PDP Writes Off Brain-Damaged Governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Suntai

Scene of the crashed aorcraft and Governor Danbaba Suntai inset
By SaharaReporters, New York

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is considering its options in replacing Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State as it is becoming clearer he is unlikely to recover from his head injuries.  

The governor, who was in a plane crash at the Yola International Airport in Adamawa two months ago, is currently in hospital in Hanover, Germany.
Several sources have told SaharaReporters that the party is working with the Presidency to find a suitable replacement for the governor.  
According to one source, several party leaders including PDP chairman Bamanga Tukur, Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, and Senate President

David Mark, have all visited the ailing governor and concluded that he could never recover from brain injury to run the state.
A separate delegation led by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, failed to set eyes on the governor during an attempted visit two weeks ago as he had been moved to the intensive care unit and on life support. He and his four companions could only leave a get well message with Mr. Suntai’s doctors.

SaharaReporters has also learned that last week, Mr. Suntai’s personal doctor visited Nigeria and confided in family members and friends that the governor is unlikely to recover from his head injuries anytime soon.

But as in the case of the late Nigerian president, Umaru Yar’Adua, members of Mr. Suntai’s family have pressurized state officials to engage in propaganda that the brain-damaged governor is “making dramatic” improvements and speaking by telephone to some people in the state.  Party officials have contracted that, however, telling SaharaReporters that Suntai does not know the difference between day and night.

Last Saturday, the Taraba State Commissioner for Information, Emmanuel Bello, told SaharaReporters the governor wasn’t brain-damaged, but when SaharaReporters asked him to provide evidence, he only said the governor had spoken to a Senator.

Our source said none of the state officials have visited the governor in Germany since he was airlifted from Nigeria.  Other members of his government who were hurt in the air crash have left hospitals in Germany and returned to Nigeria.

On October 4, three weeks before Governor Suntai’s plane crash, the Taraba House of Assembly impeached Deputy Governor Sani Abubakar Danladi following allegations of “gross misconduct" leveled against him by a judicial panel.  

On October 5, Alhaji Garba Umar was sworn in as Deputy Governor after he signed an undertaking with the governor not to run as a candidate for governor in any elections.

On November 14, the House of Assembly, invoking Section 190(2) of the Nigerian Constitution, empowered Umar to act as governor.  
With the party performing poorly in many states and at the centre, the PDP is anxious not to lose Taraba to other political parties.

A source at the presidency said the party has been mandated to make formal announcements after the holiday seasons regarding the status of Mr. Suntai.

Meanwhile the acting governor appears working fully as governor already by making internal changes and putting structures in place to run the state as the defacto governor.

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is time for umar garba no

is time for umar garba no that all tarabans


i realy like ur comment
bashir just be silent taraba is our on for ever
what is needed is coperation of all of as i ment the 70% one


Idiot, w@ do u know Abt Gudluck

Brain Damaged Governor

Who says a brain damaged Governor cannot rule
a State? Suntai is doing just fine in charge of Taraba from his sick bed in Hannover Germany.
Lets perform an experiment; find a sick chicken lying on it's side and throw it few grains of millet or sorghum, the chicken(though lying sideways)
will still trying to pick the millet with the side of it's mouth closer to the ground.
So it is with power in Nigeria, it is never relinquished till death do us part.

Prayer for sunta I

Suntai receive your healing in JESUS NAME. The name that is above every name.
Why should be talking as if they have power to prolong their life on earth .Lord help nigerians


This is not a problem.
He should grant Sahara Reporters a 10 minute intervew Shikena.

Taraba Statistics

Bashir or whoever,
you don't know d statistics of Taraba State. May be someone should tell you that NONE of the 16 LGA's and 1 Development Area in Taraba State is predominantly Muslim.
But; do you really mean you are unaware dat the employment in Taraba State is tilted in favor of the muslims? The contracts and so on ... ? Or are you just being wickedly ungrateful to the man who though a christian dances more to the tune of islam, vowing that he has reserve the seat of the VC in taraba State for muslims alone and has so empowered the muslims, not minding whether they be come from sokoto or kano? Those who understand Taraba know that what you wrote is false. In any case, each of us has but one life and whatever we believe, this life will soon be gone. Everyone of us will soon appear before God to give account of ourselves to the creator (God). And I tell you the TRUTH: Only what is done in Christ will last!

suntai de traitor

WE the good people of taraba state wish suntai well, we can never wish him death or ill health, but we hope and pray he learns a few lessons about life from this. believing that the mercy of GOD will find him. we shall continue to remember him in prayers. we are still waiting for com. emma bello and sen.Bwacha to tell us his true state. we feel sorry for them cos they are politically finished.we advise. we pray GOD keeps him, so he will see that our state is bigger than him. where is his godfather.

Lessons of betrayal

Can somebody please tell Suntai and his handlers that they should go ask for forgiveness from his god-father Jolly Nyame and the original owner of the mandate he is riding on Danlandi Baido, so that God can grant him divine healing. For he has been so wicked to these people who helped him climb up. All you ungrateful politicians, your days are numbered.


Ok we agree u had groundnut pyramids, southerners don't appreciate. The next option is divide Nigeria, take your fatherland let us form our own fatherland. Ko ba haka ba! Dan buro oba

Na wao 4 PDP were ar we going

Na wao 4 PDP were ar we going in dis country, if PDP can replace Dan Baba Suntai the ailling governor of Taraba State wit another candidate while d Acting governor is dia doing well i think Nigerian Constitution has turn in 2 PDP Constitution.

Tnk u 4 dis comment. Y must

Tnk u 4 dis comment. Y must we involve religion in everything?


Na true ohhh!, Abeg,may Allah help u Alhaji Garba Goodluck koz u are d goodluck of Taraba state

Suntai we return and Rule Again

Who are you to judge or condemn a man chosen by God, believe this or not Suntai is coming soon,

suntai deserved what he got

You talk about an agreement made between suntai and his deputy Alh. Garba Umar, as far as Nigeria is concerned there is no law that supersede the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. Since the constitution does not stop Alh. Garba Umar from contesting then there is no agreement that will stop him from contesting. Mr. suntai neglected the federal character of this country simply because he felt he was above the law. If u look at suntai's administration u will agree with me that suntai did not give a damn with anything called federal character. Alh. Garba Umar was the only muslim in suntai's administration. suntai neglected the fact that the population of muslims is far more than that of the christians in the state. infact according to the 2006 census it is about 70% to 30%. Suntai does not give employment to muslim graduates who are indigenes of the state. May God help us.

Re ailling Governor

Allahu akbar, God is really great, our leaders should leant lesson 4rm yar'adua, Mamman Ali, nd Dan Baba suntai. They should know that they are nothing b4 Allmighty Allah, Oh Allah gv us d good one among ur wealth Alhamdulillah.noa

U sentimentalist d man u r

U sentimentalist d man u r tryn to insult tinkin he is a muslim using ur words malam n fulani is a dis believer lyk u cos i know guys lyk u only tins in dt side.Looser

This reporter is been sponsored by who in Taraba?

Mr. Sahara reporter what business of yours in Taraba state affairs? Why are U interested in the case of Governor Danbaba Suntai? tell ur sponsors that God has his own way of doin tins k. Go find or ur lies from somewhere else and stop confusing Tarabians with ur stupid and fake Journalist lies pls. None of us here is God Almighty... U guys should leave us alone with lies.

Why must we attach religion

Why must we attach religion to everything. We muslims like to do what we can't condone to other people. Can we ever allow a christian to be governor in Niger,Kano, Borno,zamfara etc or are there no Chrtistians there? Even in Nigeria, that we have equal number, our people are making the country ungovernable for the Christian president but unwittingly killing our own economy in the north. Our northern muslim men have ruled this country and our northern states for so many years, yet we have nothing to show for it. abeg bone religion, we want good governance.

Otili or wateva ur name is, u'r a big fool

Whch oil r u talkin abt or who has a dead brain more dan ur broda mr president? U jst went off point frm d topic and dat shows ur level of illitracy. If u must knw am also frm d south south bt i dnt see any reason for ur malicious comment. Do u tink u'r beta dan d hausas, fulani or so called aboki? If u tink u'r den ask God why is he keepin dem alive til now? My frnd try 2 b mature ok.. Idiotic animal. Goat dat's wat u'r.who giv u oil, talkin abt ghana, thr hav gud management.

ur father is an idiot.its

ur father is an idiot.its people lyk u that divide this country.why are u saying abokis and fulani leaders.your father is a fool for giving birth to you,fucker idiot

God na God

When men begin to play god like Herod their days are numbered.Man proposes but God definitely will dispose. Alhaji Umar abeg carry go na BABA give you.


The PDP should concentrate on praying for the man to get well rather than rushing to replace him, over the fear of loosing the State to other political parties. Anybody could be in Danbaba's condition tomorrow. So, let them stop adding more salt to the injury. After all, he is only incapacitated but not dead.

He dared God

As a good Christian Danbaba Suntai should not have dared God by using the meager resources of Adamawa state to purchase a private aircraft. A state that is lacking in all areas no good schools no good hospitals no portable drinking water and he had the audacity to buy an aircraft! He invited the wraught of God. But may God help him survive so he can see his mistakes.

Suntai the ailing governor

@Otile. You are brain-dead just like Suntai. Your man is at the helm of affairs now. Are things changing in Nigeria. Your brain-dead grammar sounds like that of the First Lady. Oil, oil, oil. Otile, are you comfortable in life despite the "OUR OIL" misinformation? By the way from where are you so that I can diagnose you and your people. I'm surprise you are holding on to God-given natural resource as if your people put any effort to bring it to existence. You better fight against environmental pollution in your area, that is, if you really have the oil in your locality.


Gott sei dank! Der Penner muss tot nach hause geschickt werden. Pls, good german doctors, perform some experiments on that idiot and help Nigerians to find out what kind of demons reside in his head so that we will be able to know how to appeal to his fellow idiots and looting mates to give us a chance to suffer. I guess bello will now say because it is winter in hannover and it gets dark early, that is why the scumbag cannot differentiate b/t night and day.

A liar & thief mr. Suntain

Sahara b4 u talk dat 1 we already know he hs a brain damag , even b4 he bcame a gov. He is kolomental each nd every 1 in taraba knows dat. I wish him what he wish 4 his pple, as u don't want it, ALLAH has made it, i wish u cul recover after swerin in our nêw Governor nd com back here as a slave, go 2 hell dan baba [mahaukacin kare]

A liar & thief mr. Suntain

Sahara b4 u talk dat 1 we already know he hs a brain damag , even b4 he bcame a gov. He is kolomental each nd every 1 in taraba knows dat. I wish him what he wish 4 his pple, as u don't want it, ALLAH has made it, i wish u cul recover after swerin in our nêw Governor nd com back here as a slave, go 2 hell dan baba [mahaukacin kare]

A liar & thief mr. Suntain

Sahara b4 u talk dat 1 we already know he hs a brain damag , even b4 he bcame a gov. He is kolomental each nd every 1 in taraba knows dat. I wish him what he wish 4 his pple, as u don't want it, ALLAH has made it, i wish u cul recover after swerin in our nêw Governor nd com back here as a slave, go 2 hell dan baba [mahaukacin kare]

Suitable replacement

I do not believe what i hear I SAY NO TO SUITABLE REPLACEMENT where did u get that Durin uwaku pdp