measure of independence on some issues.

Smoke Bomb Number 2: Impose confusion over the Farouk Lawan-led House committee which indicted top Nigerians in the fuel subsidy shady deal.

A key member of the House has told SaharaReporters exclusively in Abuja of plans by the PDP to impeach the Speaker, Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, who is now working round the clock to defuse the plot to unseat him and cause rancour in the house.

Those indicted by the House committee, said the Representative who requested anonymity are mostly financial backers of the PDP, and some political associates of President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2011 elections.

Others, the source added, are people who quietly emerged billionaires from milking Nigerian resources, the threatened status quo ante they want to stage the last fight of their lives to save.

The source also said that the new party national chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, Vice President Namadi Sambo and other top shots have spoken on the phone with Tambuwal over the reports and how to go about aborting it.  For his part, the Speaker is said to have remained “adamant,” reportedly arguing that the system should be allowed to sort itself out constitutionally without executive and party influence, the highly placed source said.

It is gathered, in this respect, that Tambuwal, as a younger-generation politician, wants to toe the line of the desires of a majority of the house.  Some of the state governors, meanwhile, are said to have been briefed by the lions within the presidency to take the lead in flogging their Representatives into line.    

President Jonathan has said he will take action on the report, but he has rarely backed any such declarations with concrete action.

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U all make Deri relevant

Am from delta state and am against corruption in all ramification whether PDP,ACN or any party. What we just need is development in all part of nigeria.
I advise u all to stop responding to this DERI of a person that supports any corrupt public officer from our zone just because d politician is a niger deltan.
Its sickening to see dat he neva wants to end of corruption in dis country.

wahala look at yr saints- just confused-armed robbers

Zenon Oil hasbeen cleared from any wrong doing in the on-going debate of the Hon. Farouk Lawan reports on the N1.07 Trillion Subsidy Scandal.The lawmakers said Zenon Petroleum & Gas Limited was not among companies that obtained foreign exchange but did not import petroleum products.The ad hoc committee explained that the latest information availableto it indicated that these two firms should not havebeen grouped alongside the othersbecause they were notbeneficiaries of the Petroleum Support Fund. You say a man stole yr money. Only for you to come back the following day to say NO i never said so-i was drunk when I made the statement to the police-so Zenon oil had to be cleared and recleared again. Then politically blame Jonathan for their mad acts in the house. How are we sure money did not change hands? Animals

@Emeka Osundo-aka Wahala a bottle of ogogogro is enough for me

@Emeka Osundo--I will not even allow her beg me to undertake such a patriotic exercise. I will be on the streets of PHC protesting even before she says Jack Daniels or thinks of feeding my lungs with a bottle of ogogoro! I will even do it free for weeks if not months. When Fela was caught with foreign currency at MMA together with alhaji alhaji, buhari quietly freed alhaji and left late Fela in jail. Awo was not mad when he introduced the bottom medium politics in the West. OBJ had all the powers in the world to stop the fuel subsidy thing. Instead was busy sharing oil money with Atiku. Jubril Aminu and Lukman had headed the oil industry before-what is their achievements beyond OIC. BUHARI was there before Abacha appionted him head of PTF. Did he not know the refineries were bad-before he accepted bribe of 20m from danjuma? Let us go for a nat confab-I am yet to see a member of the democractic party in the USA, defy party rules and regulation-tambuwal is a thief! An abokin kura!

@wahala is emeka Offor in jail over the 800m refinery contracts

@wahala, its only a confused mind, praying and hoping against hope for help to enable him finally go home to rest in the company of his relations back home, who would not know that the fuel subsidy thing is over 24yrs old. Or that it was not started by Jonathan. If Emeka Offor who was given over 800m dollars by OBJ not Naira, to fix the refineries had done a good job as a patriotic 9ja, you who is related to him, would not be here insulting Jonathan. And attempting to hide the fact that government is wasting money because Emeka Offor hired bicycle repairers from Malaysia to come and fix the refineries. Then he donated part of the money to the OBJ library project. Yet the socalled Ribadu who is aware of what transpired between him and OBJ, went for Alams instead of Andy Uba and him. Jonathan should be commended and honored over the bold steps he took on the Fulani, Ibo and Yoruba thieving fuel subsidy crooks! Tribalism abi? So they wil not vote 4 again. That is their own cup of tea!

@Osita Dika Ijaws did not benefit from the fuel import deal

It was your uncle in the house-who incidentally is the deputy to tambuwal the lone Islamic boko haramist from Sokoto, who described our system of government as (feeding bottle federalism) Every state in 9ja comes with a mess pan to collect their monthly oil money from us in the Niger Delta! Yet none of their citizens is a fuel importer. That alone is enough to throw the whole thing out! Tambuwal is a criminal, a sham and opportunist. As for lawal I have no words to describe his fulani roots-which is rooting for Buhari. The oil subsidy thing is 25yrs old. It did not start with Jonathan. That is the point you are refusing to admit into your regional skull. It was initiated by IBB. Then passed onto to OBJ. U want to use yr regional soul to judge the president? It wont work. How many Ijaw people did you see on the list of the firms benefitting from the fuel deal? Some of the debt Lawal is talking about started from the era of IBB to OBJ. Why did OBJ pass them to Jonathan?

PDP is a cult

PDP is a party that has proven over the years that it is not founded in the interest of the ordinary citizens of this country. A party that puts the interest of the looters before that of the masses has nothing to offer except more hardship and corruption. No success will be achieved by GEJ over corruption. He wouldn't want to bite the fingers that feeds him, will he now? 2015 is near, may we never see this type of Jonathan led democracy again. Ameen


Agreed that the Niger Delta accounts for the nations major oil resources but I strongly believe that no honest and patriotic Niger Deltan will encourage corruption. Deri is a disgrace to the entire southern Nigeria.
He must be a member of the rented crowed that was deployed to the sreets of P/harcourt by the cabals to demonstrate against the popular House of Reps' probe.

The new Nageriya of PDP pro-corruption govt.

Watch the signs
1. souls dying in Nigeria, sacrifice?
2. Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world....Illuminati invitation?
3. 2015 preparation and postulations.
4. Revolution before 2015 or around 2015 if this PDP pro-corruption program continues.
5. Many more revelations........

Is anyone here taking this

Is anyone here taking this buffon called Deri seriously? This monkey, in fact, monkeys are more logical than him, thinks like a full grown zombie. As a Niger deltan person, what has this gross corruption exposed by the committee got to do with regime change? This report talks about PDP led by GEJ wanting to sack a man for standing on the truth. This is in deed exposes you are a demented bootlicker.Deri, you are on your own. Idiot, that is your first name.

The Speaker is a liar and a fraud

We all know the speaker is there trying to push the Boko haram agenda. The usurper that is now relying on Yoruba ACN support to stay in a position his party zoned to the west. How can one make conclusions in a report without giving markjeteers a chance for a fiar hearing. That means the probe had a pre determined conclusion all along. We all know how corrupt these legislators are! That Farouk of a man is the biggest ethnic bigot around. He always tries to to use the northern legislators block to ethnicise the house in favour of thje core north. Note that the review excluded the Yar adua time in office!

Do they want political uncertainty?

Speaker cannot be removed at this time because this may give way for a more political uncertainty in Nigeria.

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Jona badluck is the last that will break the camels back

I am a nd person and the likes of deri are in the minority amongst us. It appears deri is a mouth piece for the inept Jonathan badluck, he clearly has no day job save being jona's inept govt mouth piece. Who is jonathan?
A man who did all his so called degrees in ph, is clearly limited in exposure. A man who can barely string coherent sentences and as a result plagued by gaffes. A man who has no clue judging by the way he presses self destruct button for instance the announcement by him on jan 2012 of subsidy removal. A man who in his inability to address the encumbered tasks of leadership has turned to the bottle aka ogogoro. A man who never got his position through personal conviction rather climbing on others apron string to get to where he is. Nigeria is clearly a FAILED STATE and as there are several military take over around Nigeria, I expect that to happen very soon. To avert this, people revolution need to start now.

@ Deri : Dumbo is a con man, period !

"They are financial backers of the PDP and political associates of (Dumbo) in the 2011 elections".

@ Deri : I was able to identify the crooks that made up the "small cabal known to the government" and for months have been saying they took subsidy money and donated it to Dumbo, the Commttee has vindcated me on that. Subsidy was quickly removed bcos Nigeria was on the brink of defaulting on her debt portfolio. That's why Madame IMF Christine Lagarde rushed down to help 9ja explore our options with Dr. Iweala. Today, our excess crude account is depleted and foreign reserves dipped, all under the village mumu from your S/South. That Port Harcourt youths are protesting an investigation into corruption only shows why your area will never develop, aborigines celebrate graft and people like Ibori and Alams. Like you, they're fools happy with crumbs, they're all idle drunks marching for a bottle of ogogoro. Urchins!

Serial child rapist arrested in Lagos - PHOTO

Serial child rapist arrested in Lagos - PHOTO
Abubakar infected some of his victims with STDs


1.Saraki seeks to block arrest with court order, but police…
2.A night with porn stars .... If you work in this industry, that was nothing
3.FG begins disbursement of $200m entertainment ...
4.What boys want these days
5.Don't spare me if I misbehave, Jonathan tells...

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very lousy govt indeed

This present govt led by goodluck jonathan and the economic team lead by ngozi okonjo-iweala,assisted by the gov of the central bank lamido sanusi lamido are purely a pack of lousy jokers.how does a govt embark on a save the nation campaign without taking time to do their homework properly?it is quite shameful to knw that they had the entire international community fooled by their daftness.a few people and i agree now are a "CABAL".have caused a major stir in d equity we might neva recover from as a nation.the death and casualties of the occupy nigeria campaign was all for nothing.just because a govt couldnt put their acts right before embarking on the worst coup of a govt against its people.

Deri, for once pls think straight

Why defending corruption...are you ever thinking of a better nation?...i had thought you would advocate for those indited and provened to have been shamefully participated in this subsidy scam should be replaced... Can't Diezani and others be replaced with those with provened credible records from the same geopolitical zone except you are saying there is no credible person or it is only Diezani that is qualify....I couldn't understand why you have to mention CPC and ACN in this..elections has come and gone..those that claimed could move the nation forward and have won election should work rather than loot...remember in 2015, only South south votes can not bring back uncle Jonah..na performance o.


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DERI,are you sure you are alright mate,at the moment,your position defies all logic,you remind one of Saddam Hussien's COMICAL ALI or Adolf Hitler's JOSEPH GOEBELLS.
The issue at stake is corruption,stop making a fool of yourself with the multiple history lessons,keep your eyes on the ball because your ND people are suffering too.Remember that your pay will only be enough for you and your family but never for your village,dont you have shame when you see the slums of the ND on international TV?The funds that we are talking about here would have been used on them.
Jonathan has enough for his ten generations,the ones you should be fighting for are those hungry ones in the villages,stop protecting thieves,it is unafrican and immoral,always remember the judgment of history.

@ Wahala! A clear conscience fears no accusation

@wahala, Sad that tambuwal and lawan are crooks. They are a disgrace to 9ja. Just like you Wahala who has no conscience. What would Jonathan impeach tambuwal for-Why did they now swallow their own vomit? After selling themselves cheap to Tinubu? Have they not decided to call the 17 companies that protested the levies imposed on them? That they were not interviewed or sent letters of invitation? You dishonesly claim they contributed to the campaign funds of Jonathan. Did Danjuma not give Buhari 20m to help him rent an office 4 CPC in abuja? Where did the money for Buhari come from-a very clean oily source may be-yet buhari says he wants to fight corruptuion --how can u fight corruption with corrupt ideas? Wld buhari not favour danjuma if he becomes president? Yeye old regionalist like u.

u call me a tribalist when it concerns yr man-haba malam!

Hundredsof Niger Delta youths, on Tuesday, took tothe streets in Port Harcourt, River State capital, in protest against perceived hostility against federal political appointees fromtheir region, rejectingthe recently released Houseof Representatives’ subsidy probe report as tribalistic.The youth, underthe aegisofthe South-South Youth Leaders’ Forum (SSYLF), particularly condemnedthe report, noting it was targeted atthe Petroleum Minister, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke.
Addressingthe rallyof angry youths,the national mobilisationofficerof SSYLF, Presley Iyalagha, describedthe entire workofthe Farouk Lawan-led ad hoc committee onthe probe as an intimidation and tribalistic.

Tundemess aka Femi--why is the house swalloing its own vomit

IBB and OBJ did not spend trillions on subsidy, then why are they dying to have it back. They did not spend that much on subsidy, so let it go. Unknown to most Nigerians what the duo did was to refuse to meet their own contractual obligation to the importers of petrol-the debt has now accumulated fool! So must GEJ also say he will postpone the payment until tinubu is appionted head of state by Buhari? The thieves involved must be sent to london for trial--why is the house back tracking on its words and now inviting over 17 companies to appear before it-when they told the nation that their report was final? Because there is no Ibori on the list abi or what?

This clown Deri

please people i beg you to disregard any statement made by this deri of a guy. the guy's arguments have no basis. the man is a religious bigot and a tribalist period! his comments always have one thing or the other to do with religion/ethnicity. PLEASE!!!!!! ignore him. trust me he is not worth your time.

The man is sick and a liar-playing to the gallery of ACN and CPC

Hundredsof Niger Delta youths, on Tuesday, took tothe streets in Port Harcourt, River State capital, in protest against perceived hostility against federal political appointees fromtheir region, rejectingthe recently released Houseof Representatives’ subsidy probe report as tribalistic.The youth, underthe aegisofthe South-South Youth Leaders’ Forum (SSYLF), particularly condemnedthe report, noting it was targeted atthe Petroleum Minister, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke.
Addressingthe rallyof angry youths,the national mobilisationofficerof SSYLF, Presley Iyalagha, describedthe entire workofthe Farouk Lawan-led ad hoc committee onthe probe as an intimidation and tribalistic.

defending mediocrity

Mr impostor, when will u profer solutions and act on it instead of defending mediocrity and at the same time apportioning blame. Obasanjo this, Babangida that. One thing for sure, none of them ever spent a trillion on subsidy. Try and use your complex infested grey matter to do something rather than blame everyone for your chronic failures and that include Edwin clarke.

Wait & See

Mr President i strongly advice you get efcc & foreign audit firm, to carry out independent and thorough investigations, a final document which will compare all investigations and a proof of fraud provided. Then govt can act within her constitutional powers while we wait and see. This is more than a party affair pdp should note. If they dn't take it easy the result may consume everybody both great and small, including Nigeria as a country

Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, Remain Adamant & Carve Ur Name on Stone!

They "are mostly financial backers of the PDP and some political associates of President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2011 elections...people who quietly emerged billionaires from milking Nigerian resources."

What did I call them?: "The Sen. Mahmud Ali Cabal" - @ Wähala!

Like Hon. Lawan Farouk, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal has a chance from the penalty spot to carve his name on stone. He should remain adamant until the thugs responsible for milking Naija dry pay the penalty for their crimes against humanity, against the 99% of 9jas! Una, thanks a million SR for sniffing this out, smoking out the rats in the evil PDP cabal. I hope this scandal finally nails ugly OBJ and his stooge Dumbo. Any kata-kata in the NASS must have the Ota Monster's signature. Nigerians are watching this carefully, the 2nd. Occupy! is in the offing, we will be well prepared this time. Animals!

The house built upon sand

Surely human beings cannot be this wicked? People tend to forget that only one fate awaits us all - Death. True, some will die before others but no one can take any riches with them. So why would fellow human beings stifle the hopes and dreams of millions for financial gain that will benefit them at the most untill the day they die?

Vanity upon vanity. All in vanity. With all the ill wishes coming from the hearts of the down trodden, will they even live long or be in good health?

We must act now or never.

The moves by the president and his cronies to unseat the speaker calls for revolution and we must act now or never. No amount of intimidation from the PDP can stop this revolution. Arise my compatriots and take up your shield. Enough is enough.

let's burn down the looters properties and pdp HQ

@deri is a money launderer living in uk, if
Anyone knows how to find deri pls report him to
Scotland yard economy section or city of
London police,we are working on his IP ADD
If you can help furtehr pls place on SR
Comment,we must fight this thieves and their
Agents like deri &co even from
Outside nigeria.

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