PDP's Wamakko Is Declared Winner Of Sokoto Gubernatorial Election

Aliyu Wamakko
By SaharaReporters, New York

Former governor of Sokoto, Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko , who contested on the platform of the  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was today declared the winner of the election held on Saturday in the state.

The returning officer of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the state claimed that Alhaji Wamakko won the election by polling 482, 212 votes while the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) came second trailing with 132, 725 votes.
The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) was in a distant third place with 7,000 votes.

The ANPP complained of voters intimidation, police harassment, rigging and therefore rejected the outcome of the elections. Earlier the police had stormed the house of the ANPP leader in the state capital when tension began to build up over the final collation of results.

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all rig where possible

The fact about my state recent election are:-1.they all rig 2.PDP spend more than the others. 3.some parties use religioun,hoping that the other religioun members will divide their votes over the various candidate that belongs to that religioun.unfortunately,when the other people realises this,they forget about their differences and vote for the most likely winning candidate.let me limit it here. ...my call here is :from what i learn recently,we can never make nigeria great untill we stop deceiving ourselve and forget about sentiment.else forget it,'cos at the higher level they dont care about u,me,he,or she but themselve.thanks to Allah


I think Bala is wrong to say that Wamakko appointed Chief Judge of Sokoto state. Or best still Bala is ignorant of the workings in the Judiciary.

No surprise

The pdp of sokoto state has just ringin the vote.but what happen to the bafarawa is good he was in Anpp and build a house then he run to dpp again move to acn and back again to Anpp , mr bafarawa what happen to you that's shows you don't know democracy at all you a thinking. And monopoly of your life,

Political Nonsense

I wonder whether this wamako would miraculously spurn the state out of its current gnashing poverty.
May be that is why these politicians have been falling heads over heels to be governor all the time, even in the face of gross under-performance and abysmal development.

Good messege to sokoto people

On behalf of my self and my family we are congratulations peoples of sokoto expecially Alh Ahmad barade Wamakko, junior brother of govenor wamakko and may Allah reward sokoto people with jannatul fiddausi

Enough is ofcouse enough!

Every bird is recognised and/or identified by its genetic lullaby.That's why i do mention the name of Hon Aminu Dikko because of his war lord appearance making the return of Alu in my district according to poll results.Aminu had tirelessly worked in the district and beyond hence that result.Many Aminus are indeed in other places state wide.The defection of Jarman Sakkwato into the PDP had added another considerable advantage to Wamakko over other aspirants sponsored by remaining parties.Jarma possesses some inborn political capabilities in this parlance;no doubt about the assertion.Losers at the Saturday polls should consider the decision of the electorates as the will of Allah.They should therefore join hands with Wamakko to take the state to greater heights for all and sundry.Out of experience,the state is second tired of litigation.Enough is ofcourse enough!

Victory is certain kuma its

Victory is certain kuma its dole said by the 'TIME' sir. Some PDP loyalists and supporters who tirelessly worked around the clock to ensure success of the party at their individual wards and local governments levels from the onset of the game in 2007, 2008 and now 2012 were schemed out of the system, to borrow the above term "BENEFIT" used by His Excellency Alh. Sai'idu N. Dakin Gari. We,ve worked for it. We've achieved it. And We're supprisingly shaved out of it, in-between nicromacy and magic placed the not so lucky followers as mere spectators with a sliced definitions with the oppositions by those that dine and supp at masters' table, using their satanic sharp axed-tongues to fire.


PDP once again we ar now from fraying fan to fire may God save nigerians from this super glue and their so call disastrous party

Corruption Never End

PDP again corruption continues till the end of our live may remove us from this super glue an their so call party


Do not blame the people of Sokoto State for Wamako's return. In a state where you still have serving Commissioners, Chief Judge appointed by Wamako,INEC and Police Commissioner respectively appointed by the PDP Controlled FG, PDP has all the advantages to see that the election goes their way in Sokoto State. That party is nothing but a rigging machine as confirmed by the result. People are suffering in Nigeria today because nobody rigs election to work for the masses.

Jega don come again oh!

Henceforth, PDP will 'win' all elections in Nigeria. Shit dey smell! Why can't this biased proffessor of scientific rigging just declare PDP 'winner' of all future elections in Nigeria? The man should stop wasting our money on his bogus 'elections'. Rubbish!

Corruption For Ever

PDP is the engineer of 90percent corruption in nija but nigerians never learn a lesson upon all the difficulties thy put us.

Corrrupt Jega must resign now.

Once again, the corrupt and spineless Jega and his rotten INEC have announced as "winners" the same crooked band of PDP election riggers. We know as of fact that the sleazy Wammako and his anti-people party have now won the governorship election. The Boko Haram insurgents should be targeting characters like Jega and their political masters in the PDP. If the northerners truly want development in their region, they will rise and get rid of the likes of Wammako, his party and their lapdogs like Jega. As for Nigerians as a whole, the PDP is our NUMBER ONE enemy. Let us rise and fight this evil in our midst. This means fighting their thugs in the police, SSS, INEC and the army. Jega should resign now. He is a disgrace.

PDP in power again?

After the removal of fuel subsidy by PDP govt, I thought Nigerians have learnt their lessons,I was wrong. How can any sane person vote for PDP? If these recent elections were rigged,Nigerians have more cause to rise up and make Nigeria ungovernable by these vultures.Sorry, Nigeria is an imaginary country,so don't expect normalcy.Insane.

I Knew It's Gonna Happen!

Who cud eva imagine dt someone oda dan ALU of PDP will win d electn in a state where a majority of its indigenes benefit 4rm d governor and or government directly or indirectly?


It took SR almost 3 hrs to post this result from when it was announced around 9 pm.The simple reason that can be adduced is that SR was frantically searching for imaginary evidence to use in tainting the result with irregularity since the underdog, the PDP, won in a terrain largely regarded as part of Buhari's empire. With such an appalling performance, why has the much flaunted popularity of "change" evaporated so soon? It was expected that after the hullabaloo of the 2011 "rigging" the re-run elections would prove the unpopularity of the devil incarnate,PDP.But almost all the results so far show that every unpopularity resides with Buhari and his CPC.Who were the actual riggers in 2011?


Congratulations the governor elect and the PDP for winning this election.

I wonder when would Nigeria

I wonder when would Nigeria ever move forward.
May God be with us!

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