Petition to IGP Urges Reopening of Gani Fawehinmi Criminal Allegations Case Against Bola Tinubu; Lagos State Govt Declines FOI Request To Disclose Alpha Beta Payments

Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Babatunde Fashola
By SaharaReporters, New York

A medical doctor, Adegbola Dominic of Santa Maria Hospital in Lagos, has requested the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to constitute a unit of the force to re-open, commence, take over or conclude the 1999 into the 1999criminal allegations against Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, with the objective of prosecuting the former governor if need be.

In a letter dated November 1, 2012, Dr. Dominic, an indigene of Lagos State, recalled that in September 1999 when Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the Governor of Lagos State, the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi lodged criminal complaints were made against him, seeking to investigate the criminal allegations of falsification of statement/declaration and documents/certificates.

“You would also recall that The Supreme Court held that although you could investigate the Governor who then enjoyed immunity under Section 308 of the Constitution, 1999, you could not prosecute him in view of the express Constitutional Governor’s Immunity provisions of Section 308 – That `no Civil or Criminal proceedings shall be instituted or continued against a person to whom this Section applies during his period of Office’.”

 The letter says that the Action Congress of Nigeria chief  left office as Governor in 2007, losing the constitutional immunity in the process, but that those serious criminal allegations, which are more serious than those for which Salisu Buhari, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives was investing, have not been investigated.  

Indeed, said the complaint, “since the demise of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, your office seems to have fallen asleep over the matter,” over serious criminal allegations that should not to be swept under the carpet.

He said his request is based mainly on the duties responsibilities and obligations of the IGP as provided for under the Constitution and Section 4 of the Police Act Cap 359, 1990 Laws of the Federation which says:

“The police shall be employed for the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the preservation of law and order, the protection of life and property and the due enforcement of all laws and regulations with which they are directly charged, and shall perform such military duties within or without Nigeria as may be required by them or under the authority of this or any other Act”.

Further pointing out that the IGP would be in violation of the specific provisions of the Constitution and the Police Act if he fails, refuses or neglects to grant his request within 14 days, Dr. Dominic warned that he would initiate legal proceedings against him.  

Copies of the letter were sent to the President, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Nigeria Police Council, and the Minister for Police Affairs.

 In an earlier petition, dated October 24, 2012, Dr. Dominic sought from the Commissioner for Finance of Lagos State, under the Freedom of Information Act (2011), detailed information about the contractual relationship between the Government of Lagos State and Alpha Beta Consulting Ltd since 1999, under which the latter has collected taxes on behalf of the government for a commission of 15 per cent per month since that time.

It noted that the Government of Lagos State now boasts internally-generated revenues (IGR) of about N40 billion every month, “translating into a commission of N6 Billion due to and being paid to the Company every month, which sum I consider unfavourable and outrageous to me as a tax payer and Citizen of Lagos State,” the complaint said.  

Under that arrangement, Alpha Beta Consulting, which is owned by former Governor Tinubu, will in 2012 alone corner about N72 billion of the revenues of the internally-generated tax revenue of Lagos State.

It was copied to the Board of Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, The Auditor-General, the Special Adviser, Taxation & Revenue and the Attorney-General of Lagos State.  
In a response dated November 5, 2012, OlanrewajuAkinsola, Special Senior Assistant to the Governor (Justice Sector Reforms) in the Office of the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, rejected the application, saying that the FOI is only federal legislation that is not binding on the States.



Full text of the petitions:  










Tel: 08125840416,08033251594


24th October, 2012

The Commissioner for Finance, Lagos State,

Ministry of Finance,

The Secretariat,

Alausa, Ikeja,



The Board of Lagos State Internal Revenue Service,




The Auditor General,

Office of  the State Auditor – General,


Alausa – Ikeja.


The Special Adviser, Taxation & Revenue,

Office of the Governor of Lagos State,

Governor’s Office,

Alausa, Ikeja,



The Attorney General of Lagos State,

Ministry of Justice,

The Secretariat,

Alausa, Ikeja,



Dear Sir,














SECTIONS 2, 3(3)M, O, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 10 OF THE PROVISIONS OF



WHEREAS as the Commissioner for Finance, Lagos State, your office is responsible for the management and disbursement of the finances of Lagos State, as well as being the Supervisory Commissioner over the Board of Internal Revenue Services of Lagos State.

and WHEREAS as the Board of Lagos State Internal Revenue Services, your Board is the Board charged with the collection all taxes and internally Generated Revenue of Lagos State,

and WHEREAS as the Auditor General of Lagos State, your office audits the Public Accounts of the State and of all officers by accessing all the books, records, returns and other documents relating to those accounts,

and WHEREAS as the Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Taxation and Revenue, your office is in charge of monitoring all the taxes and revenue accruing to the state,

and WHEREAS as the Attorney General of Lagos State, you are the Chief Law Officer and Commissioner for Justice of the Government of Lagos State whose office prepares and vets all contractual agreements/documents of the Lagos State Government and its agencies, and has custody and possession of same.


and WHEREAS by virtue of the special positions, functions and responsibilities of your offices as stated in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 above, you know, and deemed to know or ought to know all about the taxes and revenue accruing to the Government of Lagos State as well as have in your custody and possession all the contractual agreements entered in respect of taxes and revenue matters of the state, and have in your possession and custody copies of these contractual agreements.

AND WHEREAS as a citizen of Nigeria and indigene of Lagos State it has come to my knowledge that the Government of Lagos State has entered into a contractual agreement with the Company, Alpha Beta Consulting Ltd. Whereupon the Company has the mandate of the Government of Lagos State since 1999 to collect and been collecting on behalf of the Government of Lagos State all the taxes and Internally Generated Revenue which have accrued and been paid to the State whereafter the Company is entitled to and being paid the Commission (of 15% (Fifteen Per Centum) therefrom since the year 1999.

AND WHEREAS sometime in 2011 by virtue of a statement issued by Mr. Bola Sodipo, Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Taxation and Revenue, the existence of a Contractual Agreement with the Company as tax and revenue collector on behalf of the Government was confirmed; but added that the Government of Lagos State would terminate the services of the Company by February, 2012,

and WHEREAS the Government of Lagos State now boasts of an IGR or about N40 billion every month translating into a commission of N6 Billion due to and being paid to the Company every month, which sum I consider unfavourable and outrageous to me as a tax payer and Citizen of Lagos State.


I, Dr. Adegbola Dominic wish to know how the taxes, revenue, finances of the State accrue, are managed, disbursed etc. In Lagos State and do hereby apply, to you, by yourselves, agents, servants etc. to access and request to be made available to me by you, all information, CTC’s of Files, records, Contract Agreements/Documents, in respect of the said Contract/Agreement entered into between the Government of Lagos State and, the Company, Alpha Beta Consulting Limited, mandating the Company to assess and collect on behalf of the Government all Taxes and Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) due, payable and paid by the Government and its agencies and all the commissions  due, payable and paid by the government to the Company and received by the Company since the announcement of the Contract/Agreement for my perusal and scrutiny pursuant to Section 2, 3(3)m, o, 5, 6, 7, 9, & 10 of the Provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2011 (F.O.I) as Replicated/Domesticated in Lagos State of Nigeria. My request is basically to let me know the monthly returns of the taxes and Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) generated, accrued, collected and paid to the Government and commissions received from Government or its agencies by the Company since inception of the contract.


Sir, under Section 5 of the F.O.I, the above information, records, file, agreements/documents etc. shall be made available to me within 7 days after the application is received by you and I am ready and undertake to pay all appropriate fees in your duplications and transcriptions of the said documents to meet my request.


Counting on your fullest co-operation.


Yours faithfully,



Dr. Adegbola Dominic      

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Tinubu, clear your name

There is no need to quarrel over this, Tinubu is still alive, he should come out and clear his name and the Lagos State Government should tell Lagosians who owns Alpha Beta Company. I think Tinubu's names are appearing too many times on these issues of corruption recently. If I may ask, where did Tinubu made his wealth from?

Is it Illegal???

Is what Apha Beta doing illegal? In the UK, companies like Alpha Beta take as much as 25 percent. Asiwaju has said it several times that the details of Alpha Beta are available at the corporate affairs commission for everyone to cross check. But that aside, what the writer failed to mention is that the monthly IGR of Lagos was 700 million before Apha beta came in and took it to 40 billion. Anyone good at Maths can work out the percentage increase.
I think the writer should recommend Alpha Beta to the federal govt to help with thier IGR which is currently 4 trillion yearly and I've no doubt this will increase to at least 160 TRILLION (given the same percentage increase it had in Lagos) once Alpha take over and Nigeria can be transformed into an infastructural eldorado with that money...that's if it's not stolen of course!

PDP The bigger Thieves

Pot calling kettle Black. PDP cannot decieve nigerians again. Let them bring justice to d trillions stolen by PDP Ex Government officials; IBB,OBJ,BUHARI,ABUBAKAR and other governors including present officials b4 nailing Tinubu,the small thief

petition To IGP on Tinubu

Nigerians must learn to maintain their focus. What is good for the geese should not be bad for the gander. The fight against corruption should be blind against region and/or religion. Irrespective of motives of the whistleblower, the public deserves to know all the facts about any govt contract including the Alpha Beta contract with Lagos State Govt. With or without the FoI Act, Lagos Govt officials know that they owe the public a duty of disclosure under the Constitution and Law of God. It's simply shameful and irresponsibility to hide behind the applicability or otherwise of the FoI Act to Lagos State. Truth crushed to earth will one day rise! And we would ALL one day know the truth. 'Ilmon-l yekin' -Yes, with CERTAINTY!

You have our support

When are we going to start thinking a little bit more reasonably in this country?
1) The masses are suffering and these people are lounging at the expense of the people who voted for them. They drive big cars, live in mansions while the people live in dungeons. I sincerely think we should wait and see if Doctor Dominic's facts are genuine because if they are, then he has saved the masses in one way.
2) He has not announced his intention of becoming a Governor, yes he lost but I think it's time to put these looters to shame. He sounds so convincing so I'll say go ahead Doctor, you have our support. Hopefully, we will find out that these guys are looters.
3) Nigeria lets stand up for our right and lets stop this wickedness and heartlessness from our government.



What is benefit is derivable in runing a Continent as a country?

What benefit is derivable from Continent Nigeria being run as a country?

a) Religious Terrorism
b) Legislative terrorism
c) Street begging
d) Corruption
e) Under pants plane bombers
f) Suicide bombing
g) None of the above
h) All of the above

Answer: (h) All of the above

Just take a deep look at Tinubu, what do you see? Cowardice, nepotism, Double standard, Fraud, DRUG abuse, Drunkenness etc

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!!!

Long live the United States of the SS&SE


Nigerian journalists are just too indolent,how come this man rose to his present fake status without our lazy journalists sniffing out even his real origin not to talk about authenticity of certificates.
The Nigerian press is criminally negligent,it has failed the masses through its mainstream brown-envelope culture,in other words,the mainstream media is just the propaganda wing of the rampaging looters and plunderers who impoverish the masses and parade themselves about as politicians.
The time will come when western journalist will start unravelling the mysteries surrounding our politicians and it will be a shame for the local media.

one negeria

Thank you Dr. Is there any fund where one can contribute to, to help see you through this? The fight against corruption must be fought doggedly . We in yorubaland must free ourselves from the vices introduced by ibb and the northern islamic emirate.


A Hight Court JUDGE in Lafia this morning sentenced chief Tinubu and Fashola to 52 yrs in jail for stealing trillions of naira belonging to the people of lagos state. The judge whose name is being kept secret, apologized to the lagosians he improverished with the help of Fashola and a Chinese firm. According to the prosecution, Tinubu had earlier used his forged certificates to secure a job with an oil firm in Akwa Ibom where he was first hired as an accountant-when he arrived Nigeria from the USA. It would be recalled that it was while he was imposed on the people of lagos state as their governor, that he hired thugs to chase late chief Gani from the premises of the lagos state high court-following allegations of theivery and certificate forgery brought against him by the late legal guru chief Gani-its not clear when Tinubu will serve his sentence-

RE:Petition Against Bola Tinubu

It's an understatement to say that I'm disturbed by the response credited to Olanrewaju Akinsola, Special Senior Assistant to the Governor (Justice Sector Reforms) in the Office of the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice.Mr.Akinsola was credited with the argument that FoI law was not relevant in Lagos State for the purpose of accessing what ought to be in public domain.The impression one runs away with is that something is not quite noble about the engagement of Alpha Beta Consulting Limited.May i ask 'when will Nigerian public officials realized that the governed have a right to know how collective wealth are disbursed and the beneficiaries?'

More expo on tinubu aka tundemess-

Where are the Dinos, wahalas, triple tundemess, osita dioka, sonala, okey and pius brothers dance band of kogi state? The coast is quiet! Its as if there is a curfew in abuja-they have all lept out of town back to canada and new york-it was this very SR that blew the lid on tinubu-as a drug baron-(happy my drunken sailor fisher man) Jonah, was never known to be a drug baron or a certificate forger in d USA-Sadly, the paid pipers of buhari are yet to recover from the expo on their godfather-tinubu-so it has to be its because of 2015-yet they tell us it was never as a result of 2015 that tinubu, bakare and SNG tagged Jonah as a weakling-thank God late Gani is laughing in d spirit world-now full of joy that lagosians are gradually getting to know who tinubu the stateless head of ACN is in 9ja-

PDP stole N3trillon in the

PDP stole N3trillon in the GUI of fuel subsidy last year. Even when they haveincreas fuel price to N97 per liter, fuel still sells at N250 per liter, the same ?PDP stole N890billion and is about stealing another N162 billion as fuel subsidy this year. PDP stole $16billion in the power sector,PDP stole hundreds of billions pension funds contributed by hapless workers. PDP has been stealing trillions on Nigerian roads since 1999, PDP has wrecked NNPCand converted it to a stealing empire, PDP steals over N1trillion every year in the name of ecurity budget. PDP has stolen teven the airs we breathe yet we haven't ever heard this adegbola Dominic write useless petition for the prosecution of PDP members because he is one of them and got his share of the loot. PDP may apply any tricks it can muster, nothing will stop Nigerians from throwing it to the gutters in 2015,and it has pleased God that Bola Tinubu will lead the quest for that historic moment.

lets right all the wrongs

There is nothing wrong in making allegations against someone if you have your facts.All the person need to do is to come forward and prove to the whole world that the allegations are false.I hereby call on our JAGABAN,ASIWAJU AND GOVERNOR-GENERAL OF SOUTHWEST to shame(if he can) his enemies(Lagosians' friend).

PDP and their pranks. Today,

PDP and their pranks. Today, they are experts in writing stupid and hollow petitions against Bola Tinubu just becau he is a real and portent threat to their quest for perpetual power. But Nigerians knw their gimmicks. For a group of roaches that have stolen over N100 trillion from Nigeria since 1999 to still write petitionsbirthering on incident fraud is just mythical. PDP will not cease to amaze Nigerians. But one certain thing is nthat Bola Tinubu knows their pranks and hw to deal with them. How come theyhavebecome experts in anti-Tinubu petition writing since the shellacking of April 2011? SR, these stupid stuffs do your image and profile no good. PDP which this Dominic represents is evil and nothing good can come out of evil especial one that has stolenNigeria b,ind since 1999.

This Dominic. Of a fellow

This Dominic. Of a fellow contested for the Lagos State PDP governorship ticket and failed. He is now being used by his den of robbers to raise stupid and useless petitions against their nemesis as a way to continue stealing power but they will fail woefully. So who among the raiders in PDP will assume the role of Gani, a man who fought the vandals inPDP till death? Funny quislings.Dominic and his masters deserve to be shot for the way they have destroyed Nigeria, stolen it blind and continues to steal, justl look at the present scandal of getting N162 billion for phantom sure subsidy in two weeks? God bless Bola Tinubu. He will continue to give these vampires a bloody nose and nothiing willl stop an idea whose time has

Dominic For Gov 2014 (2)

Dominic was quick to calculate how much Alpha Beta 15% translates to in a year '72 billion Naira' but left what it brings in to monthly "40 billion Naira" so as to drive home his hyperbolic nuisances. All he needs to tell us is Lagos State Government makes 480 billion Naira at the cost of 72 billion Naira a year. He also failed to tell us how much Lagos Government was losing when collection was being done by Lagos state government. Corruption is a distuctive virus that must not be allowed in a body polity and I strongly stand with those who are willing to fight that virus with genuine intention and integrity. However,we can not be making a whole lot of noise just because governorship post will soon be up for a grab.Those of us accusing other should endeavour to prove our integrity beyond reasonable doudts. Dr Dominic's Importation of a saint or Gani Fawehinmi characters to justfy his hidden agenda itself is not transparent may be like his own allegations.

Dominic For Gov 2014 (1)

Attention seekers and wild goose chaser is out for cheap popularity. If Dr Dominic's clinic is going broke his cheap blackmail attempt can not help sort him out. If Lagos or any Government enters into contractual agreement with another entity and both parties keep to terms of the agreement then what calls for this earthquake and stumping? If Dominic said Alpha Beta rakes-in more than 15 percent which (according to Dominic's claim here) is in contractual terms then there is a serious concern.

Bola Tinubu is container load

Bola Tinubu is container load of fraud.
His place of origin,partarnity,martarnity,names,
Bs from University of Chicago,Hon Phd from a UK University,his invitation to Dem convention in US recently are all all fraudulent.He is never a straight forward person.Not only his case,that of NCS DG,memebers NASS and others should also be investigated.

Goodluck is working

Goodluck wants to keep them all busying so to maintain they loyalty toward the realization of 2015

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